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Yo! I am always on the hunt for new music, and I'd like to see what you all are listening to Right now. I mostly listen to rock/ metal but Im rather open to other stuff to. Tell me your favorite bands/artist and I will give them a spin! šŸ˜
Here's one of my favorite bands, Vundabar! This album is their most popular! I listen to their stuff on repeat. XD

this is nikoru with her ben&ben agenda. it's pretty mellow but they have some good love songs if youre into that~
My favorite band changes often, but lately, it's been AJR. The songs Yes I'm a Mess and Inertia are a couple of my favorites from their newer album.
Senses Fail, Linkin Park, Rev Theory, Volbeat, Social Distortion, Ateryu, Disturbed and VNV nation,
Faouzia, Mega Mango, Jhariah, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Will Wood, Charming Disaster, Orville Peck, aeseaes, Hozier, dodie, Madilyn Mei, The Crane Wives, The Airborne Toxic Event, I Don't Know How But They Found Me, Mother Mother, Sunset Rubdown, ThouShalt Not, Regina Spektor...

Also, not an original band, but check out VoicePlay! They're an acapella group that does incredible song covers and medleys. A+++ my current music obsession for sure.
Im also fan of rock, mostly punk but metal too. So heres 2 things i like.

The pauki(i think it should mean spiders)

And the metal one is Powerwolf
i've been listening to baby drummer by bad nerves recently! check it out! c:


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