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  • Responses might be late and such, there's a lot going on at work currently and classes are piling up too. Sorry in advance for late replies!
    I don't enjoy writing original. Never have. Pairing oc x oc feels far too weird to me,, especially since my ocs have parts of my own personality in each of them,, it's just not my writing vibe. I like fandom writing for a reason. Please don't try to persuade me into writing something I'm not interested in.
    I'm not trying to sound mean but,, please do not ask for my discord. My discord is for my close friends only and last time I did someone had gotten very rude with me when I was on idle to check on a friend.

    TLDR: Please don't ask for my discord, it's only for those close to me.
    I'm hoping, hoping someone's interested in Haikyuu or Danganronpa roleplays. I just want some cute fluffiness 😭
    Is it just me or does it feel like there's a roleplay dry spell currently? Some mutual's have told me they'll find partners, but then get ghosted since they responded a literal hour late.

    Dude, just respect if someone's busy. People have lives and it's a bit rude to just leave because they didn't respond on your time. That or spamming partners, that's just annoying and makes people feel like they don't want to interact anymore.

    To anyone who ever roleplays with me, take your time with anything. Character sheets, responses, plotting, do not feel like you need to rush or apologize for lateness. Things happen, real life comes first, a little roleplay isn't the most important thing and if a roleplay partner can't respect your response times then drop 'em.
    Will I be watching Captain Marvel? Absolutely not. I don't care if it's part of the chronological order of the movies, the movie wasn't the greatest. I'll read the comics then continue watching the movies.
    So far only made it through one Marvel movie. No I did not watch them in order, I got overly hyped and rewatched Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    Anyways, I'm tried so good night!
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