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Fantasy Dragon Heist (Completed)


Waterdeep map

Name: Iselas
Age: 26
Race: Half-elf
Class: Rogue
Level: 3

HP: 20


4755 gold pieces (Trollskull tavern restored)
Leather armour
Crossbow and arrows
Thieves' kit
Deed to the Trollskull Manor
Necklace of fireballs (1)
Nimblewright detector
Fake Stone of Golorr
Wand of magic missiles
A powder gun
The Stone of Golorr
Bronze dragon scale

Chapter I - A friend in need

In Waterdeep, a gold coin is called a dragon. And when you heard about an open hunt for half a million of them, you knew what your next destination was.

You heard the full story of the treasure hunt from Peter Theodonos, a travelling scholar you had the luck of meeting one night on the road. You let him into your camp and granted him protection and in turn he told you the story of Waterdeep's biggest treasure vault:

Before he was ousted from his position as the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult Neverember embezzled half a million dragons and hid them in a secret vault. Built long ago by dwarves, the vault is warded against all forms of magical detection and intrusion. Its current protector is an adult gold dragon named Aurinax. As another security precaution, he arranged for all knowledge of the vault's location and defences to be magically erased from his mind and the minds of his subordinates. The wizard who performed the procedure trapped this knowledge within an artefact called the Stone of Golorr. One way or another, the wizard disappeared shortly thereafter and Dagult hid the stone in the Palace of Waterdeep. Dagult was off rebuilding the city of Neverwinter when the other Lords of Waterdeep voted him out of office. He immediately made plans to retrieve the Stone of Golorr and smuggle his cache of dragons out of Waterdeep. His spies plucked the stone from the palace but were killed while trying to leave the city. The stone was stolen and passed from one hand to another like a common jewel until it wound up in the clutches of Xanathar, a paranoid, megalomaniacal crime lord. And from here on, every trace of the Stone is lost.

Peter left your camp the next morning, while you and your companions debated weather or not you should go join the hunt. You did not debate for long.


Waterdeep is a huge city on the coast, one that would take days to fully see and decades to learn all of its secrets. Thankfully, you only need the one. You stride straight toward the Yawning Portal, a well know inn and a hub for adventurers in the centre of the city. A great place to start your investigation or overhear any whispers.

You find The Yawning Portal in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep. The place is a stone building with a slate roof and several chimneys. Most of the ground floor is taken up by the tavern's common room, which contains a 40-foot-diameter open well (actually the outer shell of a sunken stone tower) that descends 140 feet to the first level of Undermountain, the sprawling dungeon under Waterdeep. A rope-and-pulley mechanism is used to lower adventurers into the well and hoist them out. Not that you want to go dungeon crawling right now.

"Hey, I know they have some sort of strong ale here." Regongar announces his wishes immediately. "Shadowdark something. Heard it packs a hell of a punch."

Amiri simply shrugs and follows the orc, looking with curiosity at the packed tavern. A tall human male whistles at her half naked appearance and she swiftly jerks her fist toward him, making him back off.

- Sit and have a drink in silence.
- Sit, drink and talk to your companions.


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strange apparition
Sit, drink and talk to your companions.

Waterdeep was the kind of city that Iselas could have happily gotten lost within and never resurfaced from again. It was all cold stone, thick smog, and filled with unhappy citizens going about their miserable lives. Yeah, she could do some real damage here. Unfortunately, she had a much bigger prize in mind this time. It was no secret that the former-urchin was fond of treasure, particularly gold, and knowing that the key to half a million of them was just waiting to be discovered? That sounded far too tempting of a venture for her to pass up. Besides it wasn't like she was doing anything else with her life.

Stepping inside the Yawning Portal felt a lot like a child stepping inside a confectionery store. It was packed with people which made for easier pocket pickings and the potential to drop some serious eaves. Iselas did make a mental note, however, to keep a careful eye on her valuables -- well, a more careful eye than usual as she was already notoriously paranoid -- because if she could steal it then so could someone else.

Blue eyes appraised the bar at her companion's mention and she hummed her agreement, easily coerced into the act. For the most part she was easy-going when it came to their direction, as a group they often acted on instinct anyway. Iselas did laugh pretty easily at the drunken man's whistle however, and he had to be drunk because really? Who wolf-whistled at a fierce looking woman carrying a massive sword on her back?

"If you want I can defend your honour and steal all his coin?" Iselas stage-whispered to Amiri, pink lips pulled up into a dangerous smile. Although it was all for show because if that man had truly offended Amiri then he wouldn't still be standing. Or breathing for that matter.

"Let's drink!"
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You sit around a sturdy wooden table lit by a brightly burning candle and littered with plates cleared of food and half-drained tankards. The sounds of gamblers yelling and drunken adventurers singing bawdy songs nearly drown out the off-key strumming of a young bard three tables over.

"Mm, this is good." Regongar says, drinking his second pint of beer already, while Amiri eyes his with disgust.

"Men are vile." She says, even though she has her second pint on the table as well.

Suddenly all the noise of the inn is eclipsed by a shout.

"Ya pig! Like killin' me mates, does ya?"

Trouble. Led by a half-orc woman.

After her shout the seven-foot-tall half-orc is hit by a wild, swinging punch from a male human whose shaved head is covered with eye-shaped tattoos. Four other humans stand behind him, ready to jump into the fray. The half-orc cracks her knuckles, roars and leaps at the tattooed figure - but before you can see if blood is drawn, a crowd of spectators clusters around the brawl.

Amiri looks eager to join in on the side of the half-orc woman, while Reg is blissfully drinking his ale.

What do you do?

- Join the fray.
- Hang back.


strange apparition
Join the fray.

Unable to keep up with her companions, Iselas nursed an ale and reclined back into her seat. The very picture of relaxation and casual grace. The stirrings of a fight did cause her to perk up, interested by the prospect of a brawl, until the crowd ultimately eclipsed her view and she slumped back. Normally Iselas would have left it at that, either shrugged off the entire confrontation or moved closer to get a front row seat. Involving herself in a fight resulted in enemies and she had decided that they should be keeping a low profile. But Amiri appeared to want in. And the fact that the numbers were uneven -- really, five against one? -- bothered Iselas. Just a little teeny-tiny bit.

"Looks like she needs some back up," Iselas commented as she stretched out in a feline manner and nudged Amiri with her foot. "You take 'em on upfront." She suggested. Iselas had also decided that if these men were fine in ganging up on one woman then it was fine for her to stab them in their backs. Preferably while they were turned away from her and unable to hit her back. Iselas didn't want to actually get hurt from this.


But the fight is almost over by the time you push through the rowdy spectators. The man with the eye-shaped tattoos is visibly battered, trapped underneath the orc woman. The other four men are poised to tackle her off of their supposed leader.

Amiri lets out a roar, unslinging her greatsword. Reg does not move from his table, absorbed in his drink, though he keeps an eye on the fight out of sheer amusement.

- Pull the orc woman away from the man and stop the fight (roll d20 for strength check, modifier: 1).
- Let the orc woman deal with the downed man.
- Creep up on the four other men (roll d20 for stealth check, modifier: 7).
- Attack the other four men (roll d20 for strength check, modifier: 1).
- Persuade the other men to back off (roll d20 for persuasion, modifier: 5).
- Intimidate the other men (roll d20 for intimidation, modifier: 3).
- Let Amiri deal with the other men.
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strange apparition
Creep up on the four other men (rolled 17).

As the crowd parted Iselas finally caught a glimpse of the fight and was barely able to maintain her poker face. The tattooed man was now trapped beneath a ruthless barrage from the orc woman that didn't appear to be letting up anytime soon. Clearly she hadn't needed their help in that department. Still, Iselas wanted to contribute something to this mess of a bar fight and the way that the other four men continued to circle like vultures gave her an idea.

Sinking back into the clamour and enthusiasm of the crowd she circled around the fight, honing in on the man's supposed backup. Iselas unsheathed her dagger and aimed for inconspicuous; stealth was one of the few things that she knew well. While most would find the concept of backstabbing... unfavourable, it was Iselas favourite way to end a fight before it had even begun. Creeping along the fringes of the brawl Iselas raised her blade to strike, hopefully silently.
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You managed to get behind the four men who are still poised to tackle the half-orc, but undecided as to who should try that first. Seems like none of them really want to. You have your shortsword with you and it wouldn't be terribly difficult yo dispatch of one of them, before the others notice.

On the other side Amiri is wielding her greatsword like it is a toothpick, menacingly stepping at the closest of the four. All four men flinch and step back. They are a step away from tripping over you.

- Attack the men (roll d20 for strength check, modifier: 1).
- Scare the men (roll d20 for intimidation, modifier: 3).


strange apparition
Scare the men (rolled 18).

It seemed that her presence continued to go unnoticed, their collective gaze stuck on the fearsome sight of Amiri and her greatsword. A good choice as Iselas had seen the female warrior wield her blade and it definitely wasn't just for show. Still, when they took a step closer to her Iselas felt her plans crumble a little. They were clustered too closely together to be effectively dispatched without drawing attention to herself. Iselas' hand tightened around the handle of her shortsword and instead, she took a different approach. She lifted her blade up and it nestled itself between the shoulder blades of the closest man. A clear threat and, unfortunately, a dead giveaway as to where she'd been hiding.

"I suggest you take your men and leave," Iselas spoke up, voice pitched for the men to hear the underlying promise of violence in her words. "We wouldn't anyone else to lose their lives over a bar fight now, would we?"


The men you singled out for the threat yelps, instantly raising his hands in surrender. None of them had yet drawn their weapons.

"No, let me flatten them!" Amiri said through gritted teeth.

This made the men flinch and then scramble over each other to get to the exit. The half-orc was done with the man with the tattoo, leaving him unconscious on the ground. His henchmen pick his slump body on the way to the doors.

"Rarr, why ya interfere, eh?" The tall half-orc woman steps toward you and Amiri, not looking too pleased. "I 'ad it all under control!"

"That's not the way to-" Amiri starts looking equally pissed, but her words are cut off.

Shouts of alarm suddenly ring out as a hulking creature climbs up out of the shaft in the middle of the taproom - a monster with warty green skin, a tangled nest of wiry black hair, a long, carrot-shaped nose, and blood· shot eyes.

As it bares its yellow teeth and howls, you can see that a half-dozen bat-like creatures are attached to its body, with three more circling above it like flies. Everyone in the tavern reacts in fear except for the barkeep, who shouts, quite unhelpfully:


- Get lost in the crowd and keep out of the fight.
- Fight the troll.


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Drop back and hide behind the bar.

Iselas eyed the woman appraisingly because that wasn't how she'd imagined her gratitude, in her head it had involved a lot more free ale. It appeared that she wasn't alone in that sentiment as Amiri visibly geared up for some more yelling. Unfortunately -- or maybe, fortunately? -- a troll decided to take this exact moment to burst through the floor and into the Yawning Portal.

Chaos ensued.

"Ew," Iselas said instead of contributing to the terror of the patrons, her nose scrunched up in distaste. Trolls weren't the prettiest or nicest smelling of creatures nor were they the friendliest. Which was why Iselas was quick to vault out of there, taking up a guarded position behind the safety of the bar. Her shortsword was stored away for the time being as she focused on drawing out her crossbow instead. There was no way that she wanted to get close to that troll in a fight.


The troll has crawled up from the first level of Undermountain to feed on tasty humanoid flesh, bringing nine stirges with it. Stirges are nothing more than bloodsucking bats and under the lights of the tavern they are completely blind.

The troll stretches, rising to its full height of nine feet and shakes off the stirges that were stuck to its body. Having drained copious amounts of the troll's blood most of them fly back down the shaft to digest their meal, leaving only three of them flying above the troll's head.

Most tavern patrons and staffers flee or take cover at the sight of the troll. The stirges go directly for Amiri who waves her greatsword around, but doesn't manage to hit any of the nasty bats.

As you duck for cover at the bar, the barkeep quite suddenly jumps in the opposite direction, drawing a huge sword of his own, and taking a spot directly in front of the troll.

"Deal with the stirges! I got the troll!" He yells with a grin on his face.

- Shoot at the troll (Roll d20, dexterity check, modifier 5).
- Shoot at the stirges (Roll d20, dexterity check, modifier 5).
- Stay out of sight.


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Shoot at the stirges (rolled 13).
Who was Iselas to deny a command like that? As the barkeeper jumped over the bar she cocked an arrow into the contraption and stood up to her full height. Thankfully she wasn't terribly tall -- a consequence due to her early years spent hungry on the streets -- which meant that it wouldn't be difficult to duck under cover should she need it. Iselas much preferred archery to hand-to-hand combat or her shortsword, so she felt relatively confident in her abilities. One eye closed she tracked the movement of one of the stirges and prepared to let the arrow fly.


You hit the flapping wing of one of the stirges, bringing it down with a shriek. Amiri makes sure it doesn't get up, squashing its head with her boot. Two other pesky bats land on her though, one biting her neck, as the barbarian grunts.

Out of nowhere a bolt of lightning hits the flying stirge and the scorches bat falls to the floor. Amiri pulls the other one off of herself and snaps its neck in half with a sickening crunch.

"You can't kill trolls with anything but acid or fire! They will keep regenerating!" Regongar shouts, running up to Amiri.

"First we chop off its limbs!" The barkeeper responds with an excited yell.

And he is already on it. With a great swing, one of the troll's arms is flying across the room. The barkeep laughs maniacally. The half-orc woman joins his efforts, going for one of the legs.

- Shoot at the troll (Roll d20, dexterity check, modifier 5).
- Shout at Reg to attack the troll.
- Shout at Amiri to attack the troll.


strange apparition
Shout at Amiri to attack the troll.

Iselas watched the limb soar across the room in morbid fascination, the maniacal laughter only adding to her growing intrigue. So, they intended to dismember the troll and then burn the body? That seemed like an educated idea to her. The Yawning Portal must be the recipients of a lot of troll activity for them to have a game plan in place so quickly. Especially when considering that they were sat upon a dungeon.

"Amiri!" Iselas called out to catch the woman's attention, she was grinning. "You want to help dismember a troll!?" That sounded like it'd be right up her alley of things that she would like to do. Iselas' crossbow wouldn't be much use in the process of cutting off limbs and she really didn't want to get any closer to that thing.


"Leave it to me!" Amiri shouts, a grin of her own lighting up her face.

"You are all insane." Reg shakes his head and calmly strides over to the counter, picking up someone's leftover ale and downing it while giving you a wink.

Always eager to fight giant monsters, Amiri helps out immensely. The three of them chop at the troll and soon enough it falls to the ground with a growl and a thump.

"Douse it with lamp oil!" The barkeep shouts, taking one of the hanging lamps and breaking it over the troll. Amiri and he half-orc follow suit.

"Matches." Regongar extends his hand over to you.

- Give him the matches.
- Light the troll on fire yourself.
- Let someone else do it.


strange apparition
Give him the matches.

It was hard not to be impressed by the almost casual way in which Amiri joined the fray, hefting her giant sword as if it were nothing. The troll really didn't stand a chance. Iselas returned her crossbow back to its normal resting place and then leaned casually against the bar. At Reg's prompt for matches she pulled out her tinderbox and dropped it into his open hand.


Your companion takes the tinderbox from your and then promptly tosses it across the room, toward the barkeep, who catches it in air. He strikes it once and a spark falls onto the oil, the fire immediately catching on. With a loud sizzle the trolls filthy body begins burning, the creature writing on the floor for just a couple of moments, until it burns down to bone and ash.

"You fought well." The barkeep turns to you and your companions and nods, not much fazed with what transpired. He waves to the staff that floods into the inn once the danger has passed, and they begin the clean up process.

In the crowd that gathers again you lose sight of the brawling half-orc woman.

Amiri makes her way toward you, but is stopped midway by an appearance of a rather flustered plump man who waves all three of you over.

"You be adventurers, am I right? You must be, to be so brave to face a troll! I could use your help. Let's find a table to talk, shall we?"

To this Amiri grins, standing taller all of a sudden. Regongar rolls his eyes, but doesn't say anything.

- Accept.
- Refuse.


strange apparition

The bar staff returned to clean up the mess left behind by the troll and Iselas was quick to take back her tinderbox. There were very few things that she could safely call her own and she tended to be quite possessive over them; she wasn't a huge fan of sharing. A symptom of her childhood, no doubt.

Stepping out from behind the bar she crossed the room to where Amiri and Reg stood. Only faltering slightly at the appearance of the unfamiliar man. Immediately her mind connected his physical appearance -- round -- to his material status -- wealthy -- and her eyes took on a sharp glint. Helping this man could yield a reward and it could also be fun!

"I suppose that's one word that you could use for us," Iselas evaded with a smile, as she brushed past her companions to follow the man. He'd managed to capture her interest for the time being, which meant she was likely to hear him out. And maybe do what he asked.

"Though you'll need to be a little more specific about what we're helping you with." She gestured to their original table, one that was stationed by the wall and provided a decent vantage point over the bar.



The figure who approached you strokes his mustache, adjusts his floppy hat, and tightens his scarf.

"Volothamp Geddarm, chronicler, wizard, and celebrity, at your service. I trust you've noted the violence in our fair city these past tendays. I haven't seen so much blood since my last visit to Baldur's Gate! But now I fear I have misplaced a friend amid this odious malevolence.

"My friend's name is Floon Blagmaar. He's got more beauty than brains, and I worry he took a bad way home a couple nights ago and was kidnapped - or worse. If you agree to track him down with all due haste, I can offer you ten dragons apiece now, and I can give you each ten times that when you find Floon. May I prevail upon you in my hour of need?"

- Ask him if he really can afford to pay so much (Rll d20 wisdom check, modifier: 2).
- Ask him to describe Floon.
- Ask him where did he last see Floon.


strange apparition
Ask him if he really can afford to pay so much (rolled 17).
That didn't sound like a bad deal at all. In fact, it sounded a little too good to be true. Iselas recognised that they could just take the 10 gold each and make off with the money. But she already knew that she wouldn't do that. If anything she was also intrigued as to where this -- possibly quite attractive -- man went. The incentive of an equally handsome reward at the end of their excursion sounded commendable too. If Volothamp didn't pay up... well, they'd deal with that later.

"That does sound quite lucrative," Iselas commented lightly, her chin cradled in an upturned palm as she gazed up at the man through dark lashes. "Though, I must ask, can you truly afford to pay so much?"

One thing to note about Iselas was that she spoke differently to people she was dealing with, at least in comparison to her companions. Mostly the street-talk came out when she was comfortable, drunk, tired, or emotional. The rest of the time she tried her best to keep it professional and educated, as her trainer would say.


By the way he moves his hands as he talks and how he blinks a bit too often when asked about money, you notice that Volo is not being quite truthful. He might be stretching out the amount he can pay.

"Uh, my good adventurers, of course I can afford such an amount for finding my dearest friend. As a matter of fact I am only waiting for royalty payments from my most recent book Volo's Guide to Monsters. I can assure you it is going to be a great hit."

He grins, adjusting his scarf.

"I will have your reward ready as soon as you get Floon returned to me safely."

"I don't know, more gold means more ale and more women." Regongar says. "If our friend here doesn't pay up, then we'll just have to make him." He finishes with the friendliest of grins.

"Don't have anything better to do. Hope your friend is captured by trolls." Amiri nods, a gleam of excitement in her eyes.

- Ask about Floon's appearance.
- Ask where he last saw Floon.


strange apparition
Ask for details.
So, Volothamp was either lying about the payment or, at the very least, exaggerating how much they'd be paid for this venture. Iselas leaned back in her chair and considered the task before them. Finding a person that they didn't know anything about, in a city that they had never stepped foot inside, with no connections to speak of. Well, it'd certainly be a challenge.

"And, of course, being a celebrity does put your reputation on the line should the payment end up falling through." Iselas added, picking up on Regongar's approach with a friendly smile of her own. "Now, is there anything you can tell us about your friend? An exact description, last location, possible suspects?"


You can see Regongar grinning and nodding at this, then giving you a conspiratorial wink like he usually does.

"Please, we are all friends here." Volothamp says, wringing his hands. "No need for mistrust.

"Floon, my dearest friend of them all, is a tall fellow, with ginger-blonde hair and beard. Very charismatic and very naive. I might have gotten him in a bit of trouble, to be honest." He smiles embarrassed, but doesn't say more on the subject. "We met for drinks two nights ago at the Skewered Dragon. I was there for a few hours, then left the tavern, but Floon stayed behind. The tavern is located between Net Street and Fillet Lane in the Dock Ward. "

Volo hands you over three pouches of gold, with ten pieces for each of you and then urges you to investigate the tavern.

- Lead the investigation.
- Let Amiri lead.
- Let Regongar lead.


strange apparition
Lead the investigation.

The acceptance of the coin pouches officially cemented their role in this mystery and newfound investigation. Iselas tucked her own ten gold safely inside a hidden pocket and stood up from the table. She stretched her arms above her head, toes curled contentedly in her boots, and then breathed out a long sigh. Either this venture was going to be a lot of fun or it'd all go horribly wrong, maybe it was some elaborate trap?

"We will see you soon, Mister Geddarm." Iselas assured the man as she dipped her head in recognition. A hand came down on each of her companions shoulders in a gentle pat. "C'mon you two, we have a handsome man to find!" She said cheerfully, heading for the door.

It seemed best to head directly for the Dock Ward as Volothamp had mentioned seeing his friend there last. Their employer also wanted his friend back alive from the sounds of it; a feat that grew less and less likely the longer this Floon was missing. Also, the sooner this was over then the sooner they'd have their money.


"Thank you. But, be careful, my friends, the clash between the Zentarim and Xanatar guild, has gotten worse. Everyone wants those dragons for themselves. And you have just helped beat up Krentz, one of the Xanatar's more problematic members." Volo informs you as you ready to leave.

"Why do I feel that will come back to bite us in the ass?" Regongar growls. "Guild bastards always hold a grudge."


You make your way toward the Docks, feel the chilly wind on your exposed skin. The closer to the Docks you go, the more the air smells of fish and sweat. It is not the pleasantest of places in Waterdeep.

As you turn a corner, you find yourselves on a street that has been cordoned off by the City Watch. Lying on the cobblestones are a half-dozen corpses, seemingly the victims of some terrible skirmish.

Watch officers have disarmed and arrested three blood-drenched humans and are in the midst of questioning witnesses. One of the officers sees you as you approach.

"Get on." She says. "Nothing to see here."

- Search the Dock Wards.
- Ask the guards about the Skewered Dragon.
- Ask the guards about the crime.

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