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A little about me:
→You can call me ebb.
→I'm a long term visual artist who is looking to join the field of graphic design within the next few years.
→I've been incorporating drawing of characters into my daily practice sessions.
Thought I'd share.

→What you're looking at are drawings from a RP I'm currently in.
→You can check it out here.

What to Expect:

→You can expect me to update this as I get involved with more RPs.
→I'll probably do 2-3 from the ones where I'm "feeling" the character's design visually.


Don't steal/use my art without asking. If you, for whatever crazy reason, feel like you want to use it- just message me and we can talk about it.



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→I thought it'd be cool to design a character based on my own culture- so I did just that. I didn't spend as long as I could've, but I'm still pretty happy with it.




roleplaying is fun!
Wow, your art is really great and distinctive!! <3. I think the shading work looks really good. Keep it up!

I also will leave my two of my three OCs here to see if you'd like to draw them (because why not? haha).

Unfortunately, I don't have any drawn pic of her :(.

But here's her appearance description:
Moriya looks twenty years of age, and she has only been around for almost a hundred years. She is quite short, around 5’2. She has short, mint green hair, usually styled longer in one side, but sometimes also in a pixie cut. She is incredibly messy and discordant, and that is also shown in her outfits, usually consisting of non-matching colors and loose clothing, but she is always seen wearing a beret. She has green eyes and usually looks very pale.

Moriya is a goddess of nature. Particularly, she is a Goddess devoted to plants, herbs, trees, and flowers. Her lineage had been first created by the wishes of peoples in the dim and distant past. She now lives only in the memories of some florists, herbalists, tree-growers; since nowadays most people pray to Konohanasakuya-hime concerning things related to nature. Her past—her childhood, her lineage—is unclear to her. More importantly, Moriya is also the Goddess of Complex and Intricate Patterns, such as those that flowers make when they grow, or the pattern present in a tree’s bark. For this reason, some of her followers are to be found in the likes of scientists. She prefers to guide herself by the time of the seasons rather than modern mechanical time.

She's from a Noragami RP, you can check out her full CS here if you want: Fandom - Noragami: Corrupted World CS

Her Shinki is Saki, who in weapon form is a Kusarigama:

Her hair style could be something like:


You can draw her full body, just a bust, of from the middle; honestly I'd be glad with whatever inventive thing you come up for! In the last pic she's actually older as you can see haha.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to request <3.
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→I get to see my sister's thicccccc golden malamute today. Celebrated the occasion with a quick 15 minute sketch of his fluffy ass.

juneau practice.jpg



Not Entirely Dead
I love your style! Your attention to the small details and clean lines amaze me :O What program(s) do you use?

Just going to drop off my character who is in the middle of a name change for your consideration :D

Your Loving Death
So I tried posting the actual picture but it turned out HUGE and I'm too lazy to resize right now.
A bit about her - She was born a dryad, and practiced earth and nature magic with her tribe. She was uniquely gifted and excelled quickly in her studies, becoming the most powerful study of her age. But as all rebellious teenagers go, she sought even greater power, looking for the knowledge that was forbidden, simply because it wasn't allowed. She messed with things over her head, and became infected with a kernel of dark magic. Her once amazing powers were forced to turn inward, fighting the curse of darkness and evil, and through a powerful (and also forbidden) ritual she was able to practically split her soul within her body, keeping the "infection" to only one part of her soul and leaving the rest pure. However, it is a constant battle in her body, and one that weakens both her dark and nature powers, some days worse than others. This splitting had an unintended change on her body, making her something not quite living and not quite dead, relatively an immortal to the effects of time. Her "Undeath" keeps her in the state she was cursed in. As she grows older, however, her bodies point of stasis has a slightly detrimental effect on her health as well.
She is a bit arrogant, mostly in her abilities, constantly searching for knowledge, and slowly begins to view other people as inconsequential. Which gives her some issues in relating to others.

Anyway, I haven't had the chance to really hash out her outfit style yet. Shes a fan of luxurious things, liking things with fur collars and softness. Her color pallet is rather muted, dark colors and lots of grays and browns, going back to her heritage. She has silver hair, and rather delicate antlers from her head, and as you can see she is a little half-dead. In a beautiful way of course (insert her vanity).
But either way, have fun with her if you want!


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Thank you! I'm glad you dig my style. I use photoshop for everything- start to finish.

I'll definitely consider your character, I like her design.


Not Entirely Dead
Thank you!
I used Photoshop with her as well, and well, all my art. But I can never get my lines as clean and pretty as yours! I have a bad habit of falling back in to "Sketchy" art when I try to do linework. My hands tend to be shaky in general as well no matter what kind of art I'm doing.
Do you use a tablet as well?


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I do use a tablet! I use a wacom brand one, although I'm not sure what model is it?

I think that having a sketchy, realistic style is super cool though, I like it! If you are looking to make some really clean lines, the only advice I could give you it that "command-z" is your best friend. Sometimes I'll redo the same line like seven times before I decide to keep it. Also I've done tons with pen and ink with traditional art, and that's helped with making strong lines in digital art.

But like I said, I think your style is cool, and I don't think you need to change it at all!


Not Entirely Dead
I use a Wacom Intuos :) But I've mostly been using my Surface Book since its so portable and I can do everything on screen haha.

Haha I'm forever a victim to wobbly lines! And a victim to impatience. When it comes to traditional art I usually do a sketchy base then redraw clean lines on top and they are fine. When it comes to digital, everything just ends up sketchy, but oh well!

And thank you! <3


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I am! Feel free to shoot me references and a description of what you're looking for!

I'm not promising anyone art in this thread, just to keep any stress off, but there's always a good chance!

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