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    Fandom Au revoir 2021 ヽ(•‿•)ノ Fandom & Original, OnexOne Search

    I’d be interested in a supernatural RP. I have some experience playing Dean. If you could double as Sam for my OC it would be much appreciated. Send me a PM if you’re still interested.
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    Fandom Long Term Roleplay Search

    I'd be interested in a Marvel RP. I can play either Steve or Tony.
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    Fandom Welcome to Hogwarts

    Hey I’d be interested! Send me a PM if you want and we can plot and figure some stuff out!
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    Fandom Seeking roleplay partner(s) (Fandoms)

    I’d be interested in a Harry Potter RP.
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    Fandom looking for more rp partners 2022 *Updated*

    I’m interested in a supernatural RP! Let me know if you’re still interested!
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    Fandom AU Interest check! (Lots of fandoms!)

    Hey I’d be totally down for a supernatural doubling RP in an AU! I can play Dean no problem if you don’t mind playing Sam for my OC. Message me if you’re interested!
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    Fandom Looking for long term Rp {1x1}

    I’d be down for a Harry Potter RP. I can play Remus if you wouldn’t mind playing Sirius for me.
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    Fandom Looking for Long term Partner! (Always open!)

    I can play Dean for you if you're still looking for a supernatural RP
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    Fandom Fandom, 1x1, doubling up fandom rp’s!

    If you're interested in an MCU rp still I'd be down. I'm comfortable with playing a few different canon characters and I'm flexible with who you could play for me.
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    Fandom Seeking some new partners

    I would love to do a supernatural RP. I can play Dean for you if you can play Sam for me.
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    Fandom Looking for fandom partners (canonxoc)

    I’d be down for that! Shoot me a PM
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    Fandom Oc x CC?

    I’d be up for a supernatural RP!