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    Hello FeralFront Friends- Welcome to RpNation!

    haven't been on rpn for a hot minute, but i wanted to stop by and say hello. hey all! feralfront was the first site i ever roleplayed on, and i've met some of my closest friends through there. while it's sad to see it go, as i spent a decent chunk of my childhood on site, i respect the decision...
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    Advice/Help One liner rp

    One-liners are perfectly okay, as long as you and your partner(s) are happy and having fun!
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    Viewpoint Is there such thing as too dark?

    in my opinion, dark themes/content should serve a purpose to the story. it feels shallow and tasteless when stuff is tacked on just for the sake of making the story darker/more shocking. plus it can be pretty one-note if the only theme going on is doom and gloom. i feel like every story should...
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    Other Name Your First OC's Personality in 3 Words

    is it cheating if i use this?
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    Chitchat Haha what if...?

    saw this thread and felt obligated to make this;
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    Experiences What was your first RP character?

    it was a warrior cats roleplay on roblox. my character was named skyheart and she was pretty much a direct rip-off of fireheart/star, except she was a girl and was sky blue. she was really boring and there honestly isn't much to say about her. my later characters were more interesting, though...
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    Answered Noob Question Here :(

    i can't say for certain, but i think it's just waiting for approval. posts that are waiting tend to be hard to find, and sometimes look like they disappear altogether. back when i first joined, i had a few posts that went through that process, but they turned out fine in the end. i'm sure it's...
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    Experiences What was your first rp? :3

    i'm just counting my first forum roleplay; i was fresh off of roblox, new to a warrior cats site called wcrpg. i had no idea they had forums or roleplay groups at the time, so the concept of a forum was entirely new to me. i made a clan called lakeclan. i managed to figure out how to make a...
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    Other nvm~!

    i'd be interested in giving this a shot. i am pretty busy, but it sounds fun!
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    Realistic or Modern Become The Top [OOC]

    going to try and get a reply up tonight! sorry for the inactivity, been a bit busy lately.
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    Realistic or Modern checkmate

    sounds really cool! super interested in this! 0:
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    Realistic or Modern Become The Top [CS]

    (I'll go through and make this look better later -- let me know if i need to fix anything!) ( art by akakura on twitter ) Basics > Full Name - Miyuki Ueno > Reason or Meaning of Name - beautiful snow / beautiful happiness > Nickname - Miyu > Reason for Nickname - Her little brothers just like...
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    Realistic or Modern Become The Top [OOC]

    i'll get working on my cs soon!
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    Fantasy Town of Somnia: Curse of the WIll O' Wisp (closed for now)

    // Interacting with @Donut Fret directly, and everyone else. As people started conversing, Phoebe slipped off to grab some food for herself. She was only half-listening to the conversation going on, more occupied on getting some food so she could head out. Despite being lost, she didn't see...
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    Realistic or Modern † Become the Top [Predator] Student †

    sounds like fun! i'll take a human slot, if that's alright.