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    Fandom Abelia x Mitena - The Mess of Our Lives!

    Abelia First, it had been a Litwick. Yes, the Liwick had seeped into the shop, moving and flicking flowers when it wanted. Abelia looked at it, but paid it no heed. A Litwick having fun with the flowers, that was all right, wasn't it? Then she heard a sound, a thud, as if something...
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    Fandom Lily x Kaleah - Travelling With You?

    Lily Lily watched as the girl went from mild anger to worry and then to offering help. Now she felt a bit guilty about lying to her just to see her reaction, because she seemed like a genuinely nice person. She waited until the girl stopped talking, left the drawing on the grass, and...
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    Fandom PKMN (In depth CS) [closed]

    Artemisa Name: Artemisa Occupation: Biker, trainer, hiker, archaeologist Age: 16 Sex: Female Sexuality: Lesbian Home-town: Ambrette Town, Kalos (Moved at an early age to Cyllage City, Kalos) Height: 170 cm Hair Colour: Grey Eye Colour: Green Goals: Expand her knowledge. Fulfill her...
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    Fandom Adrift and Afloat, a Pokémon Adventure

    While Olivia got ready to take a very fun pictue, and despite a soft thud from Theodora tumbling towards the ground—which, of course, Jun didn't know where it came from at that moment—, Jun focused her energies on finished up the breakfast and putting it neatly on the plates. Chilan Berry with...
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    Fandom Lily x Kaleah - Travelling With You?

    Lily Oi, pay for the drawing! (Maybe I'm just kidding.) A girl tripping over Lila. Lila falling sideways, but standing up promptly. Lily, in her signature slow-paced fashion, was about to stand up and ask the girl if she was alright. But, alas, the fire was quicker. Two fire...
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    Fandom Adrift and Afloat, a Pokémon Adventure

    Thankfully, this Center's room had a kitchen, and it was just next to their beds. Jun's gaze was torn between the kitchen and the breakfast, and Olivia and all their Poke-friends. She couldn't help but smile now. Making breakfast for Olivia... just.... being there with everyone, it felt super...
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    Fandom Small Pokémon Adventure Group.

    I'm here @norway .
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    Fandom Small Pokémon Adventure Group.

    I'm definitely interested and will join! Can't promise too much activity—just ask my other RPs haha—, but when I saw this... I had to join. I'll try... ♫ my very best ♫! I'm very excited for it, though! Totally hooked with light-hearted, fun stuff :D.
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    Experiences RPN-like sites in other languages? (Questions/poll for bilinguals!)

    Thank you all for answering. I'll chime in with some anecdotes and a bit about my perspective right now: I actually started roleplaying in Spanish—my native tongue—in a Pokemon forum back in 2009 or so? I didn't know it was roleplay and only now can I identify it as that. It was a different kind...
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    Fandom Adrift and Afloat, a Pokémon Adventure

    "Of course... goodnight Olivia" said Jun, in a hushed tone so as not to bother Olivia. But honestly, she was incredibly happy and couldn't help but lay there, smiling. She liked Olivia a lot, and she loved how straightforward she was. At least for now she'd have no more doubts about whether...
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    Fandom  Lily x Kaleah - Travelling With You?

    Lily Day 1 - Bumping into...? Lily and her Minccino, Lila, ambled about Aspertia City, the city that reaches for the sky. Tall buildings interminged with old houses and new shops made the city feel both modern and quaint, both ragged and shiny-new. Aspertia City is located at the...
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    Viewpoint Tell me about your favorite OC!

    This is such a good, wholesome post!!!??? I remember I had made a similar one about 'questions to your OCs' I'll link it up later if you're interested. I also love reading about OCs and writing about mine! I'll come later to write about my kids for sure <3.
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    Fandom  Abelia x Mitena - The Mess of Our Lives!

    Abelia Day 1 - Sunny Day at the Sunny Life The warm rays of sunshine greeted the east-facing, window-panned façade of Astria’s flower shop, the Sunny Life Flower Shop. A new day meant a new rotation, as Abelia knew by heart. ‘(…) facing east, because we want the plants and the...
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    Absence A Proper Apology and Farewell (to Rping)

    Oh, Mauve! I hope you're doing alright and that you regain passion for RPing if that's what you wish. I remember you didn't ghost on me when we RPed and you were a good writer and partner, so don't be too hard on yourself either!
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    Fandom Adrift and Afloat, a Pokémon Adventure

    Olivia and Jun chatted amicably while they ate the delicious food. Around nine o'clock, they decided it was time to go look for a place to sleep. They looked for a while but eventually settled for staying the night over at a PokeCenter. The Nurse was happy to get some visitors and arranged two...