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Realistic or Modern Anchored for Love


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Amelia was correct. This chapter in our lives would always be the hardest one to close. I wish there was never an ending to it. I wished Amelia and I didn't leave for France and were still doing what we both loved and were made to do. It broke my heart knowing there wasn't enough of the correct coverage in the world once more, just like it was back when we were both in college. It hurt knowing I was no longer helping others and devoting my life for theirs. This chapter would always be the hardest to end but what Dawson put together all for me was the closure I needed, even if I didn't want it.

Amelia piqued my curiosity when she told me she had a gift for me upstairs. I hadn't been upstairs in the five years since I left and I wasn't sure if I wanted to step foot upstairs where all the action took place. Where all the meeting rooms and cubicles were. Where mine and Amelia's offices used to be but were now occupied by a new pair duo. I didn't think I could handle the emotions that would sweep over me being there, but I trusted Amelia just like I trusted my husband.

I laughed when I took the gold sharpie from her. The moment I saw it, I knew what it was for. I never got around to signing the canvas she bought me during high school. The one which had my picture from Rome printed on it. That summer was when I realized how much I pushed aside photography. I always had a desire to produce beautiful pictures but I believed it to be just a phase. I never thought my camera and I would change the lives of so many people by telling their stories through my photos. I knew a picture was worth a thousand words, but I never truly believed it until I saw how others emotions overcame them when they gazed at my pictures. I knew photos evoked emotions when every photo from an award winning journalist made me cry.

"It's nice to finally have gotten this sharpie but there's just too many photos here to sign, Amelia. My hand will start cramping afterwards." I said with a laugh, taking her hand in my own before I gave it a tight squeeze. "But I want to know what my other surprise is so I will go sign these photos and find you after."

With each photo I signed, the memories of them flooded my mind. Each story flooded over my mind and my emotions, causing tears to slowly fall down my face. I was happy one moment with a particular photo then in pain the next with another. So many emotions were evoked through my photos and when I was nearing the end, I smiled when I saw my husband walk over to me in his dashing ruby red attire. Wiping my eyes to rid them of the tears, I tiptoed to give him a chaste kiss to show my appreciation for this. "Thank you for this. You're one hell of a man I am lucky to call my husband. I'm glad I have you in my life." Giving him another kiss, I released a playful giggle, happiness and love surging through me when I saw how happy Dawson was in this moment. "I love you, Six. Forever. Do you happen to know what surprise Amelia has waiting for me upstairs?" I knew asking was a waste of time. If Dawson knew, which I'm sure he did, he wasn't going to spill the beans.

My hand ached from all the signing of the photos. My hand felt stiff but I moved it around as I followed Amelia to the elevator so we could go to the designated floor. Stepping out of the elevator, I released a deep breath I didn't even notice I was holding in. This office was still my pride and joy, despite the fact I nor Amelia no longer owned or worked here. We created it and I loved seeing the layout of the floorplan hadn't changed a single bit. "What's my surprise, Amelia?" I asked impatiently.

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