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Hi there! I'm completely new to this app, but I have been roleplaying for some time now. I consider myself a decent roleplayer, even though I've only been roleplaying for over a year. My favourite genres of roleplay would have to be romantic and anything of the type. I am really into IT and IT chapter 2 at the moment so I'd prefer to base my roleplays around that. If you'd like to do an IT roleplay or any roleplay, feel free to let me know. I do anything from 1x1 to group roleplays.

On a more personal note, my name is Jessica but please, call me Jess, or even Jessie (any name at all is fine). I have a huge obsession with IT, and Henry Bowers and his gang if you couldn't tell already. I am between 13 and 17 years of age, and I love animals. Oh and I should probably mention that I am a badass, as much as I hate to admit it, I am.

So, once again, feel free to chuck me a message and chat to me, I promise I won't bite! :)
Hey everyone!
I‘m mangomilk from Germany and I’m so happy I finally found this thread, I got so lost on this site! I was actively roleplaying when I was in highschool, that’s when I first started and found out how fun it is to create storylines with like minds and enjoying writing together. I hope to find many cool friends here that are open for adventurous stories with me! :)

I’m studying law and my hobby is playing volleyball! I also have a passion for Billards though I’m not good but it’s fun! Message me to become friends, I don’t bite!
I’m very open to every kind of genre in roleplaying as long as there’s a basic storyline to follow. I hope to make nice memories with y’all :)


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Hey everyone, I'm completely new to roleplay and would love to learn how it works. I like reading, writing stories and lots of other stuff too. I also played Dungeons and dragons last year with my friends for a while.


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My likes:
Sunken ships
14 grams of chocolate milk

My dislikes:
Pumpkin murderers
A million pattering feet
Any word ending in bane (wolfsbane, etc.)
Non-magical creatures

Things I neither like, nor dislike:
Molotov Cocktails

Words I am likely to say:

Words I am not likely to say:

Great, now that you know everything about me, be my friend. If you don't, I'll have to take over the world, just so I can change the laws on rabbit breeding. I will breed an untold number of them, and fill your closet with them. It will be very unpleasant.


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hello! my name is oliver. i’m an 18 year old bi trans man who very much wants to find more rp partners. i solely do fandom roleplay. i really wish to find people who are interested in the arcana game to rp with me. i am an artist and i enjoy video games! i am especially fond of nintendo. i’ve been roleplaying in different fandoms for about 6 years probably.

Baltana Arkenelle

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Hey there! I'm a Bi Trans man and heckin ADORE the Arcana as well! I also have horrible anxiety so like yeah, I don't really know how else to say this. I'm 25 so like don't wanna be weird or anything. I just want to be honest. Have a good weekend!


Hello! I jUsT joined this site, so I'm a bit new. I've been roleplaying for about 3 or 4 years now. I won't reveal my real name, but my age is 15, and I'm turning 16 in 3 months. I play as two different characters: park Jimin, a member of K-Pop group BTS, and Kim Taeri, my original character who is an escaped insane asylum patient and is basically a serial killer, but both are soft bois. I'd love to make some friends. I don't know what else to say. Lol.


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Hey! My name is Caitlin and I am a young female adult from the UK. Looking to roleplay, particularly in fandoms with people who don't mind if I use OCs. Fandoms I would love to roleplay in are Doctor Who, Primeval, Hunger Games, Divergent, Sherlock, Merlin, Torchwood mainly. If anyone also likes the Skulduggery Pleasant book series I would be up for that too!

Typically would love frequent 1-1 roleplays because I like to stay very active when roleplaying. Typical replies could be daily, more than once, especially after 4:30pm UK time.

Okay, I think I have revealed too much now. I am looking forward to this!

Hopefully see you soon.


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Hi, my name is Madelaine and I'm a young girl from Romania. I haven't roleplayed in a while so I might be a little rusty in the beginning.😅 I prefer to roleplay with my own OCs, but if something catches my interest I will take a different approach. I like crime, mystery, romance, thrillers, si-fic and fantasy-themed roleplays, but I'm almost always up for something new. I came to this site because I was looking for inspiration for my WIP's. I enjoy crocheting, reading, dancing and sewing in my free time. I might come off as a morbid or mean person sometimes, but I'm a sweetheart if we hit it off, I swear :). I enjoy having deep and meaningful conversations about life and I'm always trying my best in different situations. I hope to make new friends soon!
Hello! I go by Twig, and it's nice to meet y'all!

I'm an amateur artist, writer, and role-player that loves being creative. I tend to play my own Original/Fan characters, but I'd like to eventually play other characters too.
I consider myself to be Semi-Advanced/Advanced, and prefer group role-plays over 1x1 (1x1 stresses me out a bit). I love playing fan characters, however I'd also love to play with other OCs. I like most genres, but mostly supernatural types.

Hope we can get along!


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Hi! I'm Fel.

I write a bunch of characters but mostly male. Hahaha.

If you'd ever like we can rp batman! I quite like TAS universe. :)


Hey, my username is Moongrid. I'm new here.

I don't like giving out too much info, but I'll list off the basic stuff that y'all might be looking for (or stuff I am comfortable with the NSA knowing):

1. I'm an experienced RPer, semi to advanced lit (though, since the reply wait is longer here, I'll probably lean towards advanced). I have participated in RP for about 4-5 years.

2. I am 18 years of age, male, and straight. I see some of you walking out the door already, and that's fine because...

3. I am of the faith, and I will not, under any circumstances, participate in e-RP, e-dating, smut, or any other deviant behaviors. I will also choose to disassociate with anyone who does as well.

4. My favorite genres include most speculative fiction genres, Science Fantasy, Creature and Theological Horror, and a heaping ton of political satire to go with them. I also prefer a ton of action as well, as my monkey brain tends to drift off without an odd punch being launched every once in a while.

5. I am in college, and in the Central Time Zone. I'm a night owl, but I'm trying to fix that.

That's all I've got. I look forward to RPing with anyone who's left after that wall of text.

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Hey! My real name is frankly pretty common and boring so I go by Furu. I’ve been role playing for over seven years but haven't actually been on a dedicated roleplay forum like this before, I’m more used to apps like Amino. I don't have a preference between group or 1x1 but I do dislike playing any canon characters or celebrities. I don't mind if you do, but on my end, I’ll always use an OC. I consider myself open to any genres and scenarios with the exception of historical and heavy action but my guilty pleasure is modern day slice of life. Maybe elements of drama and romance… a sprinkling of supernatural and fantasy… ahaha just kidding… unless…?

My replies are typically paragraphs long so I guess that makes me semi to advanced? I try to reply as often as I can, usually at least once a day unless something comes up, then I’ll be sure to mention any extended breaks.

Outside of role playing I like manga, art, writing (of course), vocaloid, kpop and jpop, ulzzang and lolita fashion, and beauty. My true love lies in dolls however, specifically ball jointed dolls, as most of my OCs derive from my dolls. It's my dream to be a toy designer actually!

I hope we can get along. I’m always open to RP!


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Welcome to RpNation: A Nation of Creation!

Also welcome back @soulfulandsweet @Rassforth @Fel008

We have a helpful guide to assist you: A Comprehensive Guide to RpNation. We know it's a large amount of information and if you have any questions you can ask our Staff or Community for help. You can also take a peek at our FAQ where commonly asked questions are answered.

Happy roleplaying!

That's some effort right there! I sure hope you had a more efficient way of making that happen than 'let me copy all those usernames by hand'. Appreciate it though!
Lol, unfortunately not! But it gives me a chance to read the things people post. ;3


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Hey everyone!

I'm Venomar and I've been roleplaying for about fifteen years now. I got my start on Warcraft 3's RP maps (DoBRP, CoTMRP, SoTDRP) and eventually gravitated towards forum/text roleplays as well. I'm actually an old friend of The Dark Wizard's from back in the day, which is how I ended up here.

My interests for roleplays include Sci-Fi and fantasy, though I'm always open to a change of pace now and then. Outside of here, I run a roleplay series on Starcraft 2 and a Witcher TRPG group with some IRL friends.

I'm open to 1x1's and group roleplays, but since I DM a lot in other venues, I'm more interested in being a participant in someone else's creation.

In my personal life, I'm a published writer and a family man.

Looking forward to having some fun on here!


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Hello everyone i just recently made this account not to long ago its nice to meet all of you. All of you can call me Katsura im just a nerd who loves anime, video games alot of other things as well im also part of the LGBTQ+ community im genderfluid im here to improve on my role playing skills and also on my writing as well it would also be nice to make some friends along the way too im open to any role play or even just a chat i hope all of you have a wonderful day/night

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