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  • Monthly Signatory Haiku Archive

    October 2019

    Behold! Dead bones work!
    A miracle at grindstone
    Wares itself away.

    November 2019

    Tweets and rage I've heard.
    Fools explode at feather's fall;
    Blame noise on the bird.

    December 2019

    All rise in greeting.
    When four of them fall over,
    Last one has its say.

    Riddle's answer here:
    Raise up your hand and count five.
    Each one speaks in turn.

    January 2020
    Testify you lights!
    Season white with wonders bright
    All about the love.
    A riddle:

    Hand in hand my mother and I settle down. Soon enough we'll live in a ghost town. There is much less to go around. What are we?
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