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Hey there! I've only just joined today, so looking forward to learning how the world of roleplaying on here will work for me as I'm new around here. For today, I will be looking round to get familiar with how everything works and maybe I might have a look at some of what's ongoing and maybe have a go, as how am I to learn how roleplaying works without actually doing some? I was bored so I thought of joining up just so I could pass some time maybe have some fun in the many worlds that I may stumble across on this site when looking round. This is my first post.

Not sure if I should've mentioned that I'm new to roleplay while in this thread but either way, I will be exploring so I can get used to my surroundings. Not sure if I should mention this but I'm autistic so I might find it a bit challenging to fit into this community at first but again, this is a start and I can learn as I do stuff.


The enby of the night.
Hey, I'm Arsyn, I'm 19, and I never f---ing learned how to read! Jkjk

I'm your friendly neighborhood enby friend! Wait, no- (That's already taken, now what do I say!?!?!)


Future’s Past
Hi everyone! I’m a returnee and have been role-playing for a few years now. I enjoy writing as much as I love reading. I’ve been making up fictional universes in my head since fourth grade. My go-to genres for RP include action/adventure, apocalyptic, fantasy, futuristic/sci-fi, horror, modern/realistic, and a sprinkle of romance here and there. Thanks! Have fun and see you on the other side!


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Hello everybody. My names Sam and i've been roleplaying for a while, mainly on discord. I'm not completely literate so i'm a bit rusty. I like fantasy and sci-fi roleplays. I like looking at art and watching stuff on youtube. I decided to join RpNation mainly out of curiosity.


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Hey there. I'm Heathe, 28, and have been roleplaying for about 16 years now (mainly writing with friends, D&D, LARP and some homebrew systems).
I mainly stick to fantasy and scifi, occassionally horror, and love a good mystery. In my spare time I do character art, brush my cat, and avoid leaving the house as much as I physically can.
Between work and social obligations, I hope to meet new and exciting people to go on adventures with. Nice to meet you!


Tanky the Frank Engine
Hi there! I'm Franky, a twenty years old disaster. There are many pronouns and I use all of them.
I used to have an account here and went by another alias, but since I lose my passwords and emais almost as often as I change names, here's a brand new page to write some brand new stories.
I'm into sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural and pretty much anything in between, though I'm planning to write a full-on search thread with some ghost stories as that's my biggest craving at the moment.
Also, beware of birds, they are government drones.
Nice to meet y'all! See ya in the recruitment threads!


Having Internet Issues, Replies Will be Late
🍜Salutations and Hello🍜
Hey there, I'm Cup of Noodles, and you're watching Disney Channel and you're reading my introduction!

Typically, I would copy-paste my introduction from the DRA (Danganronpa Roleplay Amino), but I figured that this would be a neat opportunity to create a new introduction for myself!

I came across this website on DRA, coincidentally enough. The people in one of my group chats were talking about how Danganronpa was gaining lots of popularity on here roleplay wise, so, of course, I came to check it out.

I kinda ghosted around for a hot minute, I even somehow didn't see the register button, so I was just looking around at things like the Site Rules and PSAs (which omg are so well done and detailed, kudos to all of the staff members who take the time to write them out), checking out the different forums and threads, finding out what the heck an interest check was, all that jazz. And then I noticed the register button. "Am I really that blind?" I asked myself as I signed myself up, lol.

And yeah, that brings me here. Typing this out. Downloading Kyoko Kirigiri sprites. Considering what manga to draw next since it's one of the things that pays the rent. Procrastinating on my editing because while it pays the rent as well it's boring in comparison to drawing fluffy (yeah, I bet you thought it was dirty and not wholesome didn't you <-<) manga of cute ships. Considering doing a Makoto x Kyoko one. I don't know yet.

Well damn, just realized that throughout all of the paragraphs in this introduction, I haven't said my name or said things you actually say in an introduction.


Well this is awkward.


Should I just say that stuff now?


Yeah, I think so too.

My name is Celestia. Ironic because I share a name (well, sorta name, it's more of her alias --?) with my second favorite Danganronpa character. I'm 24 years old, a girl, a hermit, a good writer, a good editor, and a good artist. That's not me being narcissistic by the way, trust me, I have hella insecurities just like the next person. I just can also admire the things that I do well.

Trying to type this while I'm drowning in perfume that my sister is spraying on me is not fun, so imma stop this here.

Jesus Christ, this got long.

~Cup of Noodles 🍜


𝐳𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞 (𝐳𝐚𝐲-𝐥𝐞𝐞) | 𝐬𝐡𝐞/𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲
good afternoon! (or morning/evening depending on where you are) i’m zèlie. currently just a 17 year old teen obsessed with plants and chocolate milk. i’ve been roleplaying for 6 years now, so i’ve got an intermediate level of experience. i’m proficient in grammar, however due to me being on my phone i may slip up at times. i’ve been on a pretty long hiatus, so this site is actually fairly new to me. still working out the kinks. regardless, i’m excited to get back into the swing of things. hoping to see you all at some point. au revoir!


hi there! ♥ my name's ash! i also go by star, if you'd prefer to call me that! i'm 26 years old, use he/him pronouns and have been writing and roleplaying for the past decade and a half. so most of my life, more or less! i originally joined this site in 2017 or so, but was never terribly active due to how busy my life was at the time. don't even think i got around to writing an introduction. either way, i'm super excited to give it another whirl now!

the media i'm most interested in writing for at the moment is pokémon, fruits basket, hades, tales of symphonia, persona 3 and kingdom hearts, so you'll likely catch me posting and responding to interest checks for all of em!

see you all around! stay safe out there!


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Hey, I'm Logan. It's been a while since I've done any roleplaying, but it seemed like something I could pick up again to improve my writing. And it seems fun, so that's rad. I hope to find a group rp I could join. I'm pretty much open to anything. Anyway, thanks for reading!


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Hi, glad to be here. Feel free to call me Kendrix.
I've been role playing for a long time now. Started back on Gaia online (if anyone here knows the site lol) when I was in my teens.
I've always loved writing for fun and role-playing really helped keep things interesting.

I am now 27 and pretty much have lost all but one role play partner. To describe my style of role play I often reflect what is given to me. If you give me 3 paragraphs I'll reflect that back. To say what I like to role play welll it's a lot. Anywhere from slice of life, to fantasy, to anime/movie/show based. The only thing I have a hard time with would be like super futuristic. I do work full time but always able to check in throughout the day.
I can play OCs or characters in a show/movie/anime. I can play male or female characters, heck I've even had non binary characters.

I hope to find some new partners to maybe spark back up that joy I do get from role play!


Continuing the long trek of life
Hi. I'm new to this from feralfront. I took a break from roleplaying because this site seemed a bit overcomplicated compared to feralfront and I haven't been able to find anything close to it besides here.


I'm Kettle, oooor Koji whichever seems fun to say. I roleplayed for a long time though I don't think I took it seriously. I want to get back into writing. I do enjoy watching anime, I'm a shounen fan.

I'm rather flexible with genres, some I am more familiar with than others.

And that's about all, Yongadingo.


The Destined Undestined
There are lots of fun-seeming folks here! Welcome all, and I hope your experiences here will be wonderful. Enjoy the nice views of whitespace, darkspace, and every now and again letter and number characters and tour a lot of possibilities. We would love to have you.


Hi I'm Paige, and I'm new here, I really love art and role play and just happened apon the site earlier today so thought I'd stay on it a little. I'm always looking for artist communities and artist friends. I don't have many people I can talk about art with. Hope you're having a nice day :3


heyo! you can call me Finch! I'm new here, but I've been roleplaying for about 9 years now, although I've taken a really really long break and I have been looking to get back into it. uwu I'm an artist as well, and I buy or create my own characters! I really love doing medieval fantasy roleplays, that's usually what I'm most inspired and motivated to do. And uhhh I'm 20 years old and my pronouns are she/her!
Hi! I’m Sam, and I have no idea what I’m doing! I roleplayed a lot when I was younger, mostly for book series such as Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. While I’ve grown out of those interests, I still possess a desire to insert myself into a storyline without really having to be myself. What a fun little paradox! I’m fine doing any kind of roleplay, but I admit that I am more comfortable if my role is a character whom I’m familiar with, such as an anime character.
I don't know what on earth I'm doing but I was told to introduce myself so hello, hi. I am a 20 year old female roleplayer, I've roleplayed for 10 years and am comfy roleplaying both men and women. I also range roleplay from 18+ up though I have roleplayed as my own character's children before. I've always wrote and made characters and stories, in fact, I have about like 10 or more notebooks with characters and character stories and have even made up my own RPG game family game that is inspired by dungeons and dragons but with my own twist on it. I have a variety of characters that I roleplay as and will switch up according to different scenes to roleplay in. I look forward to getting to know some of you other fellow roleplayers and your characters because I love being able to Express myself and my characters and I love hearing people share what they are passionate about or who they are passionate about. Perhaps we could all get to know each other more after this and just vibe! It is a thread after all. Just in case this doesn't suffice, I will ask this question, "What is your best character you've ever made and why?"

I'm still trying to figure all of this out. I'm not used to forum based roleplay necessarily. I don't even know if I am doing this correctly. I set up an introduction and asked a question in General Discussions. I suppose I will say it again over here.
My username is Oogeyboogeyman and that's inspired by "The Nightmare before Christmas". I am a 20 year old female roleplayer who has roleplayed for 10 years, yes, a long time and from when I was young. I am comfortable roleplaying both men and women and I've got about 10 or so books with various characters ranging from humanoid, monster, super natural and human, character backgrounds and stories in general and I've made up an RPG game that is inspired by dungeons and dragons and that allows me to Express myself and the characters I've made which is a great outlet for me. I consider myself a super playful and caring person and I am absolutely passionate about creativity/creation and I really look forward to roleplaying with you other fellow roleplayers and getting to know your characters and more.

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