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A queer playwrite
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Heidi (F), 16, is Rose’s girlfriend, has never seen this movie before
Rose (F), 17, is Heidi’s girlfriend, has seen this movie before
Esor(F), 17, Rose’s clone
Bod (M), 22, Movie Empolyee
Setting: movies, in a row in the back modern times
(Heidi comes in by herself early she buys some things and sits outside of the theater)
Heidi: man I feel so bad for making Rose come take me to the movies I mean, I feel like I’m taking advantage of her wealth I mean, her uncle is Jeff Bazos and my family is just another ‘mom and dad have to take a double shift to put food on the table’ family I mean I’m not ungrateful in fact I’m far from that! I love all my mom and dad, I really really do! It’s just I would appreciate Mcdonalds to be less of an everyday thing and more of a reward. Whatever
(Rose comes in backpack on)
Rose: Hey babe!
Heidi: oh hey hun
(They hold hands and walk into the theater)
Heidi: So, you brought the snacks? I spent $20 on the fries, slushy, and popcorn (she would take out her fries that she bought)
Rose: yeah I snuck in cookies, gummy bears, and M&M’s. My family is so rich.
Heidi: ok but I’m so happy you bought me tickets to see “Invaders Of The Earth: 2” . The first one was so good. Made cry though, I felt so bad for Jamaica her own boyfriend vaporized
Rose: yeah.You cry a lot. (they would sit down)
Heidi: yeah these seats are so old, if these give way I’m suing.
Rose: SHHH! The previews are starting!
(the previews play and we see a list of movies one for a movie called Emily and Her friend, Last Man Standing, and Dolly’s house they all have reactions of shock, fear, and happiness. Finally the title screen plays)
Heidi: wow! It has a nice start
Rose: (mobiling) they kill her at exactly 1:06:08
Heidi: WHAT?! You spoiler!
Rose: Chill hun, I won't do it again!
Heidi: ok..
(The movie continues)
Rose: in 2 minutes they eat bobby.
Heidi: Bro stop I haven't watch this before
Rose: Oh sorry.
(the movie resumes)
Heidi: AHHHHH! (puts her arms around Rose)
Rose: this gets worse at exactly 2:59:59 the slice off her face really dark fitting for this theater
Heidi: That’s it I’m leaving. (she gets up) it’s so dark I can’t see a thing.
Rose: Why?
Heidi: You know why stop spoiling it! I can’t enjoy a movie with you any more!
(she leaves)
Rose: oh well, but, why did she leave? Why was she so mad? Sure I told her what was happening, but she should have researched heck, even flown out on her private jet to see the cast. But, wait she is poor, she doesn't even HAVE a car of her own, she had to drive her mom and dads car. Maybe I should give her $1000 just to apologize.
(End seen 1)
(Heidi comes in crying covering her eye’s tears falling down)
Heidi: ugh stupid Rose, I can’t enjoy a single movie with her. I swear she is a completely different person than when I first met her. She treats me like…..Like I’m invisible sometimes. I don’t feel the same spark, it was so fun at first.
(She sees a girl who looks like Rose)
Esor: Hello are you ok I heard crying and thought that I should come check on whatever was going on.
Heidi: no, my girlfriend is being a jerk to me.
Esor: (Sounding caring) oh dear, I’m so sorry here, sit down
(they sit down Esor gives Heidi a tissue)
Heidi: thanks…. I’m Heidi (She extends her hand)
Esor: I’m Esor, nice to meet you Heidi (shakes her hand)
Heidi: So what brings you here?
Esor: My girlfriend stood me up, we were going to see Invaders of the earth 2
(Heidi would smile)
Heidi: Well, my girlfriend didn’t stand me up but she did spoil the movie for me.
Esor: wow… What a jerk.
Heidi: Tell me about it. Sometimes girls can't keep their mouths shut.
Esor: Hey I know this sounds sudden but how would you like to go on a date with me just once you can lose my number after, I mean if we do stay together that would be cool.
Heidi: Sure, how about next week a Pizza Pizza Piazza?
Esor: Sure see you then (gives her her number)
(Esor leaves as rose comes onto stage)
Rose: Heidi! I’m sorry!
Heidi: Sorry don’t cut it I found a girl and I think we could make it work
(Bob comes in angry)
Bob: were going to have to ask you to leave
Rose and Heidi: WHY?
Bob: You were both causing a disturbance.
(they leave)

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