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    Teach me to play dnd please!

    I have never in my life tried playing any kinds of dnd. I know nothing of it really, so I would need full guide about it. It is hard for me to learn from reading and a lot easier to understand while doing, so would love to find a small group who would take me in and possibly teach me the ways...
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    Other Your guilty pleasure series?

    Any kind of a game, movie, book, document about dinosaurs and fossils etc. I love it and I am very interested about things like what happened, what kind of species there were and so on, but I do not mention this to any of my friends. Like ever. Only my hubby knows about this really, since he...
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    Other Tell us about your pet peeves!

    Those people who pass you with their car and then stays in front of you for no legitimate reason. Just. Why. You. Do. That. Also if I see someone eating any type of food what makes their fingers dirty and then they reach out for a glass to drink from, their phone, anything really, without...
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    Viewpoint What Makes You Decide To RP With Someone?

    Honestly, I do not really care about the other person's interests, unless there is a few big no's from me. I'm quite open with any ideas, but few certain ones, and if someone wants to play those, I won't message them ever. Even if they do not ask that rp to be about it, I just really do not want...
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    Experiences What was your first rp? :3

    Oh gawd. My first was some kinds of fantasy wolf rp in this one site used by kids and teenagers mostly. Like virtual horse stable. There was rp section and it literally went like: * rolling my eyes * .. etc.. So so bad. Nobody ever got hit in a battle and either you got killed fast or you were...
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    Other Random question of the day

    They decided to make two megaservers instead of the usual "many, but small servers", by zenimax online and the game is The Elder Scrolls Online. I'm so salty. Every second day the EU server is down or can't login or can't play because of lag issues.
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    LAST person to post is the winner!!!

    Good morning to all
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    LAST person to post is the winner!!!

    Just doing what I'm trained for: Nothing
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    LAST person to post is the winner!!!

    We all won once. After that you just become an ant who is part of the endless line..
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    How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

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    Chitchat Zodiac sign

    The single ones are the best to get advice from, at least they aren't in a bad relationship. I gave all of my friends relationship advices for let's say, 6 years and never had one relationship during that time. Nor one night stands. I found a boyfriend and 5 years later married him haha.
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    LAST person to post is the winner!!!

    Yeah I know right. Specially when after waking up it's all crap, working, pressure, do this that those, and then it restarts. Yay.
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    LAST person to post is the winner!!!

    Anyone else here having trouble sleeping?
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    LAST person to post is the winner!!!

    Good evening
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    Other Worst Pain You've Ever Felt

    Probably the worst pain experience I have ever had was right before my appendix was removed. I went to drink with my best friend of the time, since I just turned 18 (legal drinking/bar age in my country). We drank tequila and other strong shots and drink, went to home and everything was fine...