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1v1 Spar (Gryphtaur vs Sayaka)

From the vastness of the open sea emerged a peculiar creature. Webbed, golden talons stepped onto a sandy shoreline as a humanoid beast made his entry. A trio of smooth fin shaped protrusions jutted from his white feathered head which was complimented by a curved, bright gold beak. The body was more feline with tawny brown fur covered throughout. Most notably was a mane of dark brown pelage wrapped around his neck not unlike a scarf of sorts. Streaked with blonde and black, it was evident a great amount of care went into its fluff.

Soft russet scales lined along the well muscled torso of this specimen, trailing to the underside of his lengthy tail. Of an identical shade to the majority of him, the tip was frilled similar to his cranium and were also coated in white feathers. A black covert seemingly divided these two sections. A separate patch of these scales additionally made up the pads of his sizable paws, of which had pale tan skin between the digits. The arms were robust and had webbed structures attached from the sides brown ridges connected by tan skin. The legs boasted an avian constitution with the aforementioned talons and black feathers covering the well muscled thighs. Plumage of an equal shade constructed the wings draped along his backside comparable to a cape.

This all formed the warrior known as Tharraleos. Born of a race of battle hunters designated the Aerasginero, these Griffins also boasted aquatic traits that give them mastery of land, air and sea. The biped form seen currently is a suppressed form and under certain circumstances, these inhibitors can be relinquished. Although he was already vastly capable on his own and as with the others of his kind, his prowess can increase during a battle. He wasn't particularly alone either. Dwelling within his being was a sinister, semi sentient construct of pure pride energy. Crafted by the mage Tharr fought for as a mostly willing slave, it was given the hybrid as a host centuries ago. Feeding off the beast's inherent admiration of himself, it could bestow him a dodec of varying weaponry by building and storing reserves of power.

And for someone so seemingly powerful, he was merely wandering about aimlessly per usual. While incredibly adept at fighting, most of his time was spent adventuring the globe with no real end goal in mind. For how crude and primitive he looked, his brain was perhaps even more formidable than his brawn. Experiencing new surroundings satisfied his perpetual lust for knowledge and he most anticipated what could be found at this locale. He had been travelling undersea for about a week and a half before deciding to surface. Absorbing the remaining moisture from his coat, Tharraleos began to trek forth with piercing gold eyes on high alert.

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Shirou Emiya. That was the unique name he was given as a child. He was a participant of a great war, but lost his friends in the process. He vowed to become a hero in order to prevent the tragedy to happen again. Yet, he became something else entirely. He lost his original reason for becoming a hero. He discarded his own name from killing many innocent people for his mission. His mind became one of a machine, focused on a single command. He became a magus killing. He is Alter.

Alter stood on a large boulder, looking towards the ocean. He couldn't get rid of this nagging feeling that something was there. Magical in origin. A Magical energy signature meant some sort of magus must be out there. Alter would have to track down this magus, to kill him. That was his job as a magus killer. He would notice the signature was soon heading towards his direction.

Alter stood, arms crossed, as he waited. Soon, a shape rose and left the water. It was Humanoid in appearance, with hints of avian and fish on its genetically make up. Alter could sense the energy from it.

Alter stared at the creature, and asked, "What are you?"
Shirou would be greeted with the golden unyielding gaze of the aquatic hybrid that had seen centuries of battle. He halted his steps a respectable distance away, attention never straying from the unknown figure.

"A warrior beyond your comprehension." Tharraleos would respond with booming vocals and an heir of sophistication. A faint pompous tone could perhaps be distinguished, but one would likely be distracted by his eyes suddenly flashing a purple color for a moment. The duration was brief, but the dwelling sin embodiment had revealed itself at this display of hubris.

"Who might you be?" He went on to ask with a raised brow, arms crossing over his scaly chest.

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Alter answered the creature's question. "I have no name. I am an killer that has discarded his own name in order to kill without being tracked. And you," He put his arms down, hands open as two swords - one having a black blade, one having a white blade, appeared in his hands, which he then gripped tightly on. "Are my newest kill!"

Alter jumped down from the boulder and landed feet first on the ground. He dashed towards the creature, his speed was beyond that of human, comparable to the fastest wind speed ever recorded. He lept into the air, as soon as he was within 3 feet of the creature, and descended, swinging downwards at the creature.
Alter was certainly quick, but the potent processing power of the beast's mind sometimes made the world around him move at a slowed pace momentarily. More often than not his sizable body simply couldn't move as fast as he'd like, but his reaction time was still most notable. Tharr didn't even bother moving from his spot, instead his webbed golden talons shifted along the sand as he situated himself in a much more readied stance, arms now at his sides.

The blades of this foe would connect with something that had materialized from nowhere. Composed of opaque hardlight, it boasted the same purple color as the flashing of his eyes just moments ago. Taking on the appearance of a Greek Aspis, this round barrier with a 4 foot diameter was aptly named the Shield of Chivalry. Out of his entire arsenal, this was the only one strictly designed for defense. Even at a fifth its normal strength with the sole reserve placed into it, it was enough to deflect the strike. Not without taking considerable damage, however, as a hefty crack had formed from one end to another. Any more strength placed into the attack would have shattered it entirely.

"You fail to understand how outclassed you are." Retorted the proud animal. A toothy beaked grin was hidden by the construct, though his irises flashed purple 2 separate times. With a brief grunt, he pushed forward in an abrupt shove. This would very likely destroy the shield and send an array of indigo energy particles scattering about as it would wither into nothingness. But it would also just as likely cause some imbalance for his opposition which is what he was hoping for. Ever aware, Tharr would continue to keep close tabs on the magus killer.

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"What?" Spoke Alter. He certainly was surprised, as the creature ran forward, slamming itself into Alter. Alter flew back, the impact was more shocking than damaging however. Alter landed, crouched on one knee, one of his swords flat on the ground under the hand that held it.

"You are pretty quick. However, that isn't all I have." Alter got up, swords transforming into guns, same colors with a blade on the underside. "Let's see you handle this." He pointed his guns at the creature, firing multiple bullets while running an arc around it.
As the gun blade wielder took aim, Tharraleos had used his deceptive agility for a sideways dash. His blockade had dematerialized and he was left defenseless against the hail of lead. The bullets flew by just barely behind him as he picked up more speed. His acceleration was most notably lacking given his mass, but momentum often worked in his favor once his powerful legs carried him far enough. He noted how Alter began moving in an arc, so the clever beast retorted by maneuvering in an opposing rotation to have the rounds keep missing him by inches.

Suddenly Tharr took a bounding leap, his feet sailing through the air as he initiated a sideways flip, twisting his body to face his opponent. Expending his duo of reserves, the warrior would unveil one of his more lethal armaments. In his right paw formed a 6 foot longbow that he promptly held in front of him as it looked like he was prepping a bolt. It glowed the same purple shade as the shield before it and was of identical makeup. Similarly, an arrow appeared in his left paw that was brought to the bow's center. These two components forged the Archery of Arrogance, a resource heavy tool to attack with deathly precision from a distance. As he drew back, a glowing lavender drawstring would appear. This action took all but a couple seconds and aiming just as swiftly, the round was sent hurtling directly at the magi killer at the apex of his leap.

The Seagriff would land on his feet with only the most minimal of velocity lost as he continued to dash forth. His attention was set on how his foe reacted to the construct. Even with a sole reserve, it still held potent piercing capabilities. The damage still wouldn't be life threating as it was brittle and easily breakable. Even in the case of it breaching flesh, its nature would prevent the lingering ailments of puncturing. It mainly served as a distraction to at least allow Tharr to close the gap. Whether he was given this chance or forced to find another opening, he would be ready.
The gunslinger would find an object careening directly towards him the moment his weapons were drawn. Tharr's bow damages itself when firing a bolt and had nearly shattered given its low reserve count. With it still in paw, he keenly watched the trajectory in which Alter flew threw the air where his robust thought process predicted his point of landing. The hybrid would abruptly stop and with a loud grunt, chucked the damaged construct right at him as it spun like a helicopter blade. This would seem like it would be quite the painful interaction, but given its state it was more of a distraction than anything. As the magi killer dealt with that obstruction, Tharraleos would make a beeline straight towards him with his deceptive agility. Heavy taloned feet would tremble the earth with each booming step and his rostrum would bend into another grin, eyes flashing purple once more.

Now he was beginning to enjoy himself a bit more. This appeared to be the typical weakling with more bark than bite, but as things progressed he noticed perhaps there could be some entertainment to be had. It seemed the beast was almost studying him, testing his reactions to obstacles. This was no different and the clever combatant did have contingencies in case he was charging headfirst into more gunfire. Whether he'd go with an offensive or evasive approach was still to be decided, but he was more than confident with his improvisation.

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Alter brought his gun's bladed edges up to block the bow. He then knocked it down, before jumping forward, and dashing towards the creature. Alter's guns reverted to their sword form, which he then threw at the creature. "Trace On". He spoke. A new sword then materializes in his left hand. It was a dark age great sword, with a blue and gold decorated hilt. He was still dashing at the creature, behind the blades he threw earlier.

He was aiming to at least make his opponent evade the thrown weapons, so he could then fake him out and deal a major blow using his new sword. The more promising alternative, the thrown weapons hit their mark, which be would follow up with a heavy slash.
The bow withered away without a trace as the distance between the warriors dwindled. A hefty sidestep allowed the thrown swords to fly harmlessly past him and by that point, he was seconds away from another sword swing. As Tharr made this movement, he kept his left side towards Alter and reared his arms back as if he was holding something. 2 more reserves were added to his stockpile from the conceded thought and action of his evasion and these would be used nearly instantly, leaving one in his reservoir.

What was created originally as a farming tool and typically associated with the Grim Reaper himself, the Scythe of Splendor would make its appearance next. With a curved, 3 and a half foot blade on a six foot handle, this is a superb mid reaching slicer at just under half power. This was formed as he swung forth, the blade manifesting into reality just in time to clash with Alter's greatsword. Sparks of purple energy would erupt at the force of impact with shards of the construct breaking off.

Assuming this would redirect the strike, it'd also likely leave Alter stumbling momentarily. The momentum from the weapon's swing caused the beast to spin in a half rotation with his right side now facing his foe. This was anticipated though as once the blade landed on the dirt, Tharraleos would drive the bottom of the handle into his opponent's midsection. It wouldn't hurt no more than a normal punch and was likely meant to compliment much more painful follow-ups. The scythe however had sustained major damage with fractures now along almost the entire thing. It was quite evident it wouldn't survive another blow. But if his execution was successful, a few more reserves would be gained for further use.

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"It seems you, like me, can summon weapons within an instance." Alter spoke, as he stepped back, the Sword not bouncing, but instead breaking. "You broke my copy of Excalibur too." He threw the broken blade to the side, as he summoned Bakuya and Kanshou once again, in sword form. "Yet that does not mean you impressed me. Trace On! Overedge!" When he shouted the last three words, the swords extended and widened to twice their original length. He swung Bakuya horizontally, the blade at the length to cut the creature in two if it stayed. He however also swung upwards with Kanshou if the creature attempted to evade, mainly as a second attempt.

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