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Fantasy Throne of Heaven

Lady of Maelúir Síocháin❜
turn 4: winter
Soft footprints were made as the Lady of Maelúir Síocháin made her way down the aisle underneath the canopy of the arching branches of the trees. White frost covered the leaves, while the twinkling of crystallized icicles decorated the archway as she moved away from the council that was held in Tírféach.

Her eyes gazed at the icicles for a moment longer, a small amused smile making its way towards her lip, remembering Nerisse's attempt to create an ice sculpture of the glittery Lord Montague. The memory brought back the image of Nerisse's expectant face, her delicate features contorted with a mix of hope and apprehension as she presented her masterpiece to Lord Montague. Siofra recalled the split second of realization in Nerisse's eyes, a fleeting moment of disbelief and wounded pride when Lord Montague politely declined the tribute. The fae's reaction was a mosaic of emotions—surprise at the unexpected rejection, a hint of indignation at the implication that her creation wasn't perfect, and a subtle pang of vulnerability that briefly shattered her haughty facade. It was a moment she wouldn't forget, a glimpse behind the veil of fae pride and perfectionism.

Siofra rarely liked spending her days with her kin, finding more enthusiasm learning from those living in Gloine Luí (Amberglow) and An Baile Cruach (Crescentborough).

The council was fraught with discussions about the fate of the First City, the neighboring nation devastated by an ancient dragon. Siofra discussed possible outcomes and plans, weighing the options and responsibilities that came with assisting in such dire circumstances. As she distanced herself from the council chambers, Siofra's mind returned and lingered on the letter from Tarlius Tribune Diana. The contents detailed a local trade syndicate's humanitarian mission, seeking support in rebuilding and dealing with the survivors of the city's destruction. The letter spoke of a new government rising from the ruins and the harsh fate awaiting the nefarious survivors. Siofra felt conflicted, knowing that most would not exit alive under such circumstances and knew her days of peace were numbered. Her duty is to the people of her land, the ones who looked upon her for guidance. But, insecurity weighed in her mind, not confident in her ability to lead with strength.

"Don't be so lost in thought, deirfiúrín. We wouldn't want unwanted visitors in your mind,"

At the sound of her sisters' voices echoing in her ears, Siofra's muscles tensed involuntarily, a subtle reaction that she quickly masked with a composed facade. She couldn't fathom why she was different from her kin, often lost in her thoughts and feeling disconnected.

"At it again, Bebhinn?"

"Indeed, Medb. But remember, curiosity can lead to unexpected discoveries."

A sharp pang pierced her chest, a quiet whimper escaping her. It had been a year since she was unwillingly taken back to the Feywilds after facing the Gorgon last spring. She had recovered fully but not before her sisters had their grasp on her. It wasn't until a few weeks later that she returned to Maeluir Siochain, where Golfrax was still found in the grove. She found comfort in seeing him there, steadfast and unwavering.

Upon her return to Maelúir Síocháin, Isadari's debt to Siofra was paid, taking her under her wing, their training sessions finished quickly as it started. Grimtoof became her trusted aide, his loyalty evident in every protective gesture he made towards her and her dragons.

As the seasons passed and winter descended upon Maelúir Síocháin, Lord Montague's arrival brought a burst of theatrical energy to the already enchanting land. The Over the Mountain Theatre Troupe's performance echoed through the forest, drawing interest and understanding to Siofra. The sparkling aftermath of the play created an atmosphere of warmth and joy amidst the winter chill.

Moreover, she was impressed by Lord Han’s calm demeanor and countenance, aiding her in freeing more of those who had been stoned. His presence symbolised a beacon of hope in the darkest corners of the forest, radiating the sun’s light, melting away the pain of yesteryears. His hand worked to undo the ancient spells that had trapped innocent souls and Siofra wondered if he knew how truly grateful she was.

Siofra treasured the time with Lord Montague and Lord Han, though the former’s behavior was something she had to get used to. His friendliness and nicknames for her and her dragons felt intimate, but not mocking or harmful as her sisters. However, Siofra did note Lord Montague's affection towards her dragons, especially Golfrax. To her, their presence was more than just meetings and discussions. Her memories of them, gathering by the fire and exchanging tales of distant lands and daring adventures, made the winter chill fill with warmth. Them meeting melted away the icy grip of loneliness that she never knew in her heart. She marveled at their kindness and understanding, finding solace in their company and the care they showed for her dragons, treating them as cherished companions rather than mere beasts.

However, the dream would not last forever. Upon Lord Han and Lord Montague's departure, the news of impending danger cast a shadow over Maelúir Síocháin. The threat to their land and hers reminded her of the weight of her responsibilities as Lady of Maelúir Síocháin. The happiness she had experienced felt fragile now, overshadowed by the harsh realities of the world outside their enchanted borders.

As she descended the intertwining staircase to the grounded level, Siofra willed herself to rid her mind of the memories and focused her attention on the impending issues in her home. "Home?" It was a troubling and intricate thought. However, where was "home" to those who had escaped from the ancient dragon's wrath? Had the emissary she met in the fall managed to escape? Was the hobbit who joined the wizard still alive? Many questions raced through her mind, causing her heart to hum lightly. It was a fleeting feeling, a reminder of her identity. Siofra ignored the calls of the Dairgéadach, keeping herself at a distance but maintaining a watchful eye on the gateway. She felt herself torn between two worlds, standing at the crossroads of where she was born and where she had forged a new nation, asserting her independence from Mother.

Amidst her thoughts, a flicker of movement caught her attention. Bea, the large orange cat, approached cautiously, her golden eyes reflecting a mixture of curiosity and wariness. Siofra noticed the subtle signs of hesitation in Bea's body language—ears twitching, eyes darting between Siofra's hand and her face, tail flicking in uncertainty. It reminded Siofra of her own moments of uncertainty, the way she used to question every touch, every gesture, wondering if she had inadvertently caused offense or if she was about to face reprimand.

Siofra's lips curled into a small, understanding smile as she extended her hand towards Bea, maintaining a gentle and non-threatening posture. She wanted to convey reassurance, to let Bea know that there was no need for fear or worry.

Bea paused, her golden eyes searching Siofra's face for any hint of danger or displeasure. "Did I do something wrong?" she asked, her voice tinged with a hint of apprehension.

Siofra immediately shook her head, the movement gentle and reassuring. "No, not at all," she replied softly, her tone soothing. "If you do not have plans, will you accompany me on a walk?"

Bea's hesitation lingered for a moment longer, her body language still cautious as she assessed the situation. However, after a brief pause, she nodded in acceptance. "Yes," she said, her voice a little more relaxed now.

With careful movements, Siofra knelt down to Bea's level, ensuring that her actions were slow and deliberate, devoid of any sudden movements that might startle the cat. "Is this comfortable?" she asked, adjusting her posture to accommodate Bea's comfort.

Bea regarded Siofra's question with a curious gaze, trying to discern if there was any hidden agenda or danger in her offer. After a moment of contemplation, she shook her head, a silent indication that everything seemed fine to her.

With a nod and a soft murmur of gratitude, Siofra gently lifted Bea into her arms, making sure to support her weight properly. "Thank you, Bea. It'll be just for a little while," she whispered, her voice warm and comforting.

As Siofra made her way back to her sanctuary, walking through her winter wonderland, she felt Bea gradually relax in her embrace, the initial tension melting away as they enjoyed the tranquility of the surroundings together.

────────── {⌘} ──────────​

As Siofra entered her sanctuary, a sense of serenity washed over her. The familiar sights and sounds enveloped her, but her attention was immediately drawn to Grimtoof the Orc who had dozed off in the rocking chair. His large frame seemed amusingly wedged into the wooden seat, his legs sprawling out in a rather awkward manner, as if searching for a more comfortable position. Despite his deep slumber, his face bore a tranquil expression, a stark contrast to his usual gruff demeanor.

Siofra couldn't help but smile at the sight of her dragonlings fast asleep on the bed, their small forms huddled together, their scales shimmering softly in the firelight. They had taken up most of the bed space, leaving little room for anyone else.

With Bea nestled in her arms, Siofra carefully lowered her onto a cushioned pillow near the crackling fire. "Rest well, Bea," she whispered softly, running her fingers through the cat's fur. Bea responded with a contented purr, her eyes closing as she savored the warmth of the hearth.

Glancing back at Grimtoof, Siofra couldn't help but smile at his unconventional sleeping posture. Despite the cramped quarters and Grimtoof's unwittingly humorous moments, Siofra felt a profound sense of appreciation for his steadfast loyalty and commitment to their little "family". It was instances like these that made her sanctuary truly feel like a haven.

"Nightmare," she called out in her thoughts. She wondered if she was doing it right, or if she had to be in a half-waking state or dream state. Regardless of her doubts, she reached out to him, her eyes fluttering closed.

"I have more questions that may come unanswered. But, if you wouldn't mind hearing these worries. A battle is approaching, one I don't know if we can win. But, in the far distant future, another threat will come to pass in these lands. While you are not obligated to, would you consider coming to our aid?"

It wasn't her first time calling out to him. She had previously asked if they could get to know each other more.

"Would you like sugar cubes?" she had asked before.

Her connection to Nightmare briefly reminded her of Lord Han, wondering how he was faring with the curse he had been given. Had he found a way to subdue his urges? Regardless of whether she had an answer or not, her attention was drawn to the snow falling outside, the wisps of snowflakes dancing in the air. Not expecting to get any sleep anytime soon, Siofra quietly made her way outside, where four pairs of eyes gazed back at her.

"Zazu, Zira, Zulu, and Zeke," she greeted them, approaching as their tails wagged slightly by their sides.

The winter wolves had kept her company during the late hours, sometimes approaching, sometimes keeping their distance unless called upon. She would have been surprised to see them, if not for them trailing behind her the past season. Though it was the first time they had approached her on their own, without her calling for them.

She wondered if her emotions were going haywire, finding it strange yet soothing to be checked upon as they sensed the swirl of storm within her. Nevertheless, she motioned for them to come closer before kneeling in the snow as they gathered around her.

"Watch," she mouthed as she extended her hand, palm up, and a small incantation escaped her lips. A soft, warm glow emanated from her palm, gradually intensifying until a small flame appeared, dancing delicately above her skin. With a gentle breath, she directed the flame, shaping it into the form of a bird that fluttered and soared in the air. The wolves jumped in amazement, their eyes widening, and their mouths forming 'o's and 'a's as they observed the mesmerizing display of magic.

Siofra watched their expressions with a gentle smile, feeling a sense of connection and wonder in the shared moment. The flames flickered and swirled, casting a warm glow on the surrounding snow, creating a magical ambiance in the quiet winter night.

Her thoughts soon drifted to Sylvi, the lioness of Crescentborough, who had taken in the stranger, a survivor against an ancient dragon. Siofra trusted the beastkin, knowing Sylvi would not make decisions lightly, especially taking in someone who could be a threat to their home. Sylvi's boldness and unwavering courage often echoed in her mind, a reminder of the lioness's influence on her.

Sylvi's words echoed in her memory, urging her to take action, to believe in herself, and to face challenges head-on. The lioness's guidance had pushed Siofra out of her comfort zone many times, teaching her the value of courage and resilience. As their meeting approached, Siofra felt a surge of determination, fueled by Sylvi's unwavering belief in her abilities. She hoped that their collaboration would bring new insights and solutions to the challenges they faced.

────────── {⌘} ──────────​

Action 1) Ritual/Crafting
- Siofra spends a water, fire, and nature gem to summon 3 more dragon kiddos.
[ Bonuses: Fire 2, Water 4, Nature 3, Dragon Marked, Magically Adept ]
- Siofra also spends this time taking the last of the dried herbs and winter foliage to create some potions. She will be bringing Sylvi with her to teach her more about potion and herb making. Also, she’ll add in some Cerulean Dust (courtesy of Lord Montague) into the potion.
[ Bonuses: Nature 3, Astral 1, Air 1, Fire 2, Water 4, Earth 2 ]

Action 2) Training, learning from Lord Montague, Grimtoof, and Tribune Diana
- Siofra and Golfrax learn Air magic from the one and only Montague Navarro.
[ Bonuses: Montague is Air 5 and has Leadership ]
- The mud pit sees further usage, as Grimtoof continues working with the Beastkin, teaching them how to put real power behind their strikes. Sylvi and Artasia will train with Grimtoof.
[ Bonuses: Grimtoof has Slayer, Juggernaut, Brutal Blows, Leadership, and Martial 6. Siofra has Water 4 to keep tempers cool. ]
- Siofra and Grimtoof will be training under heroic unit tribune Diana Carina
[ Bonues: Diana is a heroic unit that has Blademaster, Commanding Presence, Tactician ]

Free Action:
Siofra will go door-to-door, rallying the Dryads, Sylphs, Nymphs, Ents, and Beastkin within her land, urging them to join forces in the upcoming battle for the First City. She'll convey the urgency of the situation and the need for unity, wanting garner their support and commitment.

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Mentions: ThatWhichShouldBe ThatWhichShouldBe , LucasGhost LucasGhost , Auriel Maza Auriel Maza , CaptainSully CaptainSully , Kent Kent
A huge thank you to Lucas and Auriel for helping me with my action ideas and description! If I need to change anything please let me know!

Turn 4
deer deer

Dragon Summoning

How many times had she preformed this ritual to summon dragons? Two so far, but was she determined to collect the full rainbow? Why? Was it some hidden need for children? A need for a 'family'? One that wouldn't age and leave her behind as the Hobbits did or go into deep sleeps and leave her alone again? Golfrax and Artasia were not as keen on the idea of more of their kind. Either one of them was plenty, more then enough really, it was this place that was barely up to par for even one of them, but they didn't try to stop Siofra in her actions. They grumbled and bickered, but neither made any moves to actually stop her. Which they totally could have, of course, because they were mighty dragons and they could do anything they wanted, and what they wanted at this moment was to let Siofra do what she wished. Totally.

The fire gem was the first consumed, although some of those with more dragon knowledge were a bit concerned. Of all the dragons, red dragons tended to be the most.. violent. The most temperamental. In stories of man, where a dragon destroy villages and burns castles, it is almost always a red dragon that does so. The group stood at the ready, Siofra within the circle, the two dragons behind her with Grimtoof not too far behind to keep an eye on them... off to the left, hiding poorly behind a brown bush was also Bea who came just because she was around for totally unrelated reasons and not because she too was concerned... Time passed, and then more time... Until a great fire shot forth in the sky, the heat hot against her face as a being descended from the heavens, their body blocking out the sun.. Until they perched on the top of her head and Siofra quickly realized this dragon was about the size of a cat, no, not even that, Bea was larger. It was a whelp.. The dragon stood proud upon her head as if it was theirs, which to them, it almost certainly now was. It sated down upon her and spread her wings before shooting another small puff of fire and flapped its wings, "I am Kurnax! Breaker of Walls! Shaker of Nest! Ruler of the Seven Eggs! Destroyer of Insects and Slayer of Mice!" It said each one with sheer pride which caused a sudden realization that, yes, this was not only a whelp, it was a new born.

Kurnax was plucked off of her head like a kitten by Grimtoof, holding him by the scruff of his neck as his small red legs kicked furiously, "How dare you! Unhand me! I am Kurnax!"

It would be several minutes before Siofra could calm the mighty tiny Dragon which wasn't helped by the other two dragons mocking their new younger sibling and Grimtoof refusing to let go until the whelp showed proper respect... Kurnax proudly says he was born yesterday and was on his way to his aunts to live among her treasure as his six other newborn siblings were already there. She lives very close nearby, to the south... But he heard Siofra's call and being the generous and mighty Kurnax, he stopped to visit.

Gain Kurnax
Being a Whelp, he isn't much use in a fight, nor should he be in one, he simply isn't ready for that. Siofra spots strange runes and symbols craved into his scales, although what purpose they have is beyond her. For now Kurnax will stay with her unless convinced to stay longer.. There is certainly something strange about the whelp. A touch of destiny.

With their 'success' under their belt, Siofra pulls out the nature gem and crushes it at the center of the ritual, calling forth another dragon. An hour passes before a figure emerges from the nearby trees, if they had done this in summer or spring, they may not have noticed it at all, but in winter, the dragon stuck out like the green thumb she was. Beautiful emerald scales covered her body, she was not as bulky as Artasia but larger then Golfrax, perhaps somewhere in the middle? The most distinctive difference was her horns. Rather then the horns she had come to expect from the dragonkin, this dragon had horns not unlike a great stag. The dragon continued its slow walk towards them, her head lifted in the air as she paused a few yards away to speak, "Vetzafira. You may refer to me as Vetza," her voice sounded very.. mature for her age, but still held the sheer weight of arrogance only a dragon could have. As if she was so far above them that a normal conversation was beyond them, even calling her name was seen as a gift..

Vetza strutted up to Siofra and her party, lifted her nose even higher to the point Siofra thought her neck was gonna snap as she made a big show of sniffing, "Oh, that's why you begged for my attention. Surrounded as you are by such.. inferior examples of my kind," the simple declaration started a torrent of insults from the dragons as, for once, both Artasia and Golfrax were on the same side as they traded barbs and pushes.. Gazing at them all, Golfrax was like a young boy, eager to prove himself, eager for people to see him the way that would impress them. Artasia was like a young girl eager to show she could 'stick with the boys', but this Vetza was truly a little 'princess'. She exuded refinement and arrogance in equal measure and seemed to delight in putting people down. From grimtoof's frown, a wrestling match was likely not too far out and it would be interesting to see how the Princess reacted to the mud pit..

Gain Vetzafira
Martial 4, Nature 3
[Dragon] [Poison Breath] [Life Giver]

With the newest member of the family here, Siofra approached the circle and raised a beautiful water orb.. and shattered it to complete the spell. They stood around for an hour.. then two... then three... No dragon appeared. Had it failed? It must have. Returning to their home for the night, Siofra bid Grimtoof farewell as she, bea and her dragons moved to show their two new siblings their home, but as Siofra stepped to the path that went to her home, her foot slipped and suddenly the blue sky was above her before with a heavy thud she hit the ground. Craning her neck up, she spotted her dragon kids also struggling to stand upright. Golfrax was almost dancing as his white scaled legs kicked and skid furiously, his youth and surprise stopping him from simply floating upwards with his power.. Artasia had fallen face first into the.. solid ice below her, her snout gouging a ditch in it as the young princess, Vetza had a bit of red in her green cheeks as she was currently sitting on her hindquarters as her back legs had slipped from under her.

A pearl of laughter cut through the air as a striking azure scaled face looked down at Siofra, "Hahahaha! You fell for the oldest trick in the book!" the young blue dragon exclaimed, a large grin stretched across her face as her brilliant sea blue eyes danced with mirth, "Do not fret, young creature," it said to Siofra who was certainly several centuries older, "You fell to the brilliant ruse of Melintalia, the bane of Jotuns, the trickster of the north, the teacher of raccoons and the terror of chipmunks, the mistress of the frost and hunter of goats."

When Siofra rose to her feet, so had her dragons and with a snarl, Artasia and Golfrax lunged at their new 'sibling', intent on tackling and teaching her the pecking order, with a single great bow, Melintalia ducked under the two dragons which soared over her to crash land at the foot of Siofra's door where another slick patch of ice lay that had them careening into the door, smashing it open and continuing inside where the sound of breaking glass and knocked over tables filled the air.. followed quickly by another triumphant squeal of laughter from their new blue friend.

Gain Melintalia
Martial 4, Water 3
[Dragon] [Frost Breath] [Trickster]

Siofra, with her assistant Sylvi, began work on brewing more potions..
Add the Skill: Herbalist to Siofra. Keep crafting potions and this will turn into Alchemy.

Potions [Pick 5, can pick duplicates]
Greater Health Potion
Resistance Potion [Pick what it resist]
Potion of False Life
Potion of Quickness [2 Only]
Potion of Giant Strength
Potion of Stoneskin
Potion of Luck
Alchemical Fire
Bottled Lightning

While working with the Dust, Siofra found it was a.. strange material. Its most obvious use was that of a dye, but maybe..
Pick One
1. Puff Puff Powder
2. Pixie Pop
3. Cerulean Wishy Wash

Personal Training

Siofra goes through something of a training gambit with Montague and Golfrax, while Golfrax can't learn much more air magic at his current level {without some sort of outside power boost}, he acts a bit of an unwanted training rival for siofra. In between these bouts, she is taught by both Grimtoof, who often ends up just smacking her weapons from her hand and giving her back hands hard enough to send her soaring through the air, bruises help you remember, or so he'd say and Diana who, while not leaving her with as many bruises, did scream at her to the point Siofra woke up some mornings hearing the Tribune's voice in her ear.. Gain +1 Might and +1 Air.

Grimtoof and Diana spare often, their fights are dazzling to watch. Diana is a true swordmaster and with her short gladius and tower shield, she somehow makes it look like a flowing dance despite having half a tree on her arm where Grimtoof is raw and unleashed power and fury. It is easy to forget, at times, just how scary Grimtoof is as he is soft with the dragons and respectful to his 'Boss', but as the Orc hammers the tower shield so hard it explodes into splinters {the sixth one since they started sparring with one another}, it is a stark contrast. Diana and Grimtoof often mock one another, but it seems to be more two old soldiers appreciating one another and simply using barbs to show that. There are even stories of the drinking competitions they have where piles of knocked out hobbits who tried to keep up lay sprawled around them. Diana and Grimtoof don't quite have much they can actually teach one another, their styles are too different, to varied. Diana is a great leader, someone who can bark orders and be scene from all around, while Grimtoof is more of a 'leader by example'. Rather then yell orders, Grimtoof leads the charge, smashing giant gaps in the enemy lines and running rampant.. They compliment each other well, but the are too.. opposing to give one another their skills.

Still, Diana does impart some of her Legionaries knowledge to the hobbits who she sees as needing it the most, leaving the Beastkin to Grimtoof to harness their natural primal fury.

Pick between Upgrading Hobbit Guard [Diana] or Beastkin Warriors [Grimtoof]

Siofra goes to everyone she can to request help.. many of them do not listen, but some do. Pledging their aid should Siofra do this even though they didn't see much of a point of leaving their forest. It was their home, it protected them, the outside world was the outside world, why should they leave it to help? Still.. her pleas do not fall on deaf ears and in the end, her military nearly doubles +1 MP [not hard to double when you have 1].

A Fae Champion offers Siofra a beautiful carved horn and says when her needs are dire, blow it, and she and her riders will come..... But there will always be a price to be paid.. Does siofra accept the Horn?

Turn 5

The realm has had a year to prepare, a year of relative peace to gather their wits and prepare for the End of Days. As the voices of the priest and the prayers of mortals is met with only silence, slowly, the realization the the time of ending has started to sink in to many. Riots and panic has spread in isolated communities while others have prayed even harder believing it has been some failure on their part that has caused the gods to abandon them and perhaps they are right. Perhaps it is the fault of mortals that the divine have left them in darkness. Perhaps the world truly is waiting for the devoted, the martyred to rise up.. Or perhaps the world was doomed and all the world could do was ride it out for as long as they could.. Either way, the thrones stood as a testament to what was, the throne of heaven crumbles, whatever the means, hopefully this world can be saved before it crumbles into Darkness.

Around and around it goes... A great wheel in the dark. Spinning. Ever spinning. Until It comes.

World Rumors

The Tides Call
Along the coast of the continent, women have been walking into the ocean as if possessed. The women return after a short while, but every one has had a similar commonality that goes beyond race. Each were pregnant.. Were. When they return, they have given birth, but there is no babe in their arms, no is there none floating in the water and the women have no memories of what transpired. Something has called them, called them into the waves, and then swept the newborns away for some purpose. This has effected every coastal nation save for the actual water nations or Ryu and Aventalor who remain, currently, unaffected. The Ryu have begun to look into it for the sake of their Valin vassals who have been stricken especially hard by this development.. The abductions do not seem to be slowing down, if anything, they seem to be growing.

Red Madness
A sickness of the mind seems to be spreading throughout the world. Those who are effected start to suffer from neural degradation as their mind withers and they begin to do odd habits. One man was spotted with the body of his wife, her flesh torn and half devoured as he hacked away at her with a pickaxe while screaming he would, 'Purify This Corrupt World'. Another woman hadn't come out of her house for several weeks, when the guard finally entered, she had peeled the flesh from her face and lunged at them with dagger like claws, trying to peel their faces off while screaming they were, 'Deceivers!'. Many graves and tombs have been found open and the recently deceased have vanished while peasants in rural areas report figures moving in the dark, just beyond their sight... That is, the villages that do report. In many, patrols arrive to find only ruins and a startling lack of bodies.

Throne Eterna
A powerful Knight Order has arisen called the 'Throne Eterna', although they are styled much like the knights of loris, they do not seem bound to its borders nor is their base of operations currently known. These knights have been seen riding through the wilderness, cutting down bandits, monsters and those afflicted by the Red Madness. They preach devotion to the gods saying that only through devotion and sacrifice will the gods return to save this world... Those who have rejoiced at the vanishing of the gods or have attempted to profit are heretics who must be purged in fire if this world is to be reborn in their image.. Many common folk find their heroism, devotion to the gods and promise of answers to be very alluring. Already the Caliph, Talirus and Loris have opened the door for them to set up Chapterhouses in their domain...

Will you allow Throne Eterna to set up a Chapterhouse? Or are you a Heretic?

Nations Of The World


Getting information on the Ryu is hard at even the best of times. Being an underwater nation with a language few speak, most do not venture into their domain and the Valin are too eager to maintain their monopoly over the Ryu's trade and military might to eagerly share such secrets and intel.. The Ryu on land, those occupying Valin, are fairly well known and their occupation continues although Valin has managed to negotiate for much of their independence back thanks to the Wave Priestess. Their hunt for the Squid Creature that summoned Horrors begins as does their investigation into the missing newborns...

What else is happening in their watery domain is known only to them.

The population of Flaustan seems to be growing at a rapid rate, children are in schools learning of the greatness of their leader, of the glory of his vision, of the peace and prosperity that comes from attending his Vision. Strangely, there are not as many married couples having children as many of those are poor, or their spouses have been taken to reeducation camps or elsewhere.. Yet the number of state sponsored children keeps growing at a rapid pace and these children seem to grow considerably faster then normal.. Something strange is going on in the woods.

A large Flaustan army has been marshaled at the border of the ruins of the First City and have begun its march... The army seems to be avoiding the Talirus Legion coming from the south, perhaps a division or deal has been worked out between the two nations? Still, few people have actually seen Kornith and rumors have grown that Kornith is secretly and Angel of the Sovereign here to guide humanity on a better path, a path that will lead them through this dark era.

Traders from Jotunheim have started to arrive in Talirus, Ysrendelle and even Kozen, speaking of the return of the 'Ice Father', the mythical Father of the Jotun, the Frost Lord.. Either way, the humans of Jotunheim {which these traders were} seem incredibly excited by the prospect but don't truly know what their Jotun idols are doing up upon those mountainous peaks, but whatever it is, they believe that the time of marching is coming, when the Jotun will come and sweep the world clean...

Trading with the humans of Jotunheim is more prosperous then normal. Northern Nations [Any nation at Talirus or above {including Moorholm}] may invite Jotunheim Merchants/Traders. Raids from Jotunheim seem likely to grow as well but so will mercenaries, warbands lookin for gold and glory.

The dwarves have closed their gates to all but their closest {only friends], the Keepers of Kozen. Traders are being turned away, but they say they hear drums in the deep. They hear the sound of great forges alighting and some, some crazy few, whisper at great flying machines soaring over the mountains...

The sudden invasion by the Herde has shaken the north. Many have believed the Herde and its four legged denizens were a broken people. Various tribes that were more of an annoyance then a threat, raiders that preyed on caravans and isolated villages, it has far longer then living memory that the nomads had conquered a true stone fortification as they did in the Winter.. Rodrogen of Talmer just lost his left hand, the old but wise Earl Artois to the savages of the East. Unable to respond in time, Rodrogen only found the ruins and Erissa Artois, famed Water Archmage and eldest child of the Earl who spoke of a great centaur, a female of impossible strength who shattered the gate and slew her father. The new Earl Artois has sworn a blood vendetta...

But while Rodrogen suffered in the East, Catherine of Libeck and Miergo of Kordova fought upon the Fields of Marnie and Catherine has emerged victorious. Forced to bend the knee, Kordova has sworn his allegiance to his new Queen. This is seen as odd by many as Catherine never had ambition to rule, merely protect her lands like the guard dog she was.. Even more odd are the rumors that Talirus Legionnaires fought alongside her forces. It seemed the famed Loris commander has possibly brokered a deal with her hated foes? If so, what is the deal?

Faced with Catherine's great might, Rodrogen was also forced to bend the knee but not before getting an oath from his knew liege.. That the Herde would be broken and their 'leader', this woman' will be skinned alive and her pelt given to the new Earl Artois. At the side of the new Queen is an energetic goblin said to be able to rip a man's arms off and beat them to death with it.

The Great Republic has started to move... The new Consul, elected with the pressure of the plebs, has set his eyes north where he intends to seize land.. Whispers of deals being made with foreign leaders are abound as the ambitious Aurelius, and his hulking bodyguard, has begun to slice through the red tape and bureaucracy that has long paralyzed the superpower. For the first time, in a long time, a legion, a true legion, marches and marches for the ruins of the First City.. The banner of the legion seeming destined to wave over the burnt streets and its people to be purged or enslaved.

Talirus and the Caliph have forged a non-aggression pact, seeming content to not interfere with one another in their spheres of influence, at least, nto yet. Trade flows between them at a rate never seen before, at Valin profiting handsomely in the middle. It is said this increase in relations has been brought about by Aurelius and Throne Eterna..

A senator by the name of Aloysius seems to be suffering from the early stages of Red Madness and has locked himself in his estate.. A letter has been sent to one who owes him a favor to come to visit and find a cure. It does not seem like a request. Trektek Trektek

Thanks to the sheer trade growing between the two empires to its north and south, Valin is starting to recover, well, recover for those who matter. Many homes and lives were lost in the lower city, but that is the 'poor' section and so those are easily forgotten even as they live in squalor as many of their homes were destroyed.

These forgotten poor would normally try to rise up, but the Ryu marching in the street keeps them subdued for there seems to be no 'mercy' in the Crustaceans. Valin still searches for the squid creature that summoned the Horror and Wave Priestess are aiding the Ryu in the investigation of the Tidecall... Although they are keeping their findings to themselves, for now.

Caliph has forged a non-aggression pact with Talirus and trade between them has exploded making both, and Valin, a fair amount of wealth. Slaves, gold, gems and other such precious things are being carried over the sea, the trade guaranteed by the might of Ryu. The people are rejoicing even as many on the coast mourn the loss of their new borns and the Red Madness spreads..

But all is not perfect in the realm of sand and sun, the Sultan has not been seen in many moons and some question where he has gone, but orders keep coming from the palace nonetheless. Caliph's great golden army train and drill each day, preparing for something.

Xicala remains mercifully quiet.

The Pharaoh has begun to eye Akthubit wondering if this 'Dragon Emperor' rumor may leave the nation vulnerable to reconquest. Her armies are marshalled and train very close to the border as if waiting for the right time to strike. But some say they may be going somewhere else as many have seen patrols on the wrong side of the border in Coalin and Gil-Galit.

Many speak of a grand festival that will be starting soon as the Pharaoh prepares to ascend the great pyramids as her forebears once did so long ago. They say those that tried were faced with trials sent by the gods and those who reached the peak ascended beyond the bounds of mortality.. Can the young Pharaoh do this? Be the first in generations to undertake and triumph?

What goes on in the jungle is unknown to those outside of it, but scouts report sights of large movement with in, of battle cries and shouts, of blood and carnage and the laughter of hungry Loa... What is happening under the canopy.​
Amon - Turn 5

"Ahhh, this is the hottest summer First City ever had." Amon relaxed on his recliner chair while sipping on a cocktail. His view wasn't a lake or a beach but actually the First City burning from the inextinguishable dragon fire. "But it's so noisy... bad for relaxing and lowering my cortisol levels..."

From where Amon was relaxing, or anywhere in the First City as a matter of fact, you could hear fighting. Damaged buildings further getting wrecked by flesh monstrosities, the screeching and growls of demons and beasts, the shouts from mercenaries and gangsters, and explosions from spells being cast.

An ignorant flying demon saw Amon relaxing, thought he was prey, and started rushing towards him until it abruptly stopped 30 feet away from Amon. It fell to the ground, suddenly having forgotten how to control its wings and fly. It was then promptly stomped on by a raging abomination.

"Everyone is so lively!" Amon sipped again. A shadowy blur appeared behind him and he heard a woman's voice, "My Lord, we've eliminated a number of traitors from the Ravens. There were some groups blaming you for the destruction of the City and wanted to assassinate you."

"Oh, thanks for the report Ysma -sluurrppppppp- why are they blaminng me -sluuurrrppp- it's not my fault. sluuurrpppp- should blame the dragon -sluuurrppp- I did nothing."

Ysma gave no comment and just continued, "We haven't found any traces of Lady Eleanor and Lord Gustave - even any remains so we assume Lord Gustave took Lady Eleanor and escaped when the dragon attacked."

"Ha! That old man? He actually saved the old hag? What is this, some sort of enemy to lovers trope? Maybe... Granny was a bit of a tsundere... what if they get together, Ysma? Wouldn't it be the end of the world?"

"I have no opinion." Ysma flatly responded. "We've located Sullivan and extracted him from under some rubbles. The hobbit-"

"MY LOOOOORRRDDDDD!!!" Amon smiled as he heard a familiar cry. Sullivan was running towards them with tears in his eyes. He was dirty with injuries all over his skin but he seemed healthy and alive so nothing serious most likely. Behind him was Basil, the hobbit, who was also in the same state as Sullivan.

"Sullivan! You're alive. I thought you died, I would have started looking for a new assistant." Amon chuckled but he was really glad to see the both of them alive. All the people he cared for are alive, his mentors and his assistants, so everything seems fine. As for the thousands dead and the destroyed city? Meh. The City was pretty much a side quest he did that went out of control and he actually had to spend some effort in managing it. But now... he is free!!! to rob the world!!!

"My L-lord, huhuhuhu. I-I almost died! I survived the dragon attack because I was underground but t-those crazy blood mages! They went crazy! Absolutely insane! Their creations started raging and I barely survived by sacrificing all my precious babies but then I was buried under the rubble!!! Ysma, thank you for finding me huhuhuhuhuhu." Sullivan collapsed next to Amon and started hugging his legs and crying.

"Hey! Hey! Get off me! You stink and you're dirty!"

"Huhuhuhu, noooo, my L-looord. Don't leave me agaaainnn huhuhuhu." Sullivan cries as he rubs his cheeks on Amon's legs, acting all pitiful. Amon looked at him with disgust, "So you wanted to have accompanied #42 and Nix? Okay, next time, I'll bring you to similar missions. "

Sullivan stopped crying and looked at Amon with horror. "My Lord! I was merely kidding! Feel free to leave me at our base while you go on heroic missions! I exist to serve and act as the steward. As such and unfortunate it may be, I cannot accompany you to missions! Hahahahaha. Oh! I think they need help to prepare for our evacuation. Well, if you will excuse me, I will go and provide them my assistance." Sullivan stood up and left as fast as he came in. He made sure to drag Basil along who didn't even get a chance to talk.

"Make sure they're not eaten by some demon." Amon said as he started sipping his cocktails again. Ysma nodded and disappeared into the shadows.

"I won't miss you, you shitty City."


Free Actions:
1. Tome Roll
2. Intelligence Roll
Thrassax floated through the forest, his singed flesh now healed fully thanks to the help of Sylvi. Her ointments and salves had helped, his minor burns and blistering a distant memory. She had welcomed him with open arms at a time when his face was hunted by the Ryu and Valin in equal measure. She was truly a blessing and someone he needed if he was ever going to be able to walk the world freely.

The darkness beneath the leaf filled canopy began to break as Thrassax found himself approaching a river. It was gentle, quiet, flowing as leisurely as the humanoid squid had made his way there. He approached, closing his eyes to hear the gentle washing of water around several rocks breaching the surface. It was soothing, relaxing and it allowed his mind to clear of everything, allowing him complete focus.


Thrassax fell to the floor in a heap, his head feeling like it was going to burst under the pressure. His body ached but such pain was nothing compared to the agony that burned through his mind.


Each word was like another crushing blow to his head, Thrassax rolled around in agony trying to alleviate the pain anyway he could. He knew the voice immediately and it's harshness in his head was worse than the first time he had heard it. It was almost like she was trying to make a point. Having left him alone since their encounter one season previous, Abyxia was now calling on her servant.


The pain began to alleviate somewhat for Thrassax, to the point it was only like a severe migraine in comparison. However, it was Abyxia wanting to make sure she wasn't going to destroy the brain of her newest plaything rather than him developing some sort of resistance.

”My nephew was meant to be here…he is not. Find him for me, save me the effort. You have until the first leaves fall for autumn once the summer ends…don't disappoint me…”

The pain quickly ramped up again, sending crippling pain through his mind once more. It was a last show of power before the voice and pain faded back into nothingness, leaving Thrassax sprawled on the floor realising the situation he now found himself in.


[*]"I need to clear my mind..." - Thrassax will train to greatly improve his psychic powers - both telepathy and telekinesis.
[*]"I must grow within and out if I am to do what I can to help..." - Join the large training session and offer own astral magic knowledge as means of training to those who want it.

Free Action
[*]"They need my help..." - Assist Siofra and the others with Mei Ling [This will be my scene]

© reveriee
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Turn 5
Kent Kent

Turn 5
CaptainSully CaptainSully

The training went well, it was strange to see so many people around him and not.. well, trying to kill him for what he was. Siofra seemed to have an extreme amount of pull or tolerance allotted.. Even if the insufferable Amon, the coward who fled and left him to die, was also here. Still, it was a good time.. Thrassax split his time between training those who had Astral potential and trying to train his own body.. It was.. rather difficult. Squids didn't quite have the same body structure as these humans, even the one called Farator, the Naga, was closer to humans then he was. Still it was an interesting and refreshing change of pace, even if the training venue was a dusty old tomb of some sort of another. Perhaps an old temple? Bit of both? Hard to say as the architecture of this place was certainly strange.

Ki Healing Advances, may heal Others now.

Ki Points Gained: 3

As Thrassax trains, he finds that all the other godbound seem to be entering a strange trance, as if something is 'awakening' in them.. and soon enough, he finds the same happening to him.

Pick a Specialization. Thrassax, and ONLY Thrassax, may ever know this specialization:
Pick One
The Art of the Mindrazer
The Void Discipline

Not content with just training this 'Ki Art', which certainly seemed interest as they seemed to use his mental powers rather then his boy. Alone within the temple, Thrassax focused his mind as he tried to enhance his telepathic powers.. But what did he wish to pursue? He could feel himself touching upon a barrier in his mind, a easily shattered thing, like an egg, that he could slip through... On the other side, was 'Kine Shields', the ability to use his telekinetic power to throw up shields of pure mental force to protect him while the other enhanced his telepathic power, allowing him to mentally 'tag' people and be able to find them no matter where they went on the planet {So long as they did not have a Gift protecting them}... Both were of use, but which did he pick?

Moments after his decision, his newly enhanced mind reached out and felt someone familiar... Amon. Trying to slip in, trying to... Wait..

Thrassax jerked his head back as a dagger flew past his face and embedded into the wall, strange green liquid dripping off the blade as Amon and other figures emerged from the shadows...

It was an....


[Amon has come to kill Thrassax and settle the score now that the two have finally met up again and he can see the Squid alive and well.. He has not come alone. He has brought some Assassins with him and even.. what looks like a demon of some sort. They were far too sneaky for any of the other Godbound to notice this attempt [high roll + Modifiers], but Thrassax's mind was able to feel them coming [Crit Defense]. Thrassax must survive, either kill your foes, escape or hold out long enough for help to come...

If Thrassax or Amon falls, they are gone.

CaptainSully CaptainSully Kent Kent Fight Well. Die Well.
Turn 5
"We aren't ready."

Han plays a game of Xiangqi with old Shi Linzi, pieces clacking on the board as the battleline moves back and forth. Han's pieces fight a valiant retreating action, but Linzi's forces are an onward-pressing tide, swamping him.

"Mmm. You really think the Throne Eterna will move so quickly? They have been quiet, even with their declaration of war."

It's a numbers game. Han can only maneuver so many pieces into position at once, while Linzi's pieces are pressing on multiple fronts.

"Talirus and the Caliphate agree on something. That alone is enough. The Caliph musters his armies on the board- where will he march? We alone are the likely target of his coming conquest."

Click. Clack.

".... Even should the Caliphate march against us, we can hold. Long enough for us to call upon aid."

"My fear is that it will not be the Caliphate alone. If the Throne marches with them..."

Click. Clack. Click. A tide of red swamps the black.

"... Hm. You are playing a risky gamble."

"Yes. But there isn't any choice for it. Either we hobble the Emperor enough to have a fighting chance now, or the South will be swamped anyway. Whether it's the Caliph or the Emperor."

Han sighs, as his pieces suddenly surge forward. Striking at a break in the line, threatening Shi Linzi's own King even with their smaller numbers.

"Tsk. How is it that you still manage to surprise me, old man?"

The position begins to resolve, hidden traps sprung on both sides. Pieces trading and counter-trading, until ultimately both sides are paralyzed, with knives to each other's throats.

"I should say the same. I used to have to give you a three piece advantage, hoho."

"Tch. Well played."

"Shall we play again?"

"One more time."

Action 1: Hexagram 67 - Po - Fervor
With the aid of several other godbound, refine ki-arts such that he masters the principles of this ancient art, attaining newfound insight into what this may be, that he might wield it as a blade in the future against ever-greater foes.

Action 2: Hexagram 93 - Yu - Splitting Heaven - Secret
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Action 1: Train Astral magics at the Git Galit University (get to roll 2 dice due to this). Thyra and Milk the Kobold, Alcina's "Squire" will be sent as part of the "first class" through the military college.
Astral Vampire?
Hit Galit university

Action 2: Invest in expanding Git Galits famous university to include a Military Sciences college to train the mightiest swords and the brightest tacticians/Commanders. This of course, will happen under the direction of Lady Alcina. How can she tell the Git Galit university to make a military sciences college? Oh, just the same way Montague "forces" people to do what he wants- payment. Well, in this specific situation its more of a "donation to the good of the nation and it's security" that only pays out if they use X percentage of the donated money to build and fund the Military Sciences college she wants. Literally just like real universities! This funding will come from the 2 units of gold she has on hand. So, using money to try and buy massive influence over the college, dolling it out from a trust fund just like in real life! She can also Cupids Arrow people as needed to gain compliance. The intention is to expand the Git Galit unviersity in a way that gives her influence over it.

The intention is that the military sciences college will feed the Git Galit military with top notch commanders- therefore, she is hoping to use her connections with the Git Galit military (and Cupid's Arrow to imbue the desire too) to get the *right* people, those being either in her pocket or glasses, involved to get the military to invest in this project as well, given the obvious benefit.

As part of the proof of concept, Alcina is going to ensure that the initial class running through the Military Sciences program will include Thyra and Milk, her Kobold "Squire"! As a proof of concept, it is amazing if a kobold and an untrained but skilled fighter can all be turned into competent warriors or commanders.

2 units gold
Cupids Arrowing to gain compliance as needed
Connection to Elites of Git Galit
Glass will assist in nudging the right peoples

A high pitched squeal pierced the quiet of a cloistered manor atop one of the fancier hills on the outskirts of Hammer's Rise. It was followed by a metallic crash, the scuffling of feet, and violent, passionate cursing.

"Oh? It shines bright like the sun does it?" The kobold servant squealed again as Julian pulled on it's ear to accentuate his displeasure, forcing the kobolds snout down against the gold trimmings around the edge of the foyers fireplaces, where it's gilded outline met the marble floor.

"Yes yes Master!" Pip managed between wines more dog-like than reptilian. "J-just like our Lady's eyes!" He added, as if that would gain him any favor.

"Then our dear Lady must have CATARACTS!" The Chamberlain growled the last word, throwing the Kobold sideways with enough force to send it tumbling, though this admittedly wasn't much.

"Look, look here!" He demanded, pointing to a gleaming spot of gold. Pip slowly, cautiously, approached the Chamberlain, rightfully fearing further abuse. "You're blind, so take a closer look!" He once more shoved the Kobolds snout into the spot, not hard enough to break anything, but still hard enough to get a soft whimper out of the dragonling. Again, not a difficult task.

Julian shouted some more at what servants still foolishly remained in the foyer of the newly erected manor, until all were gathered around the spot.

"Do you see that? The streaks of little paw prints and grime across our Lady's foyer?" He barked, pointing at smudges imperceptible to anyone who did not have a vampire acute vision.

Seeing nothing, one of the Kobolds, Squeak, began to speak up to tell Master Julian just that. But before he could even finish his first word, several other kobolds tackled him to the ground and covered in silly little mouth.

"Yes Master Julian, we are very sorry! We will fix this right away" Was said pleadingly multiple times in multiple variants.

The Chamberlain opened his mouth to hurl more insults, but shook his head, defeated. "No.. there's no point. I've taught you all again and again how to properly polish gold, and it's the same result every time. I will finish this. Now GO."

The Kobolds did not need to told twice, scurrying out of the room until Julian was alone. The Vampiric head of this particular Manor's servants, the one that was rebuilt after the other was burned in an "accident", dipped one of the rags the kobolds had left behind into a bucket, and began dutifully polishing away the smears his underlings had made. The buldging black veins on the side of his head slowly returned to their normal size and his face returned to a place complexion, as the Chamberlain got into the swing of things. His whistled a soft tune- a pieces in one of Lord Navarro's plays if one took not, as he worked to meticulously polish every inch of the foyer to perfection.

The Chamberlain had just finished the west wall containing the fireplace when the great oak doors BURST inwards, and a painting, armored white figure slammed the doors shut behind him.

The disrespect of his Lady's house caused all his stress to return in an instant and he opened his mouth to unleash vampiric fury upon the insolent Milk, when the Kobold blurted out two world shattering words:

"LORD NAVARRO!" Milk were wide as saucers as he searched for the nearest escape. "HIS CARRIAGE... IT JUST ARRIVED... IN THE FONRTLAWN" He blurted out between ragged breaths. And with that warning, he was gone, delving deeper into the Manor, his only direction anywhere he didn't think the Lord would wish to venture.

Julian shot upwards, the rag falling from his hand and landing with a soft splat onto the marble. He careened his ears, searching the outside with his keen senses. He could just barely make out the distinct sound of a kobold scampering across a tiled walkway...

Suddenly, the Chamberlain was a flurry of motion. With super human speed, he began to quickly polish and wipe every square inch of gold that remained of the foyer. Meanwhile the footfalls got closer, walking up the long drive. It had reached the halfway point by time Julian had finished the North wall. He cursed, knowing their would not be enough time to finish the work before the Lord arrived. But he would NOT be embarrassed, would not let down his Lady.

Tapping into his vampiric powers, he reached out with a hand towards all of the loose wash clothes across the floor. His hands shook as the various wash clothes began to animate, rising into the air, dipping themselves into a nearby cleaning solution and then scrubbing the wall. Julian collapsed to his knees, much of his energy exerted in summing a half dozen unseen servants to quickly finish the polish in quadruple time. They wouldn't do nearly as well as he had, but they'd do a damn better job than a kobold.

Hearing the Lord's crier approaching the short path leading to the doorway, the Vampire heaved himself back to his feet, digging into his reserves, fueled only by perfectionism, grit, and the fear of the kobold he had just been feasting on.

The three polite raps of the knocker came just as Julian had nearly completed the West wall. He cursed under his breath. The only way he was going to finish hsi task and make himself look presentable, was if he could rely on the Lord's ego to demand an unreasonably wrong introduction.

It was fortunate that Montague's ego could ALWAYS be counted on.

"NOW PRESENTING, MASTER OF THE MAGICAL ARTS, LEADER OF..." Julian had moved onto the East wall now, joining the unseen servants who had only finished half of the wall!.

"- REKNOWN PLAYWRITE, ACTOR, SINGER AND LOVER, BEST KNOW FOR HIS DEBUT PLAY, THE CONQUEOR- Julians hand moved at speeds that looked like a blur to the human eye and left the gold beneath it slightly warm to the tough as it moved across.


As the Kobold's voice began to grow hoarse and his declarations started to sound awfully similar to one another, Julian weaved his magics once more, directing the unseen servants to carry the rags and buckets out of the room and into a nearby supply closet.

Julian approached the door, settling himself with deep breaths and clearing his voice, opening it just as the kobold's voice trailed off into a scratchy whisper.

"... the amazing, Lord Navarro..." The Kobold collapsed the ground in a heap, leaving only Julian Le Rouge, Chamberlain of the Hammer's Rise Manor and the Lord Montague Navarro, standing.

"Oh, how wonderful it is to see that someone IS home!" The actor exclaimed, annoyance veiled but still very much made known. "It is a shame that that other Kobold isn't here, the one with the sword. She has him oh so wonderfully trained!"

"If only mine could behave so well." He laughed, shaking his head with an expression saying "What can you do?" looking at his fainted announcer.

"I apologies for the lack of punctuality, Lord Navarro." Julian bowed low, low enough that the Actor could not see the slight hint of fear in his eyes.

"I'm afraid we were in the middle of preparing the Lady's manor for her arrival. I simply did not wish to have you greeted by a sight any less perfect than your plays." Lady Alcina had told him that flattery was the ONLY way to go when it came to the Lord Navarro.

"Oh! Well, I must have her give me a tour of the place, when she returns that is." He reached into his breast pocket and retrieves a wax sealed letter. He makes to ahnd it to Julian, but pauses , a thoughtful expression crossing his face before he pulls back the letter and returns it to it's resting spot.

"I DO have a letter for her. But some things really are better discussed in person. I'm sure someone of your NATURE understands." The Lord gave him a knowing wink, that sent the same ripples of fear down Julains spine that Julian normally sent down his kobolds.

"O-of course" He stumbled, for a moment. Did the Lord Navarro know that...? No... he couldn't. Oh by the Sovereign, he could NOT know.

"When you see your master again, tell her to find me. She'll know the date and venue." The Lord of Caolin gives a bow, and then takes his leave. Somewhere during the short meeting, the hype kobold had regained consciousness. Embarrassed, he brushed off his uniform and rushed ahead of the Actor to ready the stool for his ascent into teh carriage, the same stool the Kobold would then use to barely be able to reach the coach.

Julian from the doorway, watching the Kobold struggle to reach the coach and control the horses. He watched as the carriage traveled down the street and out of sight. He then watched for 10 minutes more, until he could no longer hear foot steps on the edges of his senses.


"Come in" A muffled feminine voice came from behind the office door. Julian gently pushed the door open, feeling the tendrils of the living wood moving in response to the touch. It was a feeling he hated- but the Lady was partial to the material. Or really anything that displayed wealth. Her business was in the show of things, so to speak.

"My Lady, Lord Navarro just visited the Manor."

Alcina let go of the spell tome she had been studying and closed it, folding her hands atop it.

"He did, did he? And just what did my "Love" have to say". There was an edge to her voice Julian had not heard before, at least not in reference to the Lord Navarro.

"He had a message to deliver my Lady, but he wished it to be in person. He said you would... know the date and venue, my Lady?" He raised a brow at the last part, prompting the same from Alcina.

"I suppose I will keep an ear out. It is like him to never specify, but still make it quite obvious. I think he calls it "Acting"". She laughs, but it is mirthless. "Anything else?".

Julian shakes his head and bows low, but this time not to simply hide his eyes.

"No my Lady, I shall take my leave."


As the Chamberlain leaves and the door is placed back into it's frame, the living tendrils of the wood creep back, twisting themselves into the door frame, locking the door in place.

Alcina lets out a sight, and goes to raise the tome, flipping back to the page she had left on, but shakes her head and lets it fall back down, not bothering to neatly close it this time. He head falls into her black painted nails and her hair covers her face. When she looks back up, there is a tired expression across her face.

"Oh Monty, my little spider... where do I fall in your web?"
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Ryx Oryon - The Oryon Word - Turn 5 - [Fluff WIP]
Foward “But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.”
― Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • 1715436431375.png
    [Section Theme] - [Among the Trees of Flaustan]

    Blood. Made of red blood cells that carry nutrients throughout the body. Has various other things but that is the brief. Yet, that changes here. Blood seems to be much more. Really adding onto the semantics of what blood is. Taking the common thoughts and symbiology of the substance and giving it meaning beyond the words. Was this intentional or an evolving feature? Had anyone considered that question... more could they even begin to ask it? My perspective may be valuable for that reason alone. I have the experience to ask the right questions. What use would all the knowledge in the land be if the right questions could not be asked? Knowledge is limited. Imagination is endless. In my time here, I felt that fact to be rather lacking. Perhaps damage by the Sovereign's punishment? Simply the ambient affects of the time? I am no anthropologist... not that they would be useful. Armchairing their way to generalities that mean little and obstruct else. One thing this world has is far less of those waste of space. Though the feast this would be for them. How would they react to this? A whole other world to analyze. I suppose I am in their seat, their shoes. And I ought to do better. Considering how much more personal I can be with them. So, I ought to do that. Continue observation. Continue to be what they need to be. Be a father.

    So, Kaladin, my child. Happy birthday. Twenty-one years ago today, I came to this world and found you. Today, I held you in my arms and called you son for the first time. Today, we started our long journey to seat you upon the throne you ought to have. And I feel that soon you will sit upon it. I know it concerns you, to leave your family and friends to take the throne. But, you will have him. Avernir. The Sliver City child that I found not long after you. He will be by your side, as he always has. Your blood brother. And his blood he shed for you has been numerous over the years. Not that I need remind you. Oh how he gets on your nerves, as do you when you don't follow my advice. Might have been when I started to see him as a son as well. I will admit, I should have done that sooner. Recognized the brothers and sisters you found in them. But, as you will know my son, I am in a revolution of my own. Many questions. Humanity... being human, I am not human. Though, my ability to perfect it is rather clear. So well, it could fool me. So well, it could fool every human and every being I've ever come across. What a feat that is. Self-actualization. To come to terms with what I truly am. The Glitch. I am the Glitch. And seemingly the only thing that is close to me, is the Void.

    But, before I bore you with that, you should enjoy your day.

    Warmth. Body warmth. Avernir... were we sharing a bed again? How am I surprised? A clingy bodyguard is the best bodyguard. Thumps of his heart on my ear. Against the corner of our room, with his body covering mine and his arm shielding my neck. A rather muscular arm that just barely wasn't choking me. Firm, strong, I could feel the pressure in a good way. With anyone else, I'd be panicking, trembling. Trying to push him off of me. But, all I wanted to do was melt into him. I could feel his nose on the back of my head with his left arm adjusting the fur blankets. Then, it snaked down through my arms, over my chest. His legs began to shuffle as he laid off me, must be awake. His arm still around my neck, but looser. I couldn't feel his bicep anymore. Then, he made his incredibly loud yawn. Always when he wakes up and makes me jump to heaven and back. I laid back, looking up at him as the fireflies started to filter through the light tubes. Time for their dinner... or breakfast. Not really sure which. Of course, their fluids will react with the Gnoyst fruit and make even more light. Issac was smart to add that in. So, everything illuminated rather quickly in a soft grey light. He stared into me for a moment, likely still waking up. Then he gave me a smile and laid back down beside me on his back.

    "Lightless Dusk, my King. To another year of your rule and as always, I am your faithful servant." Avernir stretched out his arms before tucking them behind his head. He looked over at the sword beside him, on the opposite side form myself. One of the blades of my bloodline that survived. Supposedly, one of my grandfather's generals carried it at some point. Hoodie of his own on the floor with fighting clothes folded on the shelf on the opposite wall. Messy and organized, that is my Avernir. He yawned again, a silent one. Then, he hopped from the bed, flipping the blankets all over me. Leaning from left to right, he stretches his arms, sighing in relief, "Man, its a good night." He walked towards the amber window, pressing his face against it, watching the climatic rays of the day, of the sun. Red, oranges, and yellows all colliding together on the mountains. He turned back, stretching his arms over his head and through his back, "So, excited to see me spill some blood tonight? Get grooving. Man, I can't tell you how excited."

    I smiled, "Try not to get your ass kicked."

    He rolled his eyes, "I haven't lost once. Not going to lose tonight. Not like people get the esteem finding themselves in the pit with me. Just like Mavysk, I'm the best we got. And you know..."

    "That you have my back forever. Ave, I know. No need to remind me..." Avernir rolled his shoulders, hopping his knees to his stomach, lower chest. He looked over at me, giving me a smirk, "So who has the honor of having Avernir xy Rell fight them in the pit?"

    "Guy named Horazk, Horazk xy Uill. New guy on the scene. Bit older. Think he's in his thirties or something?" If I didn't know him better, know his voice so well, I wouldn't be able to tell he was warming up. Boxers tied at the waist with a string, bit thicker than usual. All of ours were. Grey, like the greys of twilight right before the darkness settles in. I rubbed my eyes. Couldn't sleep, can't really think. I felt my hand on my forehead. My head. "Your grace, are you alright?" Ave, sat beside me in moments, maybe I didn't notice? His hand on my shoulder. I felt a banging in my head, right in my forehead. Like a constant rumbling, spreading to the rest of my temples and the back of my head. Avernir laid me back, pulled the blankets over me, and he raked through my hair, "Sleep. You're having one of your stress headaches. I'll heading out to the Aerie to get some grunting in. Oreo's in bed case you need him. You know him, he sleeps deep." With that, he jogged out of the room. He'd be gone a while. One of the few times he and I wouldn't be together. I felt a jitter. I hate being alone... Oreo...

    All of the beds were off the ground. Mine was mostly triangular except the base which connected to Oreo's bed. I shifted over, lifting up the divider and laying down my pillow beside Oreo's. Like nothing happened, Oreo slept as a rock. Tunic, fox pelt pajamas, and his sleeping beanie. A purple beaning with the large mammal he was named after. A four winged cat thing with four eyes. Don't see them often and we haven't figured out where they came from. Hasn't been much of a mention in any books or records that survived Kornith. Maybe they were always here? Either way, we found Oreo in a den of them, an adopted child of the thing. Its milk keeping him fed. Oreo will never let it down and wants to ride one some day. Can't really blame him. They're not particularly aggressive. They don't seem to hunt humans or anything like us. Mostly fish off the coast if they're around there, smaller mammals, even horses or deer. I'm not sure how we managed to get him out, but we did.


    My most eccentric brother, but he's family nevertheless. I closed my eyes, trying to sleep but my splitting head just wouldn't let me. Was it minutes? Probably. But, as I laid there, enjoying the silence and the sound of Oreo's breathing, something Then... retching? Gurgling? I felt a hand on my chest... Oreo! I opened my eyes, his hand on the grabbing my shoulder. His eyes wide, his face begging, looking a bit delirious. I pulled his back towards me, turning myself around to get my hands together on his ribs. Sliding down to the base of his ribcage, I began thrusting, just as dad showed me. Oreo leaned into me with his arms clutching to mine. Gagging and heaving, a small piece of bone fell out of Oreo's mouth. Then, a big breath and Oreo fell back on me. His face flustered and tears streaming from his eyes.

    I hold my arms around him, "Breathe, just breathe.... Talk to me Oreo." His lips moving, but too much out of breath. Then, when he caught up, he just started sobbing and wincing. "Oreo... talk to me. Come on, talk to me." I pressed down on his chest, a reassuring squeeze.

    "Am I going to die?" Soft, meek, raspy voice.

    "No, you're going to be fine. I got you. You're not going to die. I think its all out of your throat. Feel it out for me." Oreo nodded, moving his neck and head.

    "Its out... my throat's clear." We stayed there for a moment before he coughed and whispered, "Forgive me Kaladin."

    "There's nothing to be forgiven, nothing to be sorry for. Avernir will be gone for a while. Mind staying with me? Haven't talked to you in weeks."

    Oreo smiled, yawning with less rasp. He seemed to be recovering. I don't think he was choking long. He leaned up, rubbing his forehead before blushing at me. Oh, I didn't have a shirt on. Oreo turned away. But, he stayed in bed with his eyes occasionally peering back. His pupils dilated, his hand stroking through his beachy blonde hair. He reached down onto the shelf at the other end of his bed. The bone fragment was in his hand.

    "To think, if you weren't here Kaladin, I would be dead. You and Avernir would have found me a corpse. That would have been... horrific." Looking down at the fragment, Oreo leaned back onto the wall, "What would have you done if you found my body? Would you... grieve for me? I... need to know. Do I matter to you?"

    The Afterglow
    [Section Theme] - [Unknown]

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Farator, King of Aventalor
Things are changing quickly. That's something rather new to Farator. In his own kingdom, his duties generally involve maintaining and improving upon a system that is already well established, and has been functioning for thousands of years. Now, reaching out into the rest of the world... Things have become very chaotic, very quickly. Still! It offers him a great many potential advantages. It's up to him to have the wit and resolve to keep things moving in the right direction.

There is much to do. He has time planned with Montague Navarro in Caolin, and training with some other godlings in the silver city. And extremely alarmingly, something appears to be stealing unborn from his neighbors. This cannot be allowed to continue. He will send out units to Patrol the coasts immediately, but tell them to make their presence known, and leave if that is what is demanded by the local leadership.

1: Train with all the others in the silver city
2: Send military patrols to coastlines, with instructions to contact locals, and leave if their aid is rejected.​

Turn 5


Montague Navarro drifts from one conversation to the next across the ballroom in a manner that could almost be a dance. He gives a select few words to the couple in green of how the new exhibit at La Galerie D'Eau really just feels trite when compared to prior years. A witty remark to a gentleman in orange about the current state of the Castoro family. A touch of laughter and click of his tongue at the lady whose hands linger on his arm for just a moment too long. In the corner the chamber ensemble plays a song that seems to caress the very air, each musician off in their own little world.

His world, however, is a whirlwind of color and sound. Dozens of cheerful voices filtering through one another, each figure the perfect painting in each individual moment. They all talk about him, his city, his work, Montague Navarro, Lord of Caolin. There are no stumbling feet, no stuttering voices, not even a sneeze or a cough. The guests group up, then depart, and then regroup again in an endless cycle. It’s perfect. His world is perfect.

At last he finds himself in the center of the gilded room, and raising one hand high above his head he snaps his fingers, click!

Every body falls to the ground at once, each guest going entirely limp as there is one final screech and clatter from the musicians as their instruments join them on the floor. Perfect silence as Montague Navarro is the only one left standing. It’s as if a spell had been cast, or their strings had been cut all at once. He knows better though.

Montague turns with a smile upon his face, a gleam in his eyes as his voice rings out across the room, “What’s the matter, darlings? I thought we were getting ready for a party, hm?” He gestures wide with both his arms, a showman on the center stage.

All of the puppets begin to laugh.

He grins, watching their shaking forms, admiring the sense of appreciation that washes over him. After a moment he begins to laugh with them as one by one the puppets start to pull themselves to their feet. The musicians stretch and retrieve their instruments, offering light barbs at one another for their clumsiness.

When the last ‘guest’ has risen, he claps his hands together as a far more natural silence falls over the gathering. “How’s that for a marvelous performance, directed by yours truly!” The actor takes his bow to a roar of applause, the violinist even plucking something short to add to the clamor. When it at last dies out, he continues, “The first of our guests will be arriving shortly, so I need everyone to get changed and take their places. Big smiles behind your masks! You’ve been a lovely audience!” More applause, not that he could ever tire of it. But, there were matters that required his attention before the first arrival, and so he takes his leave. Montague Navarro walks through the parted crowd, through the doorway, and down the hall until he is out of their sight and he can hear the clapping of their hands no longer.

Action 1: A Play as Perfect as Glass. Montague travels over with his troupe to Gil-Galit to perform a long awaited play for its people. The play will emphasize the unity of the Republic, aiming to forge camaraderie between the differing city states that form it. Of course, it’s only right that his lover, the Gil-Galt socialite Alcina, is invited to such a marvelous event. (Relevant bonuses: Actor, Air Magic 5, Word of Puppets, Alcina’s Life of Every Party.)


Action 2: Thus Ends Act 1. Ritual/Crafting/Misc! Montague and LecternOfJasper LecternOfJasper ask deer deer Siofra to cast the Watcher ritual in Caolin and in Gil-Galit with 1 Air Gem each. (Spending 2 extra Air Gems to meet casting requirements for the rituals.)

Rose of Caolin [Blood 2] will cast Bowl of Blood in [secret sent to DM!]

Americ [Astral 5] will use 3 Astral Pearls and cast [another secret sent to DM] in Caolin.

In addition, Nomolos Crocodile Crocodile will be offering his help with his gift Alchemical Mastery. If Air Gems are saved this way, additional rituals will be cast.

Crafting! Montague will join Siofra in crafting potions together, donating 1 Unit of Cerulean Dust and his Air 5 mage skills. (Maybe making a Mistform or Mirror Image potion?)

Free Action: The usual, sent to the DM!
Knowledge roll from Kozan.

Additional Rolls:
Yours is the city of arts. Every turn, there is a chance someone will create an artistic masterpiece be that a painting, sculpture or muscial piece. These can bring the city great prestige and could potentially be leveraged for wealth. A famous, renown city doesn't need the most gold or army in the world if they have other means to influence those around them. Encourage this growth to increase the chance of masterworks.
+20 to roll from Kozan's Bardic College
+10 to roll from Gil-Galit Fine Jewelry
+?? to roll from Herde Sculptures

Scene: Assist Gawain
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Turn 5
Spacekitty Spacekitty

There is a strong push to expand the university, not in a new direction, but more to expand their current horizon. Large amounts of gold are paid, not to the actual builders or planners, but to other notable merchants and the professors to get their support. After all, if you want to make changes, you don't talk to the lowly peons, you talk to the decision makers, and like any good university, they are more then happy to bend over as far as it takes to please a generous donor. A new wing is built onto the university, it looks lovely. It has beautiful marble pillars and names of contributors are etched in gold in the walls.. but the actual courses the university offers lacks much to be desired. While they were willing to indulge their donor, much of the gold going to swelling their own pockets, they did fulfill her desire.. to add to the university. The problem was many of those in higher education questioned the need for such a place. Gil-Galit didn't seem to have that many neighbors that could threaten her sovereignty. They had a mighty river separating them from Bondar, a gulf to the north that kept the swamps and their barbarians at bay.. In truth, they really only had two neighbors. Caolin, a former sister city and now home to artist and 'sensitive' types, not exactly the kind of people Gil-Galit had much to fear from on the battlefield and while Nurbellium was a threat, their relations weren't bad and if Nurbellium did plan to march to war, it would be to the south, at Akthubit.

While there was some truth to the current state of the world, such as the Red Madness, that wasn't a problem that could be solved by brutes with swords! It was one that required intelligence, schooling, magic, the true purpose of this university... To spend resources on getting qualified experts from the Caliph or Talirus just seemed.. well, seemed a pointless endeavor. Also, there was something oddly enjoyable about watching these people who lacked the gift of the arcane prance around as if they could read as they swung their swords and talked about 'military theory'. To many of the students, many from very wealthy families, the money that built and maintained that wing was far better off establishing the health care and economic reforms of the nation. At least the building was nice.

Gil-Galit University of Military Theorem and Application has been created.

Characters may study at this university to attempt to raise might or gain new skills, or improve existing ones. However, the university does not help the actual Gil-Galit military yet as it lacks solid teachers to provide actual good advice and reform ideas. Foreign experts may be a good idea to invite as professors to remedy this.

The studying, or lack there of.

The current professors of the program are a bit of a joke, clearly having little knowledge or experience and just pulling from pre-written study plans and the books and knowledge the university had on it was... also woefully lacking. So Alcina, Thyra and Milk spent most of their time at the University writing their own notes, talking amongst themselves and otherwise finding out that each of them, save for Milk, had more actual combat knowledge and theorem understanding then this entire university, at least, in its current condition.

Thyra, while she came from a small tribe, had a lot of experience fighting in the environment. Against the humans and otherwise. She knows many basic formations and how to fight a guerilla war, emerging from the shadows or from the terrain to lay waste to organized units before they have time to disengage. This rapid warfare focuses on smaller skirmishes to weaken the foe before the final hammer strike falls.

Alcina may not have ever focused on war, but she has been in this world for a long time. Long enough to see many armies march and fight, many soldiers die or become heroes [who then tend to die soon after], so she has experience.. Experience to know that a strong central command structure is important. Soldiers need to be directed and those directions need to be delivered quickly and, most importantly, clearly even in the heart of battle. Focusing on making the commanders, themselves, better should be their first step if a reinvention of the military is needed..

Milk has taken a fancy to siege works which is a fine kind way of saying Milk spends most of his time making doodles of contraptions, generously, called 'Tactiscale Warfare'. Some of his designs are for the 'Rapid Redeployment' of Kobolds via a giant slingshot that throws them across the field.. How they are supposed to land seems to be a question for the future. One of his designs consist of a massive serpent that is made up of numerous carts attached together with... various contraptions on the back as it rolls into battle. Of course, the obvious flaws being that the heavier a wagon is, the more likely it is to snap its wooden wheels and axel and with many battles taking place in less then flat terrain, especially in GIl-Galit, it would not survive the encounter for very long.. but one of its doodles catches her eyes. The serpent coiled up. The idea of a 'Wagon Fort' is.. one that worms its way into her mind. Wagons arranged in a circle, perhaps with some level of armoring, interlocked and defended. It would let smaller numbers defend these 'wagon forts' against much larger numbers of foes, all but cutting off some areas of the fight and channeling their foes to the center... It may work.

The three of them, well, two of them, have ideas on what to do, and the notion comes to writing a book to put one of those ideas in, to become the first 'actual' training manual of any actual value in this place... But they do have limited time, and with that time, whose idea should be pursued?

Decision Point
1. Aggressive Rapid Warfare
2. Balanced Command Focus
3. Defensive Wagon Forts​
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Turn 5​



Cora hurt.

It hurt to move. It hurt to lie still. The offshoot of the Temple the Acolytes of the Dark philosopher had for medical research certainly could be a bit more welcoming. But all the warm beds and sunshine in the world couldn't may the rot seep from her limbs any faster.

It hurt breathe. It hurt to think. And yet, we managed to strike down a foe more terrifying than anything I'd seen before in my life.

Wait until I tell Han about this... hopefully without an audience.


Torvin rode lazily up the hill. It had been a good winter. The wind bites hard up in the mountains, but at his Old Grandad's house on the coast tended to keep milder weather than most. Also, he hadn't killed a single person the whole time. It was nice.

The city looked just as he left it, the trees and scrubby grass just on the other side of their cycle. Hopefully nothing too crazy happened while he was away; he was getting sick of people talking down to him all the time. Sure, he couldn't cast a spell, but that didn't mean he was a moron. Hell, with some of the stuff they were putting out lately, the idiots would probably kill themselves before they'd get that wand to fire.

Oh well. Not like they'd need to use it, outside of a dire situation. And there couldn't be anything more dire than a spider the size of a town square.


The tinkerers and thinkers toiled day and night.

Most of them slept, of course. Even the Dark Philosopher, now that he's graced us with his mortal form. It would be more accurate to say they took turns tinkering, day and night.

Meanwhile, Doctor Orion Glass was busy. A miserable array of treatises and research notes stared back at him as he mulled them over in his head.

Iron enough to make a nail,
Lime enough to paint a wall,
Water enough to drown a dog....

Clever, but not exactly scientific. Or even particularly interesting.

No, they could do better. A grander being, where the Sovereign's design has failed.

A scratchy noise emerged from a flared brass tube besides him. Without looking up, they gently pushed the bell down, and the crackling stopped.

More work to do.

The Wondersmith has once again opened his letterbox to the dealings of the public. It is uncertain why this keeps happening, and on so intermittent of a schedule. However, letters back and forth in these dealings have taken on a new tenor, something akin to... urgency.

Benefits: Earth Magic 3, Death Magic 5, Astral Magic 3, Word: ARTIFICE. This turn may put the limits of crafting to the test.


There is a certain thrill to be had when meeting someone who truly knows what they are doing. And two someones, well, that's better than cake. Cora, after a questionably rapid recovery, will offer her technical expertise to Nomolos of Kozan and Inziim of Ysrendelle, after being introduced to the lich at the roundtable and finding quite the similarity in goals. Their expertise will in turn assist in the creation of a Golem of unmatched prowess and vitality.

Benefits: Earth Magic 3, Death Magic 5, Astral Magic 3, Word: ARTIFICE, taking advantage of Nomolos' Rune Carvings and Inziim's ongoing study of Golemcraft.

Materials for Golem: 3 Mithril, 1 Silverite, 1 Iron Bark, 1 Eternal Amber, 1 Quicksilver, 1 Unit of Gems, 1 Cerulean Dust, 1 Fire Gem, 1 Nature Gem, 2 Death Gems (provided all deals go through, which, y'know, they better).
Turn 5

Recap: It’s been a fucking long time since the last turn post. Here’s a short summary of the events up to this point.

  1. We meet a knight leading a bunch of goblins, his name is Jek. He got dumpstered by an evil demigod known as Vorogoth (he does not know the god’s name. It fucked with his head. He met an angel of Gawain known as Emmony, and she joined him. There is no romantic pretext I bet.
  2. He got a warband by killing another knight.
  3. He threw a party for the warband, and got ambushed by lizardfolk. One of them is named Rhux. Emmony killed him with some SICK ASS MAGIC, but his soul jumped to a dead lizardfolk and resurrected. He abducted Jek for unknown reasons.

Shortly after the skirmish…
I carried the human through the swamp for hours. This new body was rickety, but my magic repaired most of it. I took special care to avoid mud puddles lest those damn elves follow my footprints. To be safe, I doubled back, took false routes, and walked over my footprints. I dusted some footprints and left others intact. I pissed on some trees for a few minutes, paused, then pissed on some others a few meters down. It was all a big game to distract the warband coming for my hide.

It was all such an old song and dance. The barbarian knights thought themselves masters of the land. They raped and deflowered it, ripping away resources without care for the life they disturbed. I remembered. I read ancient texts detailing the first day the Vantari landed, stripping the swamp of its blacksteel. First came the miners. Then came the soldiers. They built a temple to their greed, and then from the temple poured the blacksteel demons.

The swamp was never the same after that. Plants withered and died, animals grew sick from the pollution, and the ecosystem collapsed. What rose in its wake was a twisted, corrupted, vile thing. Monsters rose from the lake and caused even more destruction. The blacksteel demons fought them, slaughtering them without hesitation. But they never asked the question: why are these monsters here in the first place?

Magic users were the ultimate victims of this crusade. The bigotry and hatred of the temple-dwellers was unparalleled, and their hatred led to a holocaust of unspeakable proportions. They brutalized women and children without a second thought. The swamp drank the blood of the innocent until its stomach burst. With hundreds of villages burnt and scores more of young and infirm mages dead, the remaining living mages banded together and fended off the metal demons.

Then came the Leviathan- a hulking blacksteel demon nearly immune to magic. The temple-dwellers were not content with killing off the mages’ future. They wanted everything. The Leviathan flew from the mouth of the temple and went on a decades-long killing spree. I still remember reading the old texts and imagining what I’d do if I were there. I barely survived against a scion of the Leviathan. But…I’m getting off track here.

Once the Leviathan had killed all the mages, it rested in the temple. With the swamp destroyed, all the mages dead, and nearly all the blacksteel ripped from the earth, the Vantari just left. And there at the center of the swamp, a monument to greed and hate, was the empty temple with the Leviathin sleeping. This was nearly 10,000 years ago. Just about everyone alive forgets the original Vantari crusade. But not me. A historian like me remembers. It’s my duty to remember.

The universe, with its infinite cruelty, will sometimes gift us with something. Ours came in the form of Voragoth. The temple dwellers treated the mages like vermin. Their crusade was the result of delusion and paranoia. So, the universe gave us the avatar of vermin, paranoia, and poison. And he was unbelievably mad at the state of things. He gave birth to the lizardfolk- my kind. He told us that we would one day inherit the swamp.

The remaining denizens of the swamp didn’t trust us. They called us monsters and fought us no matter how hard we tried negotiating. They were scared, and I honestly don’t blame them. So we kept to the shadows, rebuilding as best as we could.

One day, out of nowhere, pilgrims came to the temple. They heard of the legends of the Leviathan. Members of the Vantari comprised the bulk of them, but there were some others. The blacksteel demons made a new society. The pilgrims bred and grew within that blasted temple and fought tooth and nail to “tame” the swamp. This was only a few hundred years ago, and the atrocities the temple has committed show violence runs deep in Vantari blood.

Their mission was a failing one until the Leviathin woke up again. He was a creature of violence. So what did he do? He started what the new temple-dwellers called “the unification wars.” At his behest, his “knights” beat the free barbarians into submission. They made the tribes swear fealty to the keep and then used the sons of their victims to wage even more war. By my estimate, about 70% of tribes swear complete loyalty to the Leviathan. The remaining 30% are a mix of rebels, mage cults, and tribes with a tenuous alliance with him. It doesn’t matter anymore. I just want to see the temple burn.

I reached my altar after about 8 hours and laid the human across the stone slab. My obsidian blade sliced his clothes off. I pulled an inkwell from my kit and started drawing runes across his body. The magic in the air was already coalescing. It felt like home.
Humming poured from my throat- guided by Vorogoth. My body felt light. I no longer felt in control. I didn’t care. It was time for us to have some demons of our own.


Asil and his brothers are vexed by the strange trail Rhux left for them. Though the elves had spent decades tracking lizardfolk, this one was managing to be particularly difficult. One picked up the scent of urine and decided to follow it, only to realize this cheeky ambusher decided to piss on random trees and then make a bunch of winding, nonsensical footprints that would start on a path then double back. They theorized that he obscured his actual footprints and made as many false trails as he could. Obnoxious.

It was looking to be a fruitless endeavor. The weary warband tromped through the wilderness for hours, following false paths and learning some intriguing new elven swear words. This was the most the elves talked in ages. Emmony tried taking to the skies a few times, but the foliage made it difficult to discern anything useful.

Hope blossomed when Asil found a small doll made from straw leaning against a tree. A grin crept across his face. “Well well. A child’s doll. Know what that means?”

Ogrul scratched his chin. “The guy who took Jek is a weirdo? I don’t know.”

“Villiage nearby. Perhaps they have answers for us,” Asil said as his fingers twitched in anticipation. A rumble spread through the warband. Men licked their lips, anticipating the food they’d pilfer from the storehouses. Hands caressed the pommels of blades, eager to avenge brothers taken by the raid.

Finding the village was trivial for Asil and his cohort. While their main quarry was quite versed in the art of avoiding trackers, these villagers were not. Discarded husks of food, footprints, overturned rocks, and missing tools wove an elaborate canvas for the elves to interpret. Within an hour the half-drunk, furious warband encountered a small lizardfolk settlement. The first thing Emmony noticed was the distinct lack of warriors or guards. Her mind immediately lept to the obvious conclusion- this village must have supplied the raiders for the banquet incursion. Oh, how karma has a way with things. Asil noticed that the village was completely unprepared for them. Children played in the open, adults sat in story circle while weaving baskets. Part of him almost felt bad for what was about to happen.

The denizens of the village looked at the warband with shock when they arrived. But none seemed to inspire more fear than Emmony. She was the spitting image of her father, Gawain. She had his feline head on a lithe but well-muscled body, with imposing wings jutting from her back, casting long and menacing shadows. Her body was made completely from blacksteel, its antimagic properties known to even the dumbest of peasant.

A good portion of the lizardfolk fell to their knees with a blank stare, their muscles going limp as they tacitly accepted their perceived fate. There were, of course, the criers. Mainly young children. They ran to their parents and hid behind them, as if it would do any good. Cries of “demon!” and “voragoth save us!” rang out from those not too stunned to speak.

The warband just stood there for a minute or so taking in everything. Their desire for the suffering of lizardfolk was bottomless after they lost brethren to the raid an hour ago, and this was making the perfect appetizer. The few combat-capable lizardfolk left in the village advanced forward with rusted farming equipment in hand. The warband, itching for a fight, started to advance in turn. Emmony unfurled a wing to hold them back. “I’m killing anyone who steps in front of me. Wait.” She then addressed the lizardfolk. “Bring me whatever leader you have. Now.”

Naturally, this command inspired little compliance in the village. Most of them spoke an entirely different language for starters. Emmony shifted and started to slowly furl her wing back, as though to let the tides of angry men spew forth. This action got things moving. An elderly lizardfolk stepped forward and spoke in a quavering voice. “What do you want, demon?”

Emmony laughed. “You made the mistake of raiding us. You made an additional mistake by carrying off our leader.” She led the words hang in the air. They rang out and fell heavy on the ears of those that could understand. The raiders were lost.

If the elder could sweat, she would. This was the worst possible outcome. Not only had the raid failed, but all of their warriors were dead. And a demon of the Leviathin was standing right before her village. “You’ve come to kill us?”

“I am asking the questions. Do you need me to encourage you to listen a bit better?” she said calmly, in an almost bored manner.

At this point, it was really a question of who the elder could get out alive. These warriors were going to have their revenge smeared with blood, one way or the other. She thought deeply, not wanting to upset the demon any more. But how to convince her? Would stroking its ego do any good? The elder thought back to how she would wrangle livestock back in her farming days. You can’t just force an annoyed animal into its pen. You have to entice it. First the feed, then the halter. With her newfound plan she spoke up. “I have information you want. I’ll tell you. But you have to let some of my people go.

Emmony invoked her father’s stoicism, keeping her face completely even. These were tragic terms. None of them would get out alive. Those they let go before the carnage began would just get tracked down and hung from trees, if they were lucky. “Acceptable. Tell me what you know.”

“There’s a ritual site a couple miles north of us. Your leader is probably there.” She looked to her people, motioning for the young and frail to start running. One young lizardfolk whelp hugged the leg of his father, begging to stay. The father knelt down and hugged his son before handing him a small silver pendant. “Go. Please. We will meet again, I promise. I love you, Sylarris” he whispered in his native tongue.

Emmony observed the vulnerable contingent of lizardfolk run off. “I don’t remember saying they could run yet. I have no insurance for if you’re lying.”
Thinking quickly, the elder replied. “I have a map, give me one moment.” She ran back to a tent and returned with a map on parchment, detailing the surrounding area. Asil roughly grabbed it from the elder and looked through it. “Seems good. Doubt they could draft this up in a minute,” he chuckled.

“Now, am I good to start with this one?” Asil said while slowly pulling a flensing knife out from his belt.

“No, you and Ogrul are coming with me.”

“But I cannot be separated from my brothers!” Asil yelled in a demanding tone as he stomped his foot.

“Ok. They’re coming too. You have more important things to do than flense old lizards in the mud like a psychopath.”

Asil stood on his tiptoes and got in Emmony’s face. “I don’t take orders from you. Are you too stupid to follow a map?” he hissed.

She sighed and waited a moment before suddenly pushing him into the mud with a single paw. She put weight on it until she heard a couple ribs groan, pushing them to the edge of breaking. Asil gasped in pain. “You seem to be under the impression I am asking permission when I say these things.” She pressed harder and heard something crack. Asil gasped. “You should be worshipping the ground I walk on.” She leaned closer to his panting face. “You should shudder at the thought of me having to interpret those savage scrawlings myself. You-”

Ogrul put a hand on her arm and spoke in a grave tone. “Fucking stop.”

She lifted her paw from Asil’s chest and growled. “I am only listening to you because Jek likes you.”

“Well, Jek needs this group to like him. This isn’t how you get people to like you, Emmony,” he said in a low voice.

“He doesn’t need them anyways. I’m far more powerful than a group of 75 drunks,” she muttered before walking away, giving the village one last as the warband charged forth and the screams began. The screams were awful to hear. They pleaded for some god to save them, but they flew to the aether unheard. They were ragged screams, punctuated by the sickening noise of flesh being cut. The laughter of the warband contrasting with the agony made Emmony shudder. The riddle of steel taught all adherents to suppress emotion, which was a tenant Emmony always hated. Something like this was deeply wrong. What joy could be had from slaughtering the weak? All this would do is inspire more ranks of lizardfolk raiders in the future. She walked quicker, eventually breaking into a run to get away from the noises.

About an hour passed as the group navigated through the wilderness towards the mysterious lair depicted on the map. Asil and his brothers where nearly silent, occasionally whispering hurriedly to one another in elvish. They smeared a neon green paste on his ribcage and they disgustingly snapped back into place.

Eventually, they reached the mouth of a large cave, where profane chanting was emanating from inside. In the bowls of this cave laid Jek, trapped in the throes of a dark ritual.

Missive in the present day: the man once known as Lord Favian is leaving the cathedral. Here is his resignation letter:
To the Eternal Lord of the Keep, and God-Elect of this World,

This is my resignation from my post. I have taken great care to leave successors in my absence, and I've neatly tied up all administrative duties that I was working on up until this point.

If you have any inquiries about duties I've missed, I have a sending stone in the left drawer of my desk. The key is underneath the potted plant by my copy of "Treatise on Warfare Vol III."

I have left my armor, medals, saddle, and gold with Lord Quint. I would like to leave him my hydra as well, if it pleases you. I have paid approximately 3 gold for a new lizard mount from the tent city. I can pay it back to the Keep in a few weeks if needed. (edited)

Now the question of why I've resigned. I've served you for my entire life, dedicated my soul to the Keep, and lived the riddle of steel for my entire life. I looked forward to being entombed in these walls some day.

But throughout my servitude, it felt as though a great fog had suffused my head. I remember when I came to you, begging for you to take away the pain of losing my child in birth. And you granted me that wish.

I used you to run away from my past. To run away from my sins. I was content to do this, even.

And then I saw what you did to your daughter. And for the first time since my child died, I sobbed.

Everything hit me like a warhammer. How many children do you have? Hundreds? Do you even care about them?

I would have never done to Esmeralda what you did. You tortured your child. Did you even ask why she left to join the steel bank? Or did you just exile her without a word like you did Emmony?

You've been blessed with family yet you ignore all of it. I would give anything, maybe even my soul to have mine back.

Although, I don't really deserve it. I ended so many families during the unification wars that I shouldn't ever be afforded happiness again.

I don't blame you for my actions then. I was a young idiot eager to prove himself.

But....I digress. I worry for your mind, Gawain. You speak of voices invading your mind, of hidden mages pulling at your strings.

I received a report of a destroyed lizardfolk warren. Hundreds dead. Ripped apart. Eaten. I questioned a few of the survivors, and they said it was you.

They told me you descended from the sky screaming in an ancient tongue, killing them all.

Normally I'd scoff at such a notion. But when I saw the hellscape with my own eyes...I knew Gawain. I know your work. I have no love for their kind, but the carnage before me was unreal. (edited)

I say all of this not to admonish you. I say this because nobody else can.

It is not too late to change. Please. Build bridges with your children. Be there for them. Gods, I wish I could do the same. You have no idea how lucky you are, Gawain.

Perhaps I am cosigning myself to oblivion with this letter. But you need to hear this. If you are to be god of this world, you must be fair and loving.

I will never forget you,
Kuno Favian


Action 1
Host a tornment with the following opener:

Step into the arena of fate and become the right hand of a god. Gawain seeks a champion to help mold this crumbling plane to his will.

Meet at exterior of the blacksteel cathedral to participate in a furious tournament where only the strongest will survive. You will get continually paried against opponents until you are the last standing. Fight with any means you see fit, for honor holds no sway here. Mages, once scorned in the blacksteel halls, are welcome to wield their arcane might in this tornament. All are invited to prove their worth.

The reward? A vast fortune, noble title, and custom-forged blacksteel armor await the last one standing. But beyond riches, the chosen champion gains access to Gawain's counsel and potential influence in the politics of Moorholm. And when Gawain claims the throne, you will be his right hand—a position of godly power.

Are you ready to seize your destiny and rule alongside Gawain?

We will be offering a prize of 1 unit of god, and then using an EP for organization, hiring officials, etc. The objective of this is to come out with a powerful hero. Maybe the hero gets some blacksteel armor or hydra leather thing if possible. If not, that's what wondersmith-adjacent is for. Additionally, Gawain has the leadership feat, and he will use it to further rally torny contestants.

Action 2
Super secret.

Free Actions!
Trade with Jotun


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Throne of Heaven

Turn 5

The time was now. The opportunity was here. Flaustan was at its most vulnerable with their them sending much of their military to secure The First City at the same time as Talarius. He would not get such a perfect opportunity to make inroads into the enemy of his people as right now.

Inziim stood at his war table, over looking his map with his generals all around him. A Wight Lord by the name of Vesuvious The Greater pointed at a flat stretch of land along the border.

“Sir, if we strike hard and fast here with our Wight Knight Riders, we can destabilize the troops along the border and make great inroads. Nothing is more terrifying than a massive horde of undead Knight riding on undead horses!”

He punctuated that by slamming his fist on the table, knocking over the Flaustan troops along the border.

An Elven woman smirks as she comes out from behind Vesuvious, placing a hand on his shoulder and then moving his own hand onto another horde of Flaustan Troopers.

“Vesuvious, that would be all well and good if our enemy didn’t have a veritable HORDE at their disposal. Our forces might be strong, but they have far greater numbers than we could even field, at least at the Present.”

General Tilindra Shadowsong, a great leader among the Ash Walkers looked over at Inziim.

“What I am proposing, My Lord. Is a surgical strike of Ash Walkers behind their lines to destabilize and confuse them. Then send in our own horde of undead supported by Necromancers at the Front. While they are continuously hampered by the Horde in the Front and our sneak attacks in the rear, then we can send in a Charge of Wight Knights on Horseback to send them running straight into our arrows.”

General Vesuvious crossed his arms as his armor clanked and gave a harrumph.

“Bah! A True Warrior attacks from the front and doesn’t let up until the enemy is defeated.”

Tilindra made a face of mock surprise. “Oh! I didn’t realize that was the way to do things. Especially when Njal took out so many Wight Knights and a Wight Lord in your fight everything head on.”

Vesuvius turned and got close to Tilindra’s face.

“Grrr. And what do you think would happen if we went toe to toe? Hmm, Tilindra? Do you think that….”

Inziim clapped. Once, twice, then third, fourth, fifth times with the last three being in quick succession.

“That will be quite enough Generals. Now, I would like to hear from the others.”

The Elf and the Wight turned away from each other.

“Yes, my Lord.”

Inziim gave a singular clap.

“Thank you both. Now let’s…..”

Suddenly a slight knock at the door and then an intelligent undead wearing messengers clothes walked in.

“I’m so sorry my Lord. I bring an urgent message.”

Inziim takes the extended message from the young skeleton.

“No need to apologize. It is your job to bring about important information. And I appreciate your work.”

The Lich opened up the scroll and the feeling in the air was palpable. He turned over to his Generals.

“I’m afraid that the War will have to be canceled. At least for now. A Certain Talirus Senator has called in THE FAVOR.”

Inziim prepared himself for his journey. He would be teleported to the meeting by Han, a man who is known as a great fighter and supporter of The Light. He had never met the man before, but now he would rely on him for transport to The Eastern Alliance.

His heart was all aflutter since he would get to see his darling Montague again. And he would need to make sure that he put on a good representation of Ysrendelle. After all, what he had to offer was a powerful, elite army and scores of undead.

It would be nice to see Chepura again. That young girl has much power under her belt. But she needs more guidance in her life. Perhaps he will be able to do that.

As the lich readied his supplies, he readied himself for PROJECT BONE GOLEM. After reaching out to both Nomolos and Glass, it was decided that the best thing to do was to collaborate in order to make this Project a rousing success.

Perhaps it could help all their armies to get stronger for the danger that lay ahead.

And while there, he would consult with Nomolos about this Red Plague to help cure the Senator as part of his debt. If he dies, it could affect the reputation of Ysrendelle among the Talrian people. And currently with war on the horizon, he couldn’t afford any negative Public Relations.

Inziim knew that there would be many hard times ahead.


Action 1. PROJECT BONE GOLEM. With the help of Glass and Nomolos, work on making Golems

Action 2: Visit the Talarius Senator with Nomolos to Cure the Senator

Free Action: Northern Traders
Turn 5
Eliasdagood Eliasdagood

Farators time training in the silver city was.. interesting. The dragons of Siofra, a fae from the north, were a delightful surprise and the joy, however poorly hidden, they showed at Farator's gift of gold and wealth would be a warm memory for the Naga for many years to come. It was so rare to meet a dragon, a dream of most Naga, and Farator met numerous in the span of days and young ones at that! The training was not all pleasant, there had been as assassination attempt although it was hard to say why it had transpired as the politics of the land people were still not as well known.. What was found out later was 'Thrassax', the strange squid creature at the training, was wanted by Valin and Ryu. The creature, and others like it, had apparently attacked Valin in the dead of night, killing and stealing their people and unleashing horrors that slaughtered so many families.. Was Siofra just unaware of the crimes of this Thrassax?

... Did Farator truly trust in the honor of these land dwellers? They were fickle, protecting the truth only when it seemed to benefit them, more then happy to feign ignorance or blindness when it was convenient. Were they really worth trusting? Working together? This Thrassax... This being who hounded an entire nation and killed thousands, did he even deserve to live? People speak about 'redemption', but what redemption could there be from someone who does not face the people they hurt? Who skulks and hides under the trees? Was that redemption? Or was that simply cowardice trying to wrap itself in virtue?

Either way, it was a question for another time. Farator had gained much in the training, he had already been further then others in his path and so his progress was, expectedly, further.

Pick Specialization
Path of the Crushing Maelstrom
The Abyss that Devours the Light

[After you do, you shall get a passive and some abilities]

Set Astral to 3 from training with Thrassax

Action 2

Farator sends out his army to patrol the coast, aided by the Ryu when able. They ponder 'how' to find it and settle on watching multiple coastal villages and waiting for a pregnant woman to enter the water, when she does, lurking under the depths, they see the newborn shoot past them. Naked yet twisted with four large tentacles coming out of its chest as it shot through the water.. The Naga gave chase, quickly outpacing their crab allies who were not quite as quick or agile as them in the water.

For several leagues they chased the newborn, until it came to... a place with strange, misshapen sea anemones.. Their tentacles gently waving in the water, the newborn ran to them and they could see, in the distance, a few more coming, but looking at the ground, something was wrong.. There should have been more, the amount of people missing didn't make sense, the place was lush and could house many unless... Someone had known of their coming and had removed their plants?

With his new found astral powers, Thrassax can feel.. something is off... These plants have been left behind on purpose.. They've been horror marked. Horrors would be coming to devour them and anyone looking, this was a trick that he would have walked right into if it weren't for his new astral powers.

Decision Point
1. Run
2. Get Horrored​
Turn 5
(TW - Mentioned Suicide, Scarring)

The girl gasped as she fell from the wet cocoon that had held her, fluid pouring covering the ground around her as she held herself off it. After a moment the same liquid began to pour out of her mouth, wet coughs accompanying it as she forced herself to breath under her own power for the first time in nearly a year. Finally, as she began to breath normally, she stared at her hands in shock, twisting them in wonder as they responded to her. She was free, the Titaness wasn’t with her.

No, that was wrong, she was still there. The girl could feel her stirring deep within her mind, a pressure slowly starting to form as the larger mind began to settle once more. Seized by a sudden crazed desire the girl fumbled with unsteady hands, ripping one of the daggers that lined her hips from its sheath in a desperate moment. With desperate speed she tried to free herself from this torment – only to stop dead, all control of her limbs once more gone.

“What’s this?” The words were not her own, yet they came from her mouth. The Titaness was back, and it seemed she wasn’t happy with what she found. “My oh my, you’ve managed to recover first! Obviously, you still have to much spirit left in you, so let’s return to your days passed!”

Instantly the girl could feel her mind being ripped away from the present, a familiar sensation as she was thrown into memories of the time before she had been forced under the control of the monster. As the world spun around her she felt her original body reform, a manifestation of her consciousness trapped at the final moment before everything had changed. Even as the world around her began to settle she could feel tears roll down her false cheeks, so close to her freedom only to have it ripped away at the last moment. They only intensified as she realized what memory the creature had thrown her into.

“There it is!” The excited young boy pointed at a fallen log, his friends following his finger to see their target. The girl watched as her own younger self was dragged out of her hiding spot by her hair, her efforts to escape easily thwarted. She watched as he produced a small knife, it’s dull edge flashing as rays of light penetrated the leaves above them. “Dad gave me this as a gift, so I want to try it out!”

The tears rolled faster and thicker as she watched, her past self’s screams echoing out upon deaf ears. She didn’t know how long she watched the boys laugh, how long they pushed at each other as they watched her cradle her arm. It was only after they had been long gone, their echoing laughter fading just as her screams had long before, that she seemed to uncurl even slightly. She watched as her past self slowly held her arm out and stared at the marks that the boys had left, unmistakable as crude and rough letters. ‘Freak’ they spelled out, a permanent reminder of her isolation.

Even as she forced herself out of the memory the young girl glanced at her left arm, the same one that had been ripped from her body by Orkhan, and the same one that had held that mark for years. The scar had not traveled to this new body with her it seemed, and she felt a small measure of relief at that. That relief was quick to turn to shock as she noticed something else, all around her the gray forms of those that had been given the Gift of Chiten had faded back into a light blue color. Not all of them, not even close, yet some had.

Shaking she forced herself to stand, noticing for the first time that her own form held a weak golden sheen, and began to wander towards the one she knew was Ingrid’s.

‘I worry for the Queen,’ The voice came as a shock to her, and she realized at once she was hearing the thoughts of the former bandit. ‘She seems so, young, at times. She reminds me of my grandchildren.’

On instinct the girl reached out to the abilities she felt the Titaness use every day and was shocked when the mindscape around her faded away. Her senses were bombarded by odd sensations for a moment before the world seemed to explode with colors, resolving itself into one of the many hollows within the tree she called home. Before her stood Ingrid and another Regina, the duo holding some of the Archyaw silk that had been woven into fabric.

“Good Eva, your stitches are much cleaner,” The larger woman looked over the length of fabric the smaller woman held. “You may soon be good enough to aid the Queen in her own weaving.”

“Ingrid, do you feel that, perhaps,” The Regina, Eva it seemed, hesitated as she spoke, setting aside the sewing for a moment. “Do you think that the Queen is not all that she seems.”

The larger woman stared down at her, seeming deep in thought to the young girl. “I think that perhaps the Queen has found herself in a situation not unlike our small counterparts. A situation where she has been pushed into control of a hive when she is far to young to understand exactly what it is she is meant to do. At times she seems almost a child yet, not unlike those of my own blood, and yet at others ancient beyond what years she seems to have.”

“You have noticed it too then,” Eva’s eyes closed for a moment, and she relaxed as hidden tension fled as she wasn’t executed for her thoughts. “What is it we can do?”

“Advise her, give her aid where we can,” Ingrid sighed, staring off into the distance. “We are the only link she truly has to humanity after all, we must do whatever we can to remind her where it is she comes from.”

The little girl felt tears form in her eyes once more, though these were different. People other than that man the Titaness humored still cared for her in a way, even if they didn’t know what had happened to her. She watched as they returned to the lesson, observing and doing the best she could to memorize everything that was said. And, for a fleeting moment, a memory of a woman with long brunette hair walking away from her played within her mind.​



Maelúir Síocháin
turn 5: spring
A knock echoed through the empty halls of the Thornburrow smial.

Once. Twice. Thrice.

A massive figure moved, hunching to avoid the low ceilings of the hobbit hole. With a tug, the door swung open, and a scrutinizing expression crossed his face but softened slightly as he met the gaze of 'Boss.'

A low hum resonated in his ears; the words were indistinct, but he inferred that the Boss indicated it was time to head to the garden. Quietly, a rare change from his usual outbursts, he proceeded toward Bella. Grimtoof carefully observed the last survivor of his unit. She was stout and showed more bravery than he had credited her with. Her features were marred and bruised, yet Grimtoof now perceived the hobbit with newfound respect and honor.

Bella remained seated, her gaze fixed ahead, an open book resting on the desk. The book's pages were untouched and uncreased. The silence became unbearable, an inescapable torment. Closing her eyes brought haunted memories - the battle cries of her kin echoed in her ears, the sensation of Arlo's life slipping away from her grasp as his eyes glazed over and his skin paled. "Survive, tell the tale," were his final words to her.

The distorted features of her once happy, smiling kin had been transformed into mindless perpetrators of war. Dried tears stained her cheeks as no more tears could spill.

Siofra entered the hobbit hole, but with every step, her heart cracked a bit more. Her eyes were drawn to the long table that once held an array of plates filled with meat, cups brimming with wine, and an inviting atmosphere. Siofra closed her eyes momentarily, willing the tears threatening to spill to remain at bay. She felt unworthy of sorrow, not when her actions had precipitated their deaths. This was not supposed to happen. They were not supposed to be taken from her like shadows in an endless nightmare. No longer would she feel their warmth or see their innocent eyes looking to her for more stories.

"You will never understand the horrifying fears and cries of my kin. Where were you?" Bella's voice was barely more than a whisper, her lips parting just enough to let the hoarse words escape. She refused to look at Siofra.

Bella's piercing words reverberated in Siofra's mind, a relentless reminder of her failure. No words could console her, that, Siofra knew too well.

"This will not bring them back." Bella's voice quivered, but she remained resolute. "However, I will honor their bravery. We fought, we came to aid. Allow their souls to rest and give them peace."

"Our doors shouldn't have opened," Siofra whispered, guilt nearly surfacing her features. "Their memories will live on within us."

"You couldn't have foreseen this, Milady." Sylvi entered, her tail swaying. "We needed to defend ourselves. If not, it would have consumed us entirely," Sylvi quickly interrupted, whispering harshly in Siofra's ears.

Siofra's gaze remained steady, though the weight of Bella's words settled heavily upon her. She had faced numerous accusations, but none cut as deeply as Bella's. Although Grimtoof sensed the tension, he remained silent but vigilant. His presence brought comfort, yet Siofra felt the burning desire within his gaze, one filled with bloodlust and a thirst for vengeance.

────────── {⌘} ──────────​

The path to the garden hummed with the murmurs of the forest—the trees whispered, and the Ents' grumbles faded into the background. Each step was heavy with remorse and sorrow. Leading the procession, Siofra felt the weight of the past week's burials pressing on her heart. As they arrived at the garden, their eyes sought Bella Thornburrow, finding a fleeting glimmer of hope in her presence. Despite the deep wound that threatened her very being, Siofra remained resolute, determined to do what she could for her people. Yet, the storm within her heart and mind raged on, a whirlwind of emotions threatening to consume her.

Above, clouds gradually merged, casting a shadow over the garden as lightning crackled across the sky. The procession was bittersweet, the air heavy with wails and songs. Siofra watched from a distance, prepared to offer aid if needed. It wasn't until the elders, women, and children had departed that she allowed herself a moment to grieve.

Her fingers gently grazed Thraden's tombstone before her knees buckled, and she knelt beside it. "I'm so sorry, Thraden," she whispered, a hiccup catching in her throat. "I couldn't protect him."

A whimper escaped her lips, tears streaming down her cheeks. Siofra shook her head, grappling with overwhelming loss and guilt.

Soon, a loud crackle echoed, rumbling the earth's soil. With each sob, the skies darkened as they mirrored the tempest within her. As the wind rose, her hair whipped around her. In the midst of her anguish, Golfrax appeared, hovering over the grave. Uncertain how to comfort his 'mother,' Golfrax seized the opportunity to share the beauty of the storm, bidding farewell to the departed. Lightning danced across the sky, its spark humming, as he soared alongside the hawks.

────────── {⌘} ──────────​

Another week slipped away, yet the fallout from the Battle for the First City persisted, casting a shadow of political strife and unrest over the land. Amidst the turmoil stirred by the neighboring nation, another pressing matter demanded her attention. Siofra would know peace no longer. Nevertheless, she took the opportunity to debrief herself.

The Silver City, with all its grandeur as described by Lord Han, proved to be a truly remarkable place. Siofra found delight in her training sessions and in the company of beings from beyond her forest. Lord Han's hospitality exceeded expectations, and his adherence to his word was commendable. Meeting the King Under the Sea was a captivating experience for Siofra. Witnessing the Naga's respectful treatment of her dragonlings only served to enhance her positive impression of their ruler. However, amidst the wonders of the city, a furrow appeared on Siofra's brow. She struggled to recall another figure, but instead, the haunting voice of Thrassax filled her thoughts, pleading for her help and reminding her of the attempt on his life. Amon's betrayal was one she hadn't counted on.

Soon, a knock brought her out of her stupor.

Her gaze crossed the room, settling on the older lioness before her, with amber eyes and a mane that once blazed with fiery gold, now adorned with silver streaks.

"What more do you know of the Ithillid?" Siofra questioned softly, her mind filled with unanswered questions.

“All he desires upon arrival is to right his wrongs and aid those who can bring light to a world shrouded in darkness,” Sylvi responded, her tone measured and firm.

Her brows furrowed slightly, taking in the information. “He has amassed powerful adversaries, Sylvi. An assassination attempt befell him while we were away in Silver City. I fear our actions may have caused more harm than good,” Siofra confessed.

“Do you doubt my loyalty? You know, I would never bring harm to you or our home!” Sylvi's voice rose, a hint of hurt underlying her words.

“No, I don't doubt you. But I doubt miscalculations and judgments. It will be difficult to continue to keep him here. My people, our people, triumphs others. You have seen the consequences,” Siofra replied, her expression pained as she wrestled with the weight of her decisions.

“Is he not one of our own?” Sylvi's eyes bore into Siofra's, searching for clarity and conviction.

"Is he, Sylvi?" Siofra's gaze faltered for a moment before regaining its resolve.

"You are our leader, Lady Siofra. You've given us a place to live when others would not. Would you turn him away? Would you have turned me away? My only regret would be not to be able to see you take your rightful place," Sylvi's words carried a mix of respect and sorrow.

"So, you have made your choice. You trust him that fully?" Siofra's voice wavered slightly, betraying her inner turmoil.


────────── {⌘} ──────────​

Action 1: Summoning, Rituals, Potion-making, oh my!
› The deal with a High Councilman from Gil-Galit goes well. Siofra will spend one death gem to summon another dragonling with the help of a High Councilman from Gil-Galit
› By request of Lord Montague, Siofra will cast the Watcher ritual in Caolin and Gil-Galit
› As a fun little game, Vetza, Golfrax, and Artasia will do a ritual around Maeluir Siochain to site search to see who can find the best magic site and get more hoards! If possible, Siofra will also set the season to summer momentarily to also site search
› With the ingredients she is able to find, Siofra will craft more potions. If possible, she will like to make Resistance Potion [Mental], Potion of Quickness, and Potion of False Life. Moreover, with the assistance of a High Councilman from Gil-Galit and Lord Montague, she will use Cerulean Dust and Fire Salts to create another concoction. Lastly, with the help of Lord Montague, he will join Siofra in crafting potions such as a mistform or mirror image potion.

Action 2: Studies? Possibly
› Siofra will take a moment to study at The Gil-Galit Academy of Magic, Sorcery, and Philosophy.
(I couldn't decide on this action but, I'm going to pretend this timeline is before the Battle for First City?)

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Turn 5
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The play in Gil-Galit, or more specifically, Hammer Rise, is one that focuses on a mad king. The Tyrant of the Rise. Of course, it is an entirely fictional tale, or is it, made up by Montague. It is the story of a mad ruler who, from their base of power within Hammer Rise, sought to bring the other city-states to heel. To unite them under one vision, one purpose, one goal. They were stronger together, and only together, could they resist such places as Nurbellium. The Tyrant is show to have noble goals and ideals, at least at first. A better nation, for all. A place where the proud citizens of Gil-Galit could hold their head up high rather then ready to duck for cover in the endless warring states that had been the reality of their world. But, as with all things, the Tyrant becomes corrupted by their actions, by the lengths they go to for unification, and like all with power, they became afraid to lose it. Rivals and friends, executed one in the same for speaking out. His army, that had served him faithfully for a decade, but spoke out against him desiring peace and to go home to their families, was decimated.

Eventually, the second lead, the Tyrant's bodyguard and lover, their comrade and fellow, drives their blade into the Tyrant's back, spilling their blood over the very map the two once stood and talked about dreams and the future. The Tyrant dies, their bloody hands clutching their bodyguards vestments as the room fills with an unreasonable amount of blood, leaving the bodyguard alone.. with his deed. The story ends with the bodyguard being hung from the gallows for the murder of the Tyrant, and the city-states, so close to unifying, return to their ways of war.

Some see the message as a clear sign that Gil-Galit will never btruly unified, while others see it as a sign that Gil-Galit cannot be unified by force because one man, no matter how great, is not immune to corruption. A man may hold an ideal, but it is the ideal that must be championed, the ideal of unity, of peace, of prosperity, that must be the cornerstone of their society. It must be through democracy, where a thousand voices can come together to be more.. that Gil-Galit become what it was always meant to be. It resonates strongly with the people and lesser shows are shown throughout the nation, but none are as grand, lacking Montague, or have such esteemed company, those invited by whatever persona Lady Alcina had wished to use on thsoe days. The largest downside to this push was that it was Caolin that was doing the play. Why was the sister city that refused to join its fellows trying to preach about unity and 'joining hands'? They were the ones who refused to join Gil-Galit, to join the council, to join democracy... But luckily, only a few ever bother to check on the production staff of these things.

The people have been galvanized, but where should the push be towards?

Decision Point
[Pick One]

1. Leverage their generous spirits to collect donations.
2. Push on their patriotic fervor to encourage people to join the Gil-Galit military
3. Encourage the most notable among them to apply at the council to serve the nation


Within Hammer Rise, numerous statues suddenly appear. On top of walls and tall buildings, the people are unsure of their purpose, but many dislike how the statue's eyes seem to.. follow them. Some even claim that lightning bolts have shot out of their eyes to kill unwanted people, but those rumors are quickly ignored as the ravings of a mad man.... but what if they're true? [Watchers have been established in Hammer Rise, you may decide what shape they are in].

In Caolin, a similar thing happens.. only far more, some are even on street corners. It seems there is not a single street or window that isn't being watched by these strange statues with their strange eyes that seem to follow people.. It makes people in Caolin very, very, very nervous. [You may decide what form/shape they are in].

For now, the common people are mostly unaware of what these do, who knows what they may feel about being constantly watched, day in, and day out, but the world is getting more dangerous, perhaps it will reassure them? After all, only those with something to hide, fears the Watchers.

The Herde


Military Power

Economic Power

Unique Resource


As a nomadic tribe, it is harder for herde to set up 'trade deals' that are rather permanent in any real means. Whenever the herde enters a region you may decide if they come as Traders or Raiders... with the implications of both being obvious. As the Herde gains a reputation, this may change and the option maybe picked for them.

Raid and Plunder
The Herde has the ability to freely raid and plunder.. Due to the Herde's sheer speed, being all cavalry, it is very hard to 'pin them down'. The Herde may decide if it is plundering the land [and so avoiding more fortified settlements] and the chance of being intercepted and forced to a fight is exceptionally low, or if it will be burning all of it and so attempting to conquer cities, towns and forts where a battle is guaranteed.

The Riders of the Harvest
Whenever the Herde enters a large battle, and a battalion does exceptionally well, I will note them. You will then give them a name and that 'batallion' will become something of a 'heroic unit', gaining unique abilities or higher stats to reflect their status. Groom many heroic units, push the ones you have to new heights and dominate the field of battle. Be warned, if one such unit dies, it will create a wave of panic in the rest.



Studs are 'priest' that can draw their lineage back to the legendary four centaur of old, and they have the unique fur coat to match. Some are a deep bloody red, some an inky pitch black while others are a sterling pearl white. Studs aren't quite the leaders that Warhorses are, but their presence is inspiring as they chant about the legends of old to inspire their fellows. Studs are Level 1 Death Mages.

Magnassia was filled with many tribes before they were unified by Baroqee at the cost of their leaders. With the chieftains killed, command has fallen to those who wield the greatest experience on the battlefield, the great warriors and veterans of the tribes who have seen the most conflict. What 'kind' of Warhorse it is depends on what unit it is assigned to, a Warhorse within a Minotaur Unit is assumed to be a Minotaur. Generally, Centaur Warhorses are the best leaders, Minotaur Warhorses are the greatest warriors and Sataur Warhorses are the most cunning.

Elite Units

Minotaurs are immensely large and powerful taurs. They are the things of nightmares and so cause Fear especially as they are charging towards a squishy line of two-legged creatures that thought they could stand in their way. Minotaurs use immense great axes to reap a blood toil, cleaving through armor and crushing opposition. Minotaurs have an internal desire to 'feast', to consume the flesh of their prey and gorge themselves.. as such, Minotaurs have Frenzy [Be warned, as cavalry with frenzy, this means they may charge without orders]. Minotaurs are.. not cheap.

The Harpies are not 'really' part of the Herde, but instead they follow the Herde looking to snatch up victims that the Herde misses or lure enemies to the Herde so that they may snap a few morsels up for themselves. These 'beautiful' bird women are ferocious fighters, but their real value comes in the fact they are natural fliers making them exceptionally quick and hard to pin down. Harpies can attempt to 'sing' to lure enemy out of formation and towards them, disrupting lines.

Basic Units

Sataur Raiders
Sataur Raiders are a light, unarmored cavalry unit that is very quick on their hooves but lack the sheer punch of their larger cousins. Being part goats, they ignore any terrain penalties and may ride free and fast over any obstacle in their path. Sataur Raiders are armed with spears and short bows that they use to harrass the enemy. While they aren't likely to win a skirmish trade, their sheer speed makes them great for flanking or charging light infantry that are exposed and are fairly cheap for what they are.

Centaur Warrior
The Centaur Warrior is the tried and true Centaur Warrior and make up the bulk of the warriors. They wear light leather lamellar armor, use powerful recurve bows and carry large lances and swords for when they come thundering into melee. They can skirmish, they can charge headlong into combat, they can run around the flanks, there is little a Centaur Warrior cannot do, but they are more expensive then most 'basic' units of other nations.

The Awakened
Sataur tend to be a mischievous bunch.. They are the real 'party animals' of the Herde, dancing and singing under the moon as they dance and drink deep the Airag. This has the strange effect of luring men and women into their parties where they end up discarding their clothes and 'giving in' to the savagery of life. These Awakened don't have much of a real purpose outside of doing chores and other light work, in between the Sataur parties, but on the battlefield they are the only 'infantry' the Herde really has. They are unarmored [and unclothed most of the time] and use simple wooden spears and shields. They are brave, but not great fighters and tend to be undiciplined. Their greatest perk is.. they're free.



'The Great Uniter, Death, The Pale Mare and the Coming of the Four Horsemen'



Balancing of the Scales
Land ravaged by Baroqee find that it never recovers. Crops seem to wilt and wither on the vine, waters turn rancid and disease spreads throughout the land. Baroqee permanently lowers the economic prosperity of any land that she successfully raids as population stalls and starts to die off. If a land is plundered enough, it becomes a land of death where it actively becomes hostile to the living. Only an opposing word, such as Fertility, can even attempt to reverse this effect.


Greater Gifts

Mistress of Carrion
All Carrion Birds [Vultures, Crows, Etc] will obey Baroqee. They listen to her commands and will follow her will [although they follow their instincts and so aren't suicidal]. Baroqee may see and hear through any carrion bird within a mile of her position. Baroqee may cast the spell: Raven's Feast for free.

Raven's Feast - A massive unkindness of Ravens descends upon the site of a battle and gorges themselves on the flesh of the fallen. They then return to the caster where their stomachs are ripped open and death gems harvested. Amount of gems depends on the size of the battle they feast upon.

Baroqee can force all enemies within 100 feet to 'Wither'. This will cause constant damage to foes as their bodies begin to atrophy and wither to nothing. As their strength fails, so too will their prowess... Unworthy are helpless against this while Heroic and Worthy take a test each round, if they fail, not only do they take damage but their might is lowered as well. [They regain their might the next game turn... if they survive]

Lesser Gifts

Wheat to Barley, Hoof to Dust
Whenever Baroqee and the Herd pillage a province, they roll twice for loot and take the better rolls. If the Herd is ever forced to retreat or flee a battlefield, they count their retreat as an Organized Withdrawal.

Dead Scar
Baroqee can drain the life from the ground beneath her hooves and channel that into the herd. This leads a massive 'dead scar' wherever the Herd has been, but doubles their map movement.

Turn 5


In the heart of their elevated camp, surrounded by lush greenery and the ever-present sounds of nature, the Kelpay went about their work. The camp itself was a vibrant yet eerie place, with thick vines hanging from gnarled trees, and patches of glowing fungi illuminating the murky pools. Poisonous reptiles, their scales glistening in the dim light, scuttled about, occasionally pausing to observe the bustling activity of the centaurs and their companions. The swamp was alive with the sounds of croaking frogs, chirping insects, and the distant calls of birds.

Haefer, his hands pock marked with the fangs of many a serpent. began the process of brewing, carefully setting up three separate vats. It was time to celebrate their triumph over Loris with new batches of Airrag, made from the spoils of battle. Each would hold a unique blend: one with the rich, red Lorisian Wine, another with the dark, twisted tendrils of Bloodvine, and the third with the shimmering grains of Dreamwheat.

Nearby, Kolt, a burly centaur with a wild mane of hair, was busy stamping the fruit of the Bloodvine with his powerful hooves, releasing its dark, rich juices that would add a unique twist to their brew. His strong legs rhythmically pounded the fruit, and the juice flowed into the vat with a deep crimson hue.

Two Satuars, Hoall and Hooli, worked close by with mischievous grins on their faces. They were grinding the Dreamwheat between their teeth, turning it into a fine, glimmering powder. Their eyes sparkled with anticipation as they worked, clearly enjoying the task at hand.

"Hey, Haefer, you want this Dreamwheat now?" Hoall asked, his voice slightly muffled by the grains in his mouth.

Haefer nodded, overseeing the three vats. "Yes, bring it over. We'll add it to the third vat. Kolt, how's that Bloodvine coming along?"

Kolt looked up from his task, his face flushed with exertion and excitement. "Just about ready, Haefer. This is going to be a brew to remember!"

Hoall and Hooli approached, spitting the finely ground Dreamwheat into a bowl, which they handed to Haefer. He carefully added it to the third vat, watching as each concoction bubbled and hissed, releasing fragrant steam that filled the air with a unique aroma.

As the Airrag continued to brew, Kolt began to sing a Kelpay folk song, his deep voice resonating through the camp. The two Satuars danced around, their hooves clacking against the ground in a rhythmic beat, adding to the festive atmosphere. Other members of the Kelpay began to gather, drawn by the aroma and the promise of a grand celebration, adding their voices to the song.

The brews finally reached their peaks, the mixtures swirling with vibrant colors and shimmering with potency. Haefer dipped a leather skin into each vat, handing one to his fellow Centaur Kolt and raising his own in a toast.

"To our victory at Loris Fort, and to many more triumphs to come!" Haefer proclaimed, his voice ringing out over the gathered crowd.

1. Craft new Airrag with Lorisian Wine, Bloodvine, Dreamwheat and Oil
2. Explore the opening in the Quarry.

The Herde, while digging with their noggins [quite literally in the case of minotaurs], try to explore the large opening in the quarries they uncovered but both expeditions have gone missing and no word has ever returned from them. Next turn, or any turn after, you may spend an action to go and see what happened in there

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