*Ahem* I am new.

Mr NoNoNuggets

A man on fire is warm for the rest of his life
I am new to this site, but not new to roleplaying. I have roughly 8 years under my belt on a few different sites. Sadly, sites keep dying so I keep moving. Now I am here in search or some lovely rps.

I am very literate when I post and often go a little over board when in my replies. I love details and each one paints a picture for others.

Nice to meet you.

I should also say, I am a sucker for romance. I love MxM Roleplays and the romance that goes on with them. There are so many possibilities and connections that can be made. Bring on the drama!

That's okay. I am knocking out in a second here too. Long time roleplayer. My other sites have either been slow or they died altogether. I needed a new place to find great roleplayers. Goodnight
Not to be rude but this may be a good conversation for PM's since this is another members introduction thread and I don't even see a "hello nice to meet you" anywhere.
That was fun to read.

Hi there new comer! Hope you have a heck of a good time and find everything you’re looking for. ?❤️

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