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Realistic or Modern A Lust For Violence


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AGE: 36
PERSONALITY: Sociopathic Narcissist with an absolute God complex. He is charasmatic and charming at times, able to keep a facade of normalcy abay. But make zero mistakes, he is brutal and ruthless. He believes himself above fate, God and all. He is unforgiving. When he has made up his mind to kill you, he won't give any second chances. He is a monster through and through. The Devil in mortal form.
HISTORY: Born in 1783, Thomas was born into poverty and had to survive on scraps and begging. He killed a young rich girl when he was 15 years old, stealing all of her jewelery. This led Thomas down a bad choice road of no return. When he was 17, he had robbed and murdered 16 people. In 1813, he was able to retain himself a family. A wife and a daughter. But due to his crimes, which he would not even quit even if he had a young daughter, his family was kidnapped, tortured and brutally killed. He is now numb to all senses of caring. In 1814, he acquired his first ship. He simply named it "God's Judgement." He led himself as a whaler, and soon found himself as a pirate. Now 1819, he searches the seas for unlucky merchant ships. And it seems he has found one...

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