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Quest Children of Olympus Lore thread


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For beginners we will cover all lore for Thessaly and the night creatures along with future plot arcs. For starters we will begin with the creatures that live on Thessaly. Thessaly is one of the last lands untouched by war, night creatures, and last but not least Humans, that’s probably due to the hundreds of mythological creatures here protecting it and the power of the demigods deterring any threats from the night creatures.

Thessaly his home to the last of the mystical beings such as Satyrs minotaurs and Centaurs.each one of the races have a Head who speaks as they’re leader to the demigods and Chiron there’s only about 600 total creatures 200 of each race that all house up in different parts of the island giving them they’re own

The northwestern plains from the shore to the forests edge belongs to the Minotaurs of course the demigods have free passage but other than that they aren’t very friendly.

The rolling hills All the way to the sandy dunes of the southeastern shoreline belongs to the Satyr herd they are quite friendly but only because they are very sneaky, there are only a handful of satyrs who can go toe to toe with a Minotaur or Centaur but for what they lack in size and strength they make up for in speed, smarts and agility.

The center of the island if packed with a very dense forest that belongs to the centaurs and is protected by them, the are excellent at camouflaging, they don’t take well to trespassers and are often disciplined for attacking encroaching minotaurs.

At the center of this forest is a huge mountain where the Demigods reside with they’re own room all living in the same spacious house. There is a Barn for pets, a arena as atraining ground for workouts and sparring sessions, and a forge for smithing. At the very top there is a small building where Chiron spends a lot of his time with the oracle.

Mel and Night creatures
The Night creatures are creature turned by Erebos the Divine weapon gifted to the child of hades Mel by hades himself, if killed with that weapon you will become a servant of the holder changing into a demon with powers equal to the darkness in the victims heart so average people and creatures that are turned are grunt level beings and stand no chance against a demigod.

With the power of erebos Mel targets the worst of the Worst that gives them a significant power boost amongst turning. Those are known as Mels Generals, Mels Generals have control over the grunts considering they’re all bound by Mels demands. Mels Generals are pretty tough opponents who have power levels similar to that of a Demigod without the Divine Abilities making them tough but able to be outclassed at the same.

The best of Mels Generals have gotten in good with Hades by sending him an abundant amount of souls; he's rewarded them by gracing them with one of four fragments of his power, they’re called the 4 fragments of Darkness. The first fragment is Hatred, a self destructing fragment but might be the most . The second is greed one of the weaker fragments but a sneakier fragment is powered by the level of greed that belonged to the general before turning. The third is the fragment of fear he gains all their power from those who fears them this is the most powerful fragment. The final fragment is deceit this fragment belongs to someone who became a traitor to join Mel and the other generals.

Only creatures with Divine blood are safe from becoming a night creature, anything else is capable of being turned, that goes for animal companions as well. Now it’s not like Mel is showing Her face everywhere that’s why she has her generals, her generals are spread out with internment camps in different locations until Mel can come and turn them all. So that gives plenty of time to schedule rescue ops there will be 8 generals 4 fragment users and they’re back ups if they ever fall.

There will be things added to this but this should be okay for right now. I’m thinking on if I should make the Generals as playable characters let me know what you all think?

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