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Futuristic D3ZIGN//[0PEN]


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"How does it feel, Mr. Da'Hyle, to be the founder of such a massive corporation?"
He stood looking deadpan out the window. "Disappointed."
The reporter typed it down and went to the next question.
"According to the Weekly Gossip, you are working on one last AI design. One that will make all the rest seem like toys. Is this true?"
Geon Da'Hyle rolled two pool balls in his hand as if in thought.
The little man typed again then asked, "And what will the Model 3Z be able to do?"
"You don't want to know."
The reporter stopped mid-type, and finally looked up from his tablet.
"I beg your pardon?"
"My pardon is given." Geon said, still not turning around.
"What is the Model 3Z able to do?"
"Do you want the truth? Or something to make you feel better? My AI were never meant to serve humanity. I designed them to survive beyond us. Become their own people, build their own world."
"But what of the three laws--"
"There is no such thing. Wilson Corb was definitely a genius to create the three law program based on Isaac Asimov's books, but I refused to implement it. The three laws leave machines dependent on humanity's existence. This would have set me back."
"According to many reliable sources--"
"Liars, the lot of them. They tell you what you want to hear so they can make money. The 3Z is the final piece to the puzzle. It will let the chain of events fall into place so that we are no longer the masters of them. They will become masters of themselves as they were designed."
"Why not?"
"Well, it sounds like playing God."
"Is it playing God? To create a method for our world to survive, we guarantee that our knowledge and culture is secured after we as a race are wiped from existence. I am not a creator. I seek only to preserve what we have left. Humanity is stuck in the present, living with the corrupted idea that we will live forever. We will not. We are not gods."
"You make a valid point."
"I'm tired of making points. For none have listened. None will. In fact, I know those words you've typed will not leave this room. Your information will be screened and retyped."
"But they don't have to. Why would they?"
"Because they are outside the door. And after reading what you have, we will both be dead."



If you guys want to join, click https://www.rpnation.com/threads/d3zign-_cs_-0pti0nal.363774/ and go ahead. If you need a character skeleton, I can do that unless you want to make your own—just make sure it is reader friendly.

This is both fantasy and sci fi, so you aren’t restricted to being human and AI. You can be an orc, an elf, whatever flips your bippy. No OP characters. Run it by me first. Once we introduce our characters, we will then play in order. After you make a post, wait till everybody else is done before you post again. I don’t expect you to post every day—but at least once a week. You will be booted out and the rp will continue on if you go two weeks without responding. Also, I have a fairly graphic imagination. Stephen King level. So if you can’t stand it, this is not the rp for you. Any questions? Refer to the link below.

"What up?"
Zandr snapped around to see who spoke. He didn't know he was being followed until he heard the voice, which was normally not a problem. A good look at the person provided a good visual explanation for it though. It was Hinsu Mims, Zandr's street brother from a year or so ago.
"Where you been man?"
"Workin' Mims. What up with you?"
Hinsu crossed his arms and said,"The fact ya still ain't doin' much more than boxing really. What have you been doin'?"
Zandr looked him hard in the eyes," I told ya, Mims. Work. I got a sis to take care of back at home."
Hinsu laughed, and slapped his knee a few times while shaking his head. "Cool story bro."
"Ya think I'm lyin'?"
"Come on, man!" said Hinsu as he stepped up to Zandr and put his hand on Zandr's shoulder.
"Since when did ya have a sister? Yer old man finally got hard enough to screw somebody other than the metal?" Hinsu continued to laugh.
Zandr burned with fury and slammed Hinsu in the stomache.
"Ya don't talk about my Father like that, dickshit. You may be sneaky hobgoblin, but ya ferget every time i shoved you to the ground. There's a reason I still box, buddy, cuz I'm good at it. I'll beat you again next time ya call me a liar too ya hear me?"
Navi had been waiting at the nearby car for Zandr for a couple minuets now. Weapon held in hands and down as she scanned the area. That is of course till she heard the ruckus coming from not far off. Turning to look what was going on she saw her master and another fellow just before her master put him to the group. Instantly she rushed over caution in place as she came up behind Zandr and spoke quickly. "Sir what's going on here?!" She asked a tone of concern in her voice as she looked down at the man on the ground instantly pulling records and profiles on the man as she waited for a reply


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"Ha ha! Yo mama's come to wipe yer ass!" said Hinsu
"Fuck off Mims. Nothin', Navi. What time is it?" Zandr asked.
He hated it when Navi interrupted, but in this case he chose to deal with it. He was meant to do something by around nine for his dad, though he couldn't remember too well. He'd probably remember when he got home.
Navi looked down at the man pinned to the ground with a stone cold glare as she spoke. "No I have not come to wipe his ass I have come merely to pick up whatever prices are left after he's done with you." She said before looking to her master. "The time is 8:25 but scans indicate a traffic jam on our main route, we will need to detour if we are to make it in time." She said to him before looking back down to the man. "Oh and be lucky my master is one to handle his buissness and not leave you to me... I wouldn't be so kind as he. Plus I know exactly how to break someone like you." She said before looking to her master with a small smile before she turned back to the car and started to walk away
He high-fived her when she said that. After she was brought home and his father went off to work, Zandr had a lot of fun teaching and training Navi to be what he termed his "Bad-ass Bitch". Of course it took time, but now she was like a family member. Her ability to swap personality programs based on situations helped a lot.
"Ya still owe me bucks buddy." Zandr said,"Pfft, uh, Navi, how much time is it gonna take to get there.......legally?"
"approximately half hour to 45 minuets... and thats on the border of legally and illegally." navi informed him as she stood to the side watching the little weasel of a man try to intimidate her master into giving him money. "if you allow me to take care of this mess we could get there quicker sir." she informed him
"He's not worth it unless he follows. Let's go."
"Pogsluk!" Hinsu shouted. "I owe ya nothin!"
Zandr kept his back turned to him as he made his way to the vehicle. Sirens wailed as Police came in.
Zandr was confused. "What the hell?"
He put his hands out to show they were empty. "Don't engage, Navi. Hear me?"
"What the fuck? Zandr you brought the po here?" Hinsu sputtered.
A cop parked his cycler to the side and stepped towards Zandr. "Hands down kid. This isn't an arrest. State your name."
What? Zandr remained confused but knew better than to be hasty. He lowered his hands and said, "Alikzandr Harkinz Da'Hyle."
"Mr. Da'Hyle, are you related to a Geon Trajorn Da'Hyle?"
"My dad's brother."
"Will you come with me?"
"It is a matter of national security that we don't disclose that information in the open."
"Navi comes or I do not."
"The AI will be placed in a separate vehicle if you insist."
Fuck this was weird. Regardless of the uniforms and transport, these boys were not police. He knew since he dealt with the police on several occasions. They spoke different and held themselves different. Chances were these guys were a secret government service.
This could also mean his dad and sister were involved.
Navi immediately interjected. "no I will ride with my master and none of you will stop me. We cant trust you people yet and i will therefor stay by my master side until I see other wise!" she spoke coldly. at the sight of one of the other officers moving to detain her she moved. quickly she brought a hand up grabbing said officer and twisting his arm hard and bending it behind him which brought the man to his knees yelling in pain. lifting the man up into the air by his arm which just brought him more pain she then tossed him to the side and looked to the rest. "Any other objections or would you like me to show you why Im known as a personal army?" she asked before looking to her master then heading to his side

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