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Fandom Viola Bay CS

t s u k i

✨ average human child thing ✨
Art Illustration GIF by averyota

let the character creation commence :D
feel free to make this as fancy or as simple as you would like (you can even add more onto it)
what is their name?
what is their age?
local or not local?
are they employed?
what do they do?
what is their background?
are they involved in the island investigation?
do they have any ties to why the island is enlarged or why there is so many different pokemon?
did they bring a pokemon partner(s)?
what are their pokemon?
what did they bring to the island?
any extras, headcanons,etc?
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1678914215999.jpgName: Ina Zarsko
Age: 34
Citizenship: Local
Employment: Educator / Trainer Coach
  • After coming to the island, Ina has suspected there is foul play taking place and there are lies lingering in the winds. Instead of heading back to her hometown, she had decided to stay behind to investigate. For the meantime, she enacts as an educator for those learning about the island and coaching new trainers or those who need a refresher to adjust to the unusual changes to the island.
Outside Involvement: Yes, she works with the Head Researcher. Ina informs the professor of new sightings, discoveries or enact as a +1.

Inside Involvement: None

Pokemon Partners: Golisopod (Gi) and Corviknight (Kuro)
Her pokemon have been with her for almost 10 years, living a life by righteous example. Harm none, if you are not in danger. Their battle style have been more putting others into submission rather than straight out doing damage and always respecting their fellow opponents - similar to Judo or Wrestling. Her Golisopod was raised from the earliest level and while relentless, has the strongest desire to do right. Golisopod, named Gi, knows what it is like to be helpless. Their experiences evolved into Golisopod in desire to defend themselves without hurting others.

Corviknight has less drive to fight than Golispod and has an older-esc attitude as if much older than they currently are. Though, do not mistaken Coviknight, named Kuro, as a pokemon who is less capable. Their talons and harsh body throws will traumatize anyone who wishes to cause trouble. Kuro watches from a distance and isn't immediately apparent to others who may be around Ina. Occasionally, Kuro will transport Ina to where ever they need to go.


Extra: Crowds of people have come and gone from the island, Ina once being one of them. Freshly off a boat excited to see what the new island was all about. However, while there was a nice scenery to the island, Ina knew something was off. Just exactly why were the pokemon much stronger than ones that could be found elsewhere? Instead of heading back to the Galar Region, she skipped her only chance to head back home and stayed behind to determine what was going on.

Though she has been on the island for what seems like years, Ina doesn't waste a moment to enjoy the sun - often. Ina has dedicated her time training those that come off the boat to prepare them for the new challenges that await ahead. Though she can be a little stubborn and lack a little empathy, she has a good heart.


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what is their name? "amelia aspen, at your service!"
what is their age? "hey, im only 24! i graduated early..."
local or not local? "i moved here recently after graduation!"
are they employed? "yup, and i love my job!"
what do they do? "I'm the Head Researcher here!"
what is their background? "after graduation, I moved into my internship with the older researcher that used to reside here, and when that researcher retired, I took over the research we do here on the island"
are they involved in the island investigation? "absolutely! I head up the research end of it!"
do they have any ties to why the island is enlarged or why there is so many different pokemon? "absolutely not!"
did they bring a pokemon partner(s)? "yep! i never leave home without my partner!"
what are their pokemon?
what did they bring to the island? n/a, shes a local
any extras, headcanons,etc? wip
what is their name? Lilith Lynwood

what is their age? 20.

local or not local? Not local.

are they employed? Self-employed/slave to the algorithm.

what do they do? Music.

what is their background? Unovan child star turned singer-songwriter. Visiting to get inspiration for music. And sweet sweet social media clout.

are they involved in the island investigation? She’s just passing through…for now.

do they have any ties to why the island is enlarged or why there is so many different pokemon?
Lilith only showed up to write songs and be a tourist. She’s barely aware of the phenomenon besides a few notes on the travel sites she skimmed over.

did they bring a pokemon partner(s)? Yes.

what are their pokemon? A Sylveon. Doesn’t have a name, but Lilith always calls her Syl or Sylvie.


what did they bring to the island? Sunglasses, a guitar, and a dream. And two suitcases of clothes.

any extras, headcanons,etc?

• Lilith has released a little bit of music to moderate commercial/mainstream success, but is more likely to be recognized for her various roles as a child actor.
• She does not like it when she is recognized for her various roles as a child actor.
• Vibes of a cool aunt who should not, under any circumstances, be directly trusted with children, but is great with them anyways. Even though she’s the child in this current cast.
• Her FC is Justice from Helltaker with the demon bits filed off.
Name: Mila Sequoia
Age: 19
Local or not local: Not local
Job: Intern at the research facility
Tasks: Assist researchers in their work
Background: Mila graduated early from high school in Sinnoh with honors, and immediately applied to the top colleges in Pokemon sciences, with a specialization in Pokemon origins. After her first year in college, she landed an internship in Professor Juniper's lab, where she worked for about a year while also doing college. Around her third year, Mila heard about the happenings at Viola Bay, and requested to be transferred to the research facility there insted.
Are they involved in the island investigation: Yes
Do they have any ties to why the island is enlarged or why there is so many different pokemon: No
Partner Pokemon:
- Pangaea the Grotle
- Raymond the Cyndaquil
- Skye the Eevee
What they brought: Schoolwork, clothes, textbooks, a laptop, a Rotom phone, and all their previous research notes.
  • If acceptable, I'd like Mila to be working directly with the professor?
  • Despite an aversion to battling, Mila is a surprisingly good trainer
  • Mila got Pangaea when she entered high school, Skye was a graduation gift, and she caught Raymond while out on a field study.
  • Mila is exceptionally bright and has keen intuition.
  • Her major is in Pokemon Science, with a minor in Folklore and Mythology. She studies how myths and folklore relate to how certain Pokemon actually came about (i.e. Kadabra, Phantump, Yamask...)
Name: Kayson Platinum
Nicknames: "Kay" or "Platinum"

Age: 19 Years Old

Citizenship: Citizen of Kalos (Non-Local to Viola Bay)

Employment: Pokémon Trainer / Self-Proclaimed Hero

Background: Starting his journey as a trainer at age 15, Kayson from that young age was already identified as a prodigy when it came to battling. He quickly achieved 6 of the 8 Kalos gym badges before his challenge went on hold, as Team Flare had become a growing threat. While he wasn’t battling against some of higher ranking people, that was lf course left to the police and Champion, Kay took down a good few grunts.

Investigating the Island's Mystery?: After staying in the Bay for a few weeks, Kay got wrapped up into the mystery as he wants to ensure the other regions remain unaffected by this changing geography.

Ties to potential causes?: If Team Flare has ties to this? Then yes. If not? Then no.

Metal the Scizor
Bullet Punch
Aerial Ace
Fury Cutter
Power-Up Punch

Ability: Technician
Item: Mega Scizorite (Allows Mega Evolution)
Kage the Greninja
Rain Dance
Gunk Shot
Dark Pulse

Ability:  Protean
Item: Mystic Water (Fun Fact: The water within this item changes color depending on Kage's current typing due to Protean)
Volt the Jolteon
Electro Ball
Electric Terrain
Shadow Ball

Ability: Volt Absorb
Item:  Magnet
Cold the Sneasel
Hone Claws
Icicle Crash

Ability: Inner Focus
Item:  Leftovers

Standard Clothing
Pokémon Medical Items (Potions, Revives, Status Relievers, etc.)
Pokéballs (Multiple Kinds)
"Roto" the Rotom-Dex (Imported from the Alola region)
Key Stone

- Despite having a "starter" Pokémon, Metal was his first, having received the Scyther at age 12.
- Was considered to be a genius of strategy back in Kalos, having minimal losses whilst doing the Gym Challenge.
- Kayson has a minimal / basic education, as he instead spent most of his teen years traveling around Kalos.
- Due to his previous successes, Kay is highly confident and very determined, even considering himself a "hero" sometimes.
- Kayson was great at making quick bonds with his Pokémon, if each of his Pokémon could Mega Evolve, their bond would be strong enough.
- Constantly has a craving for sweets and coffee, though he does remind himself to eat healthy every now and then.
- You can imagine Kay having a English accent, funny little thing to think about.

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Name: Violet Gates
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short Red Hair, Fair skin, Pink Eyes.
Clothing: Winter Uva Academy uniform, black fingerless gloves, black boots, black and white leather backpack.
Personality: Violet is one who enjoys adventure and likes to go to new places to discover things and meet new people. She gets heated up in a pokemon battle and her battle strategies tend to be that of a focused mindset, always aiming to hit hard with super effective moves. She dislikes anyone who would treat their pokemon badly, and one of the things she dreams of accomplishing is finding her treasure.

Background: A recently crowned Champion of Paldea, amongst many other Champions there. Violet made a life long rival with Nemona, and she has graduated Uva Academy with Straight A's. However, the one thing she hasn't accomplished yet is finding the treasure she could treasure for the rest of her life. This small adventure is perhaps the place where her treasure could be.

Items on hand:
Picknick set, Pokeball ×99, Master Ball ×1, Ultra Ball ×50, Max Potion ×99, Max Revive ×50, Full Restore ×25, 1 of every TM, 999 Gimmighoul coin, and 1,000,000 Pokedollars.

Pokemon Team:
Pokemon: Skeledirge
Nickname: Coco
Type: Ghost/Fire
Tera Type: Fire
Gender: Male
Held Item: Assault Vest
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Fire Blast, Snarl, Shadow Ball, Torch Song
Info: Coco is one of Violet's first pokemon, having begun as a small and adorable Fuecoco. Coco Will take any attack head on and shrug it off. He also has a beautiful Barotone voice.

Pokemon: Salamence(?)
Nickname: Drago
Type: Dark/Dragon
Terra Type: Dark
Gender: Unknown
Held Item: Booster Energy
Ability: Protosynthesis
Moves: Dragon Claw, Night Slash, Double Edge, Dragon Dance
Info: Drago is what Violet thinks is a Salamence, a rare Dragon Type seen in the Paldea Region. However, unknown to her is the fact that it is actually a Paradox pokemon known as Roaring Moon. Violet caught it somewhere near the Great Crater, which is forbidden to go into.

Pokemon: Palafin
Nickname: Totsugeki
Type: Water
Tera Type: Fairy
Gender: Male
Held Item: Aqua Charm (boosts water type attacks)
Ability: Zero to Hero
Moves: Flip Turn, Jet Punch, Wave Crash, Charm
Info: The brave yet reckless Totsugeki is one of Violets most silliest pokemon she possesses. She likes to send Totsugeki out first so it can use Flip Turn to return back to her to send out later, which unleashes its full power.
frontName/Nickname: “Hawks', although it is a pseudonym which he himself appropriated, was born as a result of a very creative insult from one of the villagers from the first place, which Hawks visited, born as an insult, but being his current nickname and name.

Age: Hawks is currently 17 years old and is about to turn 18.

Nationality/Citizenship: Originally from the Hoenn Region, young Hawks finds himself new to Viola Bay.

Gender: Hawks feels identified with his own sex, therefore, he recognizes himself as the masculine gender.

Job: You could say that Hawks is someone unemployed, but not entirely. To learn to live from a young age, Hawks had to learn to live from different jobs, a habit that he maintains to this day, since Hawks always gets part-time jobs, from which he can get some money to live.

Personality: Hawks is someone with a free spirit, someone with a childish behavior but in good faith. Hawks is a young man who at first glance seems at least a child, not only because of his appearance, but also because of his way of acting, he always seems to move based on his wishes without caring about the consequences of his actions, even though he is someone quite aware of these. This childish behavior is even more pronounced when people notice the calm personality and the latent smile on Hawks's face at all times, even so, the crimson-haired young man is someone quite aware of his actions, he knows how to distinguish situations and situations, although always maintaining that genius that characterizes him.

Although many consider Hawks a young man of low intellect, he is someone quite bad for social relationships, not only because of his lack of empathy behavior, but also because of how difficult it is for him to understand certain social concepts, even so, Hawks is very good at topics advanced, and although he doesn't even know how the type table works, he does know how the periodic table works.

Background: About Hawks' past and his reason for always smiling, it is unnecessary to comment; however, the reasons why he is on this island are seeds. His desire to face powerful Pokemon and explore the world has brought him here, after hearing about renowned professors and newcomers coming to the island to investigate his wrongdoing. In addition to Riolu on several occasions trying to lead them to the place, however, until recently Hawks understood his signals.

Investigation on the Island: It could be said that Hawks along with his companions conduct their own investigation, if by investigation we mean that Riolu does most of the work.


Name: Deino
Gender: Male
Ability: Hustle
Moves: Dragon Rage, Bite and Headbutt
Personality: Deino is quite similar to Hawks, he is quite loyal and follows wherever, and like his partner, he has a great interest in fighting against other pokemons, regardless of the result.
Tale: Hawks has known Deino since this was an egg, it was a small gift from a very close friend of Hawks's.
Special: Deino, despite being a Dragon Type Pokemon, is quite bad using movements of its type, since they wear it down a lot, this is even more noticeable when it uses dragon fury, a movement that tires it absurdly, causing it to only be able to use it up to a maximum of 2 times in combat before falling unconscious.


: Riolu
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Moves: Force Palm and Quick Guard
Personality: Riolu is a very noble Pokemon, honored and with great pride, he has sworn allegiance to the pokemon world and has promised to protect the lives of all Pokemon, maintain balance in the world and take care of it. Riolu is quite the opposite of Hawks, although keeping clear similarities, such as Riolu's determined personality in terms of his promise. Despite being quite patient, he finds limits with Hawks and Deino's bullshit.
Tale: Hawks met Deino with a somewhat strange situation, because when trying to face a Wild Pokemon, it ended up running away, and Deino and Hawks went after it, entering a forest where they met Riolu meditating, facing him and being defeated, over and over again. , and another, to the point where Riolu forced them to give their word that if he defeated them in a match they would move away from the forest and if he lost, he would join them, obviously Deino and Hawks lost, however they followed Riolu until Outside the forest, where history repeated itself intermittently, until eventually the opposite happened, now Riolu keeps his word, to follow Hawks and Deino on their adventure.
Special: Riolu is someone who has a great connection with nature, not only because of his Pokemon type and mythology, but this goes beyond.

: Egg
Species: Unknown


  • Balance Badge, which he got by finding it in a forest, thinking it was some kind of salt shaker.
  • Icicle Badge, also earned by mistake, by defeating a trainer and receiving the medal as pay.
  • Legend Badge, almost stolen by mistake, mistaking it for a scratching post.
  • A somewhat old and battered phone.
  • A tote bag of Pokémon food, wrinkled old clothes, and climbing gear.
  • An incubator.
  • 17 Broken Pokeballs and 2 functional.
Appearance: A young boy between 16 and 15 years old, 1.56M tall and weighing approximately 65KG.

Sorry in advance if the tab has writing errors or similar, my native language is not English and I was guided mostly by the google translator.
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