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Which freebie should I put up next?

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glucose guardian

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First time in a while I've released a full on freebie. Wew. Much of this one explains itself in the code. To add a new tweet, copy paste the below chunk of code. This should be nested inside the tweetscontainer div.

[div class="tweet"]
[div class="twimg"].[/div]
[div class="twcontainer"]
[div class="tweetbox"]tweet text here[/div]
[div class="timestamp"]posted (unit of time)[/div]

That aside though, the code is very much based on visual balance rather than relying on things like animations or transitions. In fact, there's nothing here that moves other than you scrolling through the "tweets". As a general reminder, please use the br tag to create line breaks.

font call
Group Mu: The group is on the unsteady deck of a wooden ship.
A: 岩本ゼロゴ
hello please send help
posted january 5
newest tweet with a
posted january 8

Reminder that to create linebreaks you need the [br][/br] tags.
posted january 9
testing img. As an fyi, this format works better with horizontal/landscape orientation images.
posted january 10
you can fake retweets by using this format. if you plan on "retweeting" from a person a lot, make your own variable class and attach it to the tweet class here.
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january 9
like so. This time I simply added the yunapuppy class name, which has its own variables that override the main's.
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january 11
When writing in the code for the tweets, you write them in chronological order. The code automatically displays it in reverse. Retweets can be out of whack date-wise since we're assuming it's based on when they were retweeted and not the original posting date.
posted january 14
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glucose guardian

plastic flower
Oof looks like im having webkit vs firefox issues :x i'll fix it when i wake up tomorrow morning bluh should have checked it on my phone

Edit: figured out what's causing the issue it was me being lazy and not nesting attributes properly. Will fix when i wake up.
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