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Collaborative Posts

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]What is a collaborative post?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The answer to this is simple, really. A collaborative post is a single post that is written by multiple writers. It is usually a mini 1x1 scene within a larger roleplay, but collaborative posts can expand to include more than just two characters. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Why write collaborative posts?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]There are several reasons why roleplayers might choose to write collaborative posts. [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Sometimes there is not enough to reply to for one person to write a post that is long enough (this applies more to roleplays that have post minimums; not all of them do). Writing with multiple people in one post can help them to meet that post minimum. [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]If there is a conversation going on between two characters, writing it in one post rather than going back and forth for five posts (five is just a random number, it could be any number, really) can avoid spamming other members of the roleplay with notifications. [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Writing with other people can be fun. It shifts the scene to the actual interactions between the characters and it provides an immediate response. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]How does one write collaborative posts?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]In this tutorial, I will be going over three different methods of writing collaborative posts. It is up to the writers of the prospective collaborative post to decide which method they will use and I will include some benefits and problems with each method. [/SIZE]

  1. [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The first method is using the Private Message / Personal Message (PM) system. It’s fairly simple. One person writes a piece of the post and sends it to the person their writing with. Then the next person copies and pastes the first piece and adds on their reply. The two people go back and forth until the post is complete. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Benefits:[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px] [/SIZE] [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]You don’t have to leave the site to use this method. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Problems: [/SIZE] [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]You can’t see what the other person is typing as they type, which you [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]can [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]do in the other two methods. Additionally, there is no way to instantly chat back and forth and discuss what you are writing. Thirdly, this method is very hard to manage efficiently with more than two people. [/SIZE]

  1. [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The second method involves using a site called [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Titanpad[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]. One person would go to the site (see link) and click “Create a Public Pad”. There is no account needed. [/SIZE]


[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Additionally, there are features not shown in the picture above. There is a colored box next to the phrase <enter your name> and the color can be changed. The color that displays there will be the color your text is highlighted in when you type in both the chat and the main box. It allows everyone to see who is typing what. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Benefits:[/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px] Multiple people can edit at one time. You can see what someone else is typing in real time. There is a built in chat feature for OOC conversation and planning. It is mobile friendly; I have never heard of a phone that could not use titanpad for any reason. Works for multiple people. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Problems: [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]When the post is finished, if you just copy and paste it onto the site, all the text remains highlighted based on the color used by the person who typed it. Additionally, titanpad is known to crash a lot. I have never seen it lose content, but sometimes the link stops working for a few minutes. I’ve never seen it not come back, but I would not rule out the possibility. [/SIZE]

  1. [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]The third option that this tutorial will discuss is google docs. To access google docs, at least one person participating in the collab needs a google account. Google accounts are free to get, but I am not going to go into details on how to get a google account in this tutorial. However, when you have a google account, there is a box in the upper right and when you click it, and then click “More” on the bottom of the drop-down menu, one of the options is “Docs”. Generally you want to start a new blank document. [/SIZE]


[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Once everyone is in the doc, everyone can edit it at once. There [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]is [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]a chat feature to google docs, but it can only be used if everyone in the document has a google account. I typically use the bottom of the document for OOC comments by putting everyone’s name on a line and telling them to type OOC there. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Benefits: [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]You can copy and paste directly from google docs onto rpnation without any problems. Everyone can edit the document at once and you can see what other people are typing in real time. Doesn’t crash often (never in my experience). [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Problems: [/SIZE][SIZE=14.666666666666666px]No built in chat feature that everyone can use. It is also not compatible with all mobile devices. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Problems with Writing Collaborative Posts[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Although collaborative posts and the ability to write them may seem fantastic, there are a few general issues with it. [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Timezones is a major one. Sometimes timezones are completely incompatible which makes choosing to write a collaborative post highly inefficient. [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]It can make other members of the rp who aren’t invited feel left out. [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Collaborative posts can get very long. If you have an rp that features a lot of long collaborations in quick succession, it can lead to members of the rp quickly falling behind and it can also scare some prospective new members away relatively quickly. [/SIZE]


[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Well, I hope you learned something new and I hope you’ve learned a new way to spruce up roleplaying experiences. Whether you use them or not, it is good to be aware of all the possibilities! [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14.666666666666666px]~ DaughterofAthena[/SIZE]

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This is very useful indeed especialy for those who do OneXOne.

i Had to ask, would the person making the final post in RP nation be the one whose posts it will be counted as?

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This is very useful indeed especialy for those who do OneXOne.

i Had to ask, would the person making the final post in RP nation be the one whose posts it will be counted as?
I haven't looked over this entire tutorial, but you get an addition to your post count every time you click, "Post Reply." Except for in Private Messages, Forum Games and your Private Workshop. You also get an addition for making profile posts and creating threads (i believe).

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