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  • I was gonna try and reply tonight but i just got a rlly bad stomach ache 😭
    I’ll try to get a decent sleep and reply tomorrow ig
    Roleplay replies might be a bit delayed ! I’ve had trouble sleeping lately and it’s interfering with my ability to focus on replies :’)
    I’ll try to reply as soon as I can !
    I’m back home from Colorado ! I’m gonna take some time to readjust, but replies should be back to normal from here on out ^^
    Sorry for the brief moment of radio silence, the wifi at my grandma’s house is out. I’m using wifi at some gokart place so I won’t be able to reply to any roleplays rn, but I’ll try to reply to any plotting chats !
    I’m also leaving Colorado early tomorrow morning so I’ll be on another 12hr hiatus until I’m home !!
    Back from the zoo and I’m tired af + I have a huge headache, so I might take a nap before getting started on replies - but they will get done today I swear 😤
    OK SO I’m going to the zoo in a bit but I shouldn’t be busy once I’m back so I’m going to focus my attention on the rp’s I need to reply to then 😤
    Sorry for being kind of inactive with roleplays, I’m gonna try and reply to stuff today though !
    I’m in colorado now ! I doubt I’ll be able to get replies done tonight bc I’m exhausted but I’ll try to find some time inbetween hanging out w my dad and grandma to reply 😊
    I’ll try and work on some replies before I go to bed, since I have to get up early to get ready for the long 12hr road trip to Colorado. I won’t be able to be online during that time bc there’s no wifi but I’ll try and check in once I get to my grandma’s house :)
    Anyway I’m going to reply to all of my rp’s tonight, since I won’t be able to over the next few days bc of my birthday then being on the road so !!
    This is canon now 😤
    I’m just gonna ignore season 4 episode 8 of stranger things. It Does Not Exist For Me. Nothing bad happened to anyone, and Eddie Munson is alive and healthy :)
    Just a heads up to my rp partners that starting tomorrow I’ll be fairly busy !! My dad is coming down from Colorado tomorrow ro celebrate my birthday on saturday, and then me and my siblings will be going w him back to his house to spend a week there. Since I’ll be w family and then on the road, my replies are gonna be few and far between !

    I’ll try to work as much as I can before my trip, sorry for the inconvenience ^^
    I was gonna try and reply to rp’s today but I got super busy and it’s super late now :’)
    I’ll try to respond tomorrow though !
    Still reeling over the fact that I got ip banned on quotev when I literally didn’t do anything. I’ve been roleplaying on that site since I was like 12-13 and only now it becomes a crime ?? That’s messed up bro I hope everyone that rp’s there realizes how shitty the site is and leaves before they go through the same thing 😤
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