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Nation Building Empires & Revolutions: Lore


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Current Notable Nations
Kingdom of Britain and Ireland (British Empire)
Empire of Germania
Spanish Empire
Kingdom of Portugal
Russian Empire
Kingdom of Sicily
Kingdom of Italy
French Second Republic
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Kingdom of Denmark
Kingdom of Hungary
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Kingdom of Sweden
Russian Empire
Roman Empire
Kingdom of Croatia
Principality of Serbia
Principality of Bulgaria
Principality of Romania-Wallachia
Serene Republic of Ragusa

The Americas
Empire of Brazil
Mexican Empire
United States of America
Argentine Republic
Republic of New Granada
Republic of Peru

Asia and Africa
Qing Dynasty
Empire of Japan
Kingdom of Burma
Kingdom of Thailand
Kingdom of Bhutan
Kingdom of Nepal
Maratha Confederacy
Sikh Empire
Rajput Empire
Kingdom of Afghanistan
Sublime State of Persia
Hashemite Sultanate
Funj Sultanate
Kingdom of Georgia
Ethiopian Empire
Darfur Sultanate
Emirate of Bukhara
Khanate of Kokand
Khanate of Khiva

Technological innovation was delayed due to a later Enlightenment, and as such the world has only just finished going through the First Industrial Revolution. Major technologies include:
  • The Telegraph
  • Steam Engines
  • Photography
  • Wrought Iron
  • Trains/Railways
  • Concrete
  • Factories
  • Gas Lighting
  • Spinning Jenny
  • Cotton Gin
And more.

As this is just the end of the first industrial revolution, Internal Combustion Engines, Tanks, Planes, Inexpensive Steel, Radio, Telephones, Cars, Machine Guns and basically any OTL 1900 technologies are not available.

Current Factions
The Grand Alliance:
Comprised most notably of Germania, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Hungary, Kingdom of Croatia and the Kingdom of Italy. The Grand Alliance has been formed over the past few years through the careful art of realpolitik and skillful diplomacy aimed to secure peace against any would be aggressors, especially after the indecisive Franco-Germanic War of 1876. Germania has the most to gain from being in this alliance as their rivalry with France in the past century has not simmered in the slightest, each side itching for a fight.

The Entente Cordiale:
Formed in response to the Grand Alliance, the Entente Cordiale, or informally known as the Entente, seeks to curb the potential influence and war capabilities of the Grand Alliance by encircling them on the continent. Member nations include the Second French Republic, Russian Empire, Roman Empire, and the Kingdom of Sicily.

The Unaligned League:
For those who side with neither of the above find themselves drawn to a mutual agreement between nations to not only stay out of any potential conflict, but to come to the aid is any one of the members of the unaligned league is attacked. The most notable in this coalition is the British Empire and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Although the British hold their own grudges against the French, recent worries of the Grand Alliance upsetting the balance of power brings Britain into neutrality. Britain guarantees the defense of other member nations with its expansive naval power and the League itself focuses on a policy of containing the other European powers' conflicts to Europe. Member names are the British Empire, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kingdom of Portugal, Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Norway, and the Serene Republic of Ragusa.

Lore Document
Empires & Revolutions Byzantine Boogaloo

How to Join
Post your application following the template in the main thread, or if you don't know which nation to play as yet you can post in the main thread asking to reserve a space.
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