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  • Monthly Signatory Haiku Archive

    October 2019

    Behold! Dead bones work!
    A miracle at grindstone
    Wares itself away.

    November 2019

    Tweets and rage I've heard.
    Fools explode at feather's fall;
    Blame noise on the bird.

    December 2019

    All rise in greeting.
    When four of them fall over,
    Last one has its say.

    Riddle's answer here:
    Raise up your hand and count five.
    Each one speaks in turn.

    January 2020
    Testify you lights!
    Season white with wonders bright
    All about the love.

    February 2020
    Lie says to the Truth:
    "Silence, all you who dare speak
    Against my vision!"
    March 2020
    Youth wasted on young,
    Wisdom wasted on the aged.
    Trade well to tread well.
    A riddle:

    Hand in hand my mother and I settle down. Soon enough we'll live in a ghost town. There is much less to go around. What are we?
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