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Fantasy [App] The World is Under Maintenance So We Decided To Use Magical Mechs To Fix It


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The World Is Under Maintenance So We Decided To Use Magical Mechs To Fix It

Welcome to the app page for "Under Maintenance" where you'll be submitting a general overview of your character and mech before moving on to the official character sheet! We aren't looking for an essay or anything superfluous. As long as you get the point across on who your character is and how they utilize their mech, you're fine. Just remember to prepare some tissues for when we rip into your app. We mean srsbsns just kidding.

Some extra guidelines about the app:
  • Depending on who's available at the time, any one of the GMs/Co-GMs may evaluate a character's app.
  • This thread is ONLY for apps. Please don't clutter the thread with banter or CSs.
  • Images should be an illustration and credit for the artist should be given if applicable.
  • Consult the lore page before determining your character's pilot rank.
  • Make sure to turn off RTE while editing your app!
Below is the code for the app! Just copy/paste and fill in the app according to the notes and instructions written into the code. The top section should be about your character as a person while the bottom section should be about your character's mech. If you need any help, just ask!

[border=unset; padding: 0; position: relative;
/** edit your character image, size, and position here. if you don't know how to change the size and position, you can ask for help */
--chara-img: url('https://www.rpnation.com/gallery/img_21122016_232825-png.35605/full'); --chara-size: auto 100%; --chara-pos: center;
--chosen-element: var(--default); /** choose between --fire --earth --wind --water*/

--fire: var(--fire-b), var(--earth-a), var(--wind-a), var(--water-a); --earth: var(--fire-a), var(--earth-b), var(--wind-a), var(--water-a); --wind: var(--fire-a), var(--earth-a), var(--wind-b), var(--water-a); --water: var(--fire-a), var(--earth-a), var(--wind-a), var(--water-b); --default: var(--fire-a), var(--earth-a), var(--wind-a), var(--water-a); --wind-a: url('https://raw.github.com/gist/Alteras1/c552b8ef94bdce240b8782c2ab84022d/raw/26c4cc5ce8201b0fa98283c084d80d6a3b120736/underMaintenance-wind.svg'); --water-a: url('https://raw.github.com/gist/Alteras1/c552b8ef94bdce240b8782c2ab84022d/raw/26c4cc5ce8201b0fa98283c084d80d6a3b120736/underMaintenance-water.svg'); --earth-a: url('https://raw.github.com/gist/Alteras1/c552b8ef94bdce240b8782c2ab84022d/raw/26c4cc5ce8201b0fa98283c084d80d6a3b120736/underMaintenance-earth.svg'); --fire-a: url('https://raw.github.com/gist/Alteras1/c552b8ef94bdce240b8782c2ab84022d/raw/26c4cc5ce8201b0fa98283c084d80d6a3b120736/underMaintenance-fire.svg'); --wind-b: url('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gist/Alteras1/c552b8ef94bdce240b8782c2ab84022d/raw/b2f21989402c7c8084b7fe17c95eadeee4c3d3ff/wind.svg'); --water-b: url('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gist/Alteras1/c552b8ef94bdce240b8782c2ab84022d/raw/b2f21989402c7c8084b7fe17c95eadeee4c3d3ff/water.svg'); --earth-b: url('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gist/Alteras1/c552b8ef94bdce240b8782c2ab84022d/raw/b2f21989402c7c8084b7fe17c95eadeee4c3d3ff/earth.svg'); --fire-b: url('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gist/Alteras1/c552b8ef94bdce240b8782c2ab84022d/raw/b2f21989402c7c8084b7fe17c95eadeee4c3d3ff/fire.svg'); --bg-color: #f5f5f5; --tag-color: #77fcf7; --neon-blue: #75fbf6; --red:#ea3323; --gray: #727272; --text-font: 'IBM Plex Mono'; --subtitle-font: 'Titillium Web'; --holo-effect: drop-shadow(-1px -.5px 0 var(--neon-blue)) drop-shadow(1px 0px 0 var(--red)); --width-padding-math: clamp(15px, 7.5%, 40px); width: 100%; max-width: 1200px; margin: 0 auto; justify-content: center; align-items: stretch; display: flex; flex-flow: row wrap; box-sizing: border-box; padding: 0 calc( 15px - .25vw);][border=unset; padding: 0; position:relative; min-width: 300px; max-width: 100%; height: auto; padding: 20px; border-radius: 12px; box-sizing: border-box; background-color: var(--bg-color); flex-basis: calc(2/5 * 100%); flex: 1; margin: 7.5px; align-self: flex-start;][border=unset; padding: 0; z-index: 10; position: absolute; font-size: 10px; color: black; text-transform: uppercase; width: 100%; top: 3.75em; left: -20px; height: auto; display: flex; flex-flow: column nowrap; justify-content: flex-start; align-items: flex-start;][comment]

Character tags go here

[/comment][border=unset; padding: 0; display: inline-block; background-color: var(--tag-color); padding: 2px 6px; margin: 2px;][B]Chara Trait[/B][/border][border=unset; padding: 0; display: inline-block; background-color: var(--tag-color); padding: 2px 6px; margin: 2px;][B]Chara Trait A[/B][/border][border=unset; padding: 0; background-color: var(--tag-color); padding: 2px 6px; margin: 2px;][B]Chara Trait B[/B][/border][border=unset; padding: 0; display: inline-block; background-color: var(--tag-color); padding: 2px 6px; margin: 2px;][B]Chara Trait C[/B][/border][comment]

[/comment][/border][border=unset; padding: 0; height: 600px; width: 100%; font-size: 0; border-radius: 10px; pointer-events: none; overflow: hidden; position: relative; background-color: #525252; background-image: var(--chara-img); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: var(--chara-size, contain); background-position: var(--chara-pos, center)][border=unset; padding: 0; text-transform: uppercase; position: absolute; writing-mode: vertical-lr; text-orientation: mixed; color: var(--gray); font-size: 10px; right: 10px; bottom: 15px; transform-origin: center; transform: rotate(180deg); pointer-events: auto; /** 
 * Put the Artist credit below if applicable.
 */]Artist Credit here[/border][/border][/border][border=unset; padding: 0; flex: 3; width: auto; position: relative; min-width: 300px; height: auto; margin: 7.5px; display: flex; flex-flow: column nowrap; justify-content: start;][border=unset; padding: 25px 40px; padding: 25px var(--width-padding-math); position: relative; height: auto; width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box; font-family: var(--text-font); font-size: 20px; line-height: 20px; color: black; background-color: var(--bg-color); border-radius: 12px; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: right; display: flex; flex-flow: row wrap; justify-content: flex-start; align-items: flex-end; center; background-repeat: no-repeat;][border=unset; padding: 0; transform-origin: center; transform: skew(-8deg); letter-spacing: .01px; filter: var(--holo-effect); margin: 5px 8px; /**
 * Put Character Alias below
 * Character Alias = Mech Name
 */][B]Alias.[/B][/border][border=unset; padding: 0; font-size: 12px; color: var(--gray); font-family: var(--subtitle-font); margin: 5px 0px; line-height: 1; /**
 * Put Character Name, Age (in Digits) and Pilot Grade (C/B/A) below
 */]Chara Name (29) / Pilot Grade C/B/A[/border][/border][border=unset; padding: 0; width: auto; height: auto; min-height: min(500px, 100vh); overflow: hidden; padding: 25px 40px; padding: calc(var(--width-padding-math) * 2 /3 ) var(--width-padding-math); font-family: var(--subtitle-font);][comment]
In this section, please pitch to us the kind of character you have in mind. Do not make it long as you're meant to sell it to us. We'll be reviewing which characters we think would be interesting to have in the roleplay. Ideally you'll want to discuss mostly personality and only briefly touch on history if it's important to where your character currently is.
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[border=unset; padding: 0; width: 268px; height: 75px; margin: 0px auto; background-image: var(--chosen-element, var(--default)); background-size: auto 65px; background-position: 0 0, 70px 0, 120px 0, 205px 0; background-repeat: no-repeat;][/border][comment]
In this next area, kindly pitch to us what role your character's mech has in a mission setting. Are they a utility master? The person who hits hard and fast? Or maybe they prefer to sit back and take a long but accurate shot. The appearance doesn't matter as much as what specific purpose they fulfill.
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B Positive
Vivian Astier (24) / Pilot Grade C
Amicable and all too eager to help a comrade in need, Vivian's personality is the hallmark of what a pilot would typically wish to find in a squadmate. Her family background is quite unremarkable, but her humble origins keep her grounded and driven regardless of any praises sent her way for her magical prowess. As such, she picks up friends as easily as she does conversations, and even those who don't appreciate her inability to stay still for more than a minute know they're in goods hands. At least, any fool deceived by her harmless, puppy-like demeanor grows to intensely regret having failed to heed the rumors in the wind.

As (more than) a bit of a loose cannon, Vivian is a bull who charges on full speed without bothering to calculate the consequences. Even when the woman does breakdown the potential aftermath of her actions, as long as it gets the job done, the resultant demolition is but a paltry price to pay for the sake of supposed absolute efficiency. Given the sheer destructive force of her willpower and magic, it's difficult to say that her methodology is wrong, but, in most cases, it causes more harm than good. Fortunately, the walking natural disaster is perfectly willing to follow the command of one of the more sane and logical pilots dispatched. However, as an overly zealous person by nature, even careful instructions may result in "accidents" when she decides to kick the firepower up a notch (or three) higher than what was asked of her. There's a good reason why her pilot and coop grades remain low. Aside from her tendency to explain her thoughts and plans with strange cyphers consisting of a colorful range of onomatopoeia, that is.

Vivid is an average-sized mech with an equally average level of defense and slightly improved mobility due to its smaller size and sleek frame. Any extra space on the mech is left to store missiles or to host extra circuits to boost the final output of the magic that Vivian channels through her mech. Though Vivian's alias as well as the name of her mech is derived from her birth name, it isn't difficult to see why the title of Vivid is suitable for an otherwise unassuming mech. The heavy bombardment that its fully offense-focused arsenal is capable of is neither discreet nor very well-controlled, making it an excellent mech for missions that require bulldozing through dense environments or heavily-armored monsters but rather poor in situations that require a much more delicate touch. Due to its less-than-satisfactory defensive capabilities, Vivid is typically stationed on standby in the backlines until an aerial strike is called for. As much as Vivian would like to take on a more active role on missions, she's seldom ever seen in the thick of things.
honeyworks YUI
Sylvain Yune (26) / Pilot Grade B
A recently promoted B grade pilot under the alias Tyto. Because of his knack for filing and submitting paperwork with swift efficiency, he is sometimes called the Paperwork Fairy by his more familiar colleagues. His favorite type of mission is research related escort or research expeditions because of his own curiosity and his family background. He comes from a family of scholars and research mages with a few pilot mages here and there. While the Yunes are a large family, they’re still more well-known for their scholarly magi-tech endeavors than their pilot mages.

But Sylvain is still infamous in his own way within the administration departments for not knowing how to take a vacation. This is mainly because he has the unfortunate tendency to turn his breaks into something related to busywork and vice versa. Long weekend? Time to visit grandma after baking cookies and pie. Or clean the house from top to bottom. Or go training. ...Yeah he got that S in cooperation grade through sheer inability to sit and take a vacation for even an hour.

Tyto. A flight enabled mech that focuses on stealth, speed and utility. Tyto's favorite strategy is taunting monsters by swooping down from the air and clipping at their backs with its “talons” before boxing them in with other teammates or wind walls. The mech also has sound muffling functions installed into the magic circuitry so even at higher speeds, the mech will be able to deploy silently and efficiently. Tyto also has auditory enhancement functions that allows Sylvain to hear sounds from large distances when in standstill mode. It also has visual enhancement functions but Sylvain says that this is still a work in progress because he gets motion sickness from it.

Tyto is often deployed in team missions, research escort missions or recon missions. Occasionally, Tyto will be sent to resource gathering and shipment missions but those are less common.
Light footed
Lunar Wave.
Jyotsana "Joy" Nilo (21) / Pilot Grade C
A practitioner of the Flowing Water forms of the Martial Arts of the Moonlit Strike, Jyotsana is the much younger sister of the A rank pilot "Lunar Force" Sikhana Nilo. She is quite friendly and somewhat more emotive, much to the surprise of those familiar with her sister. Jyotsana, or Joy as she is often called, followed in her sister's footsteps and became a pilot, respecting her as a role model and goal to reach. Within the pilots of Sigma's various circles, Joy is known as a much more sociable version of Sikhana, if only lacking in maturity at times. Nonetheless, she has proven her skill in her career so far, and is only a few missions away from B rank consideration.

Lunar Wave specializes in Dexterity, sub in Speed. Similar to its pilot, Lunar Wave is agile and has a dexterous range of motion, making it akin to an oversized martial artist. It has great balance and technical ability, but lacking in defense and firepower. Geared to mimicking the techniques of the Flowing Water of the Moonlit Strike, it is most often deployed in missions that would encounter regions of water. In such a suitable area, Lunar Wave can harness the water to perform powerful water attacks in-line with Joy's martial arts. Otherwise, Lunar Wave can rely on a personal supply of water to perform limited actions.
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kieye kewe (31) / Pilot Grade C
Kieye's someone many of the trainees and newbies consider an older sibling of sorts. They have an easygoing demeanor and have their emotions grounded, a reflection of their magic element. They're one of those people who accept that shit will inevitably happen. All one can do is roll with the punches and make the best of their lot in life. That's what they did when an injury during combat cost them an eye and a demotion. Kieye's unbothered. Yeah, it sucked that their eye was now gone and they'd been at the brink of being relegated to a desk job. But what matters is that it didn't happen. Kieye's still with the team, lending a listening ear and playing mediator with their lucky coin during the frequent fights that break out in their household.

Despite the demotion to their pilot rank, Kross' responsibilities remain unchanged. Kross is, first and foremost, a utility mech. In fact, this is likely the reason why Kieye remains an active pilot. Due to the dangers of the monsters, much of the world map remains ambiguous or even unknown to civilization. Kross' magic lays in the manipulation of earth itself, and the inherent knowledge that comes with it. When needing to get a lay of the land, Kross can map an accurate topography of an area greater than any normal machine. It’s even able to include any resources found within the earth. Not only that, but once it has been registered and uploaded to Kross' database, any changes will update every time they visit. It's not uncommon to send Kross out to check if data is still accurate or if there are any changes they need to be aware of near the Biodome. That being said, what they have in utility they lack in firepower. It's never a good idea to send them out on their own, but their presence remains invaluable.
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icarus complex
Yulia Suzurai (21) / Pilot Grade C
Yulia is an individual driven by an innate sense of gallantry, and spurred towards greatness by empathy for those which life decides to punish for the sins of others. She holds onto her valorous heart as the core strength that cultivates her purpose in the world, as no other reason for existence is a variable in her sense of morality. As such, Yulia is a megalomaniac by nature, and a soldier of the people by choice. To cast her morals aside is to fail at the one purpose that had kept her heart beating—nevermore finding pleasure in the idea of becoming someone else.

A self-proclaimed hero according to her fervent tongue, but the history of the world is written by the actions of its characters. Certainly, her skills are unrivaled. Her words mirror her talents when it comes to the piloting of mechs—yet, Yulia fails to understand that her actions are not heroic—but instead disruptive to the natural order. Uncooperative and disobedient as one would expect from a person that bathes in their own arrogant praises, Yulia made a habit of disregarding criticisms that are aimed towards her questionable gallantry.

A complex soul that knows no wisdom other than their own egotism. For someone who strenuously pulls the perspective of the world in her favor, she shall find redemption when the time is right.

Apophis is a black-crimson mech that specializes in mobility and hyper-offensive tactical maneuvers. Manipulating the attributes of fire, the Apophis accelerates when a great amount of heat is present within the battlefield, using its temperature to force the Catalyst Core inside the mech into an overdrive, enhancing its mobility to an unparalleled level. Outside of its passive effect, it has a powerful thrusting capability that triumphs defensive beasts, impaling even the toughest of scales with its blade, the Diabolos Edge.

However, the Apophis is not without a critical weak point. Its durability tends to be its greatest weakness, and any immobilization will void more than half of its abilities to be dysfunctional, causing the Apophis to become a paralyzed prey to whatever beasts around its parameter. Alongside this obvious fragility, the Apophis cannot accel when heat is not present on the field, rendering it worthless when the environment does not complement the mech's specialties.

Original by DamonCheld
Sigmundr (22) / Pilot Grade C
Upon first meeting Sigmundr, one gets the idea that this rather small person is almost scared to speak. When spoken to, he only gives nods and small, almost terse, responses. He also seems frail, considering he has both blindness and muscle atrophy. However, that is a far cry from what he actually is like. When around familiar faces, his quiet attitude morphs into an excited babble of various topics- mostly focused around technology. And it's no wonder, especially given how magi-tech has helped Sigmundr recover from his varying conditions. From the echolocation device implanted on his temple, to the electrical muscle stimulation devices placed on various locations on his persona, Sigmundr almost owes his almost-normal life to these devices, and as such, Sigmundr has a fascination with them.

Bearing a brilliance that only comes with a sense of eccenticity, Sigmundr can calculate complex problems mostly in his head. That being said, he is still human, and as such he often finds speaking his thoughts aloud makes his thought process run smoother, and will often mutter his thoughts. He's not all maths and physics though, as Sigmundr is also a massive fan of comics and manga, particularly ones that have a basis in science. Expect him to go on and on about said stories, as Sigmundr is very hyperfocused- almost obsessive- in what he finds interesting. He has a determination to finish anything he starts, and that obsession can lead to him getting frustrated and upset. Despite all of this, Sigmunr isn't unfriendly. While he gets tired of talking, and while his hyperfocus can make him seem overbearing, Sigmundr is a very friendly person once you get to know him. With some oddities- his constant shorthanding of everything and ridiculous refusal to turn left, as well as fear of small animals and dislike of loud shrieking noises name just a few.

Resonance follows along the same lines as its pilot: Small, with lots of tech to back it up. The mecha's primary role is that of a mid-longish range strafer, relying on its DMR like bow to propel sonic arrows at the enemy while its oversized wings and jets allow for quick movement, especially in lateral directions. That being said, Resonance, while giving off the appearance of a potentially damaging opponent, actually does very little damage. Sonic waves tend to not be lethal, after all. Rather, Resonance uses a mixture of its agility, speed, and sonic attacks to attract an enemies' attention, before using said sonic attacks to buffet the enemy around while maintaining distance, with a light forcefield providing a buffer, if precarious one. As such, Resonance is a very defensive oriented mecha, relying on unorthodox methods to tank attacks; while it has only a somewhat low attack, it has a lower defensive armor than what a guardian mech should have, complimented only by a small forcefield, but boasting an incredibly high manuverability and mobility.
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Roland d’Orleans (20) / Pilot Grade C
A greenhorn that got his C-rank just the other day. A reckless rookie. He wants to be taken seriously so he acts like what he thinks is a seasoned professional, but he is most absolutely not.

Dedicated? Sure thing, to this day he keeps up a training and study routine like he's still an ordinary trainee. Talented? Hell yes, top of his class easily. Experienced? Hell no. Not in the slightest. The only monsters he’s seen were from a safe distance, during an incursion into the dome in his childhood that gave him the dream to become a Pilot in the first place, and then the easy marks given to D ranks.

Underneath his polite and seemingly calm officer and gentleman exterior is a happy go lucky brawler. If he's not on an adventure, he's preparing for one. He loves the surge of adrenaline from a good fight, and the sweet taste of a well earned victory. That is not to say he is a sore loser. Be it either through brawn or brains, he does not care how he is defeated, so long as he can bounce back and improve. While he is no longer the lunatic berserker he started off as in the academy, dangle a tough challenge in front of him and he still struggles to say no.
Rasputin is a very straightforward big brick of a tank with a big brick of a gun.

It’s primary strength is in it’s firepower, followed closely by ruggedness. Most attacks that land on Rasputin do little more than chip off some stone-like skin while the main gun has utterly apocalyptic single shot damage. Between the sheer size of the main gun and the specialist ammunition it can fire Roland and Rasputin can punch far harder than most people expect from a C-class mech. Practically anything he can see, he can hit, and hit hard. He needs this accuracy, as between the low rate of fire and the shallow ammunition pool of just 18 rounds every single miss is sorely felt. Once he’s out of rounds, he’s out of action until a highly intensive reloading process is undertaken someplace considerably less dangerous than an active battlefield.

The tank obviously has rather poor maneuverability. While it can go over or through most obstacles, Rasputin remains a lumbering behemoth at the best of times. Roland tries to stay close to an ally at all times just in case something big and nasty pops up close by that his back-up machineguns cannot deal with. Running away tends to not be much of an option. He’s somewhat capable once he has a cliffside or something nearby, so he can scrape off any unwanted passengers off like burnt toast, but in general his melee ability is low to non-existent.

Likewise, his utility as of right now is somewhat limited. Can the problem be solved by a really, really big gun? If yes, Rasputin is your mech.
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Izumi Sai
Yumeko Suzurai (20) / Pilot Grade C
Commonly known as the younger sister of Yulia Suzurai, Yumeko is a woman who has developed an inferiority complex from being unnoticed due to her older sister's brazen nature. In demanding environments, the brunette is known to be highly competitive, and, in some cases, refuses to back down, even at the cost of her own safety. Yumeko is unable to understand when a situation is ultimately out of her control and is therefore usually determined to see a battle through to the end, a selfish characteristic of hers that could cost her her own life. However, she understands the risk that she puts herself, and potentially others, through, and takes full responsibility for her actions. In exchange for her unrelenting persistence, she would accept any consequence that would come her way.

Yumeko is not one to work very well with others. If she could go it alone, she most likely would. However, if a mission would seem more efficient to be completed as a team, or if she were demanded to cooperate, she would comply so as long as her teammates interfered with her as little as possible and did not interact with her in a condescending manner. She understands that her frustrations should not be taken out on others, so she attempts to remain cordial to a certain degree, although with a distant front. Not everyone may like her, but this she is fine with, as long as her accomplishments would soon gather the attention and acknowledgement of others. By becoming a pilot mage, Yumeko would hope to create a name for herself so she could finally be free from living in her sister's shadow.

Sasori, which translates to "scorpion", looks and functions similarly to the name which it was given. The land-dwelling mech, with its length longer than its height, provides a sufficient amount of defense with bulky front claws and a tough exterior. Its line of offense, on the other hand, is subpar: it can attack with either the tail or the claws, but never both at the same time, in order for the mech to maintain its balance. The tail can attack from a distance by projecting a substance synthesized by poisonous plants from its end, or it can be used to chuck rocks at enemy targets. The tail can also swing forward to attack the target from an immediate distance in front of itself. The claws, on the other hand, swing at a much slower rate due to its weight and can otherwise compromise its agility. Although they may pack a punch, they are more efficiently used for protection.

Sasori is acclimated to environments of both sweltering and freezing degrees, which may come in handy in environments with fluctuating climates. However, despite being able to withstand intense heat, Sasori is not immune to burning, and may cease to function— or possibly even combust— when in contact with extremely high temperatures.
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Annji Sonoshee (25) / Pilot Grade D.

Annji is, in a way, quite cynical, and whole-heartedly believes any day could be her last, but she tries to make the most of it. She can appear wild or even crude, and often rough-houses when she flirts, and, boy, does she flirt, even if it may not seem as such at first. A product of her cynicism is her ability to enjoy the little things, and often partakes in the niche and strange of all manner of subjects, although it’s more than often just strange food.
Her parents were both mechanics, and kept Annji far away from their work, the girl developing little interest in the profession herself, wanting to be a pilot instead, mostly due to the fact her parents were also the founders of a prolific firm, but would spare her no legwork if she had desired to become a mechanic herself, which she didn’t. Annji was drawn to action, to become a mage, by an almost childish angst, that she would have little other place in the world but to fight. And fight she does, bringing a raw, passionate rage into combat, channeling an energy unlike many will ever see. She sees no gallantry in her work, and simply believes it’s a job that needs doing, despite how much she takes out on her work.

Tiamat, a hot-rod red close-quarters oriented mech with capability to dash through the air at high speeds, channeling combustion-style fire magic to create bursts of energy, granting it exceptional damage capability and speed, but little in the way of defense due to it’s light frame, thus it’s most reliable method of attack requires it to play hard-to-get, moving to advantageous positions by dashing through the air and moving in to attack when the opportunity arises. It can glide around at impressive speeds, but cannot be used for proper flight, and it’s thrusters are best used for occasional use, when dashing. It’s primary weapon is a javelin, as it resembles an oversized spearman, that it may either use as a melee or ranged weapon, with reliable accuracy. It’s most devastating ability comes when it has it’s enemy where it wants it. It can unleash violent barrages of precise and powerful strikes by releasing a volley of combustions, accentuating it’s already vicious attacks with literal explosive power.
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Lucinda Ardent (23) / Pilot Grade C

Orphaned granddaughter of Lord Victor Ardent, CEO of Ardent Heavy Industries (AHI) and retired A-Class Pilot of the now decommissioned mecha, Sleipnir, Lucinda lost her parents at the tender age of 5 to a freak accident. On route to another Biodome for a business meeting, on what was supposed to be a safe passage, Central lost the transport's signal. Scouts were immediately dispatched and soon came upon the wreckage of the vehicle and its lone mecha escort which had also been destroyed. Though there was evidence of a fight and bloodstains, no bodies were found. Not far from the area, an injured monster was found and was summarily despatched. The crown prince of the AHI Megacorp and his wife was ruled to be missing and considered deceased.

Lucinda grew up with high expectations placed upon her small shoulders. She could have any material thing at her beck and call, to suit her whims and fancies, as long as she fits into the mould her grandfather, now caretaker, tailored out for her. Victor Ardent regretted not allowing his son to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot just like his father, and instead curated his life to one day take over the reins of the business empire. In his grief for his lost child, Victor made the same mistake. This time, Lucinda was the victim. Made to undergo a strict regimen of tutelage and physical training so that she could one day, become an accomplished pilot, just like her father had once wanted to be. She'd been too young to have a voice, and by the time she grew old enough to have one, she'd gone so far down the straight paved road she'd forgotten she had one.

It was this strict upbringing that initiated Lucinda into being a formidable student, then trainee, and eventually, pilot. Constantly pushing herself to excel and exceed her grandfather's expectations, unwittingly bearing the burden of living a life that was not meant to be hers. Perhaps it is the frustrations of a little girl buried deep inside that manifested into her cold austere demeanour. Lucinda holds a deep resentment against monsters and any colleagues or fellow teammates whom she deems unsuited to be a pilot; the latter of which isn't necessarily limited to skill but also in attitude.

Lucinda takes her role as a pilot seriously, perhaps too seriously. She has trouble working with more playful and desultory personalities.

Skadi is the embodiment of Lucinda's psyche. Her drive to pursue greatness and bulldoze her way through challenges through sheer indomitable discipline. If she wants something done, she gets it done and brutally so. The hulking mech utilizes Lucinda's elemental powers of ice and water to enhance its armour and strength (by providing weight and stability), encasing its chassis with hardened ice that shatters upon impact, dispersing damage and quickly replenishing itself. Skadi is always seen at the frontlines of battle, slugging it out with monsters, armed with nothing but its fists and Dainslief, a giant icy warhammer. Where Skadi excels in strength and melee, it lacks in speed and firepower (of which it has close to none).

In essence, considering the mech's capabilities and Lucinda's preferred way of 'solving the problem' (problem being monsters), Skadi's role is often the brawler. Getting up close and personal to smash ugly faces while Lucinda's more cowardly teammates make use of the distraction to poke at the enemy from afar.

While you won't catch the mech doing backflips, Skadi can propel itself relatively quickly across open spaces with the aid of ice thrusters, laying down a layer of ice for it to skate across. Nonetheless, this mode of movement is more useful for covering straight distances, not so much dodging and evading attacks. When near colder or moist environments, Skadi's defensive capabilities can be extended to shield other mechs in close proximity to it with a shimmering icy dome.
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Sirius the Jaeger
Atlas Common (24) / Pilot Grade C

As a child, Atlas was quiet, caring, and shy, often encouraging those being bullied from a distance – safe enough where no one could hear him whispering his inspirational speech about why bullying was bad. Atlas grew up with his mother, his father refused to live in the safety of the biodome. This disagreement is where everything changed for him. The argument ended with an accident; Atlas was taken to the biodome to receive treatment for his severe head injury. After the accident, Atlas’s personality changed. He became bold, aggressive, and confrontational. His shy demeanor was destroyed, and a new persona took over.

Atlas is intelligent, preferring to think situations through before acting. Though he prefers to find his own way, he will cede to authority, but that doesn’t mean he is willing to be silenced without an explanation. As he aged, he became obsessed with self-improvement which gave him a desire to be well-rounded and skilled with defensive and offensive tactics – not wanting to lean too heavily in one direction. If he became the strongest, who would be able to silence him? Atlas’ goal is to reach the top, but not necessarily for mankind. Atlas has always been brushed aside. His childhood memories are his own nightmare that fuels him forward. Silence creates more issues than it solves, and he has taken to heart the phrase “carpe diem” while adding his own modifications. He believes today belongs to him but so did yesterday and so does tomorrow.

Despite being a shadow of his former self, he still retains his ability to care for others, but instead of standing on the sidelines, he dives into the fray. Daily, Atlas is determined to remove himself from the coward he believed himself to be, but sometimes the pendulum swings a little too far in the opposite direction.

Bellator is designed for close combat paired with swift movements and combo attacks. This mech is created for ground or water fights and is less coordinated in the air. The medium build of this mech provides defense from standard attacks making it versatile in the field. However, Bellator depends more on its speed to evade heavy attacks and its sword/shield combo to incapacitate opponents.

The sword and shield are encased with high-pressure water that increases the attack and defense power. The machine's armour is also capable of covering itself with ice in order to bolster defense. Bellator provides a balanced attack and defense, able to hold back various types of enemies while inflicting high damage. This mech was built to withstand a limited number of heavy blows paired with agility to parry or dodge many oncoming strikes. This mech is suited for any environment, as long as flight requirement is limited.
Takehiko Inoue
Jiro Takemura (28) / Pilot Grade B
Like his linage, his journey is unremarkable. Being second born had always given Jiro an allowance to be wild while his older brother bore the brunt of their family's expectations. So, naturally, it wasn't until he was truly sincere in his intent in becoming a pilot, catalyzed by combined envy and an existential crisis, that he broke down his rebellious spirit—a kind of self-forging, change beginning from within. The Academy honed what he brought in raw, unveiled innate talent, and provided him the path he's been on ever since.

He is a controlled flame, able to survive without feeding into dramatics. This is who he has remade his final cut to be, or what he likes to believe, but maybe it's because marrying young, becoming a father, and dealing with years of legal jargon and custody battles while he and his wife filed for a semi-amicable divorce required a certain level of emotional maturity. Because preserving some semblance of a happy family for his two kids means he can't dissolve into anger. Because stoicism in the face of a disregarded visitation schedule, though painful, is the most effective measure for maintaining balance. Either way it translates to work life.

Raijin is Jiro perfected. A sleek, offensive mech made of highly conductive metal. Raijin has two hearts, two generators churning out kinetic energy to be converted into electrical that can then be manipulated by Jiro. It's primary weapon is a curved, single-edged sword which is specifically made to allow a current to travel down it with ease. Raijin is smaller than most mechs, more fragile, a trade off to maximize speed. Though Raijin has a tendency to overheat when pushed too far. Breaks in the armor which allow for large plumes of steam to escape help mitigate this, but the threat of high temperatures is ever present. Additionally, overly wet environments amplify electricity to levels that can be difficult to control and, if possible, are better left to more suited mechs.

Combative missions is where Raijin shines, especially when paired with a good defense or another offensive mech that can disorient and bounce a target back and forth. Raijin also performs as an exceptional scout.
Virgil Saldanha (27) / Pilot Grade C

As far as Virgil is concerned, there is no work-life balance, there is only Virgil-Life. Well-mannered, charming, and amicable with his "showmanship" personality, Virgil works best from a supportive position. He is adept at de-escalating situations and hyper-focusing a team on a task, especially when they find themselves under great duress. His confidence in his work and his robust strategy logic both assist him in making decisions on his feet, creating a strong ethic that plays to a team's strengths. He exhudes confidence in his work, and often speaks and gestures in a very performative style, often bordering on the flirtatious.

Outside of missions he is a more laid back figure, offering friendly advice and dry solutions that more often than not are probably more dangerous than helpful. Work doesn't finish after a mission - upon return, he is usually studying footage from Fortuna or samples from fauna/flora. When it comes to his own research, he can still be a little cautious in who he shares it with, though is happy to share with superiors if he thinks a finding is helpful. Of particular interest to him is the Catalyst Cores, and the potential to artificially create them, reducing reliance on the Pilot's missions.

Fortuna's abilities revolve around gaining the greatest perspective on the situation, planning ahead and finding the best way and angle to support it's allies. To that end, it's abilities are more oriented towards utility and navigation than straight-up attack. Fortuna can manipulate the air molecules around it, extending it's "senses" to provide enhanced perception of an area by detecting changes in air pressure and movement of air molecules. It can also manipulate the air around itself to create cloud cover or long term sustained flight. It uses these abilities in conjunction to offer information to other mecha to allow them the best preparation for attack.

Offensively, Fortuna isn't incredibly strong. It has a few offensive capabilities which all revolve around an aerial bombardment and getting away again quickly. It's defence is lacking due to the requirement for the mech to be as light as possible to sustain flight for longer, instead relying on it's flight capabilities to get it out of range of land-based monsters. Alternatively, Fortuna can manipulate air molecules to create a very basic illusion to disguise it's location, though it requires absolute stillness and prevents any other techniques or weaponry from being used, it is a defensive last resort to rethink strategy and position.

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Nikolai Zhukovsky (24) / Pilot Grade C
There's a foreigner who's always been a little zany at the Academy: he drinks his coffee with six shots; expresses unabashed enthusiasm with weird noises; and gives off-kilter responses to simple questions (three languages and questionable fluency will do that to you). Easy to laugh and flirtacious, Nikolai is a blatant enabler of mischief, yet he's still competent and responsible as long as someone ropes him in. One could take him for an extrovert but he's actually rather reserved with the people he's close to, routinely going quiet for days.

Niko initially had no interest in becoming a pilot mage, but growing up an only child meant he had no one to follow— so he joined the program following someone else to their ends instead of his own. He's both codependent and protective, obvious at his habit of clinging onto the nearest person and being a little too attentive when they speak. Niko is someone who remembers your birthday the first time you tell him. He dedicates himself to taking care of others, especially doting on the younger pilots, sometimes with his own homemade cooking. On missions, Niko is very vocal about the contributions of his teammates and would willingly take hits to his own detriment. He's arguably the least competitive person for a pilot. Even so, some still take issue with his lack of direction and unambitious nature.

Domovoy is essentially a walking circuit component, starring a varied arsenal ranging from grappling hooks for vertical mobility and ziplines, to dual eletrical whips attached to melee short sticks, and nail-shaped rods thrown into foes both to keep bolts on target and an anchor similar to an ice screw. Domovoy subspecialises in stunning enemies, whether to interrupt an attack for allies to back away or give openings for a clean strike, working best when tag teaming with a more offensive mech. Due to the short range of his electrical bursts, the mech relies on these conductors to connect its attacks. Unfortunately these weapons aren't designed to inflict the most damage, rather they block and restrain and cut, eating away the skin of the monster. Niko's combat experience in Doble Baston also translates well into the mech with ambidextrous coordination and freehand applications.

While relatively well rounded, recent re-calibrations have been slowly moulding Domovoy into a support role, with large potential for utility. The newest addition of which is an expanded electroreception in both passive and active ability.


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