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  • Cowboy Bebop double rps? Anyone?

    I'm oc friendly, semi-lit...

    18+ only plz. Message me if interested.
    Anybody seeking a Jujutsu Kaisen rp?

    I strictly do double rps. I can match lengths, but I tend to write about 2-3 paragraphs minimum and I'm highly descriptive (gotta visualize, baby~).

    I'm 22 so I will only write with 18+ roleplayers.

    Personally, I'm seeking a Gojo for my oc (I can share her deets in the PMs) though I'm not opposed to Toji. I can play any of the characters (as long as they're LEGAL AGE). I have no triggers, but please do tell me of yours if you have them!!!

    Please PM me if interested or comment here!

    Thank you 🐯❤️
    Hey hey! Any of you Trigun fans wanna do some OC friendly double rps? Hit me up! I tend to do semi-literate or literate roleplays. I love angst, romance and fluff. I can play anyone from Trigun you would like. Personally, I'm seeking a Vash to play against my OC, Puuka. If interested, please PM me and I will give you her information. She's got lots of lore. If you love cryptids, cyborgs, and/or tigers, you're gonna love her! Can't wait to chat with ya!
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