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Multiple Settings Galier Faithe - Interest Check


Grey-folk Lemon Eater
Salutations fellow scholars! My name is Galier Faithe, and I am in search of others to write invigorating (and sometimes rather spicy) narratives with! What you must know is that I am rather capricious, and therefore am constantly looking for new stories to create! Basically, I am willing to participate in any variety of tale. For more in-depth information, read the literature below!

  • As I said, no topic is off-limits! I love all genres! A lifetime of exploration has taught me that all people and things hold an infinite beauty. If you have something I have not listed, please do bring it to my attention.

    Length is no challenge for me. As long as we agree on a limit for our responses, I don't care! Obviously, you can only fit so much into piece by piece conversations, but if we agree to write 500 or 800 or whatever amount of words, then we should do our best to achieve that. I once wrote an anthology about citrus fruits on an infinite scroll that wound up spanning the entire height of Ilmorry tower! Good times.

    Okay next, I am fully LGBTQ+ friendly! I myself am a proud member of the community and am accepting of any gender/sexuality pairing for any of my pairings. (I'm unfamiliar with furries but as a curious intellectual, I'll try anything once. I once met a real werewolf who still felt the need to wear a fursuit. He was a fine chap. Gave me lemons for cheap.)

    And of course, I am a slave to romance. So if you want something to be less spicy, make sure to bring it up. Don't misunderstand, I am perfectly capable of writing and enjoying platonic or simply non-romantic relationships such as beast x human, but I definitely am skewed towards romance, so definitely let me know your own preferences!!

    I would also love to know about your characters, so if you would like to build a narrative around a character of yours or mine just let me know! Sometimes one heroine, villain, or simple character can span a multitude of stories or even worlds!

    Investigator x villain

    soldier x soldier

    beast x human

    super power x super power (MHA style)

    college student x college student

    corporate employee x boss

    demon x human or witch or anything really XD

    supernatural entity x human / witch x beast (werewolf or some other creature of magic)

    Witch x witch

    Experienced survivor x novice

    superhero x human

    super villain x super villain

    superhero x super villain.

    These next pairings are gory/violent/have a higher potential to be dark. I put the blinder there if you're less inclined towards that genre. I realize the dim reaches of the subconscious are full of terrors and lemons, but after centuries of existence on this plane. I have learned to bend them to my will to smith some of the finest tales. I also realize that many others are less inclined to explore terrors and lemons, and that is perfectly fine as well.

    serial killer x object of obsession

    serial killer x serial killer

    hangman x convict

    slave x slave (Roman times)

    Gladiator x Gladiator (Roman times)

    Horror spirit x victim

    body-less, all-powerful, all knowing being (like a djinn) x human

    Pirate x pirate

    pirate x captive

    pirate x soldier (british)

    Satan x ww1 soldier

    Psychic x serial killer

    Investigator x serial killer

    Captive serial Killer x psychologist


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