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Based on A Quiet Place.


I wouldn't mind making a group based around the movie A Quiet Place. If anyone is interested in running it with me, let me know.
It would take place in the woods of course with maybe the building being a compound, and or we could go with a farmhouse. Big enough to hold a group of people.
Maybe it's more then just the monsters, it could be actual people wanting people dead. For example, they are possible connecting with the monsters in a way to sacrifice others around them to gain something. We could also start it off before it went almost totally apocalypse that way we can know the characters you make, as they come in.

It would be a chilled environment. A post or two a day would work. No one-liners. Youth and adults characters are accepted.

If this sounds good and you are wanting to help me I would appreciate it. (:
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Hello everyone, sorry I'm not going to take off with this group at the moment. I have other roleplays going on, and it wouldn't be fair to start it knowing I wouldn't be able to handle it and the other roleplays I have going on. I want my full focus when I start a group again.

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