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Fandom A day off (monsters of the leaf muckabout rp)

Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
It was a fine sunny day in the leaf village, the people live their lives behind the safety of the walls and the ninja guarding them on said walls and inside the village. It was a rare event as today almost every genin team had the day off...
No farming missions or having to find lost pets, no scheduled training or events.

It was simply a day off. One Lalilo planned to make the best of, after his early morning practice and exercise he was determined to eat takoyaki. However as the leaf village does not live by the sea fresh seafood sells quickly, the takoyaki stand being so popular meant that supplies could be sold out before the sun has even set and lines can stretch on for ages.

Lalilo would eat takoyaki today, even if he had to steal it from someone's plate.
"I'm not missing out today! Bahaha not even sensei can stop me, hell the fourth hokage can't stop this hunger! Bahahaha"

Lalilo thought outloud in anticipation laughing happily as he walked the streets towards the stands. On a day like this nothing could go wrong, hopefully anyway.
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The Flake
Gin Senju


Konoha Streets

Today was a great day so far! Gin had woken up early today in order to be prepared for any sort of training he may have to be put through, only to discover that he was given the day off. Then, the young boy had the good fortune to stumble upon a stall selling takoyaki! He even had the good fortune to secure a small portion of the scrumptious snack before the stall had run out. Now all Gin needed to do was to find a good place to enjoy the tasty treat before it cooled off. "Takoyaki~! Takoyaki~! I have delicious Takoyaki~!" The blonde nearly skipped about in joy as he made his way from the stall, still humming his tune. I wish every day off was like today. Gin thought happily.
Candy red eyes gradually gazed about the street, searching for a decent spot to sit down. Oh! That's a nice little bench- wait, no its taken. That's okay! I can just sit on one of the ramen shop stools- nope those are taken too. A light frown made its way to Gin's face as he quickly realized that he would more than likely be unable to sit down to eat his snack. Oh well, today didn't have to be perfect. The young boy could just post up somewhere quiet and enjoy his treat.

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