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Fandom False Heirs & Five Wands~ OOC/Plotting Section (HP RP)

Yo! An update with the RP, Looking to have the IC up and running by the end of the week. (Barring unforeseen events) Also will be doing a double check later in the week pending on CS statuses and what spots I'll need to reopen at that point if any. I'll also be posting mine within the next day or two since, I'll be gone this evening for awhile and may not be able to have them out sooner.

So far,The initial Gryffindor and Hufflepuff roles have been posted and approved.

wolfstar wolfstar iriss iriss rattiehi rattiehi Raptorgoat Raptorgoat quoththeraven quoththeraven monkeydoll555 monkeydoll555
Yo monkeydoll555 monkeydoll555 quoththeraven quoththeraven What houses were your professors going to be from out of curiosity? MD you mentioned transfigurations professor and Raven you mentioned Care of Magical Creatures professor. So just wondering on house, then I'll pick from the remaining to rep from with
my professor. (And if you want the heads of the house title as well, then feel free)

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