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    I am relatively new as well, and your propositions look interesting. I myself enjoy dark RPs as well. The Runaway/torturer looks specifically interesting! Message me if you would like to start!
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    Multiple Settings Galier Faithe - Interest Check

    Salutations fellow scholars! My name is Galier Faithe, and I am in search of others to write invigorating (and sometimes rather spicy) narratives with! What you must know is that I am rather capricious, and therefore am constantly looking for new stories to create! Basically, I am willing to...
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    I am required to post here so that I shall. My name is Gale, and I am of a race known as the grey folk. I was created in the year 4200 B.C., and I enjoy sharing my writing with the various beings of this plane. I have a strange obsession with lemons, and I find that other fruits of similar...