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Realistic or Modern The Golden City: A Tale of Two Flames - IC [Open]

Camp Hawthorne
- Lake Tahoe, California -
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Amelia Flemming & Daniel Hawthorne

Amelia smirked wryly at her father’s doting comment about her and her sister's teenage years. Her father was away at war for most of hers, leaving their mother to deal with her illicit affairs. Turning her attention from her father, she turned out towards the lake. Even if she enjoyed her family’s house on the other end of the lake, credit was due to whichever Hawthorne picked this plot. Pff! Hardly! Men these days have trouble keeping up with me.” She lightly joked. “Plus, I didn’t want to worry about dragging around a date tonight.” Shortly after her comment, she felt a pair of eyes on her. Tilting her head back to the party, she noticed her new brother-in-law approaching. “Play nice, Dad,” Amelia said lightly, standing up from her seat at the dock. Once up, she made her way to grab her heels and waltz off the dock. As she walked up towards the party, she passed Daniel in silence.


Daniel’s conversation with his brother was short-lived, interrupted by his father. At first, his father’s compliment brought a thankful smile. However, before he could finish his breath he managed to find a way to ruin the moment. The jostle from the clasp on the back was met with a blank stare. “Even on my damn wedding day, you can’t manage a nice thing to say about her?” He sighed, fed up with his father’s pessimism. “You’re impossible sometimes,” he continued, defeated. He didn’t have to sit here and take his father’s slander. Without another word, he strolled off. With a few drinks in his system, he didn’t want to speak ill in front of his old man. Best to leave rather than engage in his experience. Almost instantly, he snapped on a social mask. Even if his father’s words upset him, no one would know, not on his and Lillian’s big day.

Now that the chat was done with, he figured it would be polite to find Arthur Flemming. Strolling the crowds for a few minutes, he was surprised to not see his father-in-law anywhere. Looking towards the lake, he spotted two figures at the dock. If anyone had to be avoiding social graces, it was him. Before leaving the reception area, he swapped his now empty glass for a fresh glass of scotch and another for Arthur. As he approached the dock, he noticed Lily’s younger sister. The two locked eyes in passing but said nothing. Once at the dock, he gave his father-in-law a kind smile. “Thanks for doing all this, I appreciate it just as much as Lillian.” He swirled the liquor gently in its glass. Handing the glass to Arthur, he extended his in return. “To family, the bond that drives us crazy and keeps the world together.” He cheered with a smile, clinking glasses with Arthur.

Daniel would be a fool to think his father-in-law favored him. Even if that was the case, it was polite to treat him as if he did. Genuinely, he wanted to like the man and vice versa. However, something was foreboding about Arthur. He couldn’t quite place it, but deep down he knew it was a long road to earning his trust.
Camp Hawthorne
- Lake Tahoe, California -
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James Hawthorne
James emerged from the main house and adjusted the cufflinks on his left sleeve. His hands were shaking and there was sweat on his forehead. He had just knocked back three Glenlivets in preparation to face the old bear, his father, Walter Hawthorne. Having barely rehearsed what he was going to say to the man, the idea of trying to explain seemed comical.​

Hey Dad, haven't seen you in three years. How's about you separate yourself from some of that fat, greasy money?

The thought sickened him, having to beg for a way back in. He had only recently reached out to the family after lamming it on the east coast. At first it was a series of letters to Daniel letting him know of his whereabouts. Everyone wondered when James planned to come home.

The cold hard truth couldn't be expressed in letters. That he needed time to process things. That he still wasn't ready to come back to the fold after all this time. He sorely missed his family, perhaps father most especially. It's just that James needed to know where they stood so they could move beyond this point.

James straightened his bowtie before approaching Walter. The man was facing away from him. He cleared his throat a couple times hoping to garner his attention.

Camp Hawthorne
- Lake Tahoe, California -

Walter Hawthorne

It was unsurprising that Daniel hadn't appreciated Walter's observations about Lily. Personally, he thought his comments about her drinking had been tame and he could have vocalised much more at that time. Of course, Daniel was blinded by love, or lust, or a mixture of both, so of course he'd refuse to see sense on the matter. After calling him impossible, Daniel soon walked away to avoid the conversation.

Deciding to leave Rhodes to do his own mingling, and not have him bleating on in defence of Lily too, Walter also walked away, albeit not in the same direction as his eldest. He slowed to a stop to take another sip of his drink and scope out the guests to try locate one of the few he'd enjoy conversing with. Instead, his eyes once more landed in the direction of the bar where Lily and Emma were conversing with a man. Something about Anton confirmed to Walter that he was linked to the line of work the two actresses were in. He also struck him as someone who women would find attractive. Yet again, he couldn't help but find distaste in how Lily was conducting herself. Having just wed his son, he didn't think she was doing herself any favours fraternising with other men instead of being seen with her family - be it the biological one or the one she'd officially wormed her way into. He was fully aware Daniel wasn't innocent where sleeping around was concerned, given his son's past antics. Still, he hoped he was taking notes and would learn to keep his wife's unladylike behaviour in check moving forward.

Walter was drawn out of his judging thoughts when he heard a sound directly behind him, followed by his youngest son addressing him. Walter slowly turned around to face the young man who he hadn't seen for years. "The wanderer returns. I might have known the promise of free alcohol and partying would have finally lured you back," he remarked. He looked James over, acknowledging he was smartly dressed and by all accounts full of health, having found his way home from the war in one piece.

"James," he finally greeted him by name. "Have you been here all along?" he asked, referring to whether he'd been present for the wedding ceremony. "I'm sure Daniel will be ecstatic you made the effort for him." Walter doubted there was any other reason for his son returning home. He certainly didn't believe he came back to see his father, given James had rarely put in the effort for him prior to the war.

Jabroni Jabroni (James)
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Camp Hawthorne
- Lake Tahoe, California -

Soo Hyun-Woo
Editor in Chief, San Francisco Chronicle

Interacting With: Amelia Flemming ReverseTex ReverseTex


Hyun stood close to the house, using his glass of wine to help shield the flame of his lighter from the breeze as he lit a cigarette. It did not matter how long the man had been living in America for, that first inhale of an American cigarette always brought a smile to his lips. Let the snobs back in New York insist it was the French who had the best ones - for Hyun, even if it were all in his head, nothing beat the taste of a Lucky Strike.

As he smoked with his satisfied smirk still on his lips between drags, he had been admiring the beautiful scenery, picturing himself one day with a property such as this one - access to the water, a boat of his own, the stunning views. He would not even need a house, a simple hammock strung between two trees and the nature itself would more than offer him the peace of mind that a place like this must surely provide to the Hawthorne family.

But of course, the man had not come here to report on the plot of land, and as much as he wished he could sit in conversation with the water and sky, it was his job to talk to the people that were here. From carefully watching the taking of family photos, he'd more or less identified who was who when it came to the two, now united families, and so it had been with particular interest when he noticed one of the Flemming girls ending her conversation with her father.

Perhaps to early and bold of a move quite yet to approach the man, he pretended as if he had not been anticipating the moment that the blonde young woman would pass by him, on what he assumed was her way back inside of the home. But as soon as she was close enough for a polite greeting, he made his move.

Mr. Soo was not easily intimidated. Not by powerful men, and not by gorgeous women either. He had spent a great deal of time back at his bar in his home country surrounded by both, and made a distinct point in hiring glamorous women to work in his bar - most of them peasant girls from the outskirts of the capital who had dolled themselves up in Western fashions and make up that was modelled after the very sort of woman he had just watched get married. He enjoyed the company of women, and found them more often than not, more willing to share their true thoughts than men.

"How dare you think of going back inside and leaving behind a view such as this one, darling." He said playfully, before she had a chance to pass him and enter through the doors. "Were I some sort of officer of the law, I am afraid I would arrest you on the spot for even considering such a crime."

Hyun bowed his head respectfully to the young blonde, and spoke again before she had the chance to brush him off as a rambling fool who had perhaps taken too many sips of wine during the reception.

"I am Mr. Soo," he introduced himself, then held out his glass as if he were making some sort of toast to her. "What a lovely family you have - and such a moving ceremony that was as well. You must be incredibly proud. I seem to have lost my friend who brought me here today, and I am afraid I do not know anyone else in attendance - nor has anyone approached me for conversation. I hope I would not be holding you back from any important sisterly duties if I were to ask for your company, as I smoke my cigarette?"

Once more Hyun-Woo smiled pleasantly at her, his dark, nearly black eyes focused on hers, under his arched brow. After a small chuckle as if to acknowledge his own forwardness, he pursed his lips in a slightly exaggerated, pleading fashion.

He'd hoped that he'd earned himself a moment of her time, though perhaps a slap across the face would not be an uncalled for alternative either.

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Camp Hawthorne
- Lake Tahoe, California -

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James Hawthorne

"The train out of New York had a few setbacks along the way." Naturally that was a bold-faced lie. The truth sat somewhere between procrastination and being the black sheep who always managed to go against the grain. Walter didn't like excuses no matter what the reason was, but James never could lie good enough in front of the Patriarch.

"You should've seen the flock of cows blocking the tracks," James said, laughing uncomfortably at his own joke. Flock of cows? Really?

Fortunately he had arrived just in time for the nuptials earlier. James stood toward the back of the crowd while Daniel and Lilian said their "I do's". The would-be physician appeared as he did all those years ago when he taught him fly fishing. He had that same innocent smile that told you the man had been at peace once again. Of course, how could he not when Daniel stood by an angel in a white dress.

"You know as well as anybody I'd never miss it for the world." Whether his father believed it or not didn't really matter because of what James was about to say. "Listen, I...I know things haven't been good between us. I just...I want to apologize to you, for the things I said. For the way we left everything back then, and...well, I was thinking that maybe you wouldn't mind bringing me into the business."
Lawerence Fields
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Lawrence smiled playfully, enjoying Oliver’s commentary joke. The young man shifted into business mode. He didn’t have an immediate need for his services, but he placated the young man’s explanation out of politeness. It didn’t take long for him to notice there wasn’t much interest in his explanation. Letting Oliver shift the conversation back to the wedding, he took a sip of his cocktail before answering.

“Yes, yes. Certainly a curious day! The Hawthornes family finds themselves in the paper more often than not. They tend to make good stories.” He remarked. “The actress certainly helps. Plus, the Flemmings have a mysterious allure to them. I’m sure it won’t be the last time we publish something about them.” Alluding to the newlywed couple, his eyes glazed around the party. Daniel’s behavior was secret to none, even if he opted to not publish the dossier of reports and accounts he had stored about his sexual behavior. Something seemed off about this marriage, and he couldn’t quite place it.

“How did you earn your ticket to the biggest wedding of the year, hmm?” Lawrence inquired. “It’s not every day you get invited to the Hawthorne family enclave.”

Amelia Flemming
Interacting With: FelixTheCat FelixTheCat


At least now that she was done chatting with her father, she could finally have a smoke. Amelia disappeared into the party crowd, filtering through the sea of people. Still not in the mood to deal with her sister’s friends and guests, she had the idea of having her smoke on the front lawn. Being at the bridal party, she hadn’t the time to explore the sea of cars in the front yard. At least out there, she could enjoy her cigarette in peace. Without much mind, she made her way up towards the house, oblivious to those she passed by. Unexpectedly, a playful cat-call caught her ear.

Amelia narrowed her eyes apprehensively, brewing a way to tell this man off. At first glance, the well-manicured Korean seemed like the average guest. Who invited this guy? Surely this wasn’t someone Lily knew? He seemed too extroverted and stuffy to be a friend of Daniel, so his presence only confused her. His bow and quick introduction seemed innocent enough, if not a bit curious. Mr. Soo? A name she didn’t recognize. “Amelia,” she introduced herself politely. He already pinned her as a Flemming, so there was no need for her surname.

With a curious smile, she nodded, context to accept his company. “Only if you graciously share,” she remarked dryly. Once he readied her cigarette, she pursed her lips around it for him to light. Satisfied with his job, she took her first drag, leaning against one of the large cobblestone posts on the back porch. “You said you lost your friend?” She inquired. “Who might that be?” She wanted to know where this mysterious man came from, confused about who might have invited such a character.
Camp Hawthorne
- Lake Tahoe, California -

Walter Hawthorne

Walter furrowed his eyebrows when his son made a joke about the rail tracks being blocked by a flock of cows. "I wish I could say that was the most ludicrous thing I've heard today," the old man drily remarked. Of course, he'd just watched Daniel get married to the Flemming actress, so that scored higher on the disbelief scale.

"Well, I appreciate you making the effort for your brother. I'm certain Daniel will appreciate you making it here for him," he earnestly told him.

As his son's tone turned more serious, Walter made a point of knocking back the rest of his alcohol. Upon receiving the apology from James, Walter placed his empty glass down on the nearest table and bought himself more time to process the young man's request to be brought back into the business.

"You know. It's not enough to simply be born into wealth and then expect to have everything handed to you. You never applied yourself and you dropped out of school. That is not the kind of work ethic I reward with a job. You did little to prove yourself to me," the man informed his son.

After looking away for a time, he reminded himself of his late wife and how much she would be nagging at him to let their son back home. Not to mention family mattered now more than ever, with the Flemmings suddenly being too close for his liking. He relented with a nod and a subtle smirk before looking James in the eyes. "You managed to get yourself through the war and back here in one piece, didn't you?" he asked, hoping his son wasn't going to correct him and make some admission about quitting that too. "That had to have taken hard work and commitment. Attributes I need in this business. Do you think you could stick with this for more than a couple of years?" he asked.

Jabroni Jabroni (James)
Camp Hawthorne
- Lake Tahoe, California -

Arthur Flemming
Interactions: Daniel Hawthorne
As Amelia walked away Arthur gave a very private sigh, the kind one reserves to share with the family dog. Having the four girls could get... Interesting. Amelia had managed to stir up some recent trouble with her questionable leanings. Arthur had spoken with the local police chief and a very, very, enthusiastic FBI official, both of whom had backed off only when Arthur suggested what a blow it would be for the area if Flemming money began to flow elsewhere. It had been a bad conversation, one he was not happy with, nothing was more frustrating than a law enforcement officer who saw an opportunity to make a name for themselves.

Was Amelia breaking the law? Technically, no. But any publicity around her activities could potentially hurt the Flemmings in this very "Buy America" era. Being associated with the Communists, regardless of how valid the connection, was bad news. He was almost happy to see Daniel making his way over with a Scotch in hand; he could use a stiff drink at that moment.

“Thanks for doing all this, I appreciate it just as much as Lillian.” Daniel swirled the liquor gently in its glass before handing it to Arthur and extending his in return. “To family, the bond that drives us crazy and keeps the world together.” Daniel cheered with a smile, clinking glasses with Arthur who offered a smile in return.

It was true Arthur may not always like the young man who stood before him, but the world, and most importantly, Lilly, would be watching. Was he being unfair to Daniel? This was a question he wrestled with often. The Hawthorne boy had only done what so many others in his position would have done. He hadn't directly wronged Arthur, just insulted the men who served their country. Daniel wasn't alone in that. But, as Lorlei had pointed out, it takes two to tango.

He hadn't gotten to where he was by punishing people for every little mistake they made, so perhaps he was being unfair to Daniel. A time would come when the young man may yet impress him and if he nevcer gave him a chance, he could potentially lose his daughter. It was hard for a parent to compete where love was concerned.

He took a sip of his own drink and gazed out over the lake toward his own property as he considered briefly what to say. Arthur and Walter were similar in many ways, that much was true, but Arthur was far better at hiding how he truly felt; it was part of the reason the Flemming star continued a meteoric climb while the Hawthornes coasted on the fumes of their past glories.

"To family," He finally replied. "The very thing that drives us crazy and yet keeps us from disintegrating into chaos. And you are welcome, with any luck, it will be the only time you have to do it." He left unsaid any snide suggestions about Daniels past, the comment was ambiguous enough to mean any number of things.

"I figure I am supposed to offer you some fatherly advice, tradition and all, so I'll keep it brief." He turned and fully faced Daniel now. "It goes without saying Lillian is precious to me. If you treat her well and keep her happy, you will have my support. If you don't, well, I am sure you can use your imagination." He didn't make any cliche threats, he didn't have too, Daniel would understand.

"That's my speech, short and sweet." He smiled and held out his hand to Daniel. "Welcome to the family, son."
Camp Hawthorne
- Lake Tahoe, California -

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James Hawthorne

Walter always knew how to sum up a man's life in a few short sentences. He had that talent. What's perhaps more upsetting was that he was right on most accounts. His youngest never stood up to the plate until it was too late. How could the old man right the train if James wasn't even on it? Relations with his children began to take a bigger hit after mother died, and the "wanderer" as he so apty put it, only fueled the fires that raged within the Hawthorne family.

James suddenly felt the weight of his shoulders getting heavier. It was as if he had gone ten rounds with Jack Dempsey, and the ref was giving him a standing eight count. He wished he could turn back the clock and make things right, to be the son the family needed and wanted. But that would require changing what made him who he was, and some things simply cannot be transmuted.

He began to zone off into that dark place in his mind. A battlefield he was slowly slipping into until being interjected by a question.

"Do you think you could stick with this for more than a couple of years?"

James hesitated for a beat. He searched his father's face for reassurances of his own: that he'd quit being so critical about every detail and stop making him feel less than. He then glanced briefly beyond his face toward where Daniel was standing. Fuck it. He couldnt change himself nor the old bear for that matter, but he absolutely owed it to the family.

"I'll apply myself. And, and...I'll put in the work to show you I'm not just some leech. You've got my word on that."
Aurelia Flemming
Camp Hawthorne, Lake Tahoe, California

Interacting with: Lucille

Aurelia immediately felt the intimately familiar presence of her twin sister the moment other woman occupied the seat next closest to her and snickered at her remark of the mysteries of their elders that always insisted on making the only most ridiculous comments. The bond she felt with Lucy was like no other and could only be known by those who also had a twin sibling.

“They always seemed so shocked when we have to apologize for not remembering that one time they held us when we were babies. We honestly should be ashamed of ourselves.” She replied, easily falling into the tone of their conversation as the girls often shared a humor that others sometimes failed to appreciate. “However, I truly think Lillian would hate it if you would burn the place down, especially on her wedding day. So unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Aurelia took a moment to take a glimpse at the pack of journalists that had also inhabited their sister’s special day. A bone that was throne to appease the beast. “Not to mention you would be sending the sharks into a feeding frenzy and I think I would rather face the old Hawthorne grouch than them.” Turning her back to them once more, Aurelia’s gaze drifted towards the shore where she happened upon the moment their father extended a hand towards Daniel. A sight she didn’t think would happen today but as the saying goes, there’s a first time for everything.

“Well would you look at that!” She said to her sister, motioning towards their father and Daniel so that she could also witness the historical event.
Camp Hawthorne
- Lake Tahoe, California -

John Hawthorne
Interactions: Grace Baker
Grace offered him a quick smile as she did up the clasp on the back of her skirt, checked her lipstick and hair once in her pocket mirror, and then blew him a kiss before unlocking and slipping through the door and down the stairs. For his part, John was still naked, his suit neatly folded over the edge of a nearby chair. The rooftop patio wasn't perhaps the most subtle place to fuck your fathers executive assistant, but it was a great spot to keep prying eyes away.

He sighed and stretched, muscles rippling across his shoulders, before reaching for his underwear and pulling them on. The suit quickly followed and he ran a hand roughly through his hair. The advantage to keeping it short, among other things, meant it was hard to get all mussed up. His suit of blue was in contrast to many of the black suits and ties below. It reminded him somewhat of his army uniform that he had framed on the wall back at his home, but it was a lot comfier and fit him properly.

The tie was last and he flipped it around his neck before carefully retying the same knot he had arrived with. He had no doubt his father would pick up on something like that, even if he had was oblivious to Grace and John fucking behind his back for the last six months. John wasn't really sure how it had all happened - normally he made the first move - but Grace had made her intentions known quite clearly one evening. She had said something about him "not getting subtle hints" before letting herself into his house wearing nothing but knee high boots and a trench coat. That was a hint he didn't miss out on.

Taking a peak over the edge of the patio he cast his gaze across the wedding lawn. Family members were scattered here and there and he quickly spotted the two Flemming girls, Aurelia and Amelia; now that was a sandwich he wouldn't mind being a part of. To say he was shocked when he saw Arthur and Daniel shaking hands was likely an understatement. Arthur was about the only one of the Flemmings John grudgingly respected, both for his self-made fortune and his time in the military. The rest of the Flemmings, well, he would have happily bent any them over the edge of a desk; he intended to if he ever got the chance. Even Lillian wasn't off the table.

Picking up his rum from the nearby table he drained it before making his own way toward the stairs. It was time to join the party. Maybe he could convince the Flemmings guard dog, Travis, to get into the ring with him for a good old fashioned boxing match... Anything was possible with enough alcohol on board. He laughed to himself and began his descent.
elias redding 2.pngElias "Eli" Redding - SFC Cartoonist Extraordinaire
Camp Hawthorne - At a wedding fit for Royalty, naturally!
Interactions: None, but open!
Mentions: Soo ( FelixTheCat FelixTheCat ) and Lawrence ( ReverseTex ReverseTex )

Suppose Eli was dragged to this wedding, he always found ceremonies such as these pretty dull - though he had to admit, he was glad to be invited along with his bosses from the Chronicle. Too bad he wasn't allowed a pen and paper, he already planned out what his next cartoon in the paper would look like. Ah well, as long as he kept it in his mind he could start to doodle it when he got home. While the ceremony itself nearly put him to sleep, the only thing that kept him interested was the fact that prominent families were not only present but involved in the wedding. The King and Queen of England couldn't have put on a more elegant affair than this, surely!

At the reception, Eli noted Soo and Lawrence off doing their own thing, which suited him just fine. He was namely here for the free food, and of course to get inspiration for his next cartoon, which he was itching to start. He decided to take the opportunity while he was still here to rise from the table he was seated at to get himself a glass of champagne, as well as some finger foods from the wandering trays the servants carried about. No need to cook a meal tonight, the Hawthorne family just bought his dinner! With a playful smile he stood off from the rest of the crowd and simply watched the scene, the revery, the dancing. What a happy night, he wished the newlyweds a happy and prosperous life.

Camp Hawthorne
- Lake Tahoe, California -
Interacting With: Misty Gray Misty Gray , Pagemaster Pagemaster

Daniel Hawthorne

Daniel waited anxiously for any reaction from his father-in-law. When he received polite cheers and smiled back, he was silently grateful. He didn’t need Arthur’s approval to justify his marriage, but it would be nice. Chucking politely at the remark that eerily sounded like something his father would say, he sipped his drink. “‘Till death do us part,” he remarked, reciting the vow he uttered hours ago.

Now that Arthur’s full attention was on him, he turned to face him. It wasn’t profound nor kind words of wisdom, but it was on par for Arthur Flemming. He nodded in understanding, shaking his father-in-law’s hand in turn. “Your daughter will be the happiest woman alive on my watch,” he smiled.

Turning to face the water once more, he continued. “On my mother's grave, I swear it, Arthur.” Not that his father-in-law cared, but it was important for him to know. He'd seen an unhealthy marriage first-hand and vowed to himself never to let his fall into such disarray. Turning his attention back to Arthur, he noticed a flicker of white sashing in the distance. Lily Hawthorne never looked better than walking home to him now.

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