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Fandom Death Note: A New Beginning

BW Red

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Imagine a new world. A world that never had the experience of Kira before. Imagine it all and then drop a Death Note or two into this said world. Light, L, Misa, and all the detectives never existed and in their place are new people with different goals.

As said in the intro, there will be no cannons in this RP. I will take the role of the second Kira and everyone else can grab who they'd like.


: These men and woman have been blessed/cursed with the power to kill any human they wish, so long as they have their target's true name and face in mind when writing the name in the Death Note. They have the means to shape the world as they see fit, though whether that's a good thing or a bad depends on their character.


Shinigami: Shinigami's are the "Gods of Death" that follow a Kira. They cannot be seen by anyone besides the owner of their Death Note and anyone who touches it.


Detectives: Detective's are tireless in their search for the murderer known as "Kira". They have access to nearly an unlimited supply of wealth, which they can use however they see fit.

Character List:

Main Kira: Chisaki Onto - Taken by BEX

Second Kira: Hanako Kimura - Taken by BW Red

(More Kira slots may open as time goes on)

Main Shinigami: Kyzul - Taken by Saul

Second Shinigami: Noctis - Taken by Lethal Multi-chara

(More Shinigami slots will open as Kira spots open)

Main Detective: LUCY - Taken by OverlyIntricateLove

Second Detective: Veritatis cupitor - Taken by gogojojo331

Main Cop: Kenneth Freedman - Taken by gogojojo331

Second Cop: (Open)

Third Cop: (Open)

1) There is no 'Shinigami Eye Trade' so as not to cause unfairness.

2) Kiras may choose not to have a Shinigami, or can have others play as them.

3)This takes place in an alternate dimension, therefore, detectives have no knowledge of the Death Note.

4) Your character can come from anywhere, but must be in Tokyo, Japan.

5) There are no cannons. Light, L, Misa, and the others do not exist.

Refer to rule 3

6) Couples are allowed, and in fact, encouraged. Love can bloom anywhere, right?

7) Don't join if you can't spell, or if you aren't going to be dedicated.
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BW Red updated Death Note: A New Beginning with a new update entry:

Starting time

I think since we have two kiras, two shinigamis, and a detective, we are ready to start :) More can hop in but I'll start the posts tomorrow. Kiras should start by picking up the books, shinigamis should be around said death notes and the detective should just be doing what she's doing until the deaths start. Hopefully there will be more cops as we go on.
Read the rest of this update entry...
Chisaki was wandering about the streets on his way home from school... Today had been boring as usual, but what could he really expect.. All of a sudden life had seemed less like a game, and more like a monotone television broadcast, which had it's programs already set up for the future. It was routine, and boy was it boring.

"Well I just love blue skies... They make me think that this world is bright and wonderful! Only that's just outside appearance isn't it... And it's truly a place of misfortune and idiots... It is disgusting." Chisa said out loud, arguing with his estranged personalities.

His foot went to kick a can, only he abruptly tripped over something... Though instead of shying away and saying
"Oww," he embraced the pain and simply got up again, looking for the source of his clumsy fall.

It was a white journal, titled
DeathNote in black letters... It was written in English, but luckily Chisaki was smarter than his outer personality.

What...? Death and Note... Odd combination there.... He thought, reaching down to pick it up.

After flipping through the pages and reading the rules, Chisaki started to laugh a bit... It was kind of a crazy man's laugh, but that was just how he was...

"That's an elaborate prank if I've ever seen one.... It's a game to somebody else too! I want to play a fun game, where I can win and undermine people! That I do too my friend!" Chisaki said, practically carrying on a conversation with himself.


After getting home with this
"DeathNote," Chisaki of course addressed the whole "Does this thing really work" side of things, so he tested it...

He didn't necessarily want to murder somebody who was completely innocent, so he took the convicted criminal route.. Or rather the new criminal route, seeing as he went through the television.

"We are getting information that the culprit suddenly dropped to his knees! The people inside have begun to rush out, and the police have gotten to the American male, confirming his death." The lady on the TV screen said, smiling that all the people were now safe...

Chisaki looked down at the notebook...

Jeffrey Harper

He had wrote it so perfectly in English cursive handwriting, and yet for some reason he didn't feel any immediate satisfaction for killing someone... Then again he didn't feel remorse either...

The only thought that ran through his head was about winning the grand scheme of things...

The world could be mine now... With this I could win the game... The ultimate and grand game of life!

"I'M SOLD!" He said, spinning about in a circle and laughing, before falling back unto his bed with a giant smile on his face. Things would be interesting from here on out, and Juniper was dying to begin his play...~
Lucy stood spun around in her chair, quite childishly. It had been so boring, for so long now. Each day the same crimes, the same routine. She had solved so many murders that she could just guess and be correct, the world was always so predictable. Why couldn't a criminal get creative, do something out of the ordinary, tempt a worldwide conspiracy or something. But no, that would never happen, these American (or Japanese) citizens were piss poor criminals. They promised her such a job here, they said crime was fruitful, they just left out the part that it was boring.

She continued to spin around in her chair until her errand boy, GACT, came in like he always did at this time. Like usual he had the list of crimes she'd have to look over and diagnose. She wondered if the people he worked with understood his name? Probably not, or maybe he told them, she didn't care enough about him, nor anyone really. "Madam, today's crimes." GACT said throwing the single file on her desk. Something was up, normally it was multiple files, sometimes stacks of files. "GACT, what gives?" She asked him, walking over to the file, peering at its contents. "The police want you to investigate one case today, they can't seem to explain it, they've described it as some sort of 'phenomenon'." The word phenomenon certainly worked Lucy up, she felt sort of excited, the adrenaline coursed through her body, from her heart to as low as her legs. She picked up the file, only a couple of word were written. 'Jeffrey Harper killed on live television, please watch recordings to establish more.' She read, and then tilted her head. "Oh yes you'll need this." GACT said, handing her a CD. "Thanks, now go, I dislike having people in my work space!" She scolded him and GACT left the room quite quickly.

Lucy shoved the disk into her labtop and the recording begun to play. She really wanted to facepalm. 'these police are idiots! Isn't it obvious!' she thought critically and without even furthering her investigation she took out her pen and wrote on the file: A mere coincidence!

She was pared up with a bunch of incompetent fools, who couldn't even tie their shoes! People die of heart attacks all the time, the fact that one happened on the television doesn't make it special. She was actually very glad he died, made her job marginally easier. Jeffrey Harper was an idiot, an uninspired criminal like all the rest!
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The sun was high and beating down on the street as Kazu walked out of another depressing day of college. She hated everything about it. The books, the rules, the way the walls felt like they were closing in. All she wanted out of it was to be able to shoot criminals with a gun. Instead, she had to deal with all the people who went there. She hated them all. She hated the way she had to smile, the way she had to act, and most of all, their stupid idea that they could get away with whatever they felt like. Everything about them infuriated her.

Slowly, she took deeper breaths and started counting up. She had to calm down. If she kept getting worked up over silly things, she'd have another break down and lose control. That was one thing she couldn't allow herself to lose... At least, not outside in public. If she did, then everything she wished for would be taken away. She'd be back in therapy but this time, she wouldn't be able to fool them. She be in a straight jacket, unable to move, trapped in a white cushioned room.

Letting out her breath and stopping somewhere in the 70s, she finally made her way to the parking lot. A smile tugged at her lips. This was the part she loved most. Putting on her goggles, she got on her motorcycle. She couldn't wait for the wind running through her hair. It was the only thing that actually made her feel free. Kicking up the kickstand, she put the key in the ignition and- Wait a second... What was that?

Taking the keys back out, she put down the kickstand and got off. What was this notebook doing here? She looked around first to see if anyone was near by and could've dropped it but there was absolutely no one. She beat everyone to the parking lot.

Looking back down, she finally read the front and her heart jumped. "Death Note". What an interesting name. Morbid, sure, but that was Kazu's type of thing. Looking around again to make sure no one was looking, she put it into her bag. She knew she wanted to read it later. It piqued her interest.

Walking back to her motorcycle, she started it back up and took off. She couldn't wait to get home to read it.
Kenneth woke up in America, looking out at the bland sunset. But he felt something was different today... but he always said that to himself everyday. He checked the clock. He had about an hour to get dressed, eat cereal, and go to work. "Well..." He got into the shower. HE calmly washed every inch of his body, wasting time. He was dedicated to the force, just hate his position...

V watched out the window. He breathed in slowly, exhale slowly. It was his morning ritual. To sense the worlds Energy, its flow...and today he felt .... strange. Something was going to happen.
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Oh come now who picks up a book and doesn't even bother to read it...

Noctis sighed softly, as she glided above the moving bike. She was of course infinitely pleased to have her Death Note be found. The moment the human girl had laid her hands on it she had been able to cross over into the realm of the living. It was a vast improvement over the boring Shinigami realm that she had been trapped in for so long. She was also delighted to find that the person who picked up her Death Note was aesthetically pleasing. She didn't know what she would have done if she had been stuck with a less than pleasing face to look upon. It could be said she might even be a bit more amiable to the tasks of killing whoever she was assigned to. She had been known to be a bit obstinate or less than perfect with tasks if she didn't like the person holding her Death Note. She swooped down a bit her tail flickering in the air. She was certain that if she wished it she would be able to introduce herself to the girl before she read the book. But what would be the fun in that. She was just going to have to wait. Hopefully she would be making art soon enough.
Kyzul stood up, using his knees as a force to push himself up with. His realm was as boring as ever. a few shinigami, one which looked akin to a snake and another who had strange curling horns sprouting from his shoulder were grumbling to each other as they rolled a die repeatedly, obviously gambling away their life, as all shinigami did these days. Kyzul sighed "I guess I should do something with this now" he said, looking towards his white Death Note "I do have another" He continued, this time picking up the notebook taken from Utyikal. It was heavy and locked with a metal casing, this one was particularly large, many more pages than the average death note were contained within it.

Kyzul walked towards the endless pit which lead to the human world, Utyikal looked away and began to leave, he obviously didn't want to see his precious book gone forever. One of the nearby gambling shinigami looked towards Kyzul, it was the one with the back horns. "wha'ya doin' Kyzul? Your not lookin' in the human worl' again?" He asked, a strong accent eminent, though it could not be pinpointed exactly where the location of origin was. "It's so boring up here, I took utyikals notebook and I'm gonna throw it into the human world. It'll a lot more fun than sitting up here gambling." He replied, grinning. He had prepared for this and now finally there might be a bit of excitement in his life.

The white abyss was daunting as Kyzul approached it, it was amazing, there was so much going on. He cracked his fingers and stretched. Slowly he raised his hands into the air and then smashed them down so that the notebook went crashing in to the pit, making a loud noise similar to a large vibration as it pierced the layer of white. Kyzul watched intently waiting for it to hit the ground. At this point the gambling shinigami had gathered around,they were watching too, just as interested as Kyzul was. "Ooh japan! H-hey this'll be cool to watch!" the snake shinigami said in a gruff voice as the Death Note hit the ground, landing in an empty street, excluding the boy who happened to trip over it. The boy picked up the albino Death Note and promptly put it away "that was quick" Kyzul thought. "well seeya losers" He said to the shinigami circling the gate way to the human world. They all watched as Kyzul spread his wings and flew down to the abyss.

Kyzul flew into the new Death Note owners house hold. He walked past the boys family members, phasing through walls and furniture until he reached the boys bedroom. He entered by simply walking through the closed door and watched quietly as the boy wrote in the deathnote, and seemed overjoyed at his new found murder. "you've used it already I see. That was quick, you seem accustomed to taking life without remorse" He said down to the boy, quite suddenly. He grinned a little, waiting for the boys reaction. (OOC: If there aren't family members tell me)
After testing things out on a certain "Jeffrey Harper," Juniper quickly got to work, flicking through all sorts of news stations, as well as reading through newspapers. It isn't as if he would just start murdering random innocent civilians...

Yet that is...

So he figured to start small and work his way up. Besides, getting a little recognition wouldn't be all that bad, and it wasn't likely for him to ever be caught.

"I consider myself to be rather smart... Awww, but I thought we could be stupid together Jun.... You're just the outer personality Chisaki... From here on out I'll probably take control.... Wait. Why am I having a conversation with myself?" He found himself saying aloud, not yet realizing that the shinigami in the room probably heard him.

Speaking of Shinigami, Juniper slowly turned around in his desk chair, too shell shocked to even really react... It took him about a minute before a crazed smile spread across his face.

"The real deal!! Haahahahahah I didn't know whether or not to believe it in the book when there were Shinigami mentioned!!" Juniper said, feeling rather excited... He also laughed a little bit, probably making the poor Shinigami think he was a bad choice for the DeathNote.

"Remorse?" He questioned, still smiling like the pastel-haired maniac he was.

"I don't believe that word has a glorifiable meaning in my vocabulary..." Juniper added again, walking around in circles while studying the large God of Death.

"Right... Anyway, I must be hasty in my work now." He said, having his face suddenly grow serious as he walked back over to the desk and scanned over the names. Only 14 had been written down so far...

"Only one left, see?" He asked, pointing to the bottom of the page.

Not only was he writing down names from different countries and criminals, but he was also telling a story with each death.. Why not test the notebook's rules early on? That way he knows of all possible strategies, and game pieces.

#1 Brandon Lee

Hadn't gone very well in terms of testing, though Chisaki did figure out that the action written had to be something doable. So obviously, being locked in a jail cell, the American Male couldn't just magically escape. He also deduced that if the action provided after writing the name, isn't doable, the person's name who was written would just die of a heart attack, plain and simple.

Numbers (Victims ) 2-10 Had also been used for various tests and applications that the Death Note could provide... Though Jun now thought he knew enough so far to have a little fun.

So far he had taken 4 criminals who had gotten out of doing their jail time, and he made them all write various messages before dying. Juniper made sure that each man died within exactly 2 minutes and twenty-seven seconds of each other.

Victim #11, Makoto Yamoto.

Charged initially with robbery as well as trespassing on private property. Charges dropped after lack of sufficient evidence.

Written Death; Before death, he will write down on a piece of paper, the word, "Grand" in English. Makoto will then get stabbed multiple times in an alleyway, by previously convicted felon Kouichi Ichinose. He will be clutching the paper in his hand.

Victim #12 Kouichi Ichinose.

Convicted of battery and rape, however after serving only 3 years in prison he escaped.

Written Death; After stabbing Makoto Yamoto, Kouchi will take out his own piece of paper, writing the word "Game" in English. Then he shall stumble back into the busy street, ultimately being hit by a bus. The paper will also be firmly gripped in his hand.

Victim #13 Martin Koskovich.

This Russian male was pressed with charges of being directly involved in murderous work with the Mafia.

Written Death; In the aftermath of watching Kouchi being hit and killed by a bus, Martin will too take out another piece of paper and simply write the word "Of" in English. Proceeding with his death, he will walk backwards and stumble into an uncovered manhole. The paper is to be left in his hand as before.

Victim #14 Gou Rintaro. After his wife divorced him, he found himself kidnapping his one and only daughter, later murdering her and leaving the body in the forest. Due to lack of evidence, he was never convicted.

Written Death; Seeing Martin fall into the uncovered hole, makes Gou want to write on a piece of paper as well. He will write the word "Life" in English. Gou will want to help the man out of the hole, only he will end up losing his balance and slipping into the dark hole as well. The paper firmly in his grasp.

Then finally, Juniper began writing down the next death, with a certain grandeur about his smile.

Victim #15 Greggory Hubert.

Suspected of various serial killings in America, which were proved to be true. He escaped to Japan and was never caught by local police.

Written Death; Greggory will respond to all of the death, by taking the knife that Kouichi had stabbed Makoto with earlier, and slitting his wrist. With the blood, he will write out the word "Begins" in English, before stabbing himself and committing suicide.

This was certainly elaborate enough to get the police involved, and Juniper waited with the TV turned on, to see if there were any announcements to occur...

The life game was beginning alright... And with a big bang as well...

((Please vote for my Character Shinimi in the Chara Battle: http://www.rpnation.com/threads/katherinna-elisse-von-adler-vs-shinimi-iwasaka.35702/#post-1213775 ))
Lucy was just about to take a nice, warm shower, until a loud slam could be heard at the front of her complex. "Lucy! Come quick." GACT's voice said coming from the entrance to her secleduded underground apartment. Lucy let out a long sigh, 'what is it now?' She thought to herself and quickly got dressed. She made her way to the entrance, GACT had a long and anxious expression on his face. "What's with the long face horsey?" She asked humorously. "This is no time for jests, in the last 24 hours our police force has found several bodies of criminals, 13 to be exact." He anxiously told her. Lucy looked quite impressed and reached her hand for her chin and sat on her spinny chair. Things were getting interesting fast, Lucy certainly liked it, all she could do was devilishly smile. "Madam... What's the smile for?" GACT asked her in a crept out tone. Lucy simply responded with a giggle, but coughed a couple of times and returned to her professional expression. "Pardon me, it's just I haven't had a case like this in a while. Please exclaim to me all the details, would you sweetheart?" She flirtatiously asked him.

GACT subtly blushed but adjusted his tie and brought a couple slits of paper. "Here are the files, but I did some personal investigating and found something quite strange, very strange. 4 of the criminals found, Makoto Yamato, Martin Koskovich, Gou Rintaro and Greggory Hubert all had notes attached to their rotting corpse. I actually have them right here with me." He finished off saying and handed her multiple notes, each written in separate hand writing. Lucy carefully read over each one, 'Of, Grand, life, begins'. GACT looked down at the notes she layed out, holding his chin much like Lucy. "Grand something of life begins." GACT said quickly. "Game." Lucy responded. "What?" GACT replied. "Grand game of life begins. Some criminals like to view life as some sort of game, as do I. Perhaps me and this man or woman have a little more in common then one would expect. This'll be interesting." She said to GACT and GACT nodded, making sense of all of it. "You said these were all criminals right? And they must have died like Jeffrey, from a heart attack?" Lucy asked and GACT once again nodded but paused for a second. "Actually the 4 people with the notes all died from causes listed in the files, a fifth man was found, Kouichi Ichinose though only shreds of his note were found, the only readable letter being a 'G'." GACT said to her "Hmm, this is either a phenomenon or someone has created a heart attack weapon of some sorts. As for the other deaths, for now I'll label them as a sheer, unlikely coincidence. But I will investigate it further." She added.

GACT laughed at the fact of the heart attack weapon, but Lucy was dead serious.
"It's possible, anything is. By shooting certain poisons into the blood stream a human can experience higher or lower blood pressure, causing their heart to stop." She intellectually said. Now to solve this I want you to request a double on prison security and I want cops to keep close surveillance on criminals and ex-criminals. Also a special job for you, I want you to investigate every house in a 100 kilometre radius of all the prisons, you and maybe a couple of other detectives. I'll connect with the Mayor, Prime minister and anyone worth contacting to make this happen. I dislike things getting out of hand. Also, look for anymore bodies." Lucy said and turned around back to her documents. "You are dismissed GACT, get!" She said harshly and began to study the files.

"A game is it? Well in that case I'll be the White king and you can be the Black one, Mister Perpetrator."

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The room was dark and the boy was alone within, the perfect setting. Kyzul suppressed a laugh when the boy jumped, scared, but he was a little surprised when the maniacal smile began to spread across The boys innocent looking face. for a split second He was worried that the notebook had been picked up by a mad-man, but soon a grin spread across his face, a wide, knowing, frightening grin that would make any sensible person uncomfortable, because a mad-man owning the power of death would make it all the more fun. He watched as the boy pointed to the death note, he had already written 15 names "15? most would have snapped by now, this is definitely going to be fun with you" He said aloud, addressing the new found owner of the unique note book aloud. "My name Kyzul, I'd like to know yours. addressing you as the boy is annoying" He continued. He then clicked his neck and then crossed his legs while in mid-air. smiling as he watched The boy carried on. "This is certainly going to get interesting, the police'll catch wind of criminals mysteriously dying soon...very soon" Kyzul thought to himself. It would certainly be fun to watch when the police get involved, it always is. Yawning and looking around the room Kyzul began to wonder what the guys motives were. "what'ya gonna do with it? aside from experiment. What's your motive?" He asked, he had heard that when humans come into possession of a death note their actions vary greatly, but the most common are some try and be justice, while others decide to try and become all powerful, imitating God himself. Kyzul knew this whole thing would be much more entertaining if the boy picked the latter.

Kyzul sat for a while until eventually he remembered something, something quite important. He approached the boy from from eating an apple (a famously hard to come by object in the shinigami realm) and bent down to watch him, after a few moments he addressed the young but not so innocent killer. "there's something you should know" He said "something not written in the notebook" at this point he appeared slightly amused, though empathy was in there too "People who have used the death note by writing a name inside it" he paused for a moment, and then continued "Can neither go to Heaven nor Hell."
Kazu slowly drove up to her estate and parked her bike in the garage. Twirling the keys after she confirmed she closed the gates behind her, she closed the garage. This was always the careful part of her life. Getting off, she made her way to the door, getting out her set of keys she started to unlock all of her locks. "One, two, the, four, five, six, seven..." She counted, making sure she heard the click for the ones she left unlocked. She smiled to herself as she continued. Someone who broke in would be too careless to remember which ones were locked and which ones weren't.

Opening her door, she walked in her home only to close the door behind her and choose a new set of locks to lock. Saying Kazu was paranoid was definitely an understatement but if you been through what she had to go through, you'd be paranoid too.

"I'm home~!" Kazu yelled out to the empty house. She smiled and did a quick spin, she loved being alone. This was when her true nature showed. Ever since the accident a couple years back, her parents attempted to buy her love with a fully furnished house and a top of the class security system. It wasn't enough, but it was a start.

Walking up to the desk, she turned on the tv, dropped her book bag and smiled. The one thing that was good about college was the freedom it gave her. She could do whatever she wanted... as long as she finished her homework, passed her classes, and went to school, she'd be fine.

Suddenly angry at her lack of freedom, she kicked her book bag violently. This wasn't freedom. It was still a cage. Suddenly, her foot connected with one of her law books and a yelp soon escaped her lips as she held her hurt foot close as she hopped around on the other.

"God damn you books. I can't wait to burn you-!! Oh~! Wait..." She slowly put her foot back down and made her way back to her book bag. Opening it up, she found the notebook she grabbed only earlier.

"I can't believe I forgot about this..." She mused quietly to herself as she started reading it.

"The person's whose name written in this death note.... Shall die!? What the hell?" She questioned the notebook and kept flipping through pages. Was this a scam? Oh, but she wanted to believe, she REALLY wanted to believe it. Biting her lip, she continued reading until finally, the temptation was too strong.

Glancing at the news, she saw the face of a killer on. The person on the tv started talking about how the man had raped and killed an innocent woman but had gotten away. Suddenly, Kazu felt her pen snap in her hand, ink started to drip down her hand. She didn't care. These were the men who deserved to die. The ones who imprisoned her for a whole year.

Turning to the Death Note, she wrote his name with the ink on her finger. Sure, it took up a lot of space, but it would be great to have it to remember her first murder.

Glancing back, she silently waited in hopes that it worked. After a couple of seconds, Kazu let out a sigh. Of course it didn't work. She slowly walked to the bathroom to wash off the damn ink. By the time she walked out, she noticed there seemed to be a panic on tv. Apparently, in the middle of the car chase between him and the police, he suddenly veered off the road and died. Tests weren't in yet, but it was possible he died from a heart attack.

Kazu heard the laughter before she could even recognize it as her own. Holding her stomach, she fell to her knees and continued to laugh manically. She tried to calm down but it was to no avail. This new power was truly amazing. It was certainly a gift from the gods and those gods thought it best to deliver her such an amazing note book. She would not let such a gift go to waste.
"Well you're quite the hysterical one aren't you...?"

The soft voice seemed to issue from the very air. Everything seemed to grow stiller, darker, as if a heavy fog had settled within the room. Of course this was just her usual flare for the over-dramatic in action. What was the purpose of making an entrance if it was not a carefully crafted work of art. The darkness seemed to grow deeper in the area immediately in front of the girl. Small phantasmic little bats formed from the shadows fluttering about in the air above the laughing girl before solidifying into the form of the raven haired Shinigami. Noctis' wings beat with the most minute of movements as she perched primly seated in the air itself. The normal state of the room seemed to have returned as well. The shinigami was holding the Death Note in her hand scowling at he large and rather messily scribbled name on the first page of the book. She sighed, well she couldn't expect perfection on the first try she supposed.

Though it may seem to the girl like the she had simply just appeared Noctis had indeed been lurking around for quite some time. She had followed the girl in the house, watching with almost boredom as she read the book. That boredom had shifted to amusement when the child had first assumed the book to be a joke. But like they always were, was drawn into the allure and decided to give the book a shot. The messiness of the name had put Noctis off at first. She really didn't appreciate such messy handwriting in her Death Note. It was supposed to be the chronicle of her artistry not the sight of a child's messy finger painting. But as always with the humans proof was need and she was bound by the rules to complete the murder of the person written in the book. So she had jetted off for a moment to get the task done.

Finding her target in a speeding car and quite frankly a disgusting specimen of humanity she had decided to torture him a bit, squeezing ever so slowly his heart until at last she stopped it. Sitting in the car as it veered of the road and to what would be come the cretins final resting place had been a fun ride. Plus it had allowed for her to return for a more dramatic entrance. Of course she hadn't planned on arriving to the child laughing like a psychopath on the floor. But it was none of her concern really. She watched the TV enjoying the new coverage her latest work was recieving. She was delighted really but felt that she could do much better. There was so much more art to be created, provided miss Psycho Laugh over there got herself back together. Turning her crimson gaze back on the young woman she cleared her throat.

"Ahh, but Kyzul, it's just beginning... Soon this DeathNote will be filled will thousands of names...... The attention of the police has already been brought, I do assume... Now all the work I need to do is write. It isn't a daunting task at all. My real name is Chisaki, though nobody ever calls me by that. In fact, my parents even stopped enrolling me in school with such a name. Instead I'm just Chisa... It is rather convenient for me. Though I think I will choose a "new age" name of sorts. Please refer to me as Juniper." The boy goes on in saying, happily talking without much of a care. Chisa could probably be himself around the Shinigami, though he would slowly draw that out...

"My motive..." He says, pausing to think a moment. What was his actual motive? Was it indeed to become God of the world, or was it just a way for him to pass time... Probably not the former. Juniper took his index finger and rested it's tip on his bottom lip. His face appeared blank as paper for a minute, before he finally spoke up.

"I'm simply... Bored." He finishes, looking up at the hovering Shinigami with innocently-wide eyes. Juniper then smiles, spinning about in his chair a little bit, only to stop and look at you as your speaking.

"People who have used the death note by writing a name inside it" Kyzul started, seemingly serious about such a thing... Juniper listened, almost intrigued that the Shinigami would go out of its way to tell him something.

"Can neither go to Heaven nor Hell." He finished... Somehow, of all things, this actually resonated within Chisaki...

(After all, his soft side is typically more dominant.)

Ojichan.......~ He thought with much reserve and question... Suddenly he remembered a very important conversation with said Grandpa. It practically played across his glassy eyes...

His only real weakness.

~F L A S H B A C K~

"Ojichan, Ojichan!" The young Chisaki called... His Grandpa picked him off of the ground, and the 6 year old smiled widely, showing off his missing teeth.

"Ahhh, seems you've grown since the last time I saw you Chisaki.... What a heavy boy." The old and wrinkly man replied. He had been taking care of Chisaki every Wednesday evening, teaching him various skills and traits...

Today the two had not only covered Arrow Shooting, but also Kendo; from there old man Akio would sit down with Chisaki and give him advice on life, as well as explain the values that he should have. It was on this particular warm June night, that Akio told Chisaki the tales of Tengoku and Jigoku. (Heaven and Hell) Akio was a big believer of the two, and he wanted to express the importance of both domains.

"Akio Ojichan will one day go up to Heaven... If you make the right path for yourself, you will one day see me again my dear boy. Promise me you won't stray down a path of evil!"

"I will join you in Heaven one day!"

"Cross my heart, and hope to die!"

"I promise."~

~E N D F L A S H B A C K~

Funny how even some of the most innocent and pure promises... Are never fulfilled

Once snapping out of the oddly triggered flashback, Chisaki looked down... His hair hid the expression he currently had on his eyes, and all you could see was the smile of a complete lunatic.

"Well... I'll just have to hope that I don't die early then... Ehehehaha..." He said, laughing a little bit afterword's.

"I'll sacrifice promises, and I'll lie to get what I want..." Juniper added again, but this time dark and bitterly.

He balled his small hands into fists and looked up at the ceiling, all while wearing the same insane face. The ends of his mouth curled up into a smile...

"I'll challenge and defy God... But I'll also become darker than Satan... It's a perfect balance isn't it? Never to love, never to be loved... Never to actually live, but never to die either... Perfection!"

"Well you're quite the hysterical one aren't you...?" The shinigami questioned as Kazu's eyes suddenly widened. Someone made their way in here. They found out her lock trick and put it back in the same way as before. Her mind felt like it was running as fast as the time she escaped from imprisonment. Grabbing the pillow on the couch, she whipped it back with a scream, trying to throw off this intruder. She needed to get away. She needed to get to her bag.

After the mad dash to her bag, she let her hand fall on the best gift her parents had ever given her. She quickly pulled out her gun and turned towards the woman, training it on her forehead. Gritting her teeth she put a finger on the trigger, ready to fire at the woman. Who was she?!

"Who are you and how'd you get in my house?!" She questioned while trying to stop herself from shaking.
"Oh my well that's the first time a humans ever pulled a gun on me..."

The female sighed softly as the pillow passed through her form as if she wasn't there. She would rest one pale cheek on the palm of her hand, long strangely jointed fingers curving to rest along the side of her face. Long lashes lowered over her scarlet hued eyes as she seemed to be studying the girl. Noctis disappeared, her form dematerializing only to reappear seconds later directly in front of the panicking girl. She was floating again and leaned forward to peer more directly at her, scrutinizing her closely. She made a soft clucking noise with her tongue and finally straightened out. Her demeanor indicated her absolute lack of concern about the gun. After all what self respecting god of death feared a mortal weapon. Landing lightly on her feet she bowed a polite curtsy, raven curls falling over her shoulder and tangling in her horns slightly. As she rose back to her normal prim stance she adjusted her hair back to it's usual style.

"I do hope you're not daft and insane... Ah but let me not be rude... I am Noctis the shinigami to whom that Death Note is attached... By the way I would like it if next time you took more care about the neatness with which you inscribe names into my Death Note I am stuck with that thing for all eternity you know and I'd rather it not be an eyesore... As to how I got in...well that is an explanation no one really has time for now isn't it..."
Kazu tried to take in all around her while lowering her gun. This woman wasn't human. As her pillow showed earlier, the bullet would only go straight through her. Her mind desperately tried to play catch up as her panic attack certainly caused her to fall behind.

"I do hope you're not daft and insane... Ah but let me not be rude... I am Noctis the shinigami to whom that Death Note is attached... By the way I would like it if next time you took more care about the neatness with which you inscribe names into my Death Note I am stuck with that thing for all eternity you know and I'd rather it not be an eyesore... As to how I got in...well that is an explanation no one really has time for now isn't it..."

Ah, a shinigami. She thought they were only fables but then again, she never thought a thing like the Death Note existed either. This explained quite a lot about the Death Note.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know a shinigami would be attached to the Death Note. Makes sense though. Also, sorry for the state of the Death Note. I simply wanted to make my first kill special. I will be more careful later on." She said seriously before a more happier personality bubbled up and a smile made it's way to her face.

"My name is Kazumi Ikida. I'm glad to meet you Noctis. I do have to say though, you aren't what I imagined a shinigami to look like." She said with a innocent smile, unaware that the name above her head did not match the name she just gave.
Just as Lucy thought she had a moment of peace, YET ANOTHER KNOCKING STRUCK HER DOOR. She let a drawn out sigh and almost began to claw at her skin at how peeved she was. She swore to god, if it was GACT again, she would literally punch him the face and fire him! She made her way to the door and opened it slightly, her lamp in hand. But fortunately, it was not GACT. When the door opened one of her special force officers appeared, Steven was his name or something generic like that. He was a strange person, sort of lame and always had an anxious feel to him, as if something was after him. His arms were always shaking and his eye balls never sat still. He needed therapy and a bottle of Ritalin.

Lucy let out a long sigh and fully opened the door for the man. "What do you want Steven?" She asked bluntly as the man crept inside. "My-my names Bruce madam..." He shyly replied. "I don't care, cut to the point, why are you here?" She asked him harshly. "Um, we've discovered one more dead people and there's been another murder on the television." Bruce hastily replied, holding sheets out for Lucy. "Is that all?" She said and Bruce nodded. "Great, now, goodbye." She finished, grabbing the sheets from his hands and shoving him out of her space.

"They don't know when to leave a woman in peace do they!



After a quick drive to a nearby prison he would begin his little investigation tour. Lucy always made him do jobs like this, he was practically just her errand boy, but he got paid pretty decently, so he didn't complain. The first couple of houses were rather normal, happy families and innocence all around. They were rather dull aswell, not smart enough to put Lucy's mind on the run. Finally after a long day of searching he came across the Onto household. They seemed rather normal the descriptions were pretty sane, except maybe their son who seemed quite strange. Though he wasn't criminally insane, just that weirdo at school, or that's what the description of him said anyways. Still he found it pretty creepy that Lucy had the files to every citizen in this city. Though I guess it was convenient in this situation. He walked up to the door and began knocking.

"Hello Police here, just doing some investigation, it is nothing serious. If you are there please open the door." He said calmly, trying not to send any red flags in the family.
"Well we all make little changes to what people perceive of us to suit ourselves darling..."

The shinigami simply waved a long fingered hand in a sort of dismissive manner. Settling back into a sort of lazy reclining position in the air the shinigami settled for studying the girl. This would prove to be an interesting time indeed. The girl was quite the interesting type, she seemed a bit off but concealed it well between and exterior she was sure was just as well crafted as the fake name she went by. At times she wondered about the events that shaped such interestingly warped humans, it was a delightful though to think of. She considered it something akin to when on pulled at the singular thread of an beautifully woven tapestry. At first of course it was little frays but the more the thread was pulled the bigger effect it had on the rest of the tapestry soon warping and morphing it into something different. Even if the changes were noticeable at first they were there, almost imperceptible in the fabrics themselves. That one damaged thread, pulled taut and ready to snap was one that would make all the difference. It had the ability to warp the entire tapestry about it, to change the entire fabric the image. This girl was that thread, pulled tightly and ready to snap. She would enjoy watching just how much she would warp the tapestry. The shinigami smiled in delight, a splendid time this would be indeed.
(By the way I forgot about the eyes of the shinigami, so I should have known your name any way, but never mind, I guess I'll reveal the eyes at a later time, but I won't offer them because of the rules) Kyzul waited patiently while juniper spoke, he floated, his legs crossed and his eyes fixed and slightly sinister (though not intentionally) until juniper said the words "I'm simply bored" at this point Kyzul jumped in again. his head tilted slightly. This boy intrigued him. "well" He said "juniper, You and I are more alike than I expected, the very reason I dropped that" Kyzul cleared his throat "'spare' death note (He put emphasis on spare) was for that very reason, I was bored." Kyzul resettled himself and sat on junipers bed, so as to be more comfortable. "In the shinigami realm is excruciatingly dull. the place is barren with nothing to do, all the other shinigami do is gamble and very occasionally take a life, but only to extend their own. Watching the human realm is hard, as well as shunned, but going to it, well that was never done before." Kyzul finished, again he sat patiently and waited for juniper to finish. After He told juniper of the consequences of using the death note he was surprised to see the boy pause, he obviously was not too positive about this, and even though his eyes were not visible, Kyzul knew they would be glassy, possibly worried by this new information. Then, out of no where the boy snapped back into reality, at first Kyzul was a little surprised, but then the boy began to speak of dark things, of taking over the world and surpassing god. People like juniper were Kyzul's favourite kind of people, the left tip of his mouth rose to a high point, creating a grin. "This will definitely be fun to watch."

"well juniper" Kyzul continued, the grin even wider now "Be careful when you answer the door..." He said this moments before the knock ensued and the man called that he was the police.

(I'm not sure if it was junipers door he knocked on, I'm just assuming)
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Juniper knew that him and the Shinigami were obviously going to get along just fine, however he wondered if Kyzul would be of any great help to him, or if he would just watch from the shadows...

His parents currently weren't home, so when the knock could be heard on the door downstairs, Juniper morphed into his fun-loving Chisaki persona, though not before hiding the DeathNote in plane sight on his bookshelf. He bounded down the stairs with a smile on his face, and just as he was about to open the door he froze for a moment to listen...

"Hello Police here, just doing some investigation, it is nothing serious. If you are there please open the door." The voice sounded..

Chisaki of course wasn't a shy person, so he opened the door widely and tilted his head, also looking up at the taller male.

"Yes? Hi there! I'm Chisa!" He replied to him, with a stupid grin.

"Can I help you with something sir?" Chisaki asked kindly, not even dropping a single beat.

Because you could help me and not be a disturbance, as I am still working on writing names down.... Juniper thought with a certain vendetta against anyone who would try to stop his work...

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GACT slightly adjusted his tie once the boy opened the door, with that stupendous look on his face. GACT paused a moment and couldn't help but follow the boy's grin. "Well aren't you a patch of sunshine. You may call me Vladimir." He said putting his hand on the boys head. Vladimir wasn't his real name, it was his alias. However it did account for the fact that GACT was of Russian descent. "Anyways I'm here investigating the recent criminal death's, we feel it has gotten out of hand and I have been ordered by my higher to check up on everyone in the area. Tell me boy, has there been anything out of the usual? It can be anything. Or has anyone been doing anything suspicious?" He said as his grin faded to more of a professional look.

This boy seemed to act just like his description, so he knew what he could probably expect, a joke or something along those lines. But he should listen, maybe he did have information of importance, it was worth the investigation at the very least.
"You may call me"... Huh... I see through your lie, what an idiot.... Juniper thought, practically about to face palm. Chisaki Chuckled a little bit as he was called a "Patch of sunshine" no matter how off that was from his real self..

"Well Vlad-im... ir..." Chisaki started, trying to say his name correctly.

"I'd say the only thing out of the ordinary today, is you making a commotion around the block..." Chisaki then removed Vlad's hand from his head and brushed past him, shutting the door and stepping outside, all while wearing the same dubious smile.

He then motioned over to an old couple, who were standing on their porch, looking worriedly over at the Onto residence.

"I seriously doubt that there could be something wrong in this suburban area..." Juniper said, adding in on the conversation, with his tone of voice dropping just a slight octave lower.

"But I guess looks can be deceiving... Huh?" Chisaki said, dumbing up his look again, and speaking normally.

"Criminal deaths?" He asked with a confused look on his face.

"Wait.. So... Like death row or something?" He clearly didn't know what the man was talking about with the deaths and whatnot... ("Clearly" that is..)

"You're kind of... Scaring me..." Chisaki said, looking down at his pastel-green socks...

"I mean... I don't really know who you are.. And well...." He said, trailing off... He played it up by making his bottom lip tremble slightly in fear... It was no doubt that on his file it stated that the boy had quite the up and down personality... Not to where he was especially unstable, but enough to bring him to questionable levels...
Kyzul stood up, pushing his arms against his knees for support, he began to float behind Juniper as soon as he started to go down the stairs, his legs and arms hung freely as they made their descent towards the front door, supported by his outstretched wings. When they reached their destination and Juniper answered the knock it was revealed (but not to Kyzul's surprise) that a police officer was waiting there. "You may call me Vladimir." Ha, Kyzul snorted at this, it was so obviously an alias, though he could already tell that, he saw his real name and the time he had left to live above his head after all. "By the way he can't see or hear me until he touches the death note, or a piece of it." Kyzul said to Juniper, he forgot to say that earlier, and even though he probably deduced that already, but there was no harm in saying. "By the way you know that was an alias right?" He continued, laughing a little still, a grin evident on his face.

"You're kind of... Scaring me..." Kyzul laughed again, the bottom of the lip trembling added to the scene very well. This boy would certainly get far in his dealings with death, the innocent, cute boy act was probably the best cover, better than as much careful engineering and hiding that any other person could do, no one can press a scared child for answers or arrest him, it was against their nature. That was probably humanities greatest weakness, though Kyzul wasn't going to pretend he didn't want to help this boy either. "clever" he said "He won't suspect you now, in fact he'll probably leave"

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