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sweet creature
Saint Joseph's School for the Unnatural and Magical

Located on an isolated peninsula in Maine, our school is one of the safest and most prestigious schools for children with unnatural, magical, and supernatural abilities. We welcome new students with open arms and open hearts. As a student at Saint Joseph's, you will be taught all the ways to handle magical maladies, control yourselves, and become a well and functioning member of the human society. After graduation, you will be returned to the normal world, where you may thrive.

We have sent you this letter to inform you that you have been accepted to begin schooling at Saint Joseph's. Congratulations! Please read the attached files to gain necessary information about our wonderful school. An additional letter is attached for parents/guardians. We look forward to seeing you on the first of September!

Coraline Fleur, Headmaster of Saint Joseph's

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Welcome to my interest check thread!

I've been super interested in the supernatural, magical, and fantasy type lately, and I believe that this is a great
opportunity to get myself and others more experienced with it, as well as just have some fun roleplaying!

I'll list a few different categories of information below, so you can be aware of the different species, abilities, and plans I have for this roleplay!

If you've any question, please feel free to leave them down below, or shoot me a private message! β™‘

  • I myself am a pretty casual roleplayer, and like to give everyone a chance at becoming a part of this group. As such, these 'requirements' are slim
    and in my opinion, easy to fill!

    Age Requirement - None. All I ask is that you carry yourself maturely and respect other's ages!

    Post Requirement - I'm no stickler for length by any means. I understand how word count can fluctuate! I only ask that you
    write to your comfort level, give everyone room to work off of, and don't make everyone else do the work!

    Availability/Activity Requirements - I'd like everyone to be able to reply once every three days. As there is no post length set, replies shouldn't take too long to craft.
    I do understand, however, that users have outside lives! I just ask to be notified.

    Collaboration Requirements - This roleplay is yours too! If you have an event, story, or similar idea, or a suggestion for the plot,
    let me know! I'm down for crafting this story with you guys.

i apologize in advance if this is super messy, it's ten pm and i'm sleepy lol
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sweet creature
I might be interested. Would it be possible to play a jiangshi?
i'm not familiar with the species, though from what i can glean from a quick Google search, it seems pretty legit, so i'll say sure for now. i'll definitely have to get back to you on abilities and such for it, though! if you've got anything to add about it, shoot me a pm. c:
Hi @Ali! I’m interested! This is like...Being Human meets Harry Potter! Since zombies are on the table, are ghosts as well? And since merpeople are listed, are sirens acceptable too?


sweet creature
Hi @Ali! I’m interested! This is like...Being Human meets Harry Potter! Since zombies are on the table, are ghosts as well? And since merpeople are listed, are sirens acceptable too?
haha, glad to hear it!
ghosts and sirens are fine, sure! like i said, all species are pretty much on the table; they just need approval first!


sweet creature
OOC thread has been created here!

Anyone interested can head over there and ask any questions, suggestions, or talk with others in the roleplay! enjoy. c;

character sheets will be up soon!

and yes don't panic you can still sign up if you wish


sweet creature
character sheets are up and can be found right here!!

take your time with them and let me know if you have any questions! i'll most likely review them tonight or tomorrow morning.


sweet creature
Am I permitted to make a ghost/spirit character who can take the body of someone dead to keep them on Earth?
i’d prefer ghost/spirits to be kept themselvesβ€” though you’re welcome to create a ghost that is human-looking. ghosts are able to be kept on earth anyways in this universe.

Could I make A sprite? They're like faeries but more elemental based.
i suppose. try to keep powers/abilities balanced as possible!

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