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Hellooooo! So I'm looking for something ultra ultra casual right now, but something that's still entertaining y'know? I was wondering if anyone out there might be interested in a group chat type roleplay on Discord. To start off with it'd pretty much just be a group chat in character, but as we chat and develop our characters and their relationships I could totally see it branching out into a full blown rp, if we wanted. c:

I have links to false snapcat/instagram/facebook generators that I thought could be really fun to mess with, but I haven't really had a reason to use them yet. cx

Anyways, link to the wip server down below! Obviously nothing's started and I'm still in the process of working everything out but.~ <3
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Ahh sorry, I'm not actually sure what you mean by this. :c I have a server set up, and i'd be open to accepting others as mods but I don't think it's going to get that big ^^'

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