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I know some basic CSS and HTML, and while tinkering with some BB code templates, noticed that some of the things are quite similar. I've done a little bb code in the past, but those were extremely basic compared to the amazing/somewhat intimidating templates out here. To you all bb code experts out there, is there any major difference? Anything I should be mindful of?


I grew up making websites using html, css, javascript, jquery the whole lot. When it comes to bbcode, I still struggle a bit to get out of a html mentality but it's pretty much the same! Javascript codes don't work but you're able to make animations with keyframes. One html code I really miss using is the "marquee" code - oh and the ability to change the title on a webpage at the webpage toolbar haha I don't know why, I just do. I think the major difference is that instead of using "<div>" youre using "[div]". And also classes; instead of like "<style>.headings{ text font blah blah</style>" its "[ class=headings] text font blah blah [ /class]" if that makes sense? I'm not good at explaining things ahaha
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As a web dev and CS student, I find BBcode as an HTML that took wrong decisions when young and now is starting to take control of their life again and going the right path and uses the things learned in his chaotic life. Knowing HTML is very helpful if you want to do BBcode, the basics are the same:

[OpenTag="stylish"] Stuff [/CloseTag] ------- <OpenTag stylish="orange: named-after-fruit">Stuff</CloseTag>

I just use BBcode to customize some things in my CS's, but yeah, people here are amazing! The best things about BBcode for me here are the premade tags for things like formatting, layout, and design.

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