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  1. Jovabae

    Fantasy Bunny’s search for partners!

    Hi! I’m super interested in a few of your pairings! I’ll send you a pm. (:
  2. Jovabae

    Fandom Fandom Search

  3. Jovabae

    Fandom Fandom Search

    Hey! I’m Joey, I’m currently looking to do some fandom rps. Here’s a quick list of my “rules” I tend to stick to for role playing. Post Length/Reply time- I’m not really a huge stickler when it comes to post length, as long as I have something to reply to I’m happy. That being said, I average...
  4. Jovabae

    Multiple Settings One x One Partner Search-Updated with plots

    I’m back after a small hiatus due to some person issues, if we had something going I apologize for leaving so suddenly, feel free to reach out if you’re still interested and wanna continue! — Hello! I’m Joey, I recently found this site and I finally decided to make a post. Though I’m not new...
  5. Jovabae

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello! I'm Joey, I'm new to the site and I'm excited to find some people to rp with! I love anime, video games, drawing, and baking. (: