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  • Really interested in playing a sort of Bully dynamic where the Bully develops a crush on the other person, or ends up being protective/possessive
    of them.
    Looking for new roleplay partners!

    I like playing mxm only, either cannonxcannon or ocxoc, I have a lot of years of experience and have of a few months ago gotten back into this hobby. I typically write back 1-3 paragraphs per post and can typically post at least once per day ( but hopefully more! Depending on my day). I'm 30 and prefer you be above 25 and enjoy ooc chatter. <3

    I like doing romance/drama/action heavy games.

    Some Fandoms I'm interested in:

    Adventure Time
    Sea of Stars

    Probably more, those are just the most interesting one's to me presently!

    I use discord to write. Please message me if you're interested.
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