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Realistic or Modern AbrahamxSelene (Private RP) (CLOSED)


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Selene wandered the streets of Lumina, filled with grace and a seeming ethereal personality. Her hair was white, her skin tan, and her eyes were as blue as the ocean. She was 22 and compassionate, and she was always polite and careful...until she was distracted...

*accidentally bumps in Abraham and immediately starts to help pick up his belongings*
Selene: Oh my goodness, I am so so sorry I usually don't-
*looks up*
Selene: You're...new here...
*hands you your belongings*
Selene: I'm Selene, and your name is...
*smiles and tucks my hair behind my ear*
Selene: well, um see you around, sorry against for bumping into you-
I chuckle "its No problem," I flash you a smile then turn and start walking away
*sighs and walks away*
What the heck...
*sees a notebook on the floor and picks it up* hey Abraham... *looks around*
Abraham doenst hear her at first but after a few times of hearing his name being called he turned around and spotted you holding his notebook
"You dropped this" *hands the notebook to you*
*hesitates and shivers when our hands touch*
"where are you from?
"Oh im from Indiana , I just moved here recently. " I smile as i rake my hand through my hair
*blushes a little and smiles*
"That's really cool, what's Indiana like?"
"sorry I'll let you get back to whatever you were doing, I'm over in the bookstore if you need anything" *smiles*
"Okay thanks!" I say giving her a grin, Then turn stopping myself before i walk , "Let me tie your shoes laces together so you fall in love with me" I say as a joke then walk off
"phht" *smiles and goes back to my bookstore*
*restocks books and organizes them alphabetically, humming to myself*

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