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  • "My entire life is shrouded now.
    Death's black wing eclipsed your sunshine.
    And if I have to live for you in spite of all.
    The pain that I might feel that I go through.

    That's something that I swear to do..."

    Mourning Song ~ Holding Absence
    How much can a heart endure?
    Before the eventual break.
    A mistake we can't correct.
    Reflecting back to simpler times.
    Rekindle the dying ember.
    The warmth of your embrace.
    Remember the love we swore.

    ~ CiRcLeS...
    "Every time I think of pushing you down the stairs.
    I lick my lips.
    But don't be upset, it's the only way that I know how
    to show you that I really care.
    And I lie to you every chance that I get
    and I make it just close enough to the truth.
    That you go for it every time.
    But don't misunderstand.
    I leave fingerprints outside of your window
    in the shapes of positive messages..."

    Bones in the Water ~ Battle of Mice
    "We sense a soul in search of answers.
    Do you seek knowledge of time travel?
    We'll take that as a yes.
    And now for your first lesson.
    Do you seek knowledge of time travel...?"

    Starcraft ~ Arbiter
    "Good hunter, you've done well. The night is near its end.
    Now I will show you mercy.
    You will die, forget the
    dream, and awake under the morning sun.
    You will be freed...
    From this terrible hunter's

    Gehrman, the First Hunter
    "I saw horrors roaming free in jungle.
    Stuck in terror, shaman's locker.
    I saw creatures carve my name on totems.
    Stuck in dreams outside of myself..."

    Carvings ~ Orbit Culture
    "We will drown, we will drown.
    Into this love, into this love.
    We may decide.

    We will drown in this love.

    Until the End ~ Entwine
    Ah, fallen between the cracks.
    Forgotten and left to die.
    The right time and place.
    Disdained, neglected.
    The place is yet familiar.

    I remember.

    ~ CiRcLeS...
    "All the stupid lies and the stupid games.
    Left a vacancy in this picture frame.
    A prisoner by my own hands.
    'Cause if I can't have me, then no one can..."

    Masterpiece ~ Motionless in White
    "Good hunter, let me free you from this evil.
    I devote my life to sustain the Dream.
    Oh, the insidious moon.
    Oh, these mysterious nights.
    Great One, look upon me and grant everlasting

    ~ The First Hunter...
    "Buried under dirt, a diamond in the mud.
    Infinity is waiting there 'cause nobody can burn a glass cathedral..."

    Animals ~ Architects
    Link: Sleeps


    Link: Rolls over

    Navi: Gets triggered. Grabs Link by the ear and drag him off the bed.

    Link: "Oww! What the hell?!?


    Link: "What's that? The Great Deku Tree sent you for me?

    Navi: "HEY, LISTEN, HEY, LISTEN!!"

    Link: "What's that? The Great Deku Tree wants to meet me???"

    Navi: "HEY, LISTEN, HEY, LISTEN!!!"

    Link: "And... WHAT'S THAT?!? The Great Deku Tree was cursed by the evil king Ganondorf and the Great Deku Tree wants me to undergo a test of courage to break said curse to see if I have what it takes to venture across and save the land of Hyrule?!?"


    Link: "Five more minutes..." Crawls back onto the bed to sleep well into the afternoon.

    Navi: Triggered with a muffled buzzing noise.
    "Seek out my heart
    Seek out my soul
    Find my truth
    For you know"

    My Will ~ Aleah
    Green, yellow, and red.
    As time flows past the tree branch.
    The curtain closes.
    "In those days, nickels had pictures of bumble bees on 'em. 'Gimme five bees for a quarter!', you'd say." ~ Abe Simpson
    The grey canvas moves.
    Concrete and lifeless trees stand.
    Shades of orange drop.
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