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Painting the Town...
Hi there everyone! I'm Strawberry!

I've been roleplaying for hmmm, 10+ years now and never really found a place to RP that stuck with me. With school, work, life, etc keeping me busy, I've only gotten to RP every now and then. I've heard of RpN for a while but never really tried RPing here before. So here I am! Trying to get back into doing what I enjoy!

Anyway, thank you all for having me! Hopefully I make new friends and have fun writing here!


Hello @Strawberry and welcome to RpNation. :3 Have ya read the FAQ yet? If not, it'd a good place to start since many commonly asked questions by new users are answered there.
Hopefully you find what you are looking for here, we are a fairly large community :D


Painting the Town...
Thank you @Fyuri I was mostly lurking and browsing around the forum because it seemed like there were a lot of rules to follow and I didn't want to risk breaking any of them. The FAQ answered a lot of questions I had. I really hope I find what I'm looking for here! Everyone seems really nice and chill.
Thanks again for the welcome!


Painting the Town...
Thank you @sadvalentine
I think I'm good for now. I just need help getting those 10 posts in without making it seem like I'm just randomly spamming people's threads. I want to actually give my input in discussions before even attempting to look at the Looking for Players threads! I'll be sure to look through the FAQ and sticky threads in case my question was answered there before bothering anyone, haha. Thanks anyway!


drowned in moonlight
hi! strawberries are my favourite fruit <3

I'm new also, it's nice to see someone else who's experienced with RP! my story is pretty similar to yours, maybe we'll wind up collaborating someday.

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