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Hi everyone! My name is Jenny, I just made an account, and I am slowly spiraling into a Marauders-Era phase since discovering Life and Times (I know, I've been living under a rock). I work pretty much 7 days/week (at least in the summer) but somehow I have been making time to obsess over the Marauders Era and create a detailed Google Doc w/ a new OC. Sometimes I think I sleep-type.

I have been RP-ing for about 10 years and enjoy complex characters and development. I like to think about background and context to make sure that our non-canon fun makes sense in the context of the story. I do this daily regardless of whether I'm in an RP. It's the curse of an INFJ. I tend to keep RP partners long-term, on-and-off when/if we want to change what show/book we're RP-ing in. I may be heartbroken if we have to stop an RP in full force, but I won't blame you-- life happens-- we can start again when it calms down :)

Anyway, feel free to PM me if you're interested!
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Hi! I don't know how long I've been roleplaying. I mostly roleplay with my friends but I'm also fine to roleplay with new people. I don't really mind what genre of roleplay, as long as I know what it is. The hobbies I have outside of roleplay are reading, writing, and drawing. I decided to join RPnation because I needed a new roleplay site. The last site I was using shut down so I needed a new one and Rpnation looked good. If you have any questions about me feel free to ask!


My name is Louise, but feel free to call me Taz or razzytazzy. I've been rokeplaying mostly with friends for a couple of years, but they grew out of it. I have yet to do so; I enjoy the creativity of others minds and find that roleplaying is a great way to express my fantasies. I mostly dabble in the slightly smuttier genres, though I am fully aware ot is not allowrd here, but I have experience in horror, fantasy and a little bit of sci-fi. I am not a fan of group roleplays but I am open to anything.

Feel free to message me with any plot ideas or if you wish to create a plot with me. ;}


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Hello there,

I am fairly new to the whole role playing aspect of games. I go by the name RDG Dom, but you can just call me Dom. I’ve been brought to this website from an outer realm called Earth, and I am currently role playing in a HxH game.

Hella Downweather

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Hello !

I've been roleplaying for a few years now (in french though...so please bear with me if I make some basic english mistake x.x). My settings of choices are fantasy, adventure or anything manga and comics.

Outside of writing, I love anything related to video games, law and programming.

I look forward writing with you guys !


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Hello, I go by TrekTek. I have been doing pen and paper roleplaying for 16 years (ever since high school) and have been doing online roleplaying for about 4ish years. I love to RP in science fiction, fantasy, post apocalyptic, romance and steampunk. But I am open to different types as well as long as I can enjoy writing with the people that I'm doing it with.

I am looking for new and exciting people to rp with as I have recently decided to try online rping after my previous group disintegrated into the aether about a year ago.

Thank you for listening and I hope that I can roleplay with you all soon.
Hello I Go by Yandete_Mike But you can call me mike i would love to roleplay.


I'm Max, I don't really have any role-playing experience except on discord with some friends. I like dark role-playing. I like art my profile picture is something I drew actually. I decided to come here cause I have no friends who like role-playing. I have 6 cats and 2 dogs and they're all angels. Two truths and a lie ok 1. I'm a boy but I was born a female 2. I like pineapple pizza 3. I hate orange juice, which one is the lie? ;)
Hey, I'm Aria. I always wanted to roleplay. I didn't know where I could roleplay so (just like every normal teen/young adult would do) I googled it. After a while, I came across this site.
My favourite genre is Fantasy and Mystery. Im OK with 1x1 but I prefer group roleplay. I can roleplay as my own original characters. I can make one up, play as an existing character or use someone else's character depending on what's wanted. You can message me for my Original Character info or roleplay requests.
I prefer roleplaying as women or Agender characters but I can roleplay as other genders if necessary.
Outside of Roleplay, I'm an artist. I like to listen to music. I like to watch anime but Im not really a big fan.
Ha a good day! <3


Hi! I'm Pixel, and I'm new here. All I can say is that I've been roleplaying for about three years now, I enjoy adventure/fantasy/lots of things that are unrealistic. Outside of roleplay, I'm a huge fan of DC, Marvel, the Riordan-verse, Nintendo, Sega, and numerous TV shows. I also interact a lot on Discord and online games. I've just been looking for a roleplay to join, so I'm trying this place out! That's all I can say, thanks for reading.


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Hi guys, you can call me Comet if you want. I joined because I love roleplaying, but some of the fandoms I’m in are difficult to find Roleplay partners for. I’ve been roleplaying for about three or four years now so I have a bit of experience. I love fantasy, but honestly couldn’t care less for realistic. Outside of roleplaying, I quite enjoy writing, I’m trying to write my own story, but it’s gotten to a bumpy start. Thanks for taking time to read this and I’m excited to start roleplaying!


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Hello, all! My name's Cherry and I've been roleplaying probably since 5th or 6th grade (so roughly, 4-6 years). I started on Pinterest a long time ago and I never really lost interest in it. I love roleplaying fandom related things, but I'm open to anything else as well. I've been writing creative stories since I was in elementary school and I needed somewhere where I could bounce ideas off of people and see if they sound like a good idea or not.


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You guys can call me Wings or whatever you like. I look forward to roleplaying with y’all, any one interested in a one to one or a small group of 3-5 please drop me a dm

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