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June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.
As this is a fandom roleplay you are allowed to play whatever character you wish. However, depending on how powerful they are I'll talk to you and appropriately figure out a good way so that everyone has a basic starting off point.


Character Name:

Canon: [What fictional universe do they hail from? If he/she is simply an OC - just post OC.]


Attributes: [Your strengths and weaknesses/skills are included here]




Alignment: [Use D&D Allignments]

Sender: [User who referred you here, if any]

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Most Call Me Jack
Maxim "Minotaur" Bale


Call of Duty

36 years old

Maxim has been trained as an elite Spetsnaz operative and as such is as close to superhuman as a normal person can achieve. He is a crack shot and has extreme endurance.

Maxim does have his downsides though. He suffers from PTSD due to a traumatic event that happened.

.50 GS Handgun

Maxim, most of the time, is a jolly guy. He is outwardly friendly, but he always seems like he's hiding something, almost as if he's never being entirely honest about himself.

Minotaur often makes corny jokes and seems to love pointing out the obvious. He may come off as annoying to some.

Maxim Bale joined with his brother Dmitry in the Spetsnaz selection in 2005 and served in the Spetsgruppa A – Alpha Group in counter-terrorism where he achieved the rank of Sergeant. During the Second Chechen War, Minotaur saved countless lives during the Kurbanov Hospital siege in 2009. He witnessed the wounding of his brother and was falsely informed of his death. Blaming himself for the "death" of his brother, Maxim was discharged for psychological trauma.
Minotaur spent the following 10 years joining different PMC groups operating in Southeast Asia under the name "Sergei Krovopuskov". During that time, he accrued several arrest warrants for felonies in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

He was tracked down by his brother in July 2019 and joined the Allegiance in November the same year.

In March 2020, Al-Qatala's new leader Khaled Al-Asad launched a full-scale assault against Verdansk in Kastovia. Operators from Coalition and Allegiance were deployed to Verdansk to stop Al-Qatala as part of the Armistice initiative.

Lawful Neutral

Sender: N/A

Posting speed: Once a day most days, more on my days off.​
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Tactical Operations Meido
Sr. Val'sharra Nightshroud


Canon: OC

Age: Unknown, appears 25


Val'sharra demonstrates incredible speed, agility, senses, and reflexes. She is able to change positions in the blink of an eye, and engages targets at an absolutely terrifying pace.

Her main weakness stems from her physiology, as her demonic heritage causes holy and otherwise deific energies to debilitate her. Most churches will make her at least slightly uncomfortable just from being near them, and actually being inside one can result in anything from severe nausea to a sensation not unlike pouring acid on one's skin, possibly replete with ACTUAL burns beginning to show up if she remains for too long. Natural sacred sites can have a variety of effects, ranging from unremarkable to "see above statement on churches". Holy symbols and other religious accoutrements will again, do a variety of different effects depending on the tenets of said religion; to no great surprise, in most cases the most militant ones tend to be the most offensive to her as well.


Combat (CQB, swordsmanship, marksmanship, assassination techniques, dynamic movement)

Infiltration (stealth, reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, analysis, investigation, sabotage, survival, tracking)

Technical (vehicles, communications, biochemistry, computers and electronics)

~~Arcane (light, sound)~~ (sealed)

Knowledge (religion, history, philosophy and music)

Performance (Singing)
Note - Often too embarrassed to do so


P-375 Pistol

An accurate, reliable pistol of vintage make firing standard purpose ammunition. Excellent at self-defense, backup armament, close-quarters combat, and various other purposes that call for a small, easily portable weapon of some discretion.

Mk1 Dagger


It's... a dagger. Sharp, pointy, two edges. Sure beats a stick.

Personality: At first introduction she is surprisingly warm and friendly, her words seasoned with a touch of mischievousness and a surprising amount of equivocation and double entendres for someone raised in the church. Always confident in her abilities, and possessing an iron will, she is the textbook agent willing to see a mission through no matter what the cost. But away from the public eye and when she thinks noone is watching her, this persona fades away revealing a girl both worried about what fate has in mind for her future and haunted by the spectres of her past. In an effort to cope, she turns to alcoholic drinks, jazz music, and philosphical literature, and can often be found staring out a window pondering about the nature of existence in the infinite cosmos.

Bio: Though Val'sharra (or Val as she is known to closer compatriots) is hesitant to speak of the details of her former occupation, what is known is that she once served as a Sister of the Holy Order of the Inquisition of the Church of Septerra. Her duties were to carry out the Order's less "savory" requests as a shadow operative in order to ensure that those who dared to conspire against their hedgemony (and those associated with them) would be brought to judgement and destroyed. Over time, as the Order grew in power and their targets for termination increased, these clandestine agents were labeled with the moniker of "Night Terrors" due to the absolute fear they struck in their midnight raids. Val herself was given the epithet Nightshroud due to her reputation of performing her assassinations in pitch black darkness and complete silence.

The events that lead to her leaving this organization and ending up in Millennium City are hazy, but she speaks at length of finding out of a grand conspiracy that reached all the way to the upper echelons of the church, and of the harrowing days that ensued and the tearful parting of ways she had with a childhood friend to escape from that world, with no way to reconcile with all the wrecked souls she left in her wake. She also mentions a variety of locales that she has ended up on since her chaotic departure, in dimensions far and wide, and so is unsurprised to have ended up in yet another of these.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Sender: None

Posting speed: Daily, with potential for more depending on free time
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Cuz' everybody knows! Shit's fucked!


24 Years Old

+ Determinator:

Her dire, unbelievably terrible life has toughened her up by a lot and she won't back down easily even if she gets beaten in an inch of her life. She's a pretty tough nut to crack, refusing to die despite the punishment she takes.

+ Sneaky Bastard:
Vitan knows how to hide from danger and blend in with the shadows until the problem is gone and if she doesn't have anywhere else to hide, she just hides behind other people.

+ Escapist:
The Girl has experience of being chased by dogs, thugs, other terrible things, and boy, she can run, knowing a thing or two about parkour with skill on par with an expert since she's been running her entire damn life.

An ability that reduces the luck of the target severely with a literal snap of the finger. The target might accidentally trip, their gun might jam or something heavy will fall on them just to name a few. She uses this all the time to get herself out of stupid situations or just to get the advantage against the enemy and it only lasts for 10 seconds until their luck goes back to normal.

Butterfly Knife:
Her lucky weapon. She’s had this since she was a kid, it’s done a lot for her in battles and she uses it as an underhanded weapon in close range. Surprise slash and stuff like that.

Vitan is the very definition of a mess up; irrationally paranoid and painfully annoying. Just by looking at her appearance alone, you can tell that she has a very grim outlook on life and who would blame her? She's been given the worse life has to offer thanks to her curse of bad luck. She tries to be this cool gal but is too awkward to act like one and often jumps to conclusions instead of taking time to look at the facts. Vitan is very delusional, believing that people are always plotting to get her despite having no proof if her suspicions are correct.

Though she's mostly a raving madwoman, there are times when she's acting calm and collected when nothing bad is happening, being sarcastic in a joyful way but this is pretty rare. The Cosmic Plaything daydreams in an unhealthy manner because she's a total escapist. She's fine with staying inside her cramp room forever if it means she can live a better life inside her head where she's the most beautiful and talented person in the world as a way to cope with how much of a mess-up she is.

Vitan has been cursed with terribly bad luck for as long as she can remember being the most unlucky person to grace her city from childhood to adulthood. Something simple like returning a book from the library becomes a life or death situation and people don't want to be associated with her because of her reputation as a jinxed person. Thanks to the curse, she's been put through a lot of undesirable situations such as thugs mugging her, a bank robbery happening when she's in it and a brawl starting in a bar she's hanging out in, and because of this she spends most of her days inside her home but the loneliness she's feeling is crippling her and her internet friends told her to fuck off to get an actual life so she decided to go outside and face her problems instead of running away from them even if it kills her.

Being sent to other dimensions is also a common occurrence for her.

True Neutral

One of the OGs

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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid


+ Closet Otaku
This girl is into manga and, as well as video games and, likely, anime. This means that she is able to identify those that she has seen in these types of mediums without having to ask who they are and gain information about them. She has a sufficient amount of knowledge of maids.

+ Programmer
She has learned how to sufficiently program, such as in Python.

? Hero Complex
Kobayashi will go out of her way to aid her friends, even if it may not really be of benefit to her.

- Can't Hold Her Liquor
If Kobayashi drinks a full bottle worth of beer, she will get intoxicated, quick. She will shout and be hammier than she usually is.

- Feeble
Kobayashi is still not Alex Armstrong. This means she cannot lift bulky stuff and equipment with relative ease, such as a somewhat-overfilled basket of laundry, heavy weights, and gigantic weaponry. Although she can theoretically hold a SCAR-L STD, it would be difficult for her stand up and aim with it well due to how heavy it would be for her, let alone actually firing this at full-auto, which most likely would almost immediately knock her onto the ground without support. Her back also has deteriorated quite a bit from poor posture at work.


Kobayashi usually maintains a cool demeanor and may even come across as cold. However, deep down, she genuinely cares about her friends, colleagues, and family. Level-headed and pragmatic, she is usually the voice of reason, particularly when dealing with her draconian friends.


Alignment: [Use D&D Allignments]
Lawful Good

Sender: Axcicos Axcicos

Posting speed
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Tis the season of padoru

". . ."
The Living Weapon
Canon: Black Rock Shooter The Game

Age: 17


+Athletic Prowess
Stella is genetically enhanced for combat. Thus, she has great Athletic skills to compliment her weapon handling capabilities.

+Combat Genius
Stella is genetically enhanced for combat, and thus, she is able to wield any kind of weapon with great ease.

-Exhaustion Paralysis
When she generates too much heat or when she gets tired, Stella freezes up. Literally. She couldn't move her body for a short period of time. She could fight this paralysis, but she couldn't move effectively.

-Low Memory Capacity
Stella is QUITE forgetful, often needing someone to guide her through missions. As a Grey clone, it is still unsure if it'll improve. She is also unable to comprehend common human customs and traditions such as handshakes and graves.


Heat Generation - In whatever dynamic action she does(such as running, jumping, shooting and fighting), she generates heat in doing so. The more she moves, the more she generate. However, her body could only take so much heat in which her body forcibly freezes up, emitting smoke to cool off her body.

Ammunition Generation - Stella generates ammo for her weapon, the Rock Cannon, in whatever form it assumes. However, this generates Heat. When her body becomes fully hot or uses up too much ammunition in one burst, she Overheats, making her vulnerable as she cannot move.

Speed Burst - When strafing from side to side, Stella gains a small burst of speed, leaving behind trails of blue flames

Rock Cannon- A giant ass cannon with a bayonet. Shoots out giant rocks coated in blue flames hot enough to melt metals. Stella could manipulate its shape, transforming the weapon into a total of 6 weapons. A Sniper Rifle that shoots out electronic shots that stuns both man and machine, a heavy machine gun, a similar looking cannon with a larger barrel that shoots homing shots, a grenade launcher, and a large war hammer.

Aggressor Mode ~ When in combat, Stella's left eye will light up in a bright blue flame. This increases her combat capabilities, making her more of an aggressive fighter. However, this drains her heat much quickly.

Black Blade - A katana made out of unidentified metals that could slice through metal. It's her main melee weapon.

Neblading - The ability of the alien blood in her to eat living organisms to gain their knowledge. Stella has yet to use this ability, but she is capable of doing so.


Stella is rather silent and inexpressive, speaking very little aside from questions and responses. At this point, she appears to have low memory capacity, as things that are most obvious to most people (I.E., handshakes) are unknown to her and must be demonstrated for her.

As she bonds with the rest of the PSS members, she begins to become more interactive and sociable; she is noted to become more talkative with both friend and foe alike. As she develops more of her emotions, she begins to display a greater concern for her allies. She also discovers a more playful side, such as deliberately flying the Brunhilde improperly when Rothcol poked fun at her for smiling. At the end of a mission in Moscow, she risks her life to save a can of cherries from XNFE's attack, as it was a last memento from Rothcol.


Stella was born on 22nd September 2035, and was named Stella by Professor Gibson. Gibson, who had abandoned everything else he had worked for, took Stella with him and fled from his research facility in Russia 3 days later and went back to live in San Francisco.

Knowing that Stella would suffer the same flaw of deteriorating memory as the past clone soldiers, Professor Gibson later began his research to help preserve Stella's memory from an external device. With help from his techicians, he successfully made a stasis tube that would help Stella increase physical strength while retaining her memories. Professor Gibson decided to contact the UEF and formally announces Stella's existance, considering her as the last hope of mankind.

Stella was confined to the stasis tube at the age of 6, despite her refusal. Project 12 was announced, with the plan of having Stella to stay in the tube for 12 years so she would be prepared to fight the aliens.

However, in 2051, the aliens began their 3rd wave of invasion with numbers of Armaments greater than the first two. On the 25th of September, the remaining 12 UEF members, who were also the last men on Earth, woke Stella 3 years earlier than planned due to the urgency of the situation.

Stella is one of the last residents on a dead Earth, joining the last stand of the remaining forces of Earth to fight against beings called the Seven Apostles. She is considered to be the ultimate weapon, whose abilities are the only hope to save Earth from utter destruction.

Alignment: True Neutral

Sender: June Verles June Verles

Posting speed: Once/Twice/Thrice a Week, from 7am ~ 5pm(PST)
1607712407013.pngReal Name: Jacob Seed
Aliases: The Soldier, The Wolf

Canon: Far Cry 5

Age: 44

Good Attributes: Trained Marksman, Hunting Skills, Survival Expertise, Leadership Skills, Animal Trainer, Cunning, Knowledge of Classical Conditioning.

Bad Attributes: Suffers from PTSD, Fears of not Leaving a Legacy as a Soldier, Extremely Nihilistic, A Standard Human Being.

Ability/Equipment: Personalised M1911, Knife (Based on the Ontario SP1 Marine Combat Knife)

Personality: Due to his wartime trauma, Jacob has adopted a nihilistic, Darwinist outlook in life. He takes great pride in his work of "culling the herd", though believes the world has lost its edge over its reluctance to sacrifice the weak any longer - marking it as the survival of the human race. However, it is implied this viewpoint was a result of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder he developed during his time overseas, as Joseph states, he brought "many demons" home from the war with him and that his worse fear was not of dying but not leaving behind any legacy as a soldier. Despite his loyalty to the Father, Jacob held doubt that Joseph actually "spoke to God" but nevertheless truly believed Joseph's premonition of The Collapse was true (even likening America to several other empires before him; Rome, Babylon) and following his brother gave him a renewed mission and loyalty - once claiming that he would be willing to die for Joseph. Despite his grievances with his brother's beliefs, he did see fit to humor them both. However, it is the most vulgar of the brothers and represents almost no religious or open character as the other members of the family.

As a military man, Jacob's battle-ridden and thuggish demeanor hide a very strategic mind. In fact, most of his attacks against the Deputy are more cerebral than physical. His methods of indoctrination involve classical conditioning; the stimuli of "Only You" played over predatory images force those he brainwash to be utterly devoted to his beliefs and unquestionably loyal tools for his cause. He goes out of his way to make certain his victims have suffered as much as he has by starving them in cages as he had in the Gulf War. Also, Jacob holds a great deal of disdain for the Whitetail militia, claiming they were an insult to soldiers and took a personal delight in brainwashing the Deputy to murder Eli. Jacob considered Eli a "coward", Tammy a "housewife" and Wheaty a "teenager".

Matching his predatory nature and survivalist viewpoint, unlike his siblings, Jacob used animals in his war against the Resistance - his personal favorite being wolves due to them being hunters to their core much like himself though these were ones who were mentally broken with music and Bliss so they'd be strong and obedient. Due to his backstory of being hunted by wolves in The Gulf War, it is possible Jacob may have done this out of personal revenge as well as strategy.

He holds some knowledge about historical empires such as Babylon, Rome, and the Mongols and finds the human brain as a "fascinating subject." He is also very intelligent, especially when he indoctrinates the Deputy as part of his plan to weaken and demoralize the Whitetails by using him as a tool to kill Eli.

Bio: Jacob Seed is a 44-year-old veteran of the U.S. Army, in which he served as a marksman as a part of the 82nd Airborne Division. He is responsible for maintaining the security of his family and training new soldiers for Eden's Gate.

Jacob Seed was a veteran from the first Gulf War in Iraq. When he was a child, he often fought with his parents and stood up for his brothers, who looked up to him as a protector. He also frequently fought with Joseph and blames himself deep down for how corrupt things have become despite his ability to prevent it.

According to The Book of Joseph, Jacob deliberately set fire to their foster parent's farm and was sent to a juvenile detention center. There, he continued to be rebellious, and constantly clashed with the correctional system. Despite this, reports praised him for his sense of honor and leadership skills. After serving out his sentence, he joined the Army, serving several tours on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan. He was wounded and decorated multiple times. Once, while he was deployed, he and his best friend Miller were shot down and separated from their unit and forced to walk approximately 200 kilometers to the nearest base. They were never going to make it in time with the rations they had, so Jacob killed Miller and cannibalized him so that he had enough supplies to make it to safety.

However, a later medical report warned Jacob's superiors that he was suffering from PTSD. He was declared unfit for service and sent to a military hospital. After running out of money, he was discharged and ended up in a homeless shelter in his hometown of Rome, where Joseph and John would later find him, and recruit him into their ranks as their main soldier.

As protector, Jacob typically forces locals to join Eden's Gate, capturing and torturing anyone who resists, and forcing them to kill one another to cull the weak in "trials" to the death. He also trains wolves with a combination of music and Bliss, luring them in with "Wolf Beacons" that use recordings of caribou as bait. The wolves are used to create the deadly "Judges," far more aggressive and powerful than regular wolves. Some other animals have been used as potential Judges, such as cougars, bears, and even a moose, but the wolves are the primary animal for this experiment.

Jacob brainwashes people as well using "classical conditioning" to make a music a trigger to a homicidal fugue. Subjects are often caged or, initially, tied to chairs for conditioning, and sometimes starved for days on end to force them into a bestial, receptive mindset. It is his intention to use the Deputy, as well as any other captured subjects, to bring down the Whitetail Militia led by his rival, Eli Palmer.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Sender: N/A

Posting speed: Hopefully once a day


yup im THE guy

  • Character Name:
    Real Name: Reiner Braun
    A.K.A: Armored Titan

    Attack on Titan ( 進撃の巨人 )


    + Quick Thinker: Able to make quick decisions in dire circumstances.
    + Strategist: A tactician, able to devise long and short term plans to ensure an encounter goes as smooth as possible.
    + Leader: Stalwart and inspiring, can take charge, lead and inspire others to follow alongside ones-self.
    + Fearless: Often spits in the face of death.

    - PTSD: They are haunted by their past experiences.
    - Split-personality Disorder: Living a lie has made them lose track of which front to uphold.
    - Self-loathing: Failure hits them a bit too hard.
    - Lack of Self-preservation: Discards their own value for the sake of others, leading to pointless injuries.

    As a child, Reiner was rather quiet and meek yet at the same time very loyal and driven. He believed that if he became a Warrior then his Marleyan father would come back and deluded himself into thinking he would still cheer him on as he fought the Eldians, even after he rejected him. Because of his motivation, Reiner was very desperate to become a Warrior, even going as far as to accuse Galliard of being an Eldian spy when he belittled him. However, after he was chosen to inherit the Armored Titan, Reiner gained a newfound self-confidence, though it was quickly shattered when Marcel revealed that he was not chosen for his abilities. Due to Marley's propaganda and his mother's influence, he believed the Eldians of Paradis Island to be "devils" and that he would become a hero by exterminating them. He was also very gullible, never doubting the words of his mother and superiors.

    Following Marcel's death, Reiner began incorporating elements from his personality into his own. He became more decisive and assertive, even willing to threaten Annie and Bertholt to ensure they followed his orders, yet also deeply caring and genuinely desiring to protect them. He also accepted that his belief that his father would return if he were to become a Warrior and defeat the Eldians was just a fantasy. In addition to this, Reiner started to develop a negative perception towards himself, believing he was supposed to have failed in becoming a Warrior and that he should have been the one to die instead of Marcel.

    By the time he joined the 104th Training Corps, Reiner had completely incorporated Marcel's personality into his own. He built up a reputation of being a passionate and honest person with a strong sense of duty who takes his role as a soldier very seriously and encourages others to do the same. However, he was also noted to have a kind heart and a tendency to always think of others before himself, taking on extra burdens for the sake of his comrades. He was stated to be the "big brother" of the other trainees.

    However, beneath this facade, Reiner developed serious emotional and mental problems as a result of living a double-life. While still loyal to his true cause as a Warrior of Marley, he was unable to cope with the guilt he felt towards his actions and thus began to suppress his true memories in an effort to escape. Having to kill Marco seems to have been the final straw for him, causing him to snap and developing psychological issues. During these times, he would forget his actual identity and truly believes himself to be an Eldian soldier. Even after blowing his and Bertholdt's cover, he initially still continued to shift between his two personas. However, after Bertholdt bluntly told him that he was not a "soldier" but a "warrior", Reiner was, though with some difficulty, able to set his priorities straight.

    While similar, there are a few differences between Reiner's "soldier" persona and his true self. He has shown himself to be more ruthless and fatalistic, though this is partly out of necessity. Despite these differences, he still tries to reach out to others and get to see things from their perspective, as seen when he trusted Ymir more than is perhaps wise.

    Following the failure of the Paradis Island Operation and fighting in the Marley Mid-East War for four years, Reiner's personality has changed so much that both his mother and cousin noted that he seems like a completely different person. Despite the fact that they are enemies now, Reiner harbors little to no malice towards his former comrades, only sarcastically referring to them as "devils" while humanizing their actions and beliefs before his family. He also suffers from constant nightmares about his near-death experiences and frequently sees memories of his childhood. Eventually, Reiner's negative perception towards himself reached its lowest point and caused him to contemplate committing suicide. However, despite stating that he wants to die, he cannot bring himself to, as his dedication toward his loved ones still exceeds his self-loathing.

    However, in spite of all his emotional issues, Reiner is very intelligent with notable leadership qualities, able to think clearly, analyze situations, and formulate effective plans. As Eren himself confirmed, he is able to think ahead and in the long term, able to accurately predict the consequences depending on the course of action taken, all while maintaining his composure. He understood the hidden meaning behind Zeke Yeager's words when he indirectly implied that the Warriors' meeting was being bugged by their Marleyan superiors, and acted accordingly, quickly agreeing to his Captain's plan and intentionally cutting off Galliard before he could run his mouth too much. During their mission on Paradis Island, while it was Annie's job to gather the information, it was mostly Reiner who strategized, coming up with efficient multi-step plans not long after acquiring intel from her. As a leader, Reiner is also very devoted to his mission, to the point that he refused to talk and was ready to die when he was the Survey Corps' prisoner and Hanji threatened to kill him for not cooperating.

    Reiner comes from the Liberio internment zone in Marley, which he refers to as his hometown. He was born to an Eldian mother, Karina Braun and a Marleyan father. Growing up, he was not allowed to see his father, as relations between Marleyans and Eldians were strictly forbidden. As a child, it was decided between him and his mother that he would become a Warrior candidate and potentially inherit one of the Nine Titans so that Reiner and his mother could become honorary Marleyans and reunite with Reiner's father.

    As a Warrior candidate, Reiner was very weak, his only skill being his strong loyalty to Marley. One day, he learned from another Warrior candidate, Zeke, that in a few years, the operation to reclaim the Founding Titan would begin, and six new Warrior candidates would be chosen to inherit the power of the Titans. He was mocked by Porco Galliard, a prime candidate to inherit the Armored Titan, for this, claiming that he would have to wait thirteen more years to inherit the Armored Titan. This led to a fight that ended when Marcel pulled his brother back and the others left with Zeke. It was during this that he trained with fellow Warrior candidates Annie Lenohart and Bertholt Hoover. Bertholt attempted to convince Reiner to give up his aspirations, as he would only live for thirteen more years. But Reiner believed that after those thirteen years, he would be a hero to the people of Marley and be the best son in the world. Marcel Galliard ultimately influenced the army, leading to Reiner being selected to inherit the Armored Titan in place of his brother Porco. Alongside the other Warriors, the six Titans crushed an entire nation, leading to them being regarded as a stronger group than their predecessors.

    In 845 at age twelve, Reiner, Bertholt, Annie, and Marcel were tasked with retaking the Founding Titan in Paradis Island. Before they left Reiner found and confronted his father alone in a kitchen where the man worked. Reiner told his father he knew who he was and that because he and his mother were honorary Marleyans now they could all live together. Before he could finish his father cut him off, calling them Eldian devils and saying that his family would be done for if the truth about Reiner's parentage came out. To stop that, Reiner's father chose to run away.

    Upon traveling to the island, the Warriors parted ways with the army at the border and began traveling by horseback under the cover of night. While resting, Reiner learned of Marcel being the reason he was chosen to inherit the Armored Titan. As the sun began to rise, Marcel pushed Reiner out of the way of a Titan emerging from the ground, leading to the Warriors fleeing while Marcel was eaten. This event appeared to have left him traumatized, as he remembered it in moments of stress and expressed an almost suicidal desire to place himself into harms' way for the sake of others.

    After the loss of Marcel, Annie and Bertholt wanted to cancel the operation but Reiner opted against it as he claimed to know the consequences. This prompted Annie to attack him for his cowardice. After getting beaten up, Reiner tackled her and declared his resolve to become the leader as Bertholt agreed to continue the operation. When they got within eyesight of Wall Maria, Annie and Reiner switched places as the Titan carrying the other Warriors, as she was exhausted and at her limit. Reiner dropped Bertholt off at the Wall and retreated to allow him the room to transform from which begins the start of AOT Season 1.

    Chaotic Neutral

    June Verles June Verles

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    At least once a day.




Sgt. Lucas Kellan/Shadow Marshall
Shadow 1-8


Canon: [What fictional universe do they hail from? If he/she is simply an OC - just post OC.] Killzone: Shadowfall
Age: 27

Attributes: [Your strengths and weaknesses/skills are included here] Cold, Calculating, Angry at (most Helghasts) for killing his father as a child.

Has played double agent once or twice.

Elite Shadow Marshall- VSA's best spies

M32 Combat Knife
Hand to Hand fights

OWL: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/k...st/scale-to-width-down/1000?cb=20140720055400
OWL abilities
VC-15 Shotgun Pistol

Lucas in general is a cold, calculating man. But he was never that way to begin with. Forced to live in fear due to a government telling all Vektans that Helghasts were monsters, Being forced to evict your home due to Helghast presence and having your father mercilessly killed in front of your eyes all in one day makes a man “beat himself up” over little things such as covering his fear of losing his father for hatred of the Helghast.

Lucas can be considered a very idealistic person. Not only does he see both sides of the conflict, he is able to keep a calm exterior when meeting a Helghast agent named Echo


During the resettlement of the Helghast following the destruction of Helghan, the Helghast refugees were given half the planet of Vekta as their new home. Lucas and his father Michael Kellan lived in what would one day be New Helghan.

On December 27, 2370, when the Helghast deported several tens of thousands of Vektan civilians out of New Helghan (and killed any who resisted, or simply just killed them either way), Lucas and his father attempted to secretly reach the safety of the Vektan side of The Wall. As the pair began their escape, they were avoiding Helghast patrols and drones until they met and aided by Thomas Sinclair, a Shadow Marshal. When the group nearly reached the wall, Sinclair scouted ahead to ensure that the route was clear. However, Lucas and his father were spotted by a Helghast drone, and though they tried to escape, they were quickly found and held at gunpoint by Helghast soldiers (with Lucas' father getting wounded in the process). Though Michael pleaded for mercy, he was then shot dead, horrifying Lucas. As Lucas was about to be taken or killed too, Sinclair returned and killed the Helghast.

Lucas was then taken in by Sinclair, who would become his mentor and father figure. He would join the Shadow Marshals. At the age of 13, enrolled in Shadow Marshal Academy, and excelled in all areas to finish in the top 2% of his graduating year and working under Sinclair's command. To this very day, his hatred and resentment of the Helghast didn't overshadow his judgement, but he could never forgive them for murdering his father.

Killzone: Shadow Fall
Twenty years later, on June 7, 2390, Kellan allowed himself to be captured by the Helghast as part of an investigation. He is brought across The Wall as part of a prisoner exchange for a Helghast agent named Echo. During the release of the prisoners, however, a fire fight erupts. Kellan quickly kills his Helghast escort, but is then punched in the face by Echo, who seizes his weapon and pins him down with it. Fortunately, he is spared by her, as she escapes back into the hands of the Helghast, and he retreats back to the Vektan side of the Wall. He soon reunites with Sinclair, who briefs him on recent Vektan sanctions that have brought the tensions of both the Vektans and Helghast to a boiling point.

Kellan returned later back to the Helghan side of the Wall in order to retrieve classified data. Afterwards, Kellan was then sent by Sinclair to the ISC Cassandra, a classified research ship, to destroy evidence of a bio-tech weapon being created by Dr. Hillary Massar and sending the ship into a nearby sun in order to prevent it from falling to the Helghast. During his infiltration of the ship, Kellan encountered Echo, the Helghast agent who he first encountered during the prisoner exchange back at The Wall. She held him at gunpoint and angrily confronted him, disgusted over how the Helghast are being exploited by Massar and his kind (Vektans) for experiments. He briefly fought her before she escaped. Although Kellan succeeded in scuttling the Cassandra, Dr. Massar defected to the Helghast, in tow with Echo.

Upon returning to VSA Headquarters, Kellan was caught in an explosion that destroyed the building and coming under attack by the Helghan terrorist group, the Black Hand. After repelling the Black Hand, Kellan was sent undercover to New Helghan to find the Black Hand's leader, Vladko Tyran. Eventually, Kellan finds Tyran and learns that he is working for Jorhan Stahl, who is planning to reignite war with Vekta with the use of Massar's bio-tech weapon that has been altered to target Vektans.

Shortly after, Kellan is re-captured by the Helghast, and is brutally tortured and interrogated into unconsciousness in his cell by Anton Saric. After regaining consciousness, he is approached by Echo, who means no harm to Kellan, instead revealing her desire to end animosities between the Vektan and Helghast and to prevent a war between them. He is then asked by Echo on who is Tyran working with, but Kellan demands Echo to untie him, with her responding that he's in no position to bargain. Kellan relents, and reveals to her that Tyran is working with Jorhan Stahl, telling her that he's on Helghan, and since they gave him Massar, she's building a bioweapon for him that will kill everyone, including Half Breeds. Before she can advance the conversation any further, her mother, Lady Hera Visari, steps-in to reprimand Echo for not following orders. Echo and Visari then get into a fight over Visari's allegiance with Stahl, who promised to her a home and the survival of their race, but that the bioweapon will kill everyone, including herself, being a Half Breed. Visari then slaps Echo and orders her guards to take her somewhere safe as she resists on the way out, pleading her mother not to go along with Stahl's plans. Kellan and Visari then exchange a few words with each other before Kellan is once again tortured back into unconsciousness by Saric, who is told by Visari to keep him alive.

Soon afterwards, Kellan regains consciousness and is helped by Echo in escaping from his cell and from New Helghan, returning him to Vekta City. Kellan informs Sinclair of Chancellor Hera Visari's alliance with Jorhan Stahl and their intentions to ignite another war with Dr. Massar's bio-weapon. However, when Kellan tells Sinclair that he was aided by Echo in his escape from New Helghan, he was very displeased upon hearing it, and that he told him that she called for the VSA to stand down from further provoking war with New Helghan. Sinclair disregards Kellan's advice, and dispatches Kellan to track down and retrieve Massar from Helghan.

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is the important Question
Tanya Degurechaff

Canon: The Saga of Tanya the Evil

Age: 13

Although she has an average record in planning and strategy, she has a special aptitude for analysis and critical thinking skills. Moreover, she can manipulate the plan according to her will. When Tanya gives orders to her subordinates, they can expect harsh punishments if they fail to comply.

Due to her extremely dangerous cuteness and small size, she can easily fool someone by using her skills, e.g during her short conversation with previously ranked Captain Maximilian Johann von Ugar, by persuading him to drop in the selection of being one of the Twelve Knights during War College Arc. Also, she has an ability to fool anyone with her voice, e.g in the light novel, manga, and anime version , where she used her child voice during the bombing of the Dacian Capital.

-Small Frame:
While she is powerful with magic she is limited by the capabilities of her small body

She does not care if you live or die. She only cares how you can benefit her. You are an asset.


Physical prowess:

As a child, Tanya didn't possess much physical strength. However, she is able to enhance her basic physical abilities through magical enhancement spells. This allows her to engage in proper close quarter combat and wield a rifle like any other soldier.

Magical capabilities:
By using the Elenium Type 95 and praying to Being X, her eyes turn gold and her physical and mental psyche increases beyond the extent of a normal human. Moreover, she has increased accuracy and prediction in a shooting and is able to cast a high tier powerful explosive spell that could destroy a whole company. This, however, makes her suffer by having mental corruptions, and barely remembers what she did after. The rosary on her neck is the only equipment that prevents her from being corrupted permanently.

Elenium type 97 magical operations orb (Currently broken)

An Operation Orb with 2 cores developed by Professor Schugel, a product version of Tanya's Elenium Type 95 that couldn't be mass produced. The principle of this orb is the same as Elenium Type 95, but more stable and far inferior output.

However, this Orb is still a generation ahead of existing Orbs used by other countries. It is a revolutionary model that was hard to handle for single-core users. In manga chapter 31, its power output is 300 kt.

Elenium type 95 magical operations orb (Currently broken)
Developed by Adelheid von Schugel and his team of Elenium Arms as the first multi-core operational orb. It uses 4 cores as opposed to using only 1 like normal models do, quadrupling the output of an Operation Orb that uses mana in place of fuel, but at the cost of the mana consumption rate increasing by four-fold. The Type 95 is an experimental revolutionary Orb which theoretically allows the user to reach an altitude of 18,000 feet and cast multiple spells. Its final goal is to achieve Mana Fixation. However, it is very unstable and fragile, with a very high chance of exploding. It manga chapter 31, its power output is mentioned as unmeasurable.
Thanks to Existence X Tanya is the only person in the world who can safely use the Type 95 by praying to "God" or "Being X". Achieving even miraculous deed of materializing mana to the world, a technology that 1,000 years ahead of the present. Existence X has also modified the orb to cause Tanya to gradually become more faithful to him whenever she utilizes it, much to her ire. However this makes her entered state of mental corruption where she able to retain her memories even vaguely with the help of rosary on her neck. She barely remembered the selection of 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion due to side effect of Elenium Type 95 usage that corrupts her mental state.​



  • Type: Submachine Gun​
  • Caliber: 7.65x21 mm Luger, 7.63x25 mm Mauser, 9x19 mm Luger, 9x25 mm Mauser​
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg) (MKMS), 7.9 lbs (3.6 kg) (MKPS)​
  • Length: 40.4 in (102.5 cm) (MKMS), 32.3 in (82 cm) (MKPS)​
  • Barrel length: 19.7 in (50 cm) (MKMS), 11.8 in (30 cm) (MKPS)​
  • Feed System: 30- or 40-round stick magazine​
  • Rate of Fire: 800-900 rpm​
  • Fire Modes: Semi-Auto/Full-Auto​

Tanya described herself as someone with many complexes and that he was twisted. She has both superiority and inferiority complexes, which is shown by how she compared herself to real geniuses she couldn't compete with, while also desired to be above others. Tanya has a lot of sociopathic traits; cold, calculating, and often sees others as objects she can use to her advantage. This allowed her to rise rapidly through the ranks of her careers in both lives. Tanya also sees herself as a profitable human resource, doing everything to raise her value in the eyes of her superiors, which drives her to put up a front of the perfect soldier since her recruitment. This impresses and also unnerves her comrades, particularly Erich von Rerugen, who considers her a psychopath for her ruthlessness.
Sometimes, this trait also becomes a disadvantage to her, such as her lack of empathy that disables her from putting herself in other people's shoes. In particular, her lack of insight of possibility that the people she offended by her callous dismissals would take revenge on her.
Though the anime follows closely to the original source, it markedly highlights the brutal and cruel side of Tanya's character. This can be seen from a number of differences in her monologue and action. In the first episode, Tanya purposely arranges the death of two insubordinate soldiers under her, while in the original source, they are simply taken off of her platoon to prevent discord. She also behaves colder and distant towards Visha; as opposed to being delighted by her help during the recruitment period of the new mage battalion, she wishes she could have left Visha in the Rhine instead.

In the year 2013 A.D, he was just an ordinary salaryman working in the Human Resources Department. His job was to lay off people, and he is shown doing his job efficiently without any empathy for anyone he fired on behalf of his company. One day, after firing someone for incompetence, on his way back home after work, he was murdered by the vindictive former co-worker, who pushed him to his death in a crowded train station off of the platform to the train tracks. His death led to his first encounter with Being X, in which the salaryman expressed his faithless nature in metaphysical entities such as a God and a Devil. The salaryman also pointed out what he sees as a flaw in Being-X's management of humanity and reasoned why humanity's faith in God has eroded. Enraged by his rudeness but also intrigued, Being-X decided to use the salaryman's soul in an experiment. So the entity reincarnated him in another universe as a blonde-haired and blue-eyed infant girl named Tanya Degurechaff

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

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Raptor Shapeshifter
Rev-9 - Wikipedia

Character Name:
REV or REV 10

Canon: Terminator OC

Age: Active 2043 - sent back to 2020

Attributes: Basically a puesdo T-1000 in a T-800 body, Rev's primary ability is the ability to split oneself into two parts, it can also morph itself into anyone it makes contact with (often killing the person in the process) and has all the abilities of the T-1000 - including the ability to restructure itself after surviving an explosion, morph any part of it's body into a weapon. It being a Terminator also allows for inflitaration and this Terminator not only can hack into data stores but also stimulate emotions.

Unlike other Terminators, this one has the ability to stimulate emotion. While this may give REV more of a personality, it also comes with all the shortcomings of having emotions in the first place, making her prone to frustration and occasional outbursts. Likewise REV's primary objective and function is to KILL someone or something, and since she is a machine, she can be reprogrammed. Likewise she can be very narrow in her objective, using any means to get the job done, even if that includes sacrificing allies.

Ability/Equipment: N/A, her entire body is a weapon, but she can if she so wishes use outside weapons and is clearly proficient in all of them. (This is a killer machine)

Personality: Hard to pinpoint as her personality changes depending on the situation, based on the Dark Fate movie, the REV series have pretty charming personalities. She is a killer machine after all and will do anything to achieve her objective....

Bio: Activated in the year 2043 by Legion and sent back in time to 2020 to eliminate one of Legion’s primary targets (not Dani though she is on the hit list). It is unclear however if Rev’s mission was successful as she was interrupted by a reality warp.

Alignment: Due to the inhumane nature of killer machines, I would say Neutral Evil.

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Show me a good time, Jack!

Character Name: Alexandria "Alpha" D'Angelo

Undertale (OC, bite me.)



+Quick Thinking: Years of training and running have left Alpha with quick wit, giving her the ability to think clearly and decisively within a short time span to make the most of a bad situation.
+Combat Training: Years of training with firearms and hand-to-hand, and even some limited magical training, have left Alpha with a soldier's level of competency in most aspects of combat.
-Social Ineptitude: Alpha's past and species has not only seen her raised without a real social upbringing, but has also actively impeded any chance of rectifying this. As such, she can easily miss social cues and nuances and be spotted easily if disguised because of it
-PTSD: With Alpha's mind, body, and soul altered as a result of her past, and knowing what she is, Alpha is riddled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Anything that could remind her of her past, such as men in military uniform, hospital rooms, or anthropomorphic people can trigger this, which will force her into an instinctive state, which could have her attack allies or outright just shut down and curl up until the moment passes.


Determination/Monster Soul: Alpha is a Monster-Human Hybrid, which means she can access a greater reserve of determination and use magic. However, this split means that her body is inherently weaker than those who are human, and her magic is significantly more limited than those who are Monsters. However, both of these can be augmented and her abilities can be restored if she absorbs souls from Humans. She must participate in the deaths of those Humans, however, meaning she can't take a back seat.

Magic: Currently, Alpha only has one avenue of Magic, which is the most strongly connected to her person. That being:
-A magical projection of a revolver, which has the characteristics of a .357, and since it is magic, she can't run out of ammo (but she must reload)

Heavy clothes: A parka, shirt, jeans, and heavy boots.

Knife: A small fixed knife, used to ward off people without a lot of noise or harm.

Alpha is a person molded by the decisions of the powers that be, and their consequences. She is a bitter, impulsive, and abrasive person, usually to whoever she doesn't know. That being said, the few friends and "family" she had, she considered important. Alpha still does consider them important, and would gladly do what they could to protect them, in her own tough-love kind of way. Morality isn't a qualm of Alpha's, since her upbringing emphasized survival and the importance of getting out of a situation alive. In Alpha's eyes, it's a dog eat dog world, and barring the obstacle of leaving friends or family behind, she would have no issue doing questionable things if it meant getting out alive, even if she finds them distasteful. She has authority issues, and is strongly influenced by her experiences into thinking those who aspire to be or are currently leaders or rulers are either stupid or maliciously greedy or both.

Born and raised in a small village near the famous Mt. Ebbot, Alpha was not present for when Asriel visited the surface. However, it would change her life forever, when the human government decided to greenlight the use of orphaned, homeless, or destitute children in a program that would attempt to keep any more monsters from murdering children, ironically, by turning children into monsters. For the better part of a decade, Alpha was experimented on and trained along with nine other children, herself being the seventh "recruit". In their arrogance, the researchers assigned to the children thought that their charges would gladly fight and maybe even die for their leaders. At the age of 14, the children collectively rebelled, fighting against their captors after being used and torn apart and put back together. It was a pyrric victory. Only Alpha survived, alone, to hide in the underbelly of whatever city she moved to.

For five years, she hid, keeping tabs on the world around her but never taking part in it, even after the return of the Monsters to the surface some time later. She would continue to live this solitary life, until she awoke in a strange world, far from home....

Chaotic Neutral

June Verles June Verles

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Reality Warping Child

Character Name:
Adrianna Petrelli

Multi-Fandom Variant of HEROES called HEROES: Return of the Legends


She seems to be an Good Doctor

She has the ability to passively mimic the power sets [not individual powers, but their entire powerset] of those around her and store them within her own self. She can only initially mimic people within this certain range, after the mimicking, she can activate them without being near that person. This usually happens without her awareness. This is done passively, however the activation of the powers is an active thing. Her limit is 100 Meters around herself and every individual part of her body, meaning if she somehow were to extend it away from herself, it would be 100 Meters away from that extended body part. Due to this being the Multi-Fandom variant, which her powers came from the 'Genesis' Event, she can mimick any individual's powers as long as they are not an object, but for the sake of this RP just because she has them inside her doesn't mean she'll have the capability to use them. In other words, her potential with the mimicry will be essentially limitless, but just because she has those powers, doesn't mean she'll be permitted to actively use them in this RP. Meaning, just because Magic or Reality Warping is stated to be mimicked, doesn't mean she'll use them or be able to, and it'll be explained that her subconscious and conscious doesn't trust herself with those type of powers, and thusly restricts herself from replicating those powers despite everything... Unless there isn't rules stating they cannot. It'll be just a tease of sorts for what they could be capable of, unless explicitly given permission to use them for plot.

Due to the nature of her power being the source of an Multi-Fandom event, her powers work regardless of the strength or power of an individual, so their power or strength isn't a weakness to her power, but does gain any weaknesses the powers would've had. Meaning, for example , if she gained the strength of a Pokemon, or an Mutant, she's weak to the same things the pokemon is when she's using those powers , or said Mutant. Can only use up to 3 people's powersets at an time, due to once again her subconscious and conscious restriction, and is unlike in the series unable to know how they work immediately after gaining them. It will be a struggle for sure

Personality: She is truly humble and compassionate, and without a doubt qualifies for an idealistic individual. She is deeply morals based, and is extremely empathic towards people , no matter their moral viewpoints, hence why she can easily be swayed in any moral direction. In-fact, her heart truly qualifies for someone who cares for anyone regardless of what they've done. She is rather shy and she hates this fact, and it may take a while for her to fully open up to someone. And if given a good enough backstory and reason, she can truly flip the script and play for both sides with the purest and greatest of intentions to either be able to eventually bring that person to the light or try to get the others to know how that person truly is.

Backstory: Similar events to the Heroes Storyline. Except the reason for the thing was an epicenter bomb that affected the Fandom Worlds, linking them together. The Hospital Adrianna was working at, was at the epicenter of the blast. This resulted in an explosion that seemingly hurt a lot of people, but Peter was completely unaffected due to his powers awakening and subconsciously mimicking the power of the Genesis Blast and redirecting it. Since then, many heroes, from seemingly differing dimensions, came forth, looking for a way to reverse this mess. They never found one, and people from those dimensions inherited far superior powers than before due to the Genesis Blast. This story takes place, well before she learns she can mimick people's powers and stores them.

Alignment: Neutral Good (Can lean to any side)
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Character Name:
Deathstroke/Slade Wilson

DC Universe

57 (35, according to other sources)

Slade Wilson (Prime Earth)

Slade Wilson (Prime Earth)

Slade Wilson (Prime Earth)

Deathstroke is a deadly elite mercenary who is willing to get the job done as soon as possible without any sort of remorse, but he is not as ruthless as anyone might think of him depending on his morality. He considers the role of Deathstroke a job, not a reflection of who he is, which is why his focus on the Team Titans is his main motivation other than something different, but it could vary. He can either be a typical anti-hero, a typical anti-villain, or an aggressive, ruthless villain, like what the Teen Titans recognizes him as. It depends on who he is.

Slade Wilson (Prime Earth)



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Hero of the Wilds

From Courage comes Wisdom and Power.

Character Name: Link Forester

Canon: The Legend of Zelda

Age: 120

Good Attributes: Quick the lend a helping hand, great cook, skilled in various weapons and knows enough medical magic to at least keep himself and others stable until they get to a safe place, a master of surviving and living in the wild.

Bad: Is dealing with memory issues due to something related to his past, and is totally useless if something triggers a memory until he snaps out of it and carries around a lot of regret from what happened.

Ability/Equipment: Master Sword/Hylian Shield, various weapons and shields stored away in the Sheikah Slate, along with powers gifted to him by his friends once he freed their spirits.

Personality: Can be shy around new people but is a good friend once he opens up. Hates talking about his past.

Bio: Hero of the Wild. The Hero Awoken from a Long Slumber. The Knight who Sacrificed Himself for the Princess. A fake, Not a Hero. It has been one hundred years since Link’s destructive battle with Calamity Ganon, which left him gravely wounded. In that time, he awoke from his long slumber in the Shrine of Restructuration with only the memory of his name and no clue how he had gotten there. During his journey, he recovered a few memories, having been the only one who had lived through the first war besides the Princess, and since then, he feels like it was his fault that the castle had fallen and had gotten his friends and fellow Champions killed. He tries to avoid talking about what happened all those years ago and tries to find solace from the recurring nightmares by wandering throughout the kingdom, not staying in one place for more than a few days. He isn’t the same person that he was a hundred years ago and at times, wishes someone would blame him for everything that happens that fateful night he had been struck down by the Calamity. While he presents himself as a carefree person around people after the Calamity was finished off, he hates everyone calling him a Hero; he failed after all the first time around.

Alignment: Lawful Good

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Mask? I wear no mask.
editforHaz3 (1).png
FC: Namazuo Toushirou (Touken Ranbu)
Name: Justîse "Justice" Deshaies

Canon: OC

Age: 23 (physically)

+ Executor Deshaies:
As the Executor of a Far Patron, the cosmic horror Navastareth, a natural prerequisite of Justice's selection was a firm understanding of human whims and how to exploit them. These attributes appear to have been enhanced by their Patron, as Justice has an innate empathic know-how of the heart and mind that allows them to accurately discern the emotions of others. This goes a long way in interactions, as Justice is both incredibly charming but also acutely perceptive of subtle conversational cues, making them difficult to trick.
+5 modifier to charisma and psychological wisdom checks.
+ Surgical Skills: Surgical abilities learned for the purposes of body modification and the study of the physiological arcana. Though not on the level of a qualified physician, Justice's abilities as a medic are surprisingly competent.
+3 modifier to medical checks.
• Elusive Inner Workings: What goes on beneath those clothes is an unknowable truth, an enigma among enigmas, an eternal mystery of the universe; that's just to say, Justice doesn't care to reveal their sex. Strangely, those attracted to men often perceive their masculine features as being more prominent, while those attracted to women are more keen to their effeminate traits.
No modifier to anything, they're just weird as hell.
- Pacifism? "Do no harm", probably. Justice is strictly averse to participating in combat, and lacks any training in the field anyway.
-3 modifier to all combat checks, the auto-targeting of Fomalhaut notwithstanding.
- Airhead: It does exactly what it says on the tin.
-5 modifier to all practical wisdom checks.

> Resurrection:
An inherent ability of Executors - by drawing on the souls of their Patron's past and present worshippers, Justice originally had the ability to revive and regenerate from any fatal wound a near-indefinite number of times. However, where Navastareth has no worshippers, Justice has no souls; thus, they've become (for all intents and purposes) completely mortal.
That being said, they can still draw on the souls of the dead or dying and store them within themselves, allowing them to resurrect once per 10 souls claimed. The reanimation itself is semi-manual, so Justice can stall the recovery of their biological functions to fake their own death.
> Ritual - Sehen, the Marble Stars of Kasterborous: Solid spheres of marble resembling human eyes embedded into Justice's body - one along each bicep, one on each palm, one below the spine and one below the larynx. Fused to their nerves, they function as sets of 'modular eyes' that allow the wielder to observe infrared light, gamma waves, x-rays and develop topographical mental images of their surroundings.
As the ritual is otherwise permanent, the only way to mitigate its effects is to bind each eye with bandages soaked in lavender and alcohol. Otherwise, extended usage of Sehen can cause motion sickness, hallucinations and even fits of paralysis. Because the stars are all neurally wired to Justice's own eyes, blinding them can temporarily disrupt Sehen.
> [Sealed] Ritual - Veithr, the Black Holes of Eridanus: By overclocking the marble stars, Justice can interfere with electrical signals and nerve impulses to knock out nearby electronics for five-to-ten seconds or paralyze a single target within view for half a second. Using Veithr will cause the stars to shatter in their sockets, disabling Sehen for 48 hours, or until the modular eyes ""regrow"". The bandages around each eye must be removed during the casting of this ritual.
> [Sealed] Ritual - "Justice": A self-titled ritual created (cobbled together) by Justice. A psychic effect that forces those physically bound to abstain from any single thought or action of the caster's command. The target is to be secured either by rope, chain, tape or any variation on at least half their limbs, with the compulsion strengthened for each part further bound. The bindings are then to be soaked in purified water (or anything that could substitute holy water) and the blood of the target. Until the bindings are removed, the target is to refrain from one command given by Justice - nothing more, nothing less.

> [Sealed] Divine Mortar - Fomalhaut:
A conceptual weapon fashioned from the stem of the same mistletoe branch as Justice. A sacrificial implement, an oath-breaker, used in ritual slaughter to release offerings from their mortal bindings - vows and pacts that would otherwise persist after death. Essentially, a mercy-killing tool.
--Except, there's one condition: it can only kill those the wielder loves, and who love the wielder in turn. A two-fold safety mechanism that prevents it from being used with ill intent; yet this means that, as a weapon, it can only be used as an instrument of betrayal.
Fomalhaut resembles an ornate stake which fires from the user's heart, leaving a streak of red like string in its wake. At that point, it will never stop until it reaches, pierces and extracts the target's heart. Though the wound is only ever the size of a small coin, it's theoretically fatal to anything that relies on a circulatory system to function. Despite this, because it can never hurt an enemy, let alone someone the wielder loves insincerely, it's effectively the most useless "weapon" to ever exist.
> Surgical Kit: Sutures, bandages, forceps, scissors, scalpels and a whiskey flask.

Personality: A curious, compassionate person, Justice is a social butterfly that flutters from interaction to interaction, drawn to people of all dispositions. In a way, they're a bit of an airhead - though well-attunted to the psychologies of others, their blunt way around their own emotions can be a bit uncanny. Yet, that bluntness has a way with others in and of itself. At times seductive, at times downright melodramatic, their charm is distinctly intuitive, fluctuating wildly depending on their mood and those of others. Their attraction to friends always verges closely on romantic, yet maintains a conscientious boundary until reciprocated. At that point, their intimacy becomes more unabashedly physical, sometimes excessive but never ill-spirited.

Of the few things Justice dislikes, foremost is the pain of others and the anguish that comes with that pain. Though rare, there are times where Justice can become angry or despondent, often in response to the deaths of those they hold dear - as they see it, while the torment of humanity is an inevitability that comes as a price to its beauty, preventing it where possible is necessary to preserve the species.

Bio: Justîse Deshaies was born to love humanity unquestioningly. In spite of all its sins, all the horrors it wrought upon the world, Justîse--a full-blooded witch formed of a mistletoe seed--was the only person to ever unflinchingly look upon the venom and malice of the human race and wholeheartedly forgive it.

That was what it meant to be an Executor; an emissary who would embrace all the world's evils and never falter to adore them despite it. Trained in the ways of witchcraft and medicine, 'Justice' was made by the Deshaies to become the servant of a Far Patron, an extraterrestrial divinity said to impart judgement on the world, and earn its favor. Though raised sheltered from society, they grew to see people in a childlike lens of fascination nonetheless - a mixture of love, fear and acceptance of them as a whole. Within that fascination, they found a wish within themselves: to find a cure for melancholy, the ailment of the heart.

To realize that objective, Justice became the proxy of Navastareth, the Gnostic Plague, a parasite that roams the belt of thought surrounding the earth. As it can't affect the world physically, it exerts its influence upon its worshippers through images and ideas. Yet, even in that state, it can overturn entire societies - spreading through the transmission of information, thriving in circles of conspiracy and philosophy. Those who contract it become carriers, made to pass on the seeds of the Far Patron through their preachings before being reduced to manic husks devoid of self or sanity, alive but effectively braindead.

But within Justice, that Plague assumed a dangerous form. In the heart of a subject bound by no allegiances, ideals or expectations, it finds a vessel in their unbridled compassion for the whole of humanity; their love for others becomes a fatal contagion, spreading to friends, partners and families. And eventually, none of them remain, eaten away at by the one thing that held them together. That was their cure - bringing humanity to eternal unity, a world devoid of sorrow, trapped in an absolute blissful peace - the forgiveness of a saint who knows no sadness.

Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral

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"You think I like having to be Suddenly dropped on my butt to this crazy city?
I tried to avoid this stuff for five years and look where it got me!"

Character Name: Lith Lander

Canon: OC

Age: 23 years old (actual age of around 80 years)

Attributes: [Your strengths and weaknesses/skills are included here]

# overly keen sensitively
Has an overly keen sensitivity as a nanomachine construct. Feels pain a bit more so compared to a human, this also applies to his artificial perception of touch and taste, distinguishing even the composition of what he is touching or tasting, give or take a few minutes. Not something he can just do in the heat of the moment without some sense of calm. This might also be even times when he may forget that he is not human in those brief moments of absolute panic, and will react as such.

+ moderate firearm handling
Has moderate firearm handling, thanks to a few incidents and his so-called "upbringing".

+ Pop Culture
He is no closet weeb, but like any person in the modern world, he watches his own fair share of entertainment, most down to earth type settings. Just don't expect him to recognize the more prominent characters immediately due to his current circumstances and stressors.

+ bachelors of arts in chemistry
Self-explanatory. He has prior knowledge on the subject.

- fidgety from the supernatural
He may be able to take a beating somewhat better than a regular human, he is not so willing to jump into the fray of things without some rationale. Especially if it involves anything overly magical or over the top...Like Kamen riders or Darth Vader for example. More down to earth situations and fights are preferred.

- one gun (Glock 26 in a concealed carry holster) with three 9mm clips

- one android smartphone: nothing of note, unless you want specs.

- a wallet with various related stuff.

- one small drawstring bag, with a spare hoody and a mini umbrella

- and a...Simple Gem from dark souls 3? Certainly not something that he would own for hopefully obvius reasons, and something that he would find no use for at this point in time. He is unaware of this item in his possession.

- As a lithium based nanomachine construct, Lith is able to recreate the properties of Lithium and to an extent any related chemical or physical properties involving it. This also comes with the more expected ability to reassemble himself. Granted the pain is usually unbearable.

Personality: for a lack of a better way to describe him, it would be someone who is conflicted by their past erratic mistakes, a desire to not get into anything more relating to the supernatural or out of the ordinary. Perfectly reasonable and an overall chill guy, just expect him to panic a bit regarding his past and (now current) interactions with the weird, the crazy, and the supernatural; despite literally being an extraterrestrial...thing, himself.

Bio: Lith is one of a dozen or so constructs created by an unknown sent to our good old planet earth in various time periods. In this case, the 1940s. Starting off his existence by having to drag himself along the overwhelming pressure of the seafloor is not fun. Long story short he was able to aquent himself with the US state he ended up in, New York, staying there for a time until certain events forced him to move down to Florida in the 1980s.

He surprisingly had a prior experience with the out of the ordinary. Stirred by him losing his job at the time, causing him to compensate for what he would consider “the stupidest things that I have done in my life...just because I was pissed off, and had gut feelings on stuff.” Suffice to say, he does not look fondly at those moments. From repeated threatening spam calls to a particular professor in Germany, to his poking around at the topic of supercomputers Got himself involved in a large fight between two large shady organizations who have kidnaped a bunch of students, all of this as he tagged alongside a Kamen rider with an Eyecon, and two people from one of said organizations. More or less was dragged into that conflict, may have killed a person or two with improvised lithium-based explosive (the logic behind how he did so was questionable), fought another Kamen rider and nearly got killed, said more giberish to one Darild Linken, and eventually made his way back to Florida. Where he spent the last 5 years or so trying to live out whatever life he could despite it all. It was a mess he would rather forget about...but as we will soon see. He will not have any luck avoiding such things.

Alignment: [Use D&D Allignments]: neutral good

Sender: 2b

Posting speed: expect a post every 2-4 days. That might change once school gets going for me in January,

Other: was formerly a one-off or for an RP years ago, now being brought back for this one.​
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Chaotic Neutral

Character Name:
Master Chief




+Trained Spartan+
Master Chief has gone through extensive training in all areas, with all types of weapons and all styles of martial arts, he has also had extensive training and understanding of how to operate almost all vehicles. This makes him a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Either due to poor writing or his extreme sense of need to complete the mission, Master Chief will go to any lengths to ensure the mission is complete, including going AWOL and fighting fellow spartans, thanks Halo 5.

-He just does dumb shit sometimes-
Its not outside the realm of possibilities that Master Chief just, well, fucks up, he doesn't always pays attention and isn't entirely against killing allies just because. It is what it is I guess.


Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI armour:

The Gen 6 armour that Master Chief currently wears gives him his superhuman strength and durability, coupled with his one surviving ability of armour lock this would make him near invincible. The visor doesn't have its old abilities of a scanner or a magnification tool, but it does protect his head from bullets and falling off his bike so team helmet.


Master Chief doesn't have much of a personality, he's silent and stoic, a prize soldier who mostly follows his orders with deadly efficiency. So yea, no personality.


Read his wiki

Neutral Good

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That Guy Mengele

The Old Gravy
Pic: 096199a874d7eefd1c96ddce15fd9c6a.jpg
Examples of his voice and some phrases.
Character Name: GLS-114X4 "Gospel"

Canon: OC

Age: 400~


+Incredible speed with hydraulically accelerated joints and processing centers

+Extreme strength able of crushing tungsten in his hands
+Extreme durability and intelligence

+When standing still, only a 180 rotation of head
+Runs off of nuclear cells, primarily enriched Thorium or Uranium, though most will do with varying efficiency
+Uses of his processors and hydraulics in extreme overloads or extended periods wears down his abilities, requiring cleaning and maintenance every few days with average use
+Unknown parts, making repairs difficult if needed

CQC: Extremely well made in close quarters combat if disarmed
Sword Mastery: A near unstoppable monster once wielding his blade
Electronic Experience: Electronic components are a given for him, with his neigh unlimited knowledge being heavily compacted with many many technologies and reverse engineering of almost any electronic device.

Thermal Scanning
A telescopic sword, to extend a extra 8 inches if needed
Sonic blast maker

Extremely high durability tungsten, depleted uranium, lead, steel, carbon fiber, bullet proof glass, explosive resistant meshing, and internal cooling with coolant, water, molten salt, and even molten silver (this is just his general makeup)

Personality: Gospel is a quiet, reserve machine of The Holy One. His creation was made to protect the word of him and to keep his duty to the gates he was ordered to protect, near and far from a crystal city. He can speak but rarely does, and emotion is shown through his varying in color cross in his body, with the default mode being red and usually how you see him 90% of the time. He, like many robots with sentience but unbreakable rules, can be hyper violent or absolute compassionate. His hardcode includes the following

{target=innocent perceived}




Encryption v5.56.53

Bio: A new life in a copy body. That is the idea of Gospel. And he knows that. He knows he is no different from the thousands of other brothers and sisters he holds in the Crystal City. But just like the flesh created from The Holy One, they are given life and understanding, no matter the shell they all share. Made in his image to protect the flesh he had spent so long making and molding. Guardian Angels don't exist, but God's Loyal Servants do, and Gospel is humbly appeased with being one. The GLS are a project set by The Holy One to give all the flesh safety and devotion in peace. Division was planned but unity under him was also. As much as Gospel has seen for bloodshed and war, be it the First Extinction or the Holy Repenting, blood spilt for all in conflicts to preserve the faith bestowed by the Holy One. For him that is his main interrogative. It is his last known interrogative. This city needs cleansing. This world need faith. And Gospel is rearing to give it.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Sender: Me

Posting speed: I can usually do it pretty quick, obviously Christmas is iffy, but should be moderate. And I am definitely good to talk past like 6pm PST for a good while

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