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    The Grand Masquerade

    so cool XD
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    Take care! :o

    Take care! :o
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    what? :)

    what? :)
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    We Are Alive

    Interested :D
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    The Grand Masquerade

    Hi! This thread caught my eye and I have to say the roleplay's really intriguing :) Definitely interested!
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    Trials of light- The Fall (a fantasy adventure Rp)

    Oooh I'm interested in joining too :)
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Futuristic Salvation OCC

    Of course it is! Well then, I'm looking forward to seeing your character! ^^ Also, you can choose from the player quote list. ;)
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    Salvation - WIP (Open!)

    @WordArtist I'm sorry to hear that :/ Oh well then, hope I can roleplay with you at another time.
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    Hi everybody!

    Welcome to RPNation! *tosses rainbow confetti everywhere* I sincerely hope that you'll have an awesome time here now that you've stumbled along our community ;) :D I'm just curious, but what kind of roleplay genres do you like?
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    Greetings and Salutations...

    Hi!!! Welcome to RPNation XD I wonder why nobody has replied to this yet. D: You see, we're usually quite warm and inviting around here. So anyways, I guess I'll just step up and give you a proper welcome(?) *sprinkles confetti in the air (and on you)* Hi, Dust! Nice to meet you :angels...
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    Futuristic Salvation OCC

    Hi XD Great to see you here!
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    Salvation - WIP (Open!)

    Bumping this just in case any of you didn't see it :) I hope more people join! @FabulousTrash @Tori_98 @Elenion Aura @Ghost Toast @WordArtist @Zaltusinel @NextGenRolePlayer
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    Futuristic Salvation OCC

    @AnEternalWinter Great to know! Tell me what character you'd like when you've made up your mind :33:
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    Futuristic Salvation OCC

    Right now all of them are free for you to choose! (Except the ones with a strikethrough.)