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  • "We're alone.
    You're not the only one.
    You're like the rest of us.
    Oh, you will become undone."

    Feel Nothing ~ HEALTH
    "I followed you in and I was with you there.
    I invited you in.
    Twice, I did.
    You love blood too much.
    But not like I do.
    Not like I do..."

    Ptolemaea ~
    Ethel Cain
    "Whoever you want.
    Whoever you want to want you back.
    They’ll never let go.
    They’ll never let go of what you don't have.
    Whatever you want.
    Whoever you want, someone else.
    You’ll never let go.
    You learn to love to hurt yourself..."

    Hurt Yourself ~
    "All I ever wanted was you, my love.
    You're all I ever wanted is you, my love.
    You're all I ever wanted, you.
    Oh, my love.
    You're all I ever wanted is you, my love..."

    Bury Me Deep Inside ~ HIM
    "I got much troubles in my room.
    When it's so dark, I can choke you.
    Into the night and hold me tight.
    Love me, baby, I need some...
    Don't forget me.
    Don't forget you.
    Nowhere to run.
    Sad in blue."

    Blue Cloud ~ Out of My Eyes
    "You're just, what I wanna be.
    To be everything, and I can't be.

    I can't be.
    I'll be okay.
    I promise.
    I'll be okay.
    I hate myself and I...
    I hate the things I...
    It's awful...
    It's awful, it's so..."

    Låt Oss Ta Allt Från Varandra ~ Shining
    And with her I die
    And for her I die
    And therefore I sigh, and therefore I sigh
    She's my mistress of pain

    With Her I Die ~
    There's an Ocean Between Us yet I still hear you scream.
    It seems you're still with me even after severing that line.
    Who would've thought the gift you left would have this effect?
    How did I become so captivated by you...?

    ~ CiRcLeS...
    "Craving, haunting the ceased devotion.
    She's the one for me.
    The cross I beg to see the path.
    When I don't want to stay..."

    Craving ~ Charon
    "Terrible visions in my sleep.
    I can see your face again.
    Terrible visions and I'm awake.
    I can't get away.
    Terrible visions as you speak.
    I can see you lying there dead..."

    "Eternal is the pain that you gave me.
    Lonely roses wither and die..."

    Time of Despair ~ Entwine
    "We lay my love and I.
    Beneath the weeping willow.
    But now alone I lie.
    And weep beside the tree.

    Singing «Oh Willow Waly»
    By the tree that weeps with me.
    Singing «Oh Willow Waly»
    'Till my lover returns to me.

    We lay my love and I.
    Beneath the weeping willow.
    But now alone I lie.
    Oh, willow I die.
    Oh, willow I die..."

    O Willow Waly
    "Look around.
    There's no one but you and me.
    Right here and now.
    The way it was meant to be.

    There's a smile on my face.
    Knowing that together everything that's in our way.
    We're better than alright..."

    Lifehouse ~ Between the Raindrops
    Ooh. If you're like me and brainrot over similar songs, might I recommend Love & Memories by OAR or Am I Ever Gonna Find Out also by Lifehouse?
    As you can see, my status page is filled with songs I listen to. Great listening to you and thanks for a moment of your time.
    As a fellow music lover, I may take a peek. Same to you as well! Feel free to hit me up anytime to talk tunes. Always looking to expand my library
    "There is nothing to regret, we did it all.
    There is nothing left to feel, we felt it all.
    There is no one left to kill, we killed them all.

    There is no one to resent, we hate you all..."

    Ménage à Trois (There Is Nothing To Regret) ~ Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
    "Give her love and protection.
    Give her all, all the things she needs.
    Give her faith and a reason.
    Make her feel brighter than the sun.

    Tell her that she is special.
    Tell her that she is valuable.
    Carry on for tomorrow.
    Carry on even if it's hard..."

    Sunset 28 ~ Beseech
    "So fell autumn rain, washed away all my pain.
    I feel brighter somehow, lighter somehow to breathe once again.
    So fell autumn rain, washed my sorrows away.
    With the sunset behind somehow I find the dreams are to stay.
    So fell autumn rain..."

    So Fell Autumn Rain ~ Lake of Tears
    Our flesh is fragile.
    Our spirits hardened.
    Feral beasts threaten the existence of man.

    We spilt their blood.
    They melt metal onto our bones.
    I heard the songs from a legion of dragons.

    ~ CiRcLeS...
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