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Realistic or Modern Astoria - Character Sheets



the one and only
See below for a basic character sheet - feel free to add to this or skip something you don't have an answer to or want to answer. Generally speaking this is more for filling out your character than it is for approval!

Zodiac Sign:
Song that describes them perfectly:

Faceclaim: (realistic only please)
Facial Features:
Body Features:
Apparel & Accessories:

Accomplishments & Failures:
Likes & Dislikes:
Virtues & Flaws:

Personal History
Family Members:
What brought your character to Astoria:
Have they been here the whole time:
Where do they currently live:
What's their employment:
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the one and only

“ A civilization which leaves so large a number of its participants unsatisfied and drives them into revolt neither has nor deserves the prospect of lasting existence.” – Sigmund Freudl
basic information
Nathalie Haywood
Henry, Nat

Jenna Coleman
Facial Features
Dark Brown eyes, soft brown hair always cut to shoulder length.
Body Features
Slim by nature, despite being physically active she is curvy.
Apparel Accessories
Having once been told by her peers in high school she dresses like a single mom, Nat strives to keep up with fashion, changing style to follow trends popular for her age group.
At times shy, Nat is open minded and very forgiving; she is often perceived as naïve but those that know her know she simply like to think the best of others, even those that might have wronged her in the past.

Education: Nat attended pre-school, elementary and most of high school in Astoria's education system. She completed her high school in L.A. after moving then went on to undergraduate at UCLA for psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences.

Employment: Not currently employed, owner of Scarthin Books and Coffee Shop in Astoria, OR.

Accomplishments & Failures:

Likes & Dislikes:

Virtues & Flaws:

Born and raised in Astoria Nathalie's young life was filled with hopes and dreams. The only child of Ashley and Brandon Haywood, part of a long line of Haywoods that had lived in Astoria for decades before; in fact she could trace her family line back to some of the first settlers of the quite port and fishing town.

Her childhood was happy and typical for those around their small town, everyone knew everyone and no one ever locked their front doors. Fall and winter were spent bundled up playing in the snow and leaves and spring and summer in the fields and woods or playing in the cool waters on the hottest of days.

In the last years of elementary school Nathalie became aware of her parents crumbling relationship. They'd started sleeping in separate rooms at first and then one day her dad moved into her grandparents house, leaving her and her mom in their home. Never did her parents argue in front of her, nor did they ever take sides but a small town like Astoria certainly couldn't keep the gossip down. She heard from her friends at school what their parents had to say about it, positive and negative.

During high school her parents finally divorced, amicably, however the year after that her father passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Naturally the gossip spread like wildfire through the rumor mill. He'd been poisoned - she wanted his money! He'd died of a broken heart after losing his daughter during the divorce. He had nothing more to live for. The entire ordeal had been difficult for Nathalie but it had been devastating for her mother resulting in the decision for them to leave Astoria.

She returned periodically after moving to L.A., mostly for holidays spent with her grandparents, and a few weeks in the summer months during summer break from school but soon even that faded out; she was busy studying for college entry, working part-time jobs and volunteering at local shelters for the homeless. Nat didn't have time to return to Astoria.

In her second year of coursework Nathalie returned home after class to find her mother home from work early waiting for her. She relayed the news that her grandfather had passed, naturally in his sleep. She went on to say that her grandmother wanted her to attend the funeral and the reading of the Will. Nat couldn't understand the second part, or the importance of it; she expected nothing from her grandfather since her grandmother was still alive and well. Naturally she agreed, writing to her professors explaining she needed to leave her coursework for a time but would continue virtually. They were empathetic and agreeable - if she could keep up with her work they didn't have an issue with her attendance.

Nathalie had stood beside her grandmother during the funeral and internment, awkwardly trying to place names to faces to people she knew she should remember but couldn't quite. She'd been shocked during the Reading to find that their bookshop, the one that had been in the family for generations, had been left to her! "I don't expect you to keep it," Her grandmother had told her. "I am too old to climb those stairs anymore and he and I always wanted to help you and your mother pay for your education. Well, I don't need it any longer, it's all paid up. Use it to help you find your dreams, Henry. Your father would have wanted you to."


Mother - Ashley Haywood -living in L.A.
Father - Nathan Haywood - Deceased
Grandfather - Nathan Haywood, Sr. - Deceased
Grandmother - Virginia Haywood - living in Astoria
Unnamed WIP - First love, estranged Safton Safton
**open to other relationships**
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Mr. Heartbreaker

The Basics

Name: Owen Henry Cooper
Nickname: "Coop"
Age: 28
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Employment: Sworn Peace Officer with City of Astoria Police Department. Currently serving in the Oregon Army National Guard. Owen also frequently "moonlights" as a security guard in neighboring towns to make ends' meet, in addition to other odd jobs here and there.
Song: Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia

Physical & Material

Face Claim: Alex Pettyfer
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 255 lbs.
Facial Features: Dark green eyes the color of jade and medium-cropped sandy-blonde hair that he occasionally styles with gel. A small scar is visible on his left eyebrow.
Body Features: A lifelong athlete, Owen has the form to prove it. He is broad-shouldered and muscular -- some might even call it "imposing" -- albeit not bulky to the extent of a bodybuilder. Instead, his form is lean, toned, and athletic in appearance. A tattoo depicting the insignia of the 75th Ranger Regiment is on his left bicep, while another tattoo with a scene of a mountain amidst pine trees and a river is on his upper left chest.

Apparel & Accessories: While on-duty, Owen wears a the dark blue uniform of the City of Astoria Police Department (with matching baseball cap), complete with a duty belt and a black load-bearing vest over top of the shirt. He wears a pair of rugged, black, waterproof mid-top hiking boots both on and off-duty (they often come in handy due to the frequency of rain and snow in the region). In the colder months he may opt for a beanie, gloves, and Department-issued soft-shelled jacket.

Off-duty, Owen generally opts for casual attire that some might even call drab: opting for unbuttoned work shirts over top of solid-colored tees with blue jeans or cargo pants. He accompanies this ensemble with a Sherpa-lined jacket, black beanie, and gloves during the colder months. He often wears a black smartwatch (gifted to him by one of his fellow Soldiers) both on and off-duty.

Miscellaneous: While on-duty, Coop drives a 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Special Service Vehicle. While off-duty, he drives a 2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro.

Earlier this year, the Astoria Police Department was given a grant which allowed it to purchase of multipurpose working canine trained in tracking, suspect apprehension, narcotic detection, building/area searches, and handler protection. Due to his experience as a military working dog handler in the Rangers, Owen was selected to become the Department's sole K-9 officer and partnered with the young Dutch Shepherd named Bear.


Education: Owen attended public school in Astoria until graduating 12th grade with honors. In addition to his high school diploma, he holds an Associate in General Education from Fayetteville Technical Community College -- a degree that he earned online largely by transferring credits from his military training. He is currently working towards a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, although with his packed work schedule progress has been extremely slow.

Accomplishments & Failures: When he was still in high school, Owen went through a "rebellious" phase of sorts and came into frequent clashes with his father -- a long-serving Sergeant with the Astoria Police Department. Following a particularly bad argument one evening, his father was killed in a car accident while on patrol. Owen never truly forgave himself for allowing the two of them to part on a negative note. He feels that he let his family down a second time when his mother was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma... while he was all the way across the world, in a war zone, unable to support her. However, Cooper's life has not been without its accomplishments: as a youth he took pride in what he was able to accomplish in the athletic arena, leaving his mark on the town of Astoria... and now again he is able to serve its citizens -- many of which he grew up alongside. Owen is widely-liked by the town's citizenry and that is not a trust he intends to abuse.

Likes: Outdoor Activities, Martial Arts, Exercise, Animals, Compassion, Professionalism

Dislikes: Office Work, Laziness, Abuse of Power, Exploitation

Virtues: Owen is determined, almost to a fault. An exceptionally hard worker when set to a task, he will see things through to the end and can scarcely be dissuaded despite setbacks. He has also become known as an empathetic, diplomatic voice of reason in Astoria during his time as a sworn police officer -- expertly defusing a number of verbal (and physical) disputes within the town... though he also possesses the steadfast resolve to handle the rare bout of violence should it arise.

Flaws: Cooper sets little time aside for himself and though he would never admit it, the stress of working multiple jobs is slowly eating away at him. Furthermore, while he is perfectly content to demonstrate endless patience with members of the general public, he is often less forgiving with some of his fellow coworkers when they fail to meet his standards -- occasionally coming across as overbearing. Owen has also not formed many lasting personal connections, rarely having time to date or even hang out with friends -- and indeed, this has led to a fraying of his of his skills in this area.

Personal History

Owen was born in Astoria to Randall and Lydia Cooper. Randall was an Army veteran and transplant from Georgia who had moved to the small town after his enlistment ended, settling down after meeting Lydia and taking on a job with the town's small police department. Lydia was a vet tech who worked at the small animal hospital in Astoria's city center, her family having lived in the town for generations.

Owen was the couple's only child and while they weren't incredibly well-off, he rarely wanted for anything. His father instilled in him a love for the outdoors at a young age, frequently taking him on trips into the Oregon wilderness to hike, camp, fish, and hunt game when he was of age. He ended up joining a local Boy Scouts troop, earning merit badges in a number of subjects and spending several weeks of each summer at "outdoor adventure camps" throughout the state, eventually earning the coveted title of Eagle Scout. Owen was also an active youth in the athletic arena in other fields. His parents enrolled him in karate lessons (and later, tournaments) at eight years old, which spurred a strong love for competition.

This competitive spirit would serve him well in middle and high school when he tried his hand at athletics, ultimately going on to become captain of the Varsity Wrestling team in addition to lettering in Cross Country and Track. However, Lydia -- who was at the time herself studying with the hopes of potentially entering vet school -- kept him on track academically, ensuring that he pursued a number of Honors an AP courses and that his grades never slipped. Owen kept a small albeit tight-knit group of friends from various walks of life growing up, actively shying away from the cliquey fame that his athletic success could have brought him in high school.

All the same, as he "matured", he inevitably clashed with his father: about curfew, about his future, about dating. Things came to a head one rainy Summer night after Owen returned home from a graduation night party following Junior year. He was late and Randall -- who had put off his patrol shift to wait up for him -- confronted him. The two had a shouting match that ended in more than a few things being said that both would undoubtedly regret and later apologize for.

Neither got the chance.

Owen stormed up to his bedroom, leaving his father to go out on patrol. Six hours later, there was a knock on the door from a man with a badge in uniform... but it wasn't Randall. He had been killed in a traffic accident during the storm. Owen broke down -- overwhelmed with guilt and remorse -- going into a deep depression throughout the summer and much of Senior year. His mother and friends managed to rouse him from his stupor and soon enough he returned to something resembling his old ways... albeit with a sort of single-minded focus and drawn in on himself. He went on to win the state wrestling championship and graduate in the top 5% of his class.

Despite receiving scholarship offers from a number of local universities, Owen knew that he couldn't remain in Oregon with the memories fresh in his mind. Instead, he chose to enlist with the Army as an Infantryman, volunteering for service with the Ranger Regiment. He spent six years on active duty stationed in Savannah, Georgia, though at times it seemed more of his time was spent overseas in Afghanistan or Syria than it was in the States. Despite the strife and conflict he'd witnessed and taken part in, Cooper began to come around to the idea of making a career out of the Army when he received a phone call four years ago... from his mother, who he had scarcely seen since leaving home. She had been diagnosed with a particularly advanced case of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Owen immediately booked a flight back to Astoria for the first time in years, meeting with his mother and her doctors to discuss treatment options. Unwilling to abandon his mother and lose a second parent, he moved back into his childhood home with his mother in order to help take care of her and drive her to and from her appointments. He also helped fund her treatments when her own savings ran dry. For work, Owen transferred off active duty and to a local National Guard detachment in Oregon. He also applied to the state police academy, graduating after several months before taking a position with the Astoria Police Department... thus following in the footsteps of his father.

Thankfully, Lydia triumphed over the sickness and is now in remission. However, somewhere along the way what began for Owen as a short-term endeavor to keep his mother healthy soon became something very different. As he drove down familiar roads, walked into familiar stores, and set eyes on familiar faces, something stirred inside him... and he felt at peace. Astoria felt like home again.

Where do they currently live?: Astoria, OR

Have they been here the whole time?: Born and raised in Astoria, left after high school. Returned four years ago.

What brought your character to Astoria?: Returned to aid his ailing mother, now settled down.


Lydia Cooper - Mother. Currently living in Astoria.

Randall Cooper - Father. Deceased.

Nathalie Haywood - Estranged childhood best friend. First love. NanLia NanLia

**Open to other relationships**
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My pup, Hermione, says hello

Name: Duke Theo Solomon be788b9c6ea974b929bc5f20304845fd.jpg

Nickname: Solomon, Theo, “Your Majesty”

Age: 22

Pronouns: He/Him

Sexuality: Bisexual

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Song that describes them perfectly: 7 Rings - Ariana Grande


Height: 5’9

Weight: 212

Facial Features: Duke’s eyes are simply just brown but they accompany high cheekbones and a generally nice looking face. His skin has obviously seen the sun as it is on the darker side. His eyebrows are thick and black just like his shoulder length hair and overall he’s a pretty good looking guy.

Body Features: Duke’s pretty fit as he tends to go for runs and work out in his free time. It’s not something he likes doing but being healthy is definitely a priority for him. A few scars litter his hands and arms from what can only be sewing and working closely with needles.

Apparel & Accessories: He tends to be very nicely dressed up and always clean. Most of his outfits are something people would die to own. Duke’s ears are pierced with gold spheres that really accent his tanner skin tone.

It really just depends on the day but on casual days he wears a leather jacket, jeans, and a simple white tee shirt. It’s a look that he says is comfortable but stylish.


Education: Highschool

Employment: Boutique Owner

Accomplishments & Failures:

Likes & Dislikes: Duke has a deep hatred for dogs and cats, as far as he can remember they just chew and scratch fabric beyond use. He absolutely hates it as he likes his fabrics in one piece.

He loves watching True Crime and can be found doing so every night. Cooking also tends to be a passion of his, he’s a family guy.

Virtues & Flaws: Most would think he’d look down on others who don’t look good but he’s actually not. He respects that everyone has their tastes that vary from his own. Besides, he doesn’t have time to focus on other people. Duke also gets lost in his work sometimes, forgetting to take care of himself as he works to finish a project. He’s dedicated is what he’ll tell you.

As for virtues, Duke can often be found going out of his way just to help people. He loves to solve a good mystery on the side especially when it comes to losing things.

Personal History

Family Members: Duke had a dad and a mom like everyone else. They were loving and amazing when they were alive but unfortunately passed away in a tragic car accident, the culprit was never caught. It’s what stemmed his love of true crime.

What brought your character to Astoria: Duke was actually born in New York City but moved here for a much quieter life.

Have they been here the whole time: No

Where do they currently live: Duke lives in a rather big home within the neighborhood. It isn’t far from his store and it serves as his place of residence just fine.

What's their employment: Clothing Designer/Maker
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s o f t b e a n

☆ Basics ☆

Name: Laika Nikolev

Nickname: None

Age: 24

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Bisexual

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Song that describes them perfectly:

☆ Physical ☆

Faceclaim: Maggie Lindemann

5'1" • 54kg


Facial Features:
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Waist length • Dark Brown • Wavy

Body Features:
Skin: Pale • light freckles
Markings or Scars: Scar on upper left arm and back of left leg
Body Mods: several ear piercings

Apparel & Accessories: Very Casual. Fancy tea dresses do not exist in her wardrobe. She's a sucker for novelty t-shirts that she normally pairs with jeans, shorts or a denim skirt and maybe a choker style necklace. Always wearing multiple pairs of earrings. She does have glasses but wears contacts most of the time instead.

☆ Mental ☆

BSc in Nursing Studies

Practice Nurse in the local health centre

Accomplishments & Failures:

Likes & Dislikes:
+ Movies
+ Video Games
+ Learning pointless movie trivia and horrible puns
+ Karaoke
+ Food (eating it more than cooking it)
+ Stormy weather
+ Space
+ Tennis
+ Gymnastics

- Jello
- Warm weather
- Swimming
- Heights
- Coffee
- Anything that says "Love you to the moon and back" on it

Virtues & Flaws:
+ Approachable
+ Jokey
- Sarcastic
- Stubborn/Prideful
-/+ Competitive

☆ Personal History ☆

Family Members:
Ivan Nikolev - Father
Sarah Holmes - Mother (Estranged)
Anna Nikolev - Step-Mother
Leia Nikolev - Younger Sister
Felix Nikolev - Younger Brother

What brought your character to Astoria:
Moved there with Father after her parents split up

Have they been here the whole time:
No, She moved there when she was around 9, Left for college at 18, then returned to Astoria after getting her current job

Where do they currently live:
(Undecided. Hmu if any of you want a housemate for your character lol)

Laika was raised mostly by her father with her mother leaving the picture when she was young and divorcing her father soon after. This left the at the time, young man to limit himself to work jobs that weren't far from home so he could both work full-time and raise a daughter. This meant the two did move home to be closer to new jobs a lot of the time, and while the two didn't live in the lap of luxury for the first decade or so they always managed to scrape up enough to get by over the years. Because of how busy her father would get, Laika is a naturally independent person. She'd rather struggle to do a thing herself than bother someone else for help. Apart from a bit of an unstable upbringing location wise and having to get used to moving around so much before settling in Astoria she has a pretty good relationship with her father and deems her childhood a happy one.

Her family life was pretty average, she did rebel a bit for a year or so after hitting around 15 when her father had met her now step mother, something she regrets now as an adult. She was too immature at the time to understand her father was under enough stress already without her causing havoc. That is water under the bridge now though as she checks in on her father when she can and is on good terms with her step mother and her much younger siblings.

After leaving for college Laika lived about a two hour drive away from Astoria working in a hospital in the nearest city before finding the listing for a new practice nurse in the town she had learned to call home before. Not letting the opportunity to live a quieter life pass she took the job and returned to Astoria

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angel boy; he/they, 19; semi-lit/literate; online
Name: Elias Viktor Nemec
Nickname: Eli, Vikky
Age: 19
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Gay
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Song that describes them perfectly: Aberdeen - Cage the Elephant
Faceclaim: Timofei Rudenko
Height: 181cm/5'11"
Weight: 68kg/150 lbs
Facial Features: Pretty and stoic; pensive
Body Features: A bit lanky, and awkward
Apparel & Accessories: He goes for a dark academia meets streetstyle fashion.

Education: Has graduated and works
Employment: Works in his Father's Deli
Accomplishments & Failures: He is very philosophical and is talented in words; he wants to be a poet, but refuses to tell his Father.
Likes & Dislikes: He enjoys books, music, coffee, cold, and solitude. He doesn't like his apartment, crowds, or airplanes.
Virtues & Flaws: He's very calm and easy-going and likes to focus on art and philosophies. His soft nature and kind aura makes him generally liked unfortunately in social events he's more of a wallflower; sticking to the background and staying reserved.

Personal History
Family Members: Petro Nemec(Father), Nina Nemec(Mother)
What brought your character to Astoria: Parents wanted a new start.
Have they been here the whole time: Moved from Czech Republic
Where do they currently live: In the Apartment attached to the Deli
What's their employment: Owners of the Deli.


Born in Prague, but raised in Karlovy Vary most of Elias's childhood consisted of all fairly normal experiences both good and bad. A fairly average student in school and adored by all his peers. As a child he was extremely timid and would much rather read in the library than play sports with his classmates. As he got older his parents grew apart and he spent more time socializing to get out of the tension at home; He started having more conversations and became well known and likable(often accused of being too good or a suck up).
By the time he reached high school his parents were in couple counseling and communicating better, unfortunately this would be around the same time Elias would meet his first love. A popular boy in his class, only a few months older. As the years passed Elias would eventually tell the guy resulting in not only rejection, but passive bullying by peers. News would reach his parents and although the reaction wouldn't be outright disowning; they would soon move away to escape the ridicule. Moving to Astoria, to start fresh and reside in a different space than what they are used too. Elias and his father still have a bit of a distant relationship, but he is close with his mother often reading her his poems or telling her about the people he had encountered that day.


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Bust :(

Name: Jennifer Anderson
Nickname: Jay
Age: 23
Pronouns: She/her, They/them (content with either)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Song that describes them perfectly: “We’ll Make It Through” by Ray LaMontagne


Faceclaim: (realistic only please)
Height: 4’ 10”
Weight: A lady never tells!
Facial Features: Her curly, deep auburn hair is definitely long, but exactly how long is hard to gauge, even for her. She always keeps it in a messy bun or ponytail. Her eyes are brown, much like the freckles that cover her face.
Body Features: She has a short, lithe frame. Her freckles do not stop at her face, and continue all around her body. Her ears are pierced, though she rarely remembers to wear anything in them. While mostly unseen, she does have a tattoo somewhere hidden on her body.
Apparel & Accessories: Jay cannot see without her glasses, which always rest on her nose. She normally wears more clothes than she needs to, preferring to be comfy over fashionable. Unless it is a particularly hot day, she’s definitely in a sweater and jeans, with boots that cover the remaining portion of leg the pants might have left uncovered.


Education: BS in Library Science
Employment: Newly hired librarian for the middle school in town.
Accomplishments & Failures:
Likes & Dislikes:

+ Books
+ Teaching
+ Gardening
+ Baking, mostly cupcakes
+ Board Games
+ Helping Her Community

  • Scary Movies
  • People Being Mean
  • Arrogance
  • Undervaluing Education
  • Ayn Rand Novels
  • People who don’t like cats because they’re “unreadable” or “not like dogs”.
Virtues & Flaws:
  • Jay is a helpful, involved member of any community she joins. This also lends her to be more naive and trusting than most.
  • Jay often prioritizes work and her students over herself and her personal life.
Personal History

Family Members: She has two brothers, Richard, the eldest, and Simon, the youngest. The only other family member she seems to ever mention is her PawPaw, or Grandfather, whose name is James. She hails from a proud line of ranchers, to which she rarely felt she belonged.
What brought your character to Astoria: A break from her typical day to day was necessary, and the job she was hired for was her dream position. She is originally from Amarillo, Texas.
Have they been here the whole time: No, she moved during the summer right before the current school season.
Where do they currently live: Undecided, but she has two cats,
What's their employment: Astoria Middle School Librarian


◢ Kitty ◤






  • basics

    Penny (Bo-Mi | 보미)

    Jazz Bar


    Full Name

    고 보미 - Bo-Mi Go


    Penny - Bo - Mimi - Princess - Penny Dreadful


    24 Internationally - 25 in Korea


    Homosexual (Lesbian) / Polyamorous

    date of birth

    August 12th XXXX

♡design by natasha., coded by uxie♡


Junior Member

Name: James Whipmore
Nickname: Jamie, Whip
Age: 27
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: Straighter than an arrow
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
A song that describes them perfectly: N/A at this time

Faceclaim: Ben Dalhalus
Height: 6'2
Weight: 210
Facial Features: Sandy blonde hair that borders oak brown usually trimmed fairly short, complemented by a short beard of the same shade and nearly the same length of his hair
Body Features: Keeping his physique to what it had been in the Marine Corps. Lean and physically fit though has lost some muscle mass since his enlistment.
Apparel & Accessories: James tends to wear comfortable clothes that consist of worn jeans and sh
irts. Most consist of having holes or ripped edges. He has only two articles of nice clothing. His military uniform and a nice pair of jeans and a blue button-up shirt. His father's hog tooth necklace.

Education: High school education. Marine Corps basic training, Mechanical training (taught in the service)
Employment: Owns Whipmore Auto Shop.
Accomplishments & Failures: James has survived two enlistments and multiple tours in the Middle East. Has a knack for anything with a motor.

During his time in the service, he lost an extremely close friend in the service. Having to watch him die has had a profound impact on his mentality, developing PTSD that crippled him in ways.
Likes & Dislikes:
Engines, shooting range, black coffee, running, cold weather, spicy food, whiskey, relaxing

People who lack common sense, sweet foods, animals (unless they have a purpose), his mother for leaving
Virtues & Flaws:
Loyal, Hardworking, early riser, honest
Stubborn, drinker, emotionally distant, lonely

Personal History
Family Members:
Richard Whipmore (Father, Deceased)
Marylin Whipmore (Mother, Location unknown)

What brought your character to Astoria: Returned back to assume his father's garage
Have they been here the whole time: Gone during deployment
Where do they currently live: Family home in the outskirts
What's their employment: Mechanic

Bio: James is the son of Richard and Marylin Whipmore. As an only child, he grew up in solitude. The product of a long military line more specifically the Marines as it had been a tradition in his father's side of the family. With that tradition and much to his mother's dismay, he also joined the Marines.

During his second deployment, his squad had been ambushed in a crossfire. A close friend named Mark had developed a deep friendship, to the point he considered him a brother who had taken a fatal wound in the crossfire. While he powered threw his mental distress it started taking a serious toll on him which led to him opting out of a third enlistment.

Adding insult to injury his mother left his father in a fit of rage. Which in truth didn't surprise him. His father committing suicide though because of it did. Losing both parents had caused him to distance himself from others on the fear that they would meet similar fates. Upon returning home James took control of his parents home and his dads auto shop.

Marilyn Whipmore - Missing
Richard Whipmore - Deceased
Most around his age group he knows growing up locally.
Old Flame - girl he dated in highschool but split when he went into the service. (Open)
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Junior Member
Name: Frank D. Cleves
Nickname: Dr. Cleves
Age: 44
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Song that describes them perfectly: Rag'n'Bone Man - Human

Faceclaim: Bill Burr
Height: 6'2
Weight: 195lbs
Facial Features: Wrinkled from stress and overall experience in the medical field, brown eyes, greyish-brown hair.
Body Features: Average build, strong arm and leg muscles reinforced by daily jogs.
Apparel & Accessories: Wears green scrubs over a white lab coat at work; wears a tan sweater, and black pants as preferred casual wear, and wears a grey tuxedo with matching dress pants and shoes at fancy events.

Education: Pre-Med Bachelor's Degree, Medical School Graduate, Residency in Internal Medicine
Employment: Attending Physician at the Local Health Centre, Previously worked at a major hospital in Portland
Accomplishments & Failures: Has saved countless patients during his career, but some he could not save. The most affecting patient he ever lost was a child with ALL that turned him away from pediatrics during his internship.
Likes & Dislikes: Studying, Reading, Puzzles
Virtues & Flaws: Thoughtful, Wise, Inquisitive, Analytical, Emotionally weak on Pediatric cases

Personal History
Family Members: Wife, 44; Son, 19 and in college
What brought your character to Astoria: Wanted to get away from the chaos and run a small-town outpatient setting.
Have they been here the whole time: No, Moved in four years ago after his Residency ended and he was certified in Internal Medicine.
Where do they currently live: In a small apartment, close to his work.
What's their employment: Works at the local health center as an Internal Medicine Physician.
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Name: Alessandra Hamza
Nickname: Alessa, Professor Hamza
Age: 29
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Demisexual
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Song that describes them perfectly: Sky Full of Song

Height: 5,6
Weight: 126lbs
Facial Features: Dark curly hair, chocolate brow eyes, tan skin with some specs of freckles over her cheeks, shoulders.
Body Features: Slim body type, with a confident and almost graceful demeanor.
Apparel & Accessories: Has a sophisticated yet progressive style. On a casual day, she'd prefers silk long sleeved tops, high waisted trousers and lavish jewelries. Normally she wears vibrant and fashionable turbans. Would wear a pair of glasses at times, or contacts.

Education: History Major; Master's degree
Employment: University Professor

Accomplishments & Failures: At a fairly young age, and especially a young woman of her standing, has gone beyond the boundaries, achieved most of her dreams and has seen the world in pursuit of adventure and knowledge. Though having seemed to accomplish most that she can in life, there's still a feeling of emptiness which she couldn't quite get, feeling lost at times and doubting the truth behind what truly defines her happiness.

Likes: Traveling. Socializing. Coffee or tea. Reading. Collecting old vinyl records. Alessa is a plant mom.
Dislikes: Feeling stagnant. Reality TV. Too gaudy fashion sense.

Virtues & Flaws:
Adventurous, Open minded, worldly and a bit of a perfectionist. Alessa is not afraid to follow her daring ambitions, whist still staying true to herself and to her beliefs. Spending her early years learning and immersing through different cultures, she values and respect those people who in turn she considered as her natural mentors. A free spirit, she is still a rational and level headed person, staying focused on her physical goals without letting herself go awry.

Yet being too rational, Alessa has difficulty discerning things in an internal level. She always doubts her goals and in reality never truly knows what she really wants. It's easier for her to do and know things when appearing at face value, but mostly misses cues or information when dealing with emotional and 'heart centric' matters. When being genuine she may appear blunt and inconsiderate, even though she doesn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.

Personal History
Family Members:
Ibrahim Hamza - 63- Father
Louisa Ferreira Hamza- 53- mother
Alejandro Hamza - 24 - younger brother

What brought your character to Astoria: Alessa used to travel the world, and was a host and blogger for a Travel Channel for 5 years since she finished her undergraduate degree. Though after going through a traumatic accident (private jet took an emergency landing at a remote mountains, being stranded for 14 days) and thankfully surviving, she decided to take a break and follow a different career path for a time. She wrote a book about her experience with the accident called "In the wake of the Wind".

She settled in Oregon, a place which, surprisingly she had never gone too before and pursued a master's degree where she later on took an instructor career at the same uni. After a few years she's still getting aquatinted to a stagnant lifestyle, a far cry from the life she used to live yet the town itself and the simplicity of life slowly grows on her.

Have they been here the whole time: Been staying in Astoria for 3 years.

Where do they currently live: In quaint little apartment, with a good view of the town.

What's their employment: Oregon State University (college professor)
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    between the bars

    Willa Moreau
    date of birth
    August 9
    cis female
    seeking employment
    apt above laundromat
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Name: Willa Moreau
Nickname: none
Age: 24
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: heterosexual
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Song that describes them perfectly: ?

Faceclaim: Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 lbs
Apparel & Accessories: Willa prefers to travel light and does not like to carry a purse. She is frequently seen in a leather jacket with plenty of inside pockets. She usually carries around a small notebook and metal mechanical pencil.

Willa is a very reserved person, preferring not to share much about herself to anyone. She was always a bit guarded, but now that she needs to keep her past a secret she is even more so. She does not show a lot of emotion, and does not even feel a lot of emotion. When she was younger, Willa thought that she was a person who felt very deeply, but in recent years has become very numb. She knows her emotions are in there somewhere, but she feels it safer to leave them buried.

Willa is very adept in her new avocation of blending in, even though an outsider sticks out like a sore thumb in this tiny town. She is a practiced liar and when pressed can come up with explanations on the spot when questions get too close for comfort.

The petite young writer can be very charming, but she is prone to being very blunt and matter-of-fact. She prefers to only speak when necessary, finding small talk and general chit-chat to be a nuisance.

Education: Willa graduated high school in Boston and received her BA in Writing from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Employment: Seeking employment. (Possibly a receptionist in the doctor's office?)

Accomplishments & Failures: Willa sees her BA as an accomplishment, but a misdemeanor on her record kept her from being accepted to the Iowa Writer's Workshop, something she still hopes she may remedy one day. She has had her writing published in some impressive magazines and was a staff writer at the Baltimore Sun for a time. She also sees her involvement with Caleb and his "business" as a huge personal and moral failing.

-black coffee
-the occasional secretive cigarette when nervous
-leather jackets
-emotionally unavailable men
-early morning jogs

-people who pry
-when people are emotional and need consoling (does not know how to do this)
-being touched and touching others

-excellent writer
-hard worker

-can come off as rude sometimes as she does not sugar-coat her words
-bad at dealing with her or others' emotions
-tendency to run

Personal History
Family Members: Estranged
What brought your character to Astoria:, Have they been here the whole time:, Where do they currently live:, What's their employment:

Willa grew up in Boston and spent the last several years in Baltimore, where she not only completed her undergraduate degree but also got herself involved in a lot of trouble. Willa dated a man, Caleb, who she later found out was a drug trafficker. In trying to help him out of a jam, she got herself involved in the local groups dealing large quantities of hard drugs in and around the Baltimore-Washington area. Then Caleb disappeared, and Willa found out that he had been involved in the murder of a local mob boss. Some serious people were looking for Caleb, and soon they started to come for Willa.

Willa knew she had to get away, far away, somewhere they would never look for her. So she cut all ties to family and friends on the East Coast and flew out to Oregon. She had done some research and found a quaint, quiet little town on the coast, a place no one had ever heard of called Astoria. She went there about a month ago with one bag and figured she'd get it all sorted out in time. She stayed in the B&B at first, until she found an apartment above the local laundromat and dry cleaner and is just moving in.

Willa had been looking for inspiration for a new novel, and she found it in Astoria--she started writing a murder mystery that took place in a cozy little town on the coast of Oregon. She figured she would learn about the townspeople for background and write in her free time, because she needed to get a small job just to blend in--she didn't need the money.
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full name

Atlas Aponi Washington



Butterfly, 'A'













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    (noun)a transitional state of being, the hard protective case enclosing a quiescent butterfly.

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: Kasey Dayne
Nickname: Kayse
Age: 27
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Song that describes them perfectly: Untouched – The Veronicas

Spencer Grammer
Apparel & Accessories:
She tends to wear skirts and dresses that are simple but designed to allow easy movement, flowy rather than form fitting.

Degree in Marketing
Owner of “The Hearth” Bakery&Café.
Accomplishments & Failures:
she graduated University with a degree in marketing. Her marriage fell apart, leaving her a single parent.

Baking, Reading

Dislikes: People snooping, being judged for being a single mom

Virtues: polite, soft spoken, skilled baker

Flaws: Tends to avoid conflict, avoids letting her walls down when it comes to her and her son.

Personal History

Kasey grew up as the youngest of 4 children to William and Norah Dayne. On the outside the family looked happy, however Kasey was not as driven as her older siblings. She could not find something to be passionate about.

She watched as her older siblings left home to become Doctors, Lawyers. Her own life more humble in nature compared to them. Growing up she became friends with James Whipmore. This friend developed into a full relationship.

Everyone in town thought it was a matter of time for them to marry. So when they broke up it shocked everyone. After James left on deployment, Kasey got accepted into university and she left town.

Family Members:

William Dayne (58): Father

Norah Dayne (55) Mother

Sarah Dayne: (35) Sister

Justin Dayne (30) Brother

Scott Dayne (28) Brother

Noah Dayne (5) Son

What brought your character to Astoria:

Kasey grew up in Astoria, so when her life was upended it seemed like her best opportunities lay in her small home town. So she went through setting up her own small business and moved back to town 9 years after she left.

Have they been here the whole time:

She had attended university in New York, where she settled with her husband and son.

Where do they currently live:

She lives in a small 2 bedroom house that her father bought for her to get settled in, until the business began to provide a steady income.

What's their employment:

Kasey purchased and opened her own small café/bakery known as “The Hearth”.

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