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(Right now, we are having a second battle in the cargo bay after defeating the initial Smierc security force. These Mortus Troopers are RP characters, so of course they are much more powerful than standard Mortus Troopers.)


The chaos of the battle within the cargo bay is putting a stress on the Smierc structure itself. I'm pretty sure that this simple loading dock was never designed to handle multiple explosions, holo-bolts, crystal-bolts, and debris-flinging that firefights tend to bring to the table. That meant that we had a limited amount of time before something important breaks around here and gets all of us, including the Smierc, possibly killed.

"Noa, I need a status on that cargo manifest!"
"Get me to that computer terminal! I should be able to find it there!"

Acknowledging my AI, I ordered Fireteam Nexus to provide me some suppressive fire as I sprint towards one of the computer terminals closest to my position. I get hit several times by the Smierc crystal-bolts however, and find my IRESS depleted to around 55% capacity. I should probably be a bit more conservative with my movements.

The non-Smierc brute of an alien is currently engaging what appears to be a mostly robotic Mortus Trooper type I've never seen before. Seems like the Smierc are pushing their Mortus Troopers beyond whatever they've done before as a result of this prolonged war.

Meanwhile, I manage to connect to the computer terminal, and Noa immediately begins to search the database for the cargo manifest. Considering the time lapsed since we initially encountered the Smierc security forces, I'm afraid that the cargo transport may have already left the range of the wormhole one of our troops can form.

That's when I noticed several Smierc forces converging on my location, no doubt thinking that I'm downloading valuable intel from their database. I do my best to cover the terminal as I fire my Type-BC HoloRifle towards them, but I'm still essentially a sitting duck here.

Corporal Seidal saw my predicament and utilized his Silentian ability to create gravity wells, as he pulled those Smierc grunts into the air, essentially helpless, as he fired several clean bursts from his HoloRifle and ended their lives. I could only look on in disbelief, as I gave a shaky thumbs up to the Corporal. I can't see what reaction he had, as he had his KAISYS helmet on, but I suspect he would have been shaken himself too.

"Got it! Sending coordinates now!"
"Is the transport within range?"
"Yes, but it's going to leave it pretty soon. Within a minute and half, tops."

That's a pretty slim margin of error.


When the New Union forces started their infiltration of the Smierc outpost, their usage of the debris field as a decoy caused several Fragment to deviate from their usual orbits. Although starting out small, these deviations grew and grew until one of the Fragments entered a path straight into the Smierc outpost.

The cargo bay area lights up with flashing red, as the PA systems warn of an incoming Fragment collision with the area.



"Noa, what's that PA saying?"
"We've got Fragments incoming! We must have messed with some of their orbits while manipulating the debris field for entry!"

That's definitely does not sound good.

"All forces! Switch to EVA mode and activate their mag-boots! We're on a collision course with a Fragment!", I yelled into our secure comms.

That's when the Fragment hit, ripping the cargo bay's ceiling clean off and taking along with it several volumes of the former cargo bay. The rest of the collision threw the entire outpost into an uncontrolled spin, as the station-gyros and gravity-fixtures go haywire.
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Ashley Miller

J went off without so much of a thanks to take care of that Mortus, but I wasn't going to stop him. I stood up against the container and ripped a crystal bolt from my leg, grimacing as I found my IRESS wasn't looking to hot. Between my ringing ears and trying go look for a safe route out that I barely registered the warning of the debris, the roof coming off, forcing me back into a container then up into space before my AI activated the EVA mode for me, keeping me suspended in space above the fight.
I mumbled, despite how much I hurt, readying my rifle and firing at the Mortus from above, using the floating containers as cover, gliding in between them by pushing off to new ones before reconnecting with mag boots to stop myself. Every shot sent pain ripping through my shoulder I was aiming with, but I just pushed through enough to keep firing. It probably broke on collision with the first container, or perhaps dislocated, but I've probably dealt with worse.


Oh boy. OH BOY. This is not good.
"Order received, activating mag boots."
I promptly order the suit AI to activate the boots, and turn to see Miller under fire.
"Hang in there."
I extend an arm towards Miller, sending a Guardian Orb her way to block future shots from the Mortus Troopers Miller was fighting.
Satisfied with that, I draw my DES and keep as watchful as an eye as I can throughout the facility, attempting to shoot all Mortus Troopers that I can spot. But needless to say, spinning all over the place means my aim just went down. Dramatically.
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As the battle continued, Morrison shouted, "All forces! Switch to EVA mode and activate their mag-boots! We're on a collision course with a Fragment!"

Raijin activated his mag-boots, but as he switched to EVA mode, he realized... if the station fully depressurizes, then he will be left blind. Sure, the mag-boots will let him see to some extent, but if he leaves the ground, he'll be left blind. This was not a good mission for me to go on... Crap, crap, crap.

Raijin eventually came back to reality as he used his sword to block a grunt's knife and slash through him. Hammer then came on over a private channel.

"Raijin, you alright, you spaced out for a second there."

"For now. I don't think I can keep on going if this turns into an EVA op"

"Crap, I didn't think about that..."

"It's fine. I have my mag-boots, it should be enough."

Pulling out his revolver, Raijin shot at the insectoid Mortus trooper targeting the large alien the Sabre Corp encountered earlier. He emptied an entire clip into the trooper, but its bio-field absorbed all the shots. Before he could reload, the fragment smashed into the station. If his mag-boots weren't on, then he would be spinning all over the place, smashing into cargo containers. However, Raijin was more concerned with how the cargo bay began to depressurize.


The Cykablyattest of them all!

I wake up, shaking myself awake as usual. First order of business, do a mental double-take of myself. I can still feel numbing pain, so that means I ain't dead yet, and I can't move my left leg that well. It's strange. I can feel a warm current of fluid running down my right forearm, and my left foot is beginning to feel cold, plus the splitting headache. And also, it appears my vision is starting to give way, fading into and out of focus, fading to black and then back to normal again, almost like a blinker going on and off at random intervals.

I try to stand up, which was obviously the first mistake, since the pain hurts so damn much, even with the adrenaline. Limping on my left leg, I can see a Mortus Trooper emerging from... somewhere. With how badly hurt I am, and how relatively unscathed that thing appears to be, I guess this is it for me. No way in hell am I going to be able to survive another fight, especially with a fresh opponent. I guess this is it--

Wait, what? What did it say? Something about... six swords... and knives? I have to admit, I'm not very good at this Smierc language, but that's what it sounds like. Bad translation aside, its body language seems to imply that it's challenging me to a duel. Not a very fair duel, but a duel nonetheless. So it's not gonna just shoot me in the head right away, with my IRESS depleted. Not yet, at least.

Speaking of which, how's my armor holding? I look at my back-up HUD (a backup HUD in case I lost my helmet, which I evidently have), checking my armor status. Holy shit it's broken. The carapace is just 3 punches from giving way. But my Fire Adeptus ability is working its magic, and the grenade actually gave me a considerable boost in energy to drain, although it's still working slowly. Speaking of which, my IRESS is recharging too, up to 10%. Can't even stop a knife with that little energy, but any shield is better than no shield. I also find myself gritting my teeth in pain from the orange-hot "burns" sealing the bullet impact marks on my flesh. I'm healing, but not quick enough.

Anyway, back to threat at hand. Now's as good a time as any to use my holo-machete, which I didn't have the time or the wits to use in the last engagement, and it also has the benefit of not constantly draining him of energy just by existing. I wasn't really in the mood for conversation. "Come here you little shit!" I blurted out as I raised my holo-machete in advance.

But then things went wrong. Very wrong.

The entire cargo bay area lights up in red, blaring some kind of Smierc language warning, and then... the roof flies off. The roof is gone. The roof is gone! Oh fuck! No, no, no, no, not again not again not again NOT AGAIN! Space! No! No, fuck space! Anything but space! No!!

I guess panicking actually did something good for once, since in my pants-shitting vocal thrashing, I managed to get all of the air out of my lungs, which prevented me from instantly going boom in space, due to the difference in pressure. I read somewhere that the average human being has 15 seconds before he passes out in space. 14. 13. 12.

I look around, and everyone's managing to hold on. 11. The choking pain is back again, ever so vivid, just like how I remembered it, back when I almost died. Painful asphyxiation to its fullest extreme. 10. 9. I try to find Davo, or Parkins, or John, or Danny, or Carlie, but I can't find any of them. I'm floating, and flying rather quickly towards the former roof of the cargo hold, since my mag-boots activated a fraction of a second too late, and couldn't properly stick to anything. 8. 7. 6. But I guess that doesn't matter anymore. This is the end for me. Guess this is what happens when you try to cheat Death. The Grim Reaper always gets what he wants.

5... 4... 3... 2... I prepare for the end. Strangely, amidst the pain and fear, a feeling of tranquility dawns upon me. The feeling only comes when you're on Death's doorstep, or in this case, blind, choking, and bleeding. I guess the afterlife won't be that bad, after all, if it means I get to enjoy this tranquility forever.

But all that talk was for nothing, too. Because soon enough, I feel something latch onto me from behind, and a hand of sorts removing my hands from my neck, before I could actually hear a small, barely audible click, as a rush of oxygen floods back into my nostrils. I swear, no one in human history ever has or ever will take a deeper breath than I did at that time.

As my vision returned to me with the newfound rush of oxygenated blood to my organs all over me, I got my head together. It seems that Davo had used what's left of his abilities to reach my helmet (undoubtedly tumbling in zero-gravity when he found it), and managed to return to me. All in the span of 15 seconds. What will I ever do without the guy?

Enough talk. I've got 15 minutes, instead of 15 seconds now. And with my mag-boots firmly rested on a half-torn cargo platform of some kind, I'm back in the fight. My holo-machete was nearby, and I grabbed it in the nick of time, before the thing was lost to the void of space. Now we're back in the game. I use my comms again.

"This is J from Fireteam Comet, we're back in the fight! What's our game plan, over?"

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(I'll try to get a post up tomorrow or the day after. Had a convention in town so our bar[Which is literally right across the street from the convention center] has been non-stop)

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Posted with confirmation of events involving other's characters by @Komrade Kommissar and @Kabboom

Interacting with J

It was a sudden and jarring feeling to suddenly have the alarms blare in Six's ears, and she damn near dropped her hilt at the noise at that. As if the gunshots weren't bad enough, but still. As everyone around her began to jolt into panicked movements and motions Six simply clenched her foot claws, sinking them into the metal right as the roof was torn from above them. Crates and people and just everything was going everywhere and whatever that guy in front of her had on his head just bounced off hers, causing her to wince slightly at the jarring impact.

Which reminded her, what happened to the guy in front of her? Looking around it didn't take more than a moment to see him holding at the neck of his armor, thrashing about as his face began to turn a darker color. It almost was lost on her until it jarred into her mind that everyone else still needed to breath. They used their head covers for that, didn't they?

The honest truth was that Six hadn't had to kill anyone yet, and quite frankly she wasn't a fan of seeing others die, since she had lost all her siblings after all. This was no different either, and she'd heard suffocation was an awful way to go.

Snapping her head around, she first noticed one of the other humans going for the head cover that had bounced off her forehead, but his momentum was terrible, truly. Thinking quickly Six powered off the floor, utilising her tail to power her through the zero g field. She faintly saw her opponents friend waving something but ignored it as she closed in on the head cover.

Reaching out, Six managed to grabbed the thing with her claw tips and turned to throw it back just in time to feel something punch into her chest. She didn't have a clue as to what it could have been, the vacuum had robbed her of hearing a damn thing, but whatever it was it sent her further up and away. Checking options, she noticed that her opponent was further turning colours and seemed to have another ally right next to him. Curling her tail around, she wrapped the helmet with the tip of her tail and swung her tail around, launching the thing straight for the guy(Davo), watching as he caught it and replaced it on her opponent's head. Then it happened again, another something slamming into her chest. Must have been debris. And shit, this vacuum, it was cold. Very cold...

Blinking sluggishly Six's mouth opened in a wide yawn as she started to realise that the cold of space was already putting her to sleep. Shaking her head she waited til she reached a sizable piece of debris and kicked off of it, finding a spot on the roof to secure herself until the emergency crew used a shield to seal that stupid hole.

Interacting with Raslan

It wasn't proper. At all in any form or fashion really. He had challenged this shield and spear user, but the enemy was a mess, and his helmet gave a glaring weakness away, further taking any proper challenge out of the fight. In front of his enemy Ilik stood, stretching out and driving his spear into the ground. He then drew all four of his blades, held two out before his enemy and threw them down, embedding them in the ground as well. Then as Ilik gauged things in his head, he shook it and held out one more dagger before his wounded enemy and threw it into the ground as well, leaving him armed with but one dagger. It was really as fair a fight as he could give while remaining armed, and Ilik was already deciding that he wouldn't be killing this one today.

It may have seemed odd, or stupid, but the truth was Ilik could see clearly that the man beneath the mask was no true Smierc. And if he was sent of a mission to forefront the charge on this group and himself, the man likely was of no importance to the Smierc. It took most of the fun out of actually killing him, because the one's he wanted to hurt wouldn't care. What that meant was that between himself and the other spear wielder was nothing but experience and skill. It was a matter of a duel, one master against another, and for his people, respecting and honoring that was important.

That's why when the alert went up about the collision Ilik quickly snapped his dagger up and replaced them in their sheaths just as the hole was torn in the roof. Lunging forward and narrowly missing being impaled by the soldier's lance as he thrust it forward, Ilik's reach out with his lower left hand and wrenched the weapon from the soldier's hand. Then with both his right hands he grasped the man firmly as his upper left hand came forward and wrapped it all the way around his head, squeezing down harshly. As the vacuum grabbed them and yanked them from the ground, they only went so far as Ilik had wrapped his tail around his own spear, anchoring them in place as the Maullo'o slammed a knee into the stomach of the struggling soldier, attempting to wind him before risking letting him go with his upper right hand. With his now free hand Ilik reached up and wrapped it around his own helmet as he expelled all air from his lungs. With swiftness the Maullo'o ripped his own helmet off, already feeling his body decry the lack of air, as he drew a wad of spit and other substances into his mouth with a stomach churning noise coming from his throat.

Looking down at the Smierc puppet as his mouth filled, the four eyes of Ilik took aim and he pulled his left hand from the broken helemt right as he hocked a massive wad of what he'd built up in his mouth right onto the face and helmet of his foe. As the cold lack of air took affect the 'spit' quickly hardened into a somewhat see through chitin as Ilik replaced his helmet upon his beastly head and threw his foe backwards.

As the two warriors drifted apart Ilik spoke to the other, the biomechanics of his chitin and the creature in his helmet linked up with the chitin now sealing the other's helmet.

"This is not mercy, puppet. I just want to make sure that when you die, it's by my hand, at the end of my spear, like all Smierc and their foolish allies."

Pulling himself back with his tail and feet, Ilik managed to get a grip on the ground again and began moving to collect the soldiers of his new found allies. It seemed like if they were going to go on some form of mission, now was the time to get that underway. That and if this was how all their missions went, he was going to have many, many more opportunities to kill Smierc with them as opposed to trying to make sky ships fly himself.
@Perambulation (Just skimmed through a lot this morning since I was asleep for most of yesterday with a fever. Basically some random dude set off the alarm at the base and gave up our cover, we decimated the first wave of security and we’re in the middle of fighting the second one, the second wave of security has Mortus Troopers so they’re gonna be harder to kill, meanwhile we’re on a collision course with a fragment or something and it’s gonna become an “EVA op” which I have no idea what EVA stands for. I hope I got all that right...)

(This might take a while to write if I decide to go in to detail while filling in the absence of my character at the same time but then again, I kind of owe it to this RP for being gone so long and not getting kicked out yet.)


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(EVA is for Extra-vehicular Activity. So basically outer space ops. The Fragment collided with the outpost and caused a breach in the cargo bay hold, where it sucked out most of the combatants. We have helmets and sealed armor, so we are good for outer space, and I'm waiting on you to activate the wormhole to the nearest cargo ship that I sent the coordinates of to you.)

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