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quick thanks to everyone who's still here lol

You may place your character sheets in this thread!

I'll be looking through them on my own and making sure everything is a-okay to go for the roleplay. If not, I'll message you and allow you to edit your posts!


Any questions, feel free to send me a private message and we can work things out.

Most of these are common sense, but stick around anyways!

. Everyone is allowed two characters.

. You can make a teacher or staff role! Keep it to ONE only, though!

. Please keep your characters realistic (as can be, of course) with appearances, powers, abilities, and skills.

. All characters are between 15-18 years of age.

. Please try to keep numbers even! If you see a bunch of female sheets, make a male sheet! Same goes for species. We want diversity! <3

. If asked to edit/change sheets, please be considerate and don't argue!

. Keep personalities balanced and cohesive.

. Yeah that's pretty much it, tbh

if you prefer to use a different format, go ahead! all i ask is that you include all of the information below. c;

โ”€ name
โ”€ age
โ”€ gender
โ”€ role
โ”€ species
โ”€ sexuality

โ”€ abilities
โ”€ weaknesses
โ”€ extras

โ”€ personality
(neg, pos traits)
โ”€ habits/quirks
โ”€ fears
โ”€ likes/dislikes

โ”€ general appearance (or photo)
โ”€ (if your character has one, like wolf) other form appearance

โ”€ backstory/history

pretty simple. feel free to add info if needed!

This list is subject to change. If you'd like to incorporate a species not on here, please let me know!

increased stamina, senses, strength, shapeshift at will
decreased temper, agility, and control at full moon

shapeshift into bat form at will, increased agility, speed, senses
decreased self-control with humans, need to feed often, little sunlight

increased resistance to poison, magic, blunt force
decrease of five senses, weak to holy magic, light

Humans (half-blood or abilities)
increased ability for magic and other spells, also able to take on powers of parent if half-blooded
targeted by vampires, weak to poisons, injury, etc

able to fly in very small amounts, often have small amounts of influence on nature
small, prone to poisons and injury, dreamy and naive

can breathe underwater, swim easily, communicate with sea life
dry up after about 12 hours, prone to poisons and weak against humans

enhanced speed and woodworking skills, have small amounts of natural power
small, not very good fighters, prone to injury

undead, unable to sustain true injuries
cannot inflict injuries, weak to holy magic

alluring and enhanced charm, musical ability, tend to have small amounts of water-type powers
dry out after a few days (up to seven), energy is easily drained


Nico Nico No
Iris Rapp






Fire magic. From producing a flame to simple party tricks like changing a fireโ€™s color.
Although Irisโ€™ abilities are very weak currently.

Any kind of magic/abilities using water can easily counter her. Also, one of her biggest weaknesses is being human. Iris is considerably slower and physically weaker than other species.

Iris is a warm and friendly girl. Many think of her as loyal and considerate. She tries to help others whenever possible. However, this was a faรงade to cover up her insecurity. Iris goes out of her way to seem friendly to try to make friends but secretly fears that others see her as โ€œfakeโ€. Often getting lost in her own thought, Iris seems absent minded and doesnโ€™t pay attention while in class. This can cause her to miss important topics.
When nervous, Iris tends to rub a blue stone she keeps in her pocket. She bought this stone to stop picking at her nail polish. She also has the same breakfast every day; toast with strawberry jelly. She tells people that its some sort of secret ritual but sheโ€™s actually just a picky eater.

  • Heights
  • Disappointing her parents
  • Abandonment
  • Desserts/Sweets
  • Crocheting
  • Alpacas
  • Making people smile

  • Having to confront others
  • Horror films (sheโ€™s a scaredy cat)
  • Swimming

Iris has light brown hair that reaches her mid back and light blue eyes to match. She is a fairly short girl only reaching 5โ€™2โ€. This often causes frustration as she cannot reach many high places. Iris is often found in jeans and a loose comfortable top such as sweaters. She pins the hair out of her face with a light pink bow on her right side.

Iris grew up with a human father and a witch mother. While growing up, she was disinterested in her motherโ€™s teaching in magic such as potion making and expanding her fire powers. When she got older however, she regretted not taking her motherโ€™s lessons more seriously as she was much weaker than her relatives. Although her parents never showed any but support for their daughter, Iris couldnโ€™t help but feel she had disappointed them in some way. She realized that if she wanted to make her parents proud she would have to learn how to become a stronger witch without their help. Before coming to the school, Iris vowed that she would return as a witch that could make her mother proud.
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name: Elias Samuel Jameson
nickname: Eli
age: 18
gender: Male
role: Student
species: Werewolf
sexuality: Bisexual, usually prefers women.

abilities: At all times, he has increased stamina, senses, and strength. Although he can change forms at will, itโ€™s much easier on the full moon, when he has far less control over his temper.
weaknesses: Hotheaded, arrogant, jealous, canโ€™t control temper well, no proficiency in any weapon except perhaps a knife, no magical abilities. Additionally, those that come with being a Werewolf - less control of his temper on a full moon.

personality: Hotheaded, smug, pessimistic, impatient. Athletic, confident, focused, hardworking. WIP
habits/quirks: Good with computers, talks to himself when thinking, ambidextrous, scratches arm when nervous.
fears: Claustrophobic, heights, sick people.
likes: Dogs, studying alone, thunderstorms, forests, computers.
dislikes: Small spaces, preppy people, cigarette smoke, dog puns, loud noises, bright lights, and seafood.

backstory/history: WIP​
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โ”€ name Lyra Peterson

โ”€ age 15

โ”€ gender Female

โ”€ role Student

โ”€ species Fairy

โ”€ sexuality Pansexual

โ”€ abilities Like most of her species, she can briefly fly and has an affinity to nature. Specifically plants, currently sheโ€™s able to make plants grow slightly faster and healthier, but perhaps in time her ability may grow.

โ”€ weaknesses Fairies are generally frail and small, and Lyra is no exception. Standing at 4โ€™5 and generally looking far younger than she actually is, mistaking Lyra for a child is very easy, and the fact she has the physical capabilities of a child leaves her easily injured. Sheโ€™s also difficult to talk to, being almost always lost in a world of her own, and sheโ€™s easily manipulated by her few friends.

โ”€ extras

โ”€ personality

(neg, pos traits)

Lyra is most often seen staring at the wall, with a small smile on her face off in some world far from here. A very creative girl, but one with few friends due to her lack of social skills. Sheโ€™s optimistic and naive, often coming across as rude due to a lack of manners but rarely meaning any harm, Lyra's detachment to the world often gets her into trouble. This is not to say sheโ€™s stupid, sheโ€™s fairly intelligent, sheโ€™s just an odd duck.

โ”€ habits/quirks An odd tendency to get lost in her own world, and a tendency to rock herself back and forth on her feet while standing.

โ”€ fears She has a mild phobia of flies. No one really knows where it started.

โ”€ likes/dislikes She likes reading, painting, anything creative really, and she dislikes most things physical, massively struggling with them. She especially enjoys gardening.


โ”€ (if your character has one, like wolf) other form appearance Lyra grows large blue-green insect-like wings while flying, though thatโ€™s not really another form.

โ”€ backstory/history Lyra never knew her birth parents. As far as all official documents are concerned, they simply disappeared off the face of the earth one day and left their infant daughter alone in her crib until she was found, malnourished and crying. Her rescuers were unaware that the child was a fairy, and she was sent into foster care. The first few years of her life were a blur, until she was adopted by the family she considers her own. The Petersonโ€™s were two older humans, a man and a woman, who adopted due to infertility. They were also loving parents, who supported Lyra even as she struggled throughout her life, never fitting in, always being odd, never feeling quite normal. The letter to Saint Josephโ€™s was a shock to her parents, but a comforting explanation of her life to Lyra.
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(I can change the picture if you need me to, but this one best fit the Abigail personality.)
Abigail Rivers
Unable to sustain true injuries
Cannot inflict injuries
Weak to holy magic

Abigail is very sweet and kind. She was when she was alive, and that carried over to when she died. She's quite energetic - more so now because she literally can't run out of breath - and loves to talk with people. She loves making friends and hanging out with her old ones. She also loves to make people smile, especially if they were sad.
She still sticks her hand out when she introduces herself
She tends to talk quite fast
She often acts younger
The dark
+Sweets (Even though she can't eat them)
+Talking with friends
-Boring people
-Being sad
-Seeing others sad

General appearance
Abigail is very short (4'5") for her age. She has a ghostly blue hair that was strawberry blond when she was alive. Her eyes are empty sockets despite her seeing with perfect clarity. She wears a simple dress that she died in (She doesn't know how or if she can change her outfit). Her whole body is a ghostly see-through white-ish color.

Just a fair warning. This is in a spoiler because it is a bit gruesome.
Abigail was born into a happy family. She was an only child and loved deeply by both her parents. She had a bunch of friends, got good grades, and was an overall social butterfly. She never struggled a lot like most other students. She grew up into a beautiful girl, although small for her age. Her mother had been small too. But when she got older her family got tighter with money. They moved to a cheaper place that wasn't as nice as their previous place, but they could afford it.
Abigail walked to school everyday because of how close they were to it. But one day on her way home she was followed. She never realized it until it was too late and she gagged and blindfolded in someone's car. She was scared out of her mind, praying for any kind of miracle.
Nothing came.
Her kidnapper took her for his own sadistic pleasure. He beat her and tortured her daily. His favorite was when he removed her eyes and had her try and escape blind and bleeding. When he grew tired of her he finally killed her. She was thankful for her end, but she found she was a ghost. She could only watch the world move before her. She eventually found a school that would help her figure out what was happening.
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  • name . . . lucas mccabe

    age . . . 17

    gender . . . male

    role . . . student

    species . . . zombie

    sexuality . . . heterosexual

At long last, here it is! It is well past my bedtime so apologies if what I've written sounds a bit muddled. My character is now at your mercy, Ali.


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  • โ”€ name โ”€
    Iremide "Remi" Beckham

    โ”€ age โ”€

    โ”€ gender โ”€

    โ”€ role โ”€

    โ”€ species โ”€

    โ”€ sexuality โ”€

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