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Fantasy Dreaming of Nightmares


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Dreaming of Nightmares
(A Nightmare x human rp)


In the world of humans supernatural beings were nothing but fantasy, things that are part of story books of old and new. But those stores if not most are true. Supernatural being exist in the world around the humans hiding in plain sight all along as one human is going to find out. Finding out at the ripe age of a college student, Plagued with nightmares whenever they close their eyes. They try everything other than pills to take the sleep stealing visions but nothing works. That is until a joke of a dream catcher was brought up. They woke that very night to a scream a nightmare was captured.



Eddie Yarrow
A rather outgoing man, he’s rather optimistic even in the worse situations. With a constant smile he can always deal with any issue that comes to face him.
he’s currently majoring in engineering!



2000 years (Looks to be 25)
Lola doesent trust as easy she is usually the quiet one of her herd she loves to eat though a bit of a glutton.
Nightmares are a horse like being that feed off the fear that nightmares give off, they also are a equine that rather eat meat rather than hay or grass.​
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Lola was silent as she stood there in the fields with her herd she neither spoke or made a sound as he drifted in and out of sleep. It was safe to do so due to being invisible by the naked eye, only animals were able to see them for some reason but they kept their distance due to the unsettling look and feel to them. She was neither a outsider nor a insider of the herd she simply existed with them. They were nightmares, meat eating horse like beings that fed off the fears and worries of the sleeping human population the nightmares they made brought on. She looked up at the sky with hot glowing eyes waiting for the stars to shine and the moon to rise so she once more can feast. But she would be patient like the rest of them. They only had one enemy and that was daydreams their light half, cause there darkness existed so too should light. Daydreams being another horse like creature that existed on the same pane of existence as they did. They brought on dreams and always smelled funny but never the same smell twice.

Slowly she wandered here and there taking in the the sights and smells that her herd decided to congregate that day. They always knew where to meet up next somehow...must be intuition. She did this and slept until the night finally blanketed the sky and the air turned cool. Finally they were on to the move off to feed once more. Lola had been feeding off this male, he was in what the humans call school...she didnt care much if he lost sleepover the nightmares she brought. She was hungry and his fear was delectable. But unknown to Lola a nasty trap laid in waiting...there was another enemy to nightmare. Dream catchers. A nasty instrument that the indigenous people of old created to catch nightmares, they then used them as mounts in wars or sometimes as pets. But as lola slid into the dorm room of the boy she didnt fret at it, the dream catchers now in days were mass produced and tacky fakes that were only made to sell and make money off of.

Lola settled down and watched the mortal boy sleep for a moment making sure he was able to receive nightmares. When she was sure her eyes began to glow hotter and she exhaled invisible smoke only she could see that filled the room. She was so focused on getting the food she wanted she didnt see the dream catcher starting to react to her powers. Slowly the leather strings elongated as if by magic and creeped up on her she didnt realize what was happening until it was too late. It struck like a viper as soon as it got close enough, entangling her in its leather grip. She jolted and squealed and began to thrash trying to get free, but it only tightened its hold wrapping this way and that. She she began to snort and fight but it was no use, she then began to neigh but it didnt sound like a regular horse neigh but a scream.
Eddie instantly shot up at the loud shriek as his heartbeat thundered from the sudden sound. He couldn’t see an inch in front of him because of the pitch darkness that covered his room, but that didn’t stop his mind from working overtime, had someone in the building been hurt? Or was it just some random kids deciding to mess around outside? Was it some sort of wild animal that had gotten harmed? Many ideas and possibilities were swirling through his head. But those thoughts soon drifted off as he continued to sit in bed, listening to whatever the sound was— it sounded close, frankly, too close for comfort. He didn’t even want to move for a few minutes because he was worried something would hop out at him. Eddie was paralyzed simply in fear.

As he sat frozen in place, his eyes began to adjust to the darkness. He would swear that he saw something moving, key word being something. He couldn’t exactly comprehend what it was, it seemed.. tall, like some sort of mammal? He could barely see it alongside the darkness of his room, like it blended into it unnaturally. He couldn’t put his finger on it. Of course the situation was absolutely terrifying, something you could assume would come straight out of a horror film. But yet, he had a lingering sense of curiosity. That could only be revealed by turning on the lamp next to him on the nightstand. He did wonder if it was the good choice, what if whatever it was attacked him? But his mind blocked off that thought. The creature seemed to be.. trapped, in some sort of strands or strings. From the figure of them he could tell that the strings were coming from the area where he had hung up- the dream catcher? No, that couldn’t have anything to do with this. After all it was only hopeful thinking that it could aid in his nightmares, but maybe this was way it could help.

Eddie swallowed hard, his hair was uneven and he had bags under them from how much the nightmares. Rather obviously he looked like he had just woken up, which he did. But that wasn’t important as he slowly reached his hand out to the lamp, his fingers wrapped around the switch. And with one hard yank, light quickly flooded the once dark room.
Lola stopped her thrashing with a flinch when the light turned on. She huffed and stared with her glowing red eyes at the boy as he stared back. A growl rumbled deep within her throat and she bared her set of sharp needle like teeth at him. She stomped her hoof in defiance she would not be captured by his trap! She had a home to get back to, and even if she didnt talk to them much a herd that she wanted to see again. She snorted and made another shrill shriek and began to back up or try to back up pulling her legs trying to untangle them from the traps embrace. But it only made it worse as it began to creep up her neck and around her face. This is when she began to freak out beginning to try to buck the strong leather strings off but it was no use.
Eddie just stared, purely in shock from the scene in front of him. But it was almost comical in a sense. You don’t usually see a horse in your room in the middle of the night, it was almost enough to actually make him laugh. Which of course he didn’t as he was too busy staring at the horse creature in front of him. It was genuinely terrifying to see a being like that where he believed he could be safe, almost like it shattered some of that homeliness. While he did consider the possibility that he was daydreaming, it seemed far too… real. Too real to be another one of his nightmares that he had been plagued with for the past weeks. Too real to be an episode of sleep paralysis or anything else of that sorts. He did sadly have to face that the creature before him was real and it was not happy.

He quietly got out of his bed, staring at the creature in pure confusion. Now on any other day he might have thrown something at the random creature in his bedroom or called the police, but by the way the horse was struggling and shrieking. It seemed scared, like even it didn’t know what was happening. So despite all the instincts in his body telling him to run away and hide from this thing, he decided to help it. He quickly looked around his room until he spotted what he was looking for; his shiny pocket knife that his father had gotten him a few years ago, sitting neatly on his desk. Eddie turned the creature, he swallowed hard as looked it over. While it might have been a bit silly to try and talk to something that might not even be real. It was worth a shot.

“Uh.. just- just stay calm- I’m gonna cut you out of there.”
Lola sat there huffing and breathing hard as the human stared at her, she knew she was in trouble. Any nightmare that was caught never came back again and she was scared that would happen to her. She struggled more and more until the human spoke about stay calm and that he would cut her out. How? Also why? She was a nightmare a being that should be feared and yet she kept quiet as she watched him go slowly to the desk and grabbed a knife. She didnt fight anymore just watched him as he got closer.

She breathed slow and easy to try to keep herself calm as he began to cut her out of there, even if her binds seemed otherworldly they cut easy under the pocket knife's blade. Slowly one by one the binds fell until she was able to stand once more. When she did she easily towered over him and she stared at him regarding him for a moment before she huffed and then with a paw of her hoof ran off through the wall. Not wanting to be there any more than she wanted to be. All that was left that seemed to remind him that she was there was tufts of black fur and hair and the elongated leather straps that came from the dream catcher.

When she made it home she finally slowly collapsed on her shaky legs. She recounted what had just happened, she actually escaped being caught. But what now? Lola thought on it for a while to the point where she fell asleep on it. When she woke it was dark once more and she was alone. No one deemed necessary to check on her or anything it stung a bit but it made sense she was a outsider a black sheep of the herd for no particular reason. Slowly she stood on more sure legs and looked around for a moment then she began to walk.

Her legs brought her back to the place where she was caught last night,only this time she didnt involk her magic to start up nightmares. Instead she stood there watching him sleep peacefully. Slowly looking about the room the dream catcher gone out of sight she sighed and slowly settled down to sleep.
What happened last night was simply.. odd. After he had cut the creature free he got the scare of his lifetime when the creature bolted suddenly to the wall and disappeared. Which was something he could only ever think happened in some sort of supernatural movie. While the creature left no structural damage, it did only leave a few tuffs of fur and hair, and the cut remains of the dream catcher. Once Eddie snapped out of his shock of the situation he quickly got to work cleaning it back up, he swept up the remains of the dream catcher and fur and put them both into the trashcan. After the whole situation he only had a few hours to lay on his bed, he simply couldn’t fall asleep after everything that had happened because his heart was thumping too fast in his chest, too much confusion and uncertainty about the future. But of course, maybe it was a one time thing? After all it would be rare for some sort of horse to come visit you every night.

The morning soon came and Eddie had left his dorm to carry out his normal life, he had breakfast, then quickly headed to his classes. He didn’t look like he had slept a wink last night, which he mostly didn’t and it was definitely effecting him as he nodded on and off during his classes, any sort of notes he tried to take was barley readable as it was too messy to read. He did have some people who were worried about him, especially the friend who had given him the dreamcatcher in the first place but he brushed them off as he continued his day.

After the classes he didn’t have work. So the second he got back to his dorm he grabbed the dream catcher and chucked it straight into the trash, it was already ruined enough from the earlier tangle. So there wasn’t any real reason in keeping it, plus it had hurt the creature which meant something was bad about it. He didn’t give it a second thought as he laid back in bed and fell asleep, finally having a peaceful rest after weeks of fitful and nightmare filled sleeps. Unaware that the creature was taking a nice nap just like him.
Lola didnt know what to do but sleep she was hungry sure but she was scared that it would happen again. So she slept. Eventually she woke up and she sighed softly blinking awake. it was when she contemplated of what to do next her herd wouldent be there when she returned so she was on her own. She slowly sighed at the thought she wasent surprised by the thought of being left behind none of the herd was her friends she simply lingered with them out of necessity and to be protected while she slept, safety in numbers and all that.

She looked to the sleeping human and out his window before she wandered off to get food off another unsuspecting mortal. When she returned the other was still sleeping she knew it was her fault that he wasent getting good sleep. So she decided to look around her new home. Slowly her form began to shrink and into a form that replicated the human she was naked but not for long as she raided his clothes and dressed in ones that fit her and she began to wander the dorm. The bathroom was small but she spent some time looking at herself in the mirror messing with her long hair trying to figure out a way so it wasn't in the way but she gave up. Then there was the small kitchen and the living room. It was nice she looked in the fridge and found some lunch meat and began to devour just that. It was tasty and filled her up even if she did eat just moments ago. Slowly she sunk into the couch and flopped over feeling tired once more perhaps she will sleep until the human woke up. She slowly drifted off to sleep curled up comfortably on the couch.
Eddie was still slumbering, his mind already gone into dreamland as he was finally having a good nights sleep. Which was a relief to his physical and mental health, as both of them were doing pretty badly due to the amount of sleep he was getting each and every night. Naturally he was already out like a light and snoring relatively loudly, well, not loud enough to wake anyone up in the dorm hall but loud enough so that anyone in his dorm could hear it and be quickly annoyed by it. But Eddie was unaffected as he snoozed, comfortably wrapped up in the beige blankets and sheets that covered his bed. He finally seemed at peace after the nightmares he had formerly been enduring hit him like a truck. At least he could finally he get some well deserved rest. And yet, his dreams contained some odd mentions of what happened earlier that day. He dream of the odd elongated tendrils trying to grab him, and the large towering horse from earlier running straight through the wall, such odd things. But they soon vanished as he awoke from his slumber.

He yawned, and stretched out his limbs as the dust fell from his eyes. He straightened himself up, as his surroundings were still blurry and there was hair scattered around his eyes. He couldn’t exactly see well, but it wasn’t anything he should worry about, what happened earlier that week was most likely be an isolated incident. But despite the hope that it wasn’t only one isolated incident, he had the tiny voice in his head telling him that it would happen again, and that it was only a matter of time. As he got up from his bed and stretched his legs a bit, he reached up and brushed the hair out of his eyes along with the hair. Now that he could properly see well, he could finally prepare for the day— nope, never mind. There was some.. girl. Sleeping on his couch, he quickly looked worried, what if this was some girl who had gotten drunk an earlier night and wondered in? Or if it was just someone who was far too tired to actually know if they had stepped into the proper dorm? Despite only wearing his pjs, he quickly walked over to the couch and slowly nudged the girl on the shoulder, which was a terrible move on his part. But he kept his voice soft so he wouldn’t spook her. But, he considered for a moment. Hadn’t he locked his door earlier?

“Hey- uh, you’re in the wrong room.”
Lola was silent as she slept soundly on the couch while the other slept as well. She felt safe weirdly enough even if she almost got captured here. Maybe because she had been here so many times that she felt it was a safe place to rest and relax. It was however weird to be in this form, used to be be big and formidable but if she were to survive in this world she would have to adjust.

She slept soundly until there came a nudge and she jolted awake with a startled shriek he stopped and stared up at the boy near her and blinked a few times to get the sleepy fog from her brain. She stared for a moment and slowly relaxed, oh it was him...he woke her and she sat up not saying a word and she stared at him for a moment. But then she spoke slow her voice cracking slightly not used to using it to speak "No im not im in the precisely correct place that i should be." the nightmare nodded and and shuffled her limbs a little like she wasent used to them before looking back up to him. "How did you sleep? I bet nicely since i didnt feed from you this time. But since you want to put up traps now i guess ill have to find a different food source since you dont want me to eat you." She spoke like he should know exactly what she was talking about. Forgetting she wasent in her horse form at the moment. She then looked to his pajamas and then blinked "Is that what you are going to be wearing today? How....very casual of you...do you humans always wear you bed clothes out?"
He paused, he didn’t get why she was talking just so.. casually. Like the two of them knew each other despite Eddie not having a single bit of a clue on who this woman is. While he looked just dumbfounded for a few moments, he was reminded that he was just wearing the clothes he put on to go to sleep, which, they weren’t that odd. In some situations they could be considered normal clothes for the temperature outside, but it was still kinda embarrassing to actually see that it was pointed out. He felt his ears heat up a bit as he quickly shook off the comment, despite the odd interaction the two were having. Eddie couldn’t help but feel some sort of.. familiarity with her. Maybe he had seen her wondering around campus, or she was it one of his classes and he never just properly noticed. He awkwardly waved it away and looked calmly at her, well as calm as someone can be when they find some random person hanging out in their dorm. “That’s not really important right now- but what do you mean? Do I know you?”

While the question was stupid, he did have a right to ask it after all. He couldn’t find this lady in any of his memories for the absolute life of himself, he must have just never noticed her. That was the only simple explanation at least. And now he couldn’t help but be slightly curious on how she ended up in his dorm. He couldn’t help but think she might have had something to do with the earlier events, or at least she could’ve heard what had happened earlier.
Lola tilted her head as he asked if he knew her...of course he knew her they had a tussle last night and he freed her from the stupid dream catcher. She stared long and hard at him trying to figure out why he wouldent know but then it dawned on her and she looked down at herself she made a noise "Oh! Of course your not used to me in this form...thats all." she stood up and began to concentrate on her form. Soon horse like ears flicked up from her head and a as if by magic a horse like tail appeared out of no where. It flicked here and there getting a feel of it. Opening her eyes her eyes glowed red hot and her teeth needle like. "does this answer your question? or shall i have to fully transform so your head can wrap around who i really am?" she asked him as she stood there.
Eddie almost jumped out of his skin once he saw the recognizable features of the horse-creature from earlier, he vividly remembered the creature’s burning red eyes and the sharp knife-edged teeth of it. Which once he did see the helpful transformation, he very quickly connected the dots to this new lady being the creature that he had helped out earlier from the dream catcher’s grasps. He honestly thought— more so hoped he would never encounter the creature again. But at least it didn’t seem violence, or like it wanted his soul. He now understood what she had mentioned earlier, and then paused again as his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He now had so many questions, eat him? Feed from him? Did this have to do with the nightmares. He merely stared for a few moments before finally speaking up again.

“Nono, I get it. Uh.. I’m glad the dream catcher didn’t hurt you?”

He spoke with uncertainty tinged in his voice, but who could blame him? The creature he had earlier saved from a dream catcher which had elongated and somehow came alive was suddenly back in his dorm now with the appearance of some girl who looked his age? It all honestly seemed like something ripped off of the pages of a book or a movie. Yet despite the odd circumstances, he wouldn’t help but be relieved by the fact that she seemed.. okay? She wasn’t hurt, or hurting. She also didn’t seem that phased really from the earlier events that had unfolded. So that was one good thing that had came out of the situation.
Lola nodded as he seemed to have some recollection for who she was "Good."then like that they disappeared and there stood a girl that looked like him once more. But then she shook her head "No it wouldent hurt me more like...capture?" She spoke the knowledge that was instilled into every nightmare about the mortals. She sat down and crossed her legs that still felt weird to her and she began to play with her long hair. "Long ago the indigenous people would use dream catchers to catch us to use us as steeds for battle." She shrugged as she watched him. "But that was a long time ago...and the dream catchers now are cheap mass produced mock offs that dont work. So when we see them us nightmares dont pay them no mind. But you however...." she watched him for a moment "Some how bought a real one....one that works, and now here we are." She nodded ending her explanation of the subject.

She then looked around her new place of residence "So is this your home? Its quite small...i was surprised when i first found it do all you mortals like to live in small boxes like this one now? Also your clothes are much more comfier..." She spoke showing off his shirt to him. "I just picked out whatever fit me." She nodded as she sat there.
He frowned a bit when he noticed that she was wearing his shirt, it was just an average white shirt with the logo of the college he attended. While he didn’t feel too much attachment to the shirt, it was still kinda odd seeing someone other than himself wearing the clothes that belonged to him. But he didn’t mind that, at least she had found something to put on that wasn’t that expensive, as long as it wasn’t one of the more pricy clothing objects he had. He would be fine with it. But for the next comment, he quietly looked around his dormitory. Well, it was pretty small all things considered. But it had the necessities, one bathroom, one bedroom, one kitchen, and a living room. Yeah it was pretty small, but it was cozy as Eddie had tried his best to decorate it, putting some occasional pictures of landscapes scattered around the place to make it seem more lively. It did do its job as the photos of far away places made it seem homely. Eddie paused again at the comment, he looked confused and slightly curious again. “Huh- well I guess I was lucky— wait. Actually, what are you?”

Eddie narrowed his eyes slightly at her, he didn’t know of any sort of creature that could shapeshift into a human and into a horse creature. Let alone any sort of overwhelming terrifying horse that could run through walls, and a horse creature that had been along for so long that indigenous people had formerly captured them and used them as mounts. The thought sent a shiver down his back, he seemed a bit creeped out now. If that could happen to a creature that was that old. How old was the girl she was talking to now? While that thought did bother him, he was filled with curiosity aswell. Maybe the creatures had something to do with mythology, he could drop by the library and see if he could find any books about them— once the situation was over though of course.
Lola blinked as the question she tilted her head at him did he not know what a nightmare was? She thought it was still common knowledge but she guessed it wasent anymore? She thought on this before looking up to him once more "Im a Nightmare...its where the bad dreams name comes from." She nodded as she watched him seeing she needed to explain more and she sighed "We can create nightmares in mortals and feed off of the fear that it produces." she explained to him as simply as she could. she watched him for a moment longer "But we also can feed on meat but we are more so scavengers than hunters so its not a optimal way of feeding so yeah....oh speaking of meat i ate all the meat in your fridge cause i was hungry." she nodded as a matter of fact.

Lola tilted her head "Is that all you wanted from me or do you have more questions?" she asked as he watched him slowly bring her hand up to fiddle with he hair again.
Eddie frowned more deeply, he had a bunch of conflicting emotions. He couldn’t even guess in his wildest dreams that a creature could— or would create nightmares. But that did explain the recent horrific nightmares he was having every single night. He didn’t even know that something similar to the begin existed, he had always thought that nightmares were the brain’s way of just keeping you on your toes, well they were but it was still extremely surprising to hear this news. The shock was visible on his face, since now it was technically confirmed that she was the one who was causing his night terrors and the terrible sleep he was recently experiencing, he couldn’t help but feel slightly angry. After all, she was the one who caused all of it. But he sighed and nodded his head, now thinking about the meat he had to restock in his fridge.

“Nono, that’s all of the questions. But why are you here? Don’t you have a home?”

He was a bit curious though, despite the shock of the situation still showing on his face. He wondered if the nightmares just disappear in the daytime, or if they hid in a places like alleyways, sewers, or any of those, and now he couldn’t help but feel a bit worried over it.
Lola blinked when he asked why she was here and if she had a home. She slowly frowned at that but it was a good question, "I...did have a home. Well it wasent much of a home but more of a herd that met up where we agreed to meet up. But well..." She tilted her head "I wasent informed where we would meet up next before they all left and sleeping alone is dangerous so i came back here cause even if you did try to capture me....it was the safest place i knew of." She shrugged at that thought. She was homeless at this point but to honest all nightmares were homeless and nomadic creatures unless captured.

She then perked "So this is where i will be from now on." She informed him like he had no say in the matter. Lola blinked "Oh and dont worry about nightmares ill feed off of someone else unless you have meat then that will suffice as well." She nodded and smiled up at him. Not seeing just how backwards this was but who could blame her the most she had seen of the mortal world was her trips to eat from them.
He paused, his eyebrows burrowing down a bit as he seemed a bit sympathetic for her, he didn’t know the entirety of the story but it did seem a bit sad that her only home was with some guy she would occasionally go to in order to eat his dreams, it just seemed a bit depressing, it made another wave of sadness wash over him as he felt bad for her not having and home, and just being abandoned by a herd- which he assumed was something similar to a family, he had never personally experienced something like that but he could imagine it being hard and isolating. So he decided to not fight over the sudden roommate situation, she didn’t have anywhere else to go and couldn’t go anywhere else which meant she was now technically his roommate, he did have a bit of a problem with the meat eating but he could always discuss that later.

Eddie nodded a bit, he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck as he considered what to say next in a situation like this, he didn’t know rather he should very quickly go out and go buy some new meat so she wouldn’t end up having to torture some other poor soul with a constant lack of sleep. “Right, okay, fine.” He paused in between the next sentences, keeping his voice calm and as unemotional as possible. “Well I’ll go get some after my classes- which you probably don’t know what they are huh.” He considered a few more things, now a bit worried over having to basically re-teach the whole world to someone who was way older then him, but she had probably seen a few things, which is good. Right?
Lola blinked at the word classes she pondered it for a moment as she sat there on the couch. She then tilted her head slightly “classes…” she echoed “you humans have nightmares about them its where you go to learn yes?” She nodded “its with a usual scary monstrous teacher or going naked….sometimes both. Im unsure if this is the truth or your funny little minds making stuff up.” She nodded with a smile. “As for meat im fine for the time being i already ate so now all can do is sleep it off…mortal…” she tilted her head “i just realized i never caught your name is it funny like the rest?” She asked as she watched him. She hummed “we nightmares dont have names but i guess a name would be beneficial….how about Lola…i like that human name quite well.” She nodded as she watched him with her dark eyes.

Lola then tilted her head “back on the subject of classes…do you go to them whenever you want? Is your teacher scary?? Is it a custom to go there naked??” She asked more jokingly but she was curious about it.
Eddie paused at the sudden barrage of questions his way, which of course he did have the answers for all of them. It was just surprising to see something live so long not know much about classes, which reasonably. He should’ve guessed they wouldn’t know much about the school system and the issues that came with it as it most definitely wasn’t common knowledge. He also paused at the description of the dream she had given, which, yes. It was an extremely common dream nightmare to go to class without clothing on. He was one of the many people who were occasionally scarred by those terrible nightmares. So he had bad memories of those types of nightmares, over any day he would take a monstrous teacher then one of those nightmares again. But either way he took a deep breath as he began to answer everything that the creature— well, no. Lola had asked, since she had chosen that name for herself.

“Aright uh.. well yes, it’s a place where you go to study. And no, there’s set time for the classes and my set time is just close- and no, most definitely not. I hope it’s illegal to be outside naked. Most of the time teachers aren’t scary-“ He took another deep breath, considering that was a rather long run-on sentence. “And my name is Eddie, it’s nice to meet you Lola.” He nodded as a sort of greeting, but his thoughts soon drifted off to being worried if he would get to his classes on time with the sudden appearance of a roommate in his dorm, it would be a bit hard to explain the whole school situation as it was a rather complicated topic for someone who had a brief idea of schools.
Lola blinked when he spoke about the classes and how they are set in stone in time and that they were soon. Eddie...such a weird name, but she smiled "Well if these classes are set time dont let me take any more of your time. Ill be good i promise i wont go running off to feed im quite full already." She stretched out and made a noise as she did and flopped back with a yawn and waved him away "ill just sleep im a night owl by nature im usually sleeping by this time anyway. She curled up on the couch and got comfy before she slowly fell asleep to a dreamless slumber.

Lola slept through the day while Eddie went off to classes only getting up a couple times to drink some water then go back to sleep on the couch. She only stirred when the sound of the door open and she rolled halfway and yawned when she saw Eddie. "Mmm....Afternoon? Good evening? Either way welcome back Eddie." He spoke to him with a small smile. "How was classes? Meet any scary teachers during your time out?" she grinned as she flipped fully on her back "And dont worry i was good as i said." she nodded with a smile as she curled up comfortably on the couch.
Eddie nodded as he silently watched her just fall asleep on his couch, which, it still did feel weird to have a roommate suddenly chucked into your life. But he most definitely wasn’t planning on kicking her out as he still did feel bad for her. So he just mumbled a quiet goodnight, even if it wasn’t technically night at the moment. There isn’t much else you can say to someone who sleeps in the middle of the day and just materialized in your house. But he was soon reminded that he had classes to attend, and he most definitely wasn’t going to be late because of this strange occurrence. He quickly hurried back into his bedroom and swiftly changed into more appropriate clothing for the day. Which really just consisted of jeans and a regular sweater shirt. After that he quickly walked over to his desk, which still contained his pocket knife sitting neatly. But he was more focused on his backpack, that was hanging off of the chair while being partly opened. He quickly snatched it up from the chair without a second thought.

He quickly left his room and walked past the living room again, his gaze stayed on Lola for a moment. Just wondering if she would truly be fine by herself, he couldn’t help but he slightly concerned since she wasn’t accustomed to regular human behavior and traditions. He couldn’t help but worry over any case of her interacting with another human being, would it go well? Well, probably not. But as long as no one dropped by during the day Lola would be fine. So he just sighed and walked out of his room, locking and shutting the door behind himself as he mentally prepared himself for a day of long hours and even longer classes.

After an uncertain amount of hours. The door was opened by a quick click and Eddie walked inside the dormitory, closing the door behind himself. He gave a small wave back over to Lola as he chuckled a bit at the mentions of the scary teacher, which luckily, he hadn’t. “Good evening to you too, and thanks. Classes were uneventful and thankfully I didn’t run into any scary teachers.” He gave a small smile, before plopping his backpack on the table nearby the couch. “But what about you? Anything interesting happened while I was gone?”
Lola nodded when he said he didnt run into any teachers that scared him. course it was a joke but you never know. When he asked how she was she hummed "Nah i slept the whole time it was nice your couch is much more comfortable than grass thats for sure." She nodded as she sat there. " I want to say though thanks for yesterday for setting me free. I dont have anything to give you though. Humans request stuff in return for as you humans say doing you a solid right?" She hummed as she thought on it for a bit before she shrugged "Ill repay you somehow." Nodding she would have to think on it.

She then perked "So you went to learn! What classes did you go to? do you get to pick everyday or what? or is it set out for you each day?" She watched him with interest.
Eddie waved his hand dismissively at being thanked for the rescue, he was sure anyone else would do that in a situation like that. Or, well probably not but the thought of someone else helping was just wishful thinking as many people would probably just return to being asleep merely believing the occurrence was a dream. He paused at the term “doing you a solid”, which he almost laughed at as he haven’t heard the wording for that he used in such a long time, honestly the last time he had heard of that sentence was probably back in middle school. Which was sort of nostalgic in a way. “Hey it’s no issue- and yeah, but you don’t have to repay me anytime soon.” He gave her a reassuring smile as he scoured through his backpack for his notes that he had jotted down from the previous lecture. “Ah, it was kinda boring. Just calculus and some other things. Nothing too special.” He pulled out some papers out of his bag, which just contained long bewildering equations. He plopped them onto the table as he continued his sentence. “And no, the times and classes are chosen by the professors themself, so everything is set out.”

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