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  • It's currently 2:26 am and I have decided my entire life career. i will become an commission artist and bartender.
    I'll hopefully get enough money to pay bills and rent, and maybe sometimes food B]
    Hm, I'm bored, so I decided to come up with random and probably clique story plot(s?)

    Character A is your usual youthful and average person, they've always stayed in the estate their grandmother had lived in before she passed. Though people deem it haunted, Character A has no particular care in the rumors if they were true or false. Character A had no where else to live, they had no other family to count on as a young adult. She was unfortunate to always be isolated. But fortunately, they've always were attracted by older objects and always loved aged buildings, clothing, wood-works, anything and everything on the list. One day in the attic -- character A finds a mirror. The wood is sculpted beautifully, each intricate detail could be seen from any angle on the old walnut wood. It was a bit battered, but it was definitely worth a fortune. Of course for Character A, they wanted to keep it for themselves and salvage it. Once they cleaned it carefully -- from the settling dust and dirt -- they hang it in front of their bed contentedly, fortunate to find such a pretty piece of furniture.
    It just seems to be a fine mirror, normal and aged, perfectly suitable for Character A to like.
    As they tidy up their room on a usual Sunday, they decided to clean the mirror. Of course it's a normal thought, Character A didn't want it to gather dust like it used to in the attic. But as they grabbed a spray and cloth, they realized as they sprayed -- It would disappear? They thought nothing had came out of the bottle, it was unusual and strange. So they decided to wipe the mirror just in case. Until their arm fell through. Character A was isolated and alone, if this wasn't a dream to begin with, Character A thought they could've find something intresting in their life. There was nothing to lose -- but perhaps something to gain.
    Ahhh I keep thinking of a dream I had a few days ago, it would seem so cool to write up but take sooooo long. Damn
    loving the cookie run kingdom update LOL
    hot cocoa cookie is so cute oh em gee
    I'm gonna use this as my formal introduction here, so yeah. 👍

    My names Slykb, I literally spammed letters to get this username. But you can call me Grey.
    I'm a pretty old user of Rpnation, but I decided to start fresh with a new account since my old one was filled with cringy roleplays. But I'm definitely not a novice role-player. I usually roleplay by fandoms, but sometimes when I whip up something creative I'll try to find people who would want to join me.
    I'm not online as often, but I do go on everyday at some point, so if you message me I'll be sure to get to you eventually.
    Pm me or post here if you ever want to roleplay, always up for something. Unless it's something completely weird and grotesque than no thanks.
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