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Realistic or Modern ๐™’๐™Š๐™๐™‡๐˜ฟ๐™Ž ๐˜พ๐™Š๐™‡๐™‡๐™„๐˜ฟ๐™€ โ โ€” ๐˜ค๐˜ฉ๐˜ข๐˜ณ๐˜ข๐˜ค๐˜ต๐˜ฆ๐˜ณ๐˜ด



โ™ฅ memes โ™ฅ
greek demigods

SON OF ZEUS โ€” the leader
the child of zeus, the king of the gods and god of the sky, is a natural leader being decisive, yet demanding and domineering. a child of the big three, he's arguably the strongest of the group alongside his fighting ability.(open).

powers: air manipulation, weather manipulation, lightning manipulation.
DAUGHTER OF ATHENA โ€” the warrior
a girl who knows her own abilities, this demigod is the daughter of the greek goddess of wisdom and warfare. she's got the high intelligence indicative of a child of athena, and is a skilled fighter but often not the greatest in the heat of the moment. (open).

powers: omnilingualism, enhanced combat.
SON OF HEPHAESTUS โ€” the mechanic
hephaestus is the god of fire and the forge, and his son has been immense skill in the forge both from his father, and from hard work practising and refining his ability. he is a tinkerer and problem solver, preferring to be hands on. (open).

powers: fire manipulation, metal manipulation.
norse demigods

DAUGHTER OF IDUNN โ€” the medic
the daughter of idunn might seem weaker or useless in a battle, but she's invaluable. she heals wounds โ€” not just the physical ones. she tends to act as a mediator for her friends, trying to ensure they remain a cohesive unit. (open).

powers: healing, plant manipulation, immortality bestowal.
SON OF HEIMDALL โ€” the protector
heimdall is a god with advanced senses, the protector of asgard and the bifrost. this demigod is unshakeable and dedicated, a person you'd love to have by your side. he's always on the lookout for danger, being rather protective. (open).

powers: light manipulation, enhanced senses, teleportation.
DAUGHTER OF LOKI โ€” the trickster
loki is the god of mischief, magic and fire. this demigod is a trickster born from a trickster, and the kind of girl you'd trust to get you out of an impossible situation. she's a quick thinker and not great with authority. (taken).

powers: shapeshifting, persuasion, invisibility/intangibility.
i've really just got little blurbs of what these powers are, and some weaknesses that must be included (e.g. contact is necessary for the daughter of idunn's healing). you are totally welcome to take your own spin and add interesting weaknesses or uses, because i'd absolutely love to see it. feel free to ask me questions about your ideas for the powers if you're unsure!

son of zeus' powers

air manipulation the power to manipulate air, which can also be used to fly for short periods of time.

weather manipulation the ability to induce storms and other change the weather. once a storm is created, then this demigod can summon lightning strikes, though they are not very reliable.

lightning manipulation without needing to create a storm, the son of zeus will be able to throw arcs of lightning and shock people. (acquired later)

daughter of athena's powers

enhanced combat the daughter of athena has this in a minor form, for when she picks up a weapon, she is intuitively able to wield it effectively. though not as well as someone who has trained with it. this demigod can learn fighting skills within a short time.

omnilingualism able to speak, understand and interpret any language. (acquired later)

son of hephaestus' powers

fire manipulation the ability to shape and manipulate fire. this demigod is unable to create their own fire, but will develop that skill later.

metal manipulation currently, this power only manifests as a simple ability to push and pull metal objects from the male's position. later on, it will develop significantly.

daughter of idunn's powers

healing through contact, the daughter of idunn is capable of healing.

plant manipulation apples and apple trees come easiest, but this female can manipulate all plants and will become more skilled with all plants in time.

immortality bestowal the daughter of idunn can grow some apples with intense concentration, and taking a bite of them will infuse that person with immortality for two minutes. (acquired later)

son of heimdall's powers

light manipulation a mostly minor ability to create flashes of blinding light (that don't affect him, due to his advanced senses). he's also able to use blasts of concentrated light offensively.

enhanced senses this demigod will be able to hear, see, feel and taste things no other human can. it's almost impossible to sneak up on him. in the future, he'll be able to amplify these affects temporarily.

teleportation summoning the powers of the bifrost, this demigod will be able to blink (albeit in the colors of the rainbow) and teleport around. also, he'll learn how to take others with him, and the distance he'll be able to go will grow with practice. it's a disorientating experience to teleport. (acquired later)

daughter of loki's powers

shapeshifting the ability to change ones form into that of either an animal or other human appearances.

persuasion this demigod can compel people to do things with the power of their voice. though only things they're capable of.

invisibility/intangibility the power to either pass through matter or become invisible to the naked eye. until mastered, only one aspect of the power is able to be activated at once. (acquired later)

full name

(you can provide reasons for nicknames if you want)



d.o.b + p.o.b






distinguishing features


(3+ positive traits with an explanation)

(2+ traits with an explanation) (meaning traits that could be both positive and negative, dependent on scenarios)

(3+ negative traits with an explanation)


family + important relations

(you can do this in either dot points or fully paragraph written, as long as it's fleshed out)

demigod info

godly parent

preferred weapon
(what weapon would they use in a fight/what weapons do they have?)

(include what they can do and the weaknesses of these powers)




โ™ฅ memes โ™ฅ
elodie monroe
full name
elodie vivian monroe


โ†’ edie: a shortening of her name used by friends.
โ†’ el: another option for a nickname. elodie isn't picky.
โ†’ monroe: the members of her cabin at wyrd fjall called her by her last name.



d.o.b + p.o.b
december 17th, in toronto, canada.


stefanie scott



distinguishing features

โ†’ charismatic: ...
โ†’ carefree: easy-going and friendly, elodie is someone you'd like to have around to be the life of a party. all forms of humor come naturally to her, and the female is fun-loving and always willing to try something.


โ†’ competitive: a drive to be better isn't anything to be scoffed at, however being obsessive over winning and being better at something than someone else is not healthy and rather annoying for many.
โ†’ determined: knocking down elodie doesn't mean much. she'll get back up every time, and try again, willing to strive to better herself or succeed (frankly because she hates losing).
โ†’ independent: not the kind to reach out and ask for help when she needs it, elodie can get herself stuck in a bit of a position. though, she's ultimately able to fend for herself and can get things done. unfortunately, elodie quite hates people depending on her or making her depend on them, resulting in her distancing herself from them.


โ†’ impulsive: second thoughts are not elodie's style. once an idea comes to mind, she simply acts on it, regardless of consequences. such reckless behaviour often gets her hurt or in more trouble. but in her mind, at least she's doing something.
โ†’ volatile: elodie's passion can quickly devolve into anger and aggression as she loses her temper. she often loses reign on her emotions and it clouds her judgement. such moments provide insight into what bubbles just below the surface.
family + important relations

(you can do this in either dot points or fully paragraph written, as long as it's fleshed out)
godly parent
loki, norse god of mischief, magic and fire.

preferred weapon
elodie is well trained in swords and axes, but unusually chooses to use a collapsible rod, which can also be split into two halves. she also keeps a dagger nearby.


โ†’ shapeshifting: the ability to change ones form into that of either an animal or other human appearances. elodie is often reluctant to shift forms, preferring not to when she can due to how painful it can be. human appearances are less painful, but tend to be less useful as animal forms give a much more diverse range of applications. elodie must have seen an animal in the flesh to be able to replicate its form.
โ†’ persuasion: she can compel people to do things with the power of her voice. though only things they're capable of. making a mortal fly would be impossible. those who know of her ability are able to actively attempt to resist it. those with stronger wills are harder to manipulate. since persuasion requires immense focus, it can be difficult to do it when interrupted or in a more chaotic environment.
โ†’ invisibility/intangibility: whilst not yet acquired, elodie has the power to either pass through matter or become invisible to the naked eye. until mastered, only one aspect of the power is able to be activated at once.


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๐™จ๐™š๐™š ๐™ฎ๐™ค๐™ช, ๐™จ๐™ฅ๐™–๐™˜๐™š ๐™˜๐™ค๐™ฌ๐™—๐™ค๐™ฎ.

โ› requisite. โœ

elijah giovanni morrone.
mainly goes by eli, it's easier.
cis-gender male.
march nineteenth.
verona, italy.
heteromantic, heteromantic.

face claim
lorenzo zuzorlo.
caucasian; italian + greek myth.
six foot, two inches.
dist. features
noticeable dark bags + calloused hands.
โ› pysche. โœ


โ†’ caring: eli has a big heart, bigger than most, he cares for everything. in hand, he can't help but care deeply, perhaps it's just the child in him showing -- he hasn't figured it out here.
โ†’ artful:
โ†’ diligent:

โ†’ impassive: putting feelings into words isn't easy for him, ever since he could walk -- it's easier to just stick with what he knows, truthfully.
โ†’ reserved: he's the kind to be considered a 'wallflower', he isn't against social interaction, but he has a short social battery in comparison to his peers.

โ†’ resentful:
โ†’ perfectionist:
โ†’ overcritical:
โ› abilities. โœ

godly parent
son of hephaestus.
preferred weapon
like his father, eli crafts his own belongings and prefers the use of any melee weapon. all of his belongings have 'e.m' carved into the surface, an old habit from his childhood.

โ†’ pyrokinesis: the ability to shape, manipulate and control fire and it's heat. in order to use mentioned ability, eli must find a source of heat in order to create a spark or flame. currently, he cannot create his own flame.
โ†’ ferrokinesis: intertwined with his godly heritage, eli has the ability to manipulate, shape and turn ductile any form of metal compound. so far, eli can move any metal compound from a certain distance and has yet to develop this ability.
ability weaknesses

โ†’ one: info.
โ†’ two: info.

โ†’ one: info.
โ†’ two: info.

โ†’ one: info.
โ†’ two: info.
โ› biography. โœ


โ†’ mother: safiya morrone ; forty-one ; museum curator.
โ†’ father: hephaestus ; immortal ; greek god of fire.


the first memory elias remembers vividly is his mother at the age of five; sunshine embodied in a young woman, dancing with him to the sounds of their dying record player. the sun slowly setting on their tiny verona apartment, shoved in between other apartments. there wasn't a care in the world on her face, not a tired line etched into her face. just the two of them, together dancing together without a real care in the world. not a fatherly figure in sight, besides the odd framed photo or two. a man with blurred memories and a name he couldn't pronounce quite yet. for as long as he could remember, it'd always been his mother and him against the world.

at the age of nine, elias' afternoons were spent at the information desk. his shirt crumpled and un-ironed from a day of playing and learning. once upon a time, there was a moment where eli was a rambunctious kid, a talker and eyes always full of curiosity, just like his mother. dinners were often in her office, followed by conversations on the way home. the street lamps leading them home, sounds of his mother's heels clicking like a strange, street melody. during the nights when his mother felt melancholic she'd spill another story of his father, tales of heroism from his time in olympus or the time he'd spent with her, when she was introduced into her 20's and lived wildly. safiya never hid her lover's identity to their son, what was the point? it saved them from grief of discovering later. she'd blame it on his young imagination if it became too extreme, but elijah was always curious for more.

the age of twelve was a turn of change, elijah absorbed every word about his father -- the god of fire, no child in his class could claim their father was as cool as his. of course, their fathers were still in their lives. a point that all the kid in his class made sure he was aware. parent-teacher interviews were awkward, and the days where eli's friends could sit proudly and watch their car dealing dads boast about their nine-to-five jobs was like a stab to the heart. in the back corner of the classroom, eli couldn't help but sit there with a frown, pulling apart pens and toys, then rebuilding them instead of listening. why should he care? no one believed his dad was real, let alone an actual god.

twenty nine is the age safiya realises how cruel children can be. it was the first time she had to be excused from work early, an alarming phone call from the admin left her in a state of disappointment and shock. when she arrived, her stomach dropped as quickly as elijah turned his face away from his mother. a meeting with eli's main teacher and the principal helped safiya connect the dots; a fight broke out between him and another student, turns out father figures had become a touchy subject and resulted in a black eye and a missing tooth. apologies fell out of her mouth, promising that 'it won't happen next time' as she tugged him by the arm to leave. the principal only grimances, mentioning there won't be a next time. as her heels clicked out of the room, elijah was no longer a student anymore. safiya just wanted the truth from her son, to hope that raising him to care would work in her power. all she got was a sorrowful glance: 'i hate dad'.

america was a place eli struggled to truly visual until he arrived. verona was a beautiful place, but long island, new york was like travelling to a different planet. english was a concept he hardly had a grasp on, the english lessons from school thankfully came in handy, and every face was a stranger to him. it was a hard decision, but the best decision, his mother tried to justify. but just like both parents, eli knew how to hold onto a grudge. safiya saw it as a chance for her son to grow and learn about his godly heritage, eli saw it as punishment for throwing the first punch. he wasn't a violent kid, but truthfully, tyler russo had it coming.

he's twelve and a half when he arrives at camp, ready to keep to himself and brood over his parents' terrible judgement skills, until his cabin leader -- and surprisingly a half-older brother (honestly, eli is still wrapping his head around the whole half-sibling issue) -- brought him to the camp forage to just tinker. not to build anything, to create a new weapon, just to play around. eli found a new home in the camp's forge, tinkering around and growing his skills. he never truly left his quiet phase, but the bitterness from his first arrival was slowly disappearing as he continued to craft and build. his mother still stays in contact with him, through the means of letters, emails and of other sorts, but eli still can't quite bring himself to reply just yet. he's still learning; about his abilities, his skills and himself, rebuilding will just have to wait a little longer.
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who is he ?

Noah Alder Verhoeven.
19th August.
Antwerp, Belgium.

what does he look like?

Billy Vandendooren.
Distinguishing Features:
โ› quote here โœ

codedbycrucially | hover photo and click diamonds
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โ™ก ๐š๐š›๐šŠ๐š—๐šœ ๐š›๐š’๐š๐š‘๐š๐šœ !
child of athena
the burnout
penelope ochoa
penz, cause she always chews on the end of her pens
cambridge, massachusetts, november 17
dist. features
nose piercing, scabbed over knuckles, insane rbf
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Murphy Yoon.
Cis female.
Chaotic bi.

November 24.
San Diego, California.

There's no true style that Murphy goes for, but she does enjoy wearing leather jackets - particularly ones shaded in brilliant red. She's fairly open-minded with what she wears and adores everything. Sometimes, she'll match a neon yellow shirt with orange sweatpants just for the hell of it.
She has a fairly large gash on her left leg and right hand, a story that she loves telling to show off her heroism. A few white scars pepper her arms as an aftereffect of training at Wyrd Fjall.
Distinguishing features
She has a small mole on her upper left cheek, a very expressive laugh, and shrewd but warm brown eyes. Murphy has been described as someone who has a very trusting gaze that makes her someone who isn't hard to approach. She has curly black hair that she ties up messily when she's treating someone.
Seo Soojin.
Godly parent

Preferred weapon
N/A. In contrast to what may be required of her, Murphy is a pacifist. However, while she doesn't participate in combat (unless it's for training purposes), she always carries a dagger in a wooden box like a child seeking the comfort of their doll. Her values as a pacifist may change as she travels, but it's clear that her anchor to the medical world has affected her greatly.


HEALING. Murphy is able to heal gashes, fractures, and lacerations without the aid of medical items. Her deep-rooted knowledge of the human anatomy further aids her when she treats someone, giving her some advantages in the department. However, she is only able to mend others upon physical touch and cannot heal any kind of illness. Her stamina depends on how much she uses her ability, putting her in the risk of falling unconscious if she uses too much at once. Furthermore, she needs to know what muscles or bones have to be fixed in order for her to use her ability effectively.

PLANT MANIPULATION. She can make plants do her bidding to a certain extent which allows her to improvise when there's no rope or food nearby. She's also able to create a small cast or bed for the injured, though they aren't the most comfortable. Apples and apple trees come easiest to her. Most of her time at Wyrd Fjall was spent on mending injuries, so she must continue to train her plant ability which lacks that significant 'oomph.' Later, when she is able to control this ability more easily, she will be able to wield a variety of plants and even create a bridge, should the team need one during their quest. She will inevitably struggle when she is placed somewhere that has little to no nature.

IMMORTALITY BESTOWAL. This ability will be acquired later. Once she learns how to do this, she will be able to bestow immortality to those who take a bite of the apples she grows. This effect lasts for exactly two minutes. If her concentration is broken while she's growing these apples, they will have a shorter time limit or not have any influence at all.


LEVELHEADED. She has trained herself to keep her hands steady when she treats someone, even when she is under extreme pressure. She draws knowledge from what she has memorized and makes quick judgements about how to heal an injury. Even if an explosion occurs behind her in the middle of healing someone, she will remain unshakeable as long as she knows that she can save a life. She knows what to say and what to do to reassure the people she heals.

CREATIVE. She spends days and weeks planning how she can expand her two abilities. She understands her current limitations and constantly makes an effort to break them given what she already has, making her someone who isn't afraid to combine existing weapons with her own ability, such as putting rose thorns on a bat. She thinks of how she can make sturdy makeshift weapons or traps or hammocks for the group during emergencies using plants. She's even thought about crafting weapons such as arrows, though she has yet to develop this idea.


EXTENSIVE COMBAT. Focusing on the memorization of human anatomy and healing has given her little room to grow in the area of combat. She is more trained than the average human, but she is arguably the weakest at fighting within the group. It makes her heavily rely on camouflage strategies and even ambushes. By extension, this makes it so that she has to constantly think of ways to defend herself.

PROTECT NOT HURT. She is unable to hurt a soul and deeply wishes to protect others, not injure them. If push comes to shove, she may create traps that could land them in a deep pit, but she is otherwise unwilling to use her powers offensively. She has a very difficult time seeing others in pain even if they are her enemy and would rather sacrifice her own wellbeing than see someone get badly hurt.

LOVING. Murphy loves like there's no tomorrow. She finds life in everything and makes damn well certain that she appreciates every bit of it, including the people she meets. Sighting a small squirrel skittering across a small patch of grass brings her a lot of joy and so does seeing the boisterous nature of children as they happily chase after a ball. She has no poker face, making her a terrible liar but her affection for people shine through.

QUICK-WITTED. Put her in a sticky situation, and she'll improvise an idea on the spot to get out of it with all her limbs intact. Although her ideas may not always succeed, her spontaneous innovation makes up for her lack of experience in the art of combat. She isn't afraid to play dumb or change her demeanor, taking up whatever role she sees fit to save herself โ€“ and those around herself.

OBJECTIVE. While it is true that she places an emphasis on intuition over logic, Murphy is able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships. It makes her a listener who hears out every situation and perspective without having bias, no matter how close a person may be to her. She does her best so that no one feels rushed or unheard when speaking to her.

WARM-HEARTED. Being sociable and meeting lots of people has given Murphy a good judge of character, even though her idealistic nature leads her to look at people through rose-tinted glasses at times. She isn't afraid to poke fun at herself for not being as cool as she pretends to be and feels deeply for others, particularly their hardships. She's a pacifist at heart who shows bursts of energy when she speaks with people and will lend her shoulder to anyone in need, even if they happen to be her enemy.


PERTINACIOUS. Firmly holding onto an opinion or a course of action isn't necessarily bad until she's running for her life because she decided that no, it's better to launch a firecracker than send a smoke signal. Whether they be good or bad, right or wrong, Murphy's values march to the beat of her drum, making her a steadfast partner in crime โ€“ or one hell of a stubborn demigod to convince.

AMBITIOUS. Growing up in several competitive environments has nurtured Murphy's ambition, making her one of the many who desperately try to climb the ladder of success. While it makes her a hard worker, she must tread a narrow line between having an obstinate fixation on the result and being flexible with her vision. If there's one thing positive that comes from this trait, because she understands what kind of detrimental effects it may have on an individual, she genuinely applauds others' for their success while still giving it her all.

TOUGH. She's been taught that once someone catches wind of her vulnerability, they will never stop looking for that one chance to pull her down. Being tough makes Murphy someone difficult to crack down, but it has also manifested one of her greatest fears next to complete darkness: exposure of weakness. Ironically, even if she is open-minded towards others' vulnerabilities, she refuses to accept her own. It makes her afraid to admit that she needs help, when she needs help.


HEADSTRONG. Firecrackers aside, being obstinate can make Murphy a control freak who is anxious in the face of ambiguity. Furthermore, she is stubborn when it comes to dealing with any kind of conflict, putting a great amount of time and energy to break free from it all it when she sees it surfacing. She wants escapism her way when in reality, she must learn that temporary release does not solve any predicament.

REBELLIOUS. Being rebellious has its virtues, but not when it's arbitrary. For Murphy, what once started with good intentions โ€“ to avoid developing a false sense of self โ€“ has escalated to being too much to the point that she'll break rules on a whim as she sees fit. It has partially played its part in crafting the downfalls of her tough attitude and pertinacious personality. She's a girl who may appear to be calm like water, but she harnesses an inner flame that may one day spiral out of control if she isn't careful.

REPENTANT. Overthinking to the point of succumbing to a state of unresponsive stupor can make Murphy harshly repentant. She'll never let herself hear the end of it when she makes a mistake, which isolates her in a rabbit hole that's difficult to come out of. Not many are able to change her mind when she's convinced that something occurs due to her wrongdoing, especially when she already feels conscious about not being able to fight alongside the others in battle. It makes her frequently question if she's ever doing enough. It frustrates her, leaving her wearied when she should be more focused on finding a solution.

PRIDEFUL. Murphy's juxtaposition of pride and constant desire for more improvement clash together to create all the negative traits listed above. She's prideful of her ideals, and it becomes a challenge for her when they're contradicted or questioned. It's a subtle trait that may not show exteriorly right away but has partook in creating many of her flaws.
Family & Important relations

LOUIE YOON. A Korean-American orthopedist who stayed in California for his residency. Although he may seem intimidating due to his tall stature and piercing brown eyes, he has a big heart. He's stern with the both of them, but he loves his daughters and works tirelessly in order to keep them away from harm. A long time after his divorce, he met Idunn at a hospital garden and fell in love with the goddess. It wasn't until later that he figured out her identity at Starbucks and almost fell out of his seat in the process. He never remarried, believing that he could potentially put his partner in danger.

CHARLE YOON. Murphy's half sister who is five years older than her. She's clever, charismatic, and confident with a penchant for getting in trouble. She was one of the role-models Murphy looked up to, and she still does today even if she won't admit it freely. The sisters may bicker over the smallest things, but they rely on one another in their own way and share a close bond. Still, she's glad that Wyrd Fjall exists and doesn't know what to make of the other world quite yet. Instead of following their father's footsteps, she wants to become an architect.


โ€œYOUโ€™RE A WIZARD, HARRY.โ€ Murphy never imagined that she was running from something her entire life, much less that her story would include the classic โ€œyouโ€™re a wizard harryโ€ outcome. Born on a cold November night, Murphy was cradled in the arms of an overly nervous, overly protective, and overly loving orthopedist. Given a few years, she became renown as โ€˜the zany childโ€™ with her odd but affectionate outlook of the world. Freedom came naturally for Murphy on paper with cheap blue crayons, but restrictions began to manifest for her when she accidentally healed a classmate who had tripped and scraped his knee. โ€œCool!โ€ Was the first word sheโ€™d exclaimed after the incident. She would go to regret that later on.

โ€œSHEโ€™S WHISKEY IN A TEACUP.โ€ She was told that she was the splitting image of her mother every so often. Murphy was never sure how to feel about this because she could only remember her mother as a hovering, heavenly blob. She had been told two things about the goddess: that she had been a passionate woman who had doted on her baby girls (both Charle and Murphy) and that her disappearance was what had caused the Yoon family to move to South Korea after packing their portable possessions. From then on, Murphyโ€™s life had felt like an everlasting rollercoaster that flew from one universe to another.

โ€œAPPLES OF IMMORTALITY.โ€ Parenting two children alone was no easy feat, but so was running from the monsters who became aware of their connection to Idunn. Disgorged from a normal lifestyle but not discouraged, Louie Yoon did all he could so that his daughters were happy. When they were old enough to realize a fraction of what was happening, Murphy and Charle strove to aid their father to the best of their ability; they stopped asking for toys and games and took their studies seriously. With time and age, although their father never said anything, the two sisters began to understand that that they were involved in something very dangerous.

โ€œTHE COSTAL CARTILAGE, STERNUM, CLAVICLE...โ€ She sat down by the kitchen counter every day after school with her father to memorize parts of the human body per his request. She never understood why Charle was always free to go upstairs without learning about the twelfth thoracic vertebra, so, naturally, Murphy tried to find ways to skip these study sessions, too. Sometimes, she succeeded while other days, she failed. Only later on did she realize that Louie had done so in the hopes of helping her endeavor as a demigod.

โ€œTHE CATALYST.โ€ One summer evening, the straight-A student began rebelling. They were always moving, always running, always hiding. As warm-hearted as she was, thirteen-year-old Murphy grew weary of their constantly changing environment. She grew tired of the โ€œI promise youโ€™ll know one dayโ€s and the โ€œitโ€™s better you donโ€™t knowโ€s. She wanted to know the 'who's, 'where's, 'what's, and 'why's. She got an answer from her father in the back seat of a rental car, right before a shadowy figure chased them off an Alaskan cliff. It was then Murphy properly awoke her powers โ€“ and nearly crushed Louie's back again after giving him a bear hug seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, with a little more navigation from her father, they stumbled upon Wyrd Fjall's entrance with twigs jutting out of their hair.

"TURN THE PAGE." Four years later, Murphy still regrets that night when she snapped at her father right before going to Alaska. Had she not been Idunn's daughter, had she not been able to heal others... After seeing her father endure a near-death experience, Murphy swore that she would work to save as many lives as she could, and her fervor and passion for what she does shows. Perhaps it was this event that truly sparked her peculiar affection for people.

"WORLDS COLLIDE." When chaos found its way to Wyrd Fjall, Murphy found her life splitting in half once more. When she was chosen, she left camp with a promising smile and a straightened back. In reality, she's fearful, she's uncertain, and she's terrified of the curves this quest will indiscriminately hurl in their direction, but she's determined to push herself forward because she realizes that it's the direction she must take not only for her own sake but for that of those she loves as well. She's determined to protect her fellow campers and save the lives of the demigods whose worlds will collide.
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son of Hephaestus placeholder


full name
Victor William Vulcan (ehh might change later)

(you can provide reasons for nicknames if you want)
Vic. Because it's shorter.



d.o.b + p.o.b
January 21st, 2001 / born in Los Angeles, California, USA





distinguishing features

- hard-working / He's not one to give up easily.

- chummy / He tends to act friendly to most people.

- messy / His room is all scattered and his hair is usually messy or unkempt looking.
- can be stupidly stubborn at times / Even if it would be better to be listen or be quiet, he can't help arguing sometimes.
- gets jealous if someone outshines his handiwork or is better than him engineering-wise / He takes a lot of pride in his handiwork, so if someone shows up that

family + important relations


godly parent

preferred weapon
guns / He is a fairly good marksman and understands the mechanics of guns just as well.

fire manipulation: the ability to shape and manipulate fire. this demigod is unable to create their own fire, but will develop that skill later.
weakness: he is unable to create his own fire, and can only manipulate fire that is already present.
metal manipulation: currently, this power only manifests as a simple ability to push and pull metal objects from the male's position. later on, it will develop significantly.
weakness: umm

- can fix almost anything
- tends to be a good problem-solver
- can build most mechanical devices from scratch
- can figure out how most mechanisms work
- is a good marksman

- deathly afraid of insects (cockroaches especially)
- can't swing swords correctly (somehow, he doesn't know how to use swords)
- sometimes his curiosity gets him in trouble

work in progress. I'll add more later.
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what in tarnation
cason danvers
son of heimdall



june 5th
the one and only time i set foot in a library

july 17th
sick lighting

august 25th
guess i'm a model now
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wip son of zeus!

Alastair Sinclair
B A S I C S.

Basic Info.
Full Name
โ€” Alastair Sinclair
Nickname โ€” Occasionally friends will refer to him as โ€œSinclairโ€ or affectionately call him โ€œAli.โ€ Alastair doesnโ€™t mind these nicknames, but do not, under any circumstances, call him โ€œAl.โ€ You might get a punch in the face.
Age โ€” 19
Gender โ€” male
d.o.b + p.o.b โ€” July 28th, in Windsor, England.
Sexuality โ€” bisexual, biromantic

Faceclaim โ€” Joe Collier
Ethnicity โ€” white
Height โ€” 6โ€™1โ€™โ€™
Distinguishing Features โ€” Alastair has countless small scars around his body from training at Camp Odyssey, but he has no significantly identifiable features.

P E R S O N A.

Charisma โ€” Alastair has a natural sort of charm that oozes off of him. He knows how to talk to people, how to flash a smile and win them over to his sideโ€”he truly is a golden boy. At times Alastair infuses a certain earnestness in his voice that can make it seem like his plans are the best, the only way to accomplish something. Of course, his handsome visage helps with this aspect of his character as well, and Alastair can often act like quite the flirt, but he also really does take an interest in the people around them. Alastair is a watchful young man, he analyzes people to a point that allows him to understand their actions and how they fit into a bigger picture which, in turn, gives him the ability to make others feel like they belong somewhere. Alastair is direct and sure of himself, which makes many people around him feel secure in turn.
Pragmatism โ€” Alastair likes to get straight to the point. He cares about objective facts, not he-said-she-said details, preferring to deal with issues in a realistic rather than theoretical way. This makes Alastair a good mediator, allowing him to make sense and arrange othersโ€™ emotions and opinions in a sound way.
Strategic โ€” Stemming from his pragmatism, Alastairโ€™s strategic sense makes him a good problem solver. He is constantly organizing people, places, and plans in his head, thinking about how others will react to different things. Strategy excites him, especially putting the pieces of a plan in motion and watching them fall into place. If something goes wrong though, Alastair can think on his feet. He know that, above all, it is not at all strategic to hinge all of your expectations on one plan only.
Reliability โ€” Though he can be rather overbearing, you can always rely on Alastair. He knows what itโ€™s like to feel alone and abandoned, and therefore, if youโ€™re friends with him, he will do all he can to make sure you never feel that way. He will never complain if you need a favor, and is as loyal as anyone could ever be concerning the people that heโ€™s close to. This makes Alastair a rather protective young man, which can something lead to tense situations when mixed with his aggression. Hereโ€™s some advice: never mess with the people he cares about.

Steadfastness โ€” Alastair is extremely steadfast, which is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, this makes him a confident leader and a loyal friend. He sticks to his morals and has a strong sense of duty about certain things. On the other though, it makes him extremely stubborn. At times, Alastair can become too sure of himself, taking on an โ€œitโ€™s my way or the highwayโ€ attitude. Heโ€™s not quick to admit that heโ€™s wrong about something, which factors into his pride and can make the young man rather moody.
Ambition โ€” Alastair wants big things for himself. He believes in his potential, and his strategic nature often leads him to see the flaws within systems and organizations that he believes he can fix one day. Heโ€™s tough on himself concerning his training because he wants to mold himself into a competent, powerful leader. Still, Alastair knows that he has a lot to learn before that happens.

Pride โ€” Alastair, to put it bluntly, always thinks that he's right. And while he does have a very intelligent and strategic mind, he is not infallible. Still, he has a hard time admitting this. When somebody else wants to pursue a different plan than one he has come up with, he often becomes hostile and extremely stubborn. In extreme displays of his steadfastness, Alastair might even diverge from everyone else to pursue the path that he thinks is best, even if everyone else disagrees. His pride also can give an air of arrogance to Alastair, which can be obnoxious when paired with one of his taunting smirks. In his worst moments, Alastair can become, quite frankly, an arrogant prick.
Aggression โ€”
Manipulative Tendencies โ€”

H I S T O R Y.

Backstoryโ€” Alastair has a complicated backstory. You see, his mother comes from an extremely wealthy, old-money English family whose bloodline goes back generations within European history. They are a distant and materialistic people that care only about reputation, and thus Alastairโ€™s mother, Alison, grew up in a very strict, repressed environment. She was the perfect daughter in every wayโ€”pretty, soft-spoken, well-mannered, and smartโ€”but when she met Zeus while studying as an undergrad at Oxford and soon became pregnant, her family ostracized her. To make matters worse, Alison found out that the man that she loved was a Greek god and that he hardly cared about her in the way that she would need to be cared for. Zeus though, was not singularly cold in his departure from her life. He arrogantly thought that revealing his identity to her parents would convince them to support both Alison and the baby that was on its way. He was right. Alisonโ€™s parents saw the potential gain in helping to raise a demigod child and therefore welcomed Alison back into the family, though at a distance. They allowed her to live in the guest house of their family estate, but required her to quit school. When Alastair was born, Alison essentially became a stay at home mom and his grandparents assumed a cold but earnest role in the boyโ€™s upbringing. They strictly monitored his schooling and extra-curricular activities, but even as a child Alastair could sense that they saw him more as a commodity or prize than a grandchild. Still, as Alastair grew and his power and aggression began to develop unpredictably, causing him to get into fights at school and destroy things around him, they grew increasingly indignant of his presence. So, when the opportunity came for Alastair to go to Camp Odyssey, they jumped at the opportunity to send him there to live, on the condition that he would visit them a few times a year. Alastairโ€™s mother, as he grew up, became a shadow of the woman she once was. As a child he was used to her always being in bed due to severe bouts of depression, so when she expressed mild but otherwise passive sadness about him leaving for Camp Odyssey, he was disappointed but not surprised. Still, Alastair had always been the only constant in his mother's life up until this point, so he was reluctant to go. (wip)

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๐”’๐”ฒ๐”ฑ ๐”ฌ๐”ฃ ๐”ก๐”ž๐”ฏ๐”จ๐”ซ๐”ข๐”ฐ๐”ฐ, ๐”ฌ๐”ฒ๐”ฑ ๐”ฌ๐”ฃ ๐”ช๐”ฆ๐”ซ๐”ก

Our Little Warrior


Nicknames:Alex, Xan, ANN some of the sort and creative ways using her name, outside of this she is at times often referred to as 'Sparky' or 'Firecracker' with a dash of 'Little Woman' thrown in. She often scowls at the last one, but lets it roll off her shoulders like water on a duck.

Age: 18
Gender: Female

D.O.B | P.O.B: March 13th | Rhodes, Greece
Sexuality: Questioning | Undetermined


Faceclaim: Margaret Qualley
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5'8
Distinguishing Features: Across the bridge of her nose, Alex has a deep indent of a scar that hooks over the right side more than the left. Likely from an incident during a camp 'bonding activity' though the chances are that scar existed before she arrived. However a few scars of cuts over her knuckles and up her arms are more evident from these activities. Alongside this, she possesses a few tics, that cause the corner of her left eye to twitch, and it is highly noticeable with the vibrant brightness her eyes carry.



Respect - It is earned, not given. Alexandra believes this statement to be true, and while many do have her respect there are those that don't and aren't on the path to earn it soon, either. When you have her respect however, you have a strong soul that will tells you want you want to know, without the fluff in-between and mincing words.

Loyalty - The Partner of Respect. While she comes off at harsh at times, if she trusts you and you have her at your side, she is loyal to the very end without question. Her hand will be there to grab you when you fall, and drag you back up to the top, no matter what is nipping at your ankles down below.

Authenticity - Being fake gets you no where. Especially when it comes to who you are. You can lie to other people, but to lie to yourself is the greatest of tragedies. Alex does not believe in cloak-and-dagger of who she is. Whether you like her for her, or you don't. While she'd disagree with you, if you happened to not like her, she'd not make a fuss over it. She will continue to be who she was before she spoke to you.

Bravery - โ€œIt takes bravery to grow up and become who you really are.โ€ โ€• E.E. Cummings. The heart of a lion, Alex does not stand down easily. As her heart pounds in her ears she keeps her head up and her eyes forward to face what is in front of her. While fear has it's lessons, Alex is no coward and she does not run from anything.


Boyish - If her clothing wasn't evident of this, the way she presents and holds herself as 'tomboyish' definitely fits the envelope. She rough-houses, she gets dirty and often times her manners don't always come through. It has it's benefits as much as it's punishments with her personality. She isn't into fussing around with the latest hot idols and would rather settle down and kick the ass of those that double-dip their chips in-front of her while she's distracted by the Boss on the big screen.

Dominating - There is a force behind the girl. Timid and Shy are not words that go with her. She doesn't stand down and her hands will keep swinging if she has to prove a point to someone else - whether for fun or if it meant business. If you're in a room with her, you will know. Standing off to the side, she'll grab and drag you into the fray with a stern wording of separating yourself, bordering a lecture waiting to happen.


Cocky - She considers herself one of the boys. Pushing her own limits to prove something and often ending up with a concussion or less friends than what she had to begin with at the start of the conversation. While it can work in her favor, a lot of the time, it is quite the opposite.

Hot-headed - Don't make Alexandra mad or you'll know about it. From 0 to 1000 even the slightest thing can set her off, but only if her environment has gone against her greatly in this scenario. Often times, she lets her feelings speak for her, and the feeling is often frustration.

Know-it-all - Alex is a smart kid. Sometimes those smarts are her foe as much as her friend. Often times she has been described as being a 'perfectionist' and 'argumentative' when it comes to details of information and knowledge. She'll often argue about whether something is true or not, and say she has 'sources' to back her up on what she is saying. Even when she is proven wrong, she'll spend hours afterwards still trying to prove that she had been right in the first place.


Mortal Family | Relations Of Importance

โš” Alesandro Newport {Alive} - Her Father and the largest part of her life, allowing her to be the book-smart spunky tomboy that she is.

โš” Deo {Alive} - Her Cat. Besides her Father, Deo has a huge part in who Alexandra is, though he stays and lives with her Father she writes him constantly, and demands that her Father read each and every letter to the Fluffy Man.

โš” Kassandra {Alive} - Her older Half-Sibling from her Father's marriage before. They get along like Oil and Fire but if the other was in a pinch, they'd be the first to run to the front lines for the other. She heavily encouraged Alex that despite her rough n' tough appearance to keep book-smart and to pursue higher learning wherever possible.


If asked about her life up to the point before packing the duffel bag she acquired from the Army Surplus store, her next destination being Camp Odyssey, she would of paused for a moment before enlightening the person who had asked. When your other parent is apparently the Goddess of War and Justice, and being born in the beauty that was Greece itself it seemed like an ancient mythos come true. In her youth, Alex wasn't told much, allowed to be the free bird she felt she was in her heart, running in the woods that existed behind her American home, pretending twigs were the great spears of Spartans as she threw them as far as she possibly could into babbling streams. She lived with her Father and her older sister, Kassandra. Eventually a fourth family member joined the fray and who would truly become her best friend, in all his fat and fluffy glory. Her life was quiet, she didn't have much to complain about, school was going well..

When Alex started to delve into her young teens however, the questions began. Why was it only her father and older sister taking care of her? Where was her mother? Why did they leave Greece? Why did the world seem so surreal at times? Alesandro knew in that moment he'd have to tell his daughter perhaps not in every detail, and fill in the blanks of what her young mind had yet to understand. It was there on their dark leather couch Alex learned the truth, that her Father had met Athena, though he never spoke her name among the beaches of Faliraki, a village and 'tourist' pit in Rhodes that her Father had been staying out with Kassandra - and being the mortal man he was, he was drawn to her outstanding beauty that didn't seem real.

The Goddess had humored his courting and together they had a child, but a Goddesses place, especially Athena's, was not to spend every waking hour in the Mortal World. Alesandro knew from that moment, when Alex was born and had time to witness the world that they had to start life anew elsewhere, a fresh start. Thus moving to America when Alex was four, allowing her just that short time to adore the life and world she came from. Unaware that she wasn't just an ordinary kid like everyone else. No child of a deity was just normal.

After the news had been broken, Alex knew her life just hadn't been the same anymore it didn't feel the same, but she tried to make it so. Even if she hadn't learned everything that her father kept from her. Alex became stand-offish as her mind raced, paired with the disorders she had been born with, her entire being felt like an overflowing theater and the performance was never-ending...

Then the pamphlet of Camp Odyssey found itself into her Father's hands, he had allowed Alex to complete her High-School journey before the news was broken, as opposed to staying around the home and picking fights on the streets with the rebellious boys of the area, she could use her energy and spirit elsewhere and was being sent off to the camp. That it would be good for her, and hopefully the remaining questions she had would be answered, no more whispers behind curtains and closed doors. She had fought against it at first, every camp she had seen in films or saw pamphlets for looked lame, sitting around a campfire while someone else played guitar and sang songs.

Eventually she gave in, following the advice of her Sister, Kassandra and began to fill up that Duffel Bag of hers..

Some time has now passed, and Alex has now come to the conclusion.. perhaps this camp doesn't suck after all.


Godly Parent - Athena

Preferred Weapon - When it comes to combat, Alexandra will always try to use her fists first. Not always the best idea, but when thinking on your feet she believes in her own crafted philosophy of ,'"You were born with weapons already, use them." However, when it comes to crafted weapons of a different kind she takes inspiration from the Goddess of Law & Justice Herself. Using a Short-Blade or a Spear paired with shield, she strives to hit where it hurts the most!


Enhanced Combat - Since she was small, Alex noticed that whenever she got into playground brawls or short-lasting fist fights, that she seemed to have that extra 'oomph' to her strikes and movements. Reading her foes in front of her and what they'll do next. She was able to develop an understanding of weapons with a respected eye when she arrived and began instruction at the camps, as well as a beginner's eye to the tactics that come with each in given scenarios. She however, isn't the best with every weapon she picks up when she shows off and often times is denting blades or breaking shafts of arrows in her 'demonstrations.'

Omnilingualism - Naive to it's true nature, Alex has yet to reach full potential with this power. Moving from Greece to the States she had to re-learn a language all over again and the other children wondered how she picked it up with minimal difficulty. On her free time she explores other possibilities to languages, watching movies without subtitles. But to her, it is all just a hobby..


Mind of an Owl | The Philomath -
While Alexandra wasn't a straight A+ and more student, she shows her immense knowledge in other ways and through her actions and her quick-thinking strategies. There are different ways to be smart, and she prefers to reflect these other ways immensely. Her most favored is her adoration to simply learn something new, even if it doesn't stick with her. She enjoys the journeys that come with the territory of studying and acquiring new heights of knowledge. A surprise or none at all, her favorite topic of learning is the 'art of war' and War History over the years that have come and gone, especially the tactics of her ancestors. Though she strives to learn more of who her mother is, a subject close to her heart and passions.

Endurance - The ball keeps on rolling with Alex. Both with mind and body, she doesn't give up or tire easily. Especially when it matters the most. She tries not to take her training serious, even having some fun with it time to time. But when it matters, her heart and soul is in it without question.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to do that" - Alex suffers from a variant form of the neurological disorder , Tourettes. While her tics are not vocal entirely, they effect her motor motions at any given moment. The most common occurrence often shown in the twitch and squint of her left eye, or she'll constantly attempt to crack her knuckles, pulling back on her ring finger especially. They aren't entirely silent, however. Alex at times tenses her jaw and a low-toned grunt will follow, or sometimes she will simply click her tongue against the roof of her mouth and other absent noises. While she is working on controlling and working with them, at times they are not her friend when it comes to a more.. quiet approach and she is at risk of dropping her weapon at any given moment should one come during training, that is why she relies on her fists so much, doing her best to not be unprepared when her greatest struggle finds it way in at just the right moment.

Blunter than the pommel on a blade
- Alex has bad habits when it comes to socializing, she often tells someone how it is. Even if it isn't best for the moment, or a person is especially shy. She is a extrovert dominant force and doesn't want to beat around the bush, and that gets her in trouble. While she does think responses through, she doesn't always in the heat of the moment, and her other motions take control and the regrets follow after.

The first lesson every child of Athena learned: Mom was the best at everything, and you should never, ever suggest otherwise."

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- the backstory -

family + important relations |

- Andrea Gibs - mother [40]: theo loves his mother, of course. he would do anything to protect her. he bears no resentment towards her for his childhood. she knows she does the best she can.
- Sarah Gibs-Wentz - younger half-sister [6]: theo loves this little girl with his whole heart and would do anything to protect her. he brings her back little gifts every time he visits home.
- Eric Wentz - step-father [42]: theo remains cordial with his step-father. they aren't very close because he never quite accepted him as a father figure in his life, mostly because he came around after theo had learned independence, so his walls were already up and hard to chip away at.
backstory |
Paestum sits on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the beginning, a major ancient Greek city established by the Dorians. As time went on, it was conquered by the Romans. A Roman Forum covers the previous Greek agora, but even to this day three beautiful temples still stand. The blueprints of the roman city still stand, ruins around the temples, showing everything from the town square to the bath houses. The Greek temples are some of the best preserved ones in the world: two for Hera, one for Athena.

It was in this beautiful, now Italian city that Andrea met Hephaestus. She was there for a job abroad, exploring her youth in a beautiful city, practicing her Italian. She worked for an engineering group that was working with a local company on how to improve their current machinery. It was a small job in a beautiful city. Andrea took it in a heartbeat. She met Hephaestus in a parts shop and they got to bantering about which material would be best for her current project. They met back there every afternoon, posing hypotheticals about how to fix current machine issues. It was their way of flirting. It was a beautiful summer of love and engineering, but it could never last long. A month after she left the city, she learned she was pregnant. She returned to Paestum in the spring, hoping to find the man she'd fallen in love with. She found him and he decided to tell her the truth. It was hard to believe. The man she loved would never be hers. Not like she'd hoped. She gave birth in the little hospital of Paestum and, as soon as they were cleared, flew back home. She named him Theodoros, a Greek version of a name she loved.

Everything afterwards, unfortunately, went wrong for Andrea. She lost her job because she couldn't produce her best work while providing childcare. She soon became the family disappointment, both for having a child out of wedlock and losing her job. She did her best, taking jobs that were far below her education level just to continue putting food on the table. It was demeaning, but it was what had to be done. Theodoros was left in the care of any babysitter she could find on short notice when a job opportunity came up. There was little consistency in his life.

When he was five, Theodoros, like many kids his age, adored playing with toys. What set him apart from other kids, though, was that he didn't just like to play. He liked to take things apart, but he didn't stop there. He'd learn how to put them back together. It was a bit strange. He moved to bigger and more complicated toys. It was around this time that Andrea started working another job. It meant longer hours. It meant less time with her son. It meant constant stress and little sleep. It meant looking for something to help. It meant a one time thing become an every night thing. It meant not coming home at night and having to pay the babysitter even more. It meant mommy not being quite herself even when she was home. It meant getting a little more forgetful. It meant 'oh shit, I talked to the babysitter, right?' and coming home to a little boy who'd been alone since he'd walked himself home from the bus stop. It meant Theodore learning how to make those little cups of macaroni and cheese or spaghetti from a can or sandwiches. It meant Theodore doing his homework by himself, learning how to put himself to bed, learning how to hide from the monsters in his closet because mommy wasn't there to make them go away. It meant growing up and telling himself there were no monsters. It meant calling his neighbors when he found her mother passed out after an overdose when he was eight because sheโ€™d told him to go to them first if anything happened to her. It meant tucking mommy into bed on her bad days. It meant wondering if there were monsters in her closet.

When he was nine, Eric came into the picture. A coworker whoโ€™d noticed Andreaโ€™s problems, he tried talking her into getting help for addiction. It was a hard and messy journey, but eventually Andrea sought out help. She began working through her addiction and Eric stuck by her, even when she had a relapse. She got back on the wagon. Theo saw a new side to his mother. One that wasnโ€™t so foggy, so sad. Heโ€™d seen her peek through every now and then in the past, on Andreaโ€™s good days. She seemed to come around more often. When he was ten, his mother married Eric. Theo had a step-father, but he lacked interest in the man. He had only ever been told that his biological father was never going to be in the picture, but nothing past that. His mother would get incredibly upset if he pushed the topic. He felt that he didnโ€™t really need a dad. Heโ€™d gotten this far without one. He just needed his mom to be okay. If Eric helped his mom be happy, Theo was okay with him.

At twelve, Theo gained a baby sister and he decided that he would be the one to protect her from monsters. He wouldnโ€™t let anything hurt her, ever. He loved the role of a big brother and he fit it well. He was constantly making little things for her. He made new toys by taking apart his old toys and combining their pieces in new ways. Theo was constantly tinkering. His step-father bought him an inexpensive laptop. At first, he used it for research on how to make cooler, better things. Then he saw it as the ultimate challenge: he could take it apart and put it back together. At first, his parents were incredibly angry. How dare he break something like that? But, after a couple weeks, heโ€™d put it all back together, good as new. His next desire was modification: how could he make it better?

At fourteen, Theo was starting high school. He was taking woodshop and computer science classes. He had a few friends, his sister was starting to talk, and things at home were fine. It was at this time that a satyr found him and told him all about Camp Odyssey. Not believing a word, he told his mother about the strange encounter. She broke down and told him the truth about his origin, his father. It took some time to process, but eventually he packed some things and set off for camp. Before he knew it, he loved it. Theodoros met kids just like him, he encountered a new way of life, and things started to make sense again. He goes home when he can to see his family and always brings a trinket for his little sister. Heโ€™s cemented himself in the camp now at eighteen. Heโ€™s a leader in the forge, always happy to lend a hand and a word of experience to the newer campers trying out the forge. He jokes with his half-siblings and has friends in nearly every cabin. Heโ€™s had a bit of drama and heartbreak here and there, but thatโ€™s normal of any teenager, right? Camp is home for him more than anywhere in the world.


- basics -

full name |

Theodoros Edwin Gibs
nickname |
- Theo : nearly everyone calls him this. most don't even know his real name is Theodoros, they usually assume that his full name is Theodore.
- Thee : if Theo isn't your cup of tea, he's heard this one too. he doesn't really mind. however, this is usually reserved for people a bit closer to him.
- Gibs : some people default to last names, which is fine. usually the boys throw this one around.
age |
eighteen [ 18 ]
gender |
d.o.b + p.o.b |
august 17th - paestum, italy
sexuality |


- appearance -

faceclaim |

alex saxon
ethnicity |
plain american white, the type where the blood's so mixed it's impossible to tell where it came from
height |
theo stands at six feet, zero inches
distinguishing features |
- the long wavy hair usually makes him stand out a bit. whenever heโ€™s in the forge, itโ€™s pulled back into a bun.
- he's got a scattering of training scars on his body.


- persona -

virtues |

- hard working : theo is nothing if not hardworking. to him, itโ€™s hardly work. he gets lost in what he's doing. when things piece together and make sense, everything feels right in the world. seeing it pay off is probably one of the best feelings. plus, being productive makes him feel useful, like what he does matters. he would rather create things of high quality the first time round rather than low quality things that need constant repair.
- independent : theo doesn't need other people to tell him what to do, he takes initiative. he starts getting things done when he sees a problem arise. this independence stems from a childhood that demanded he step up and learn how to do things himself. he's fine on his own, though he prefers the company of others. he thinks for himself, often trying to collaborate with others when it comes to creating plans rather than just taking orders.
- creative : making things, even weapons, is an art form in itself. to improve on things, one has to get creative. although his drawing skills are usually employed to make schematics of new weapons or inventions, he does enjoy sketching people, or even nature. he enjoys sculpting when he has the time, but he usually keeps all this to himself - leave the arts to the apollo kids after all, right? the creativity lends itself well to trying new inventions. he's not afraid of failure - it just shows him how to adjust and improve things.
neutral |
- fixer : theo's a fixer. it started with his work, where he'd try to repair things, but it slowly turned to people. he has an urge to fix things. he's a problem solver, a rebuilder. he ignores his own growth to help others. this can irritate some who don't want to be looked at as a problem to be solved. if things break, they can be fixed. if people break, they can be fixed... right?
- competitive : he's got a bit of a competitive streak. he likes to win, to be the best. he doesn't get completely caught up in it all, but it is something that's often in his mind. he can take a loss and learn from it, but he always strives to do better than his peers. he wants the weapons he makes to be the best. he wants his team to win. he'll work very hard to achieve it.
vices |
- bitter : when wronged, he finds it hard to forgive. he holds grudges. he's blinded by his own hurt. he finds it difficult to make amends with people because his own feelings consume him. it stops logical thought, makes him a bit irrational. it's an ugly side, but everyone has one. it's difficult, nearly impossible, for him to build trust back up after getting hurt.
- terrible temper : making theo angry is relatively difficult. he does his best to keep his cool, to avoid conflict. itโ€™s rare that someone pushes him to his limit. however, when the last straw breaks the camel's back, things get bad fast. he goes for the jugular, spitting out comments that he usually doesn't mean, but knows will hurt other people. he's gotten into a few fist fights. rage consumes him, blinds him in the same way hurt does. he loses sight of what matters and only realizes the damage he's done after the fact. it's hard to come back from.
- obsessive : theo cannot let things go. when something's on his mind, it stays there until he can resolve it. it consumes his thoughts and he cannot get away from it. if a machine of his isn't working, he will not stop fiddling with it until it does, until he understands what went wrong. this makes it difficult for him to focus on anything else, even the current problem he's facing. he cannot move forward and do anything else until it's fixed.


- oh, gods -

godly parents |

son of hephaestus
preferred weapon |
he prefers only using weapons he's made himself.
he's a big fan of using hammers since he has so much practice with them already. he'll use an axe when he can't use his hammer.
he doesn't enjoy swords, but he knows the basics of how to use one.
he makes little inventions or modifications to normal weapons that he likes trying out
powers |
fire manipulation : the ability to shape and manipulate fire. this demigod is unable to create their own fire, but will develop that skill later. theo learned about this one when he accidentally set something on fire while cooking. he was able to make the flame significantly smaller before putting it out with water. not understanding that he had done it, he simply figured that the huge flame he had initially seen was just due to his panic and the smaller one he had put out was the reality. nowadays, he uses this when heโ€™s working with fire, whether itโ€™s manipulating a simple campfire, adjusting the heat of the forge fire, or increasing the toaster setting without having to touch the toaster.
- metal manipulation : currently, this power only manifests as a simple ability to push and pull metal objects from the male's position. later on, it will develop significantly. when he started working with metal, he discovered this power. before, he didnโ€™t interact with metal enough to notice it. nowadays it makes working in the force easier because he can leave a scrap a few feet away and be able to get it without moving. his skill with this is often a testament to his laziness, but he has been experimenting with using it to mold metal.
strengths |
- physical strength : constantly working in the forge has given theo a lot more muscle than he had when he first came to camp. most of his strength is in his arms because he uses them the most. he can really pack a punch.
- machinery : theo understands how most machines work and can take apart and put things back together with ease. it all just makes sense to him. whenever repairs are needed, he's your guy.
- weapons : since he builds nearly every type of weapon, he has to understand how they work so that he knows how to best improve his own designs. so, because of this, he takes it upon himself to train with and understand at a very basic level every weapon and its uses.
weaknesses |
- speed : he's never had to be a runner, really, so it's just not his forte. when it comes to fight or flight, he's more of a fight guy anyway. he finds cardio boring, so he hardly ever trains at it. the whole 'runner's high' thing never made sense to him - it's just pain.
- heights : he's never had much of a reason to be very high off the ground, so it's a completely foreign thing to him. he gets nauseous and nervous when he's not firmly planted to the ground. you won't find him on any rooftops or scaling any mountains.
- organization : theo's a messy boy. he constantly misplaces things. his workspace is a dump and his room is worse. he gets so caught up in his work or whatever he's doing that he forgets to clean up and then suddenly there's miles of broken metal parts in one corner and a mess of schematic papers in another.

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